The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1694

At ten in the morning, Alex brought Winniefred along to meet up with Dorothy. Dorothy had turned into her “Aunt Rockefeller” form.

An hour later, Alex finally reached the deserted island on the coast of Oregon, which Dorothy had bought with twenty billion.

He initially thought that this place would be like a wasteland, so it would be hard for the four princesses and Zella to be training here. After all, the conditions here weren’t exactly the best.

Unexpectedly, that wasn’t the case at all. As soon as they landed, Alex could hear the sound of large machines operating. They might have been running a piling rig at the time.

On the north side of the island was a pier, where hundreds of workers were busy working on its expansion, moving as efficiently as possible like they had other work to tend to later.

Winniefred looked around curiously. “This place is so pretty!”

Even though the pier was currently still in the makings, one could still tell that it sported a purposefully ancient yet elegant design. It seemed to be vintage and spiritual at the same time.

“Who designed this?” Alex asked, still holding Winniefred by the hand.

Holding Winniefred’s other hand, Dorothy pointed at herself. “So? Do you like it?”

Alex was shocked. “You know how to design such stuff? How did I not know about this?”

Dorothy shrugged. “The stuff on the Reincarnation Stone aren’t just made for cultivation training. There’s some other random stuff in there too. So even if I don’t want to learn it, it still automatically engraves such knowledge into my mind. I’m guessing that this was what Xienna learned in her past life.”

This was the second time Alex heard someone mention Xienna. His chest tightened as he turned around to give Dorothy a big hug. “Darling!”

Dorothy smiled. “I still have quite a bit of time, so I want to leave this place to our sons! Since I’m having twins, one of them has to take my last name. My family has only women left after all. I even thought of a name already. I’ll call him… Dex Assex.”

“Dicks? You mean like… Down there? Well, it’s your choice!”

“It’s spelled D.E.X! Oh my god!”

“Alright then.”

Alex caressed Dorothy’s stomach. “How are you so sure that you’d get pregnant this time?”

Dorothy seemed confident. “If I can’t even achieve something so trivial, then how would I be able to become a powerful cultivator? You really underestimate the powers of a Nascent Soul master.”

As they continued chatting, the three soon arrived at the center of the island. The scene shocked Alex once more. This place had been turned into a completely new city.

Not only did they have lots of accommodations, they even had a large plaza.

At the time, Zella and the others were training on the Fair Maiden’s Heart Sutra.

Alex counted the heads and noticed that there were eight of them in total. Apart from the four princesses and Zella, the other three were strangers, but they were all women. The eight women were able to turn the mantra into a battle formation together.

It was way more destructive to fight together than to fight alone.

Noticing Alex’s confusion, Dorothy explained, “I found another three potential cultivators. All of them already have spiritual roots and talent in cultivation. With the eight of them together, they will be able to form a deadlock formation. Only then would they be able to show their true powers.”

“Zella, come here!” Dorothy gestured towards the woman in the plaza.

The eight women had noticed both Alex and Dorothy as soon as they arrived, especially Zella. She was this close to rushing over when she saw her daughter. Now that she was being called over, she practically ran towards them.


“Winnie missed you so so much!”

Winniefred ran to her mother too. The mother and daughter then embraced each other tightly.

Just then, another girl skipped toward Alex and exclaimed. “Alex… So it really was you. Why… What brings you here?”

Squinting his eyes gently, Alex exclaimed as well. “Priscilla?!”

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