The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1695

Priscilla was one of Michelle’s disciples.

She was an extremely potent woman, considering she had Kyuhelios blood. Once, Alex had even borrowed some of her blood to help cure the parasitic worm in Leanne, Jack’s wife.

He wanted to train Priscilla personally at that time, but Michelle had her eyes on her first, and he put that thought away.

“Why are you here, Priscilla? Did you stop going to school?” Alex asked, still very much surprised.

“Do you know each other?” Dorothy asked. “No wonder this young girl’s martial arts seemed familiar. You were the one who taught her the art of Kyuhelios, right?”

Alex shook his head. “Nope, Michelle did.” With that, Alex told her everything that happened.

Dorothy said, “The amended version of the Kyuhelios you made is still too weak It can’t help her achieve a higher level of cultivation. Priscilla has a lot of potential, and her spiritual roots are of a pretty high level too. As long as we give her time, her powers would be out of this world! She has already surpassed Michelle at this point.”

Just then, one of the four princesses, Suzaku, approached them as well.

“Hey, Master Alex, long time no see!”

She looked the same as before but carried a completely different aura. Now, she looked more confident and arrogant; her gaze even taunting as she looked toward Alex.

“I wonder if you’ve improved on your skills lately? How much did you improve, hmm? Because I’d like to spar with you!”

The woman still held a grudge against him for defeating her and locking her core.

After training with Dorothy, she mastered a part of the Fair Maiden’s Heart Sutra, especially when it came to one-to-one combat. Now that she’d met up with Alex, she wanted to try out her skills on him. In actual fact, this was also one of the goals that she was aiming for. She wanted to have him under her foot one day.

Alex froze. “You want to spar with me? There’s no need for that, right?”

“Huh, are you scared, Master Alex?” Suzaku asked.

Alex glanced at Dorothy and replied, “Alright, since you have such courage to challenge me, show me just how much you’ve improved.”

Dorothy added, “Suzaku improved the quickest here, so don’t be too overconfident, else you might end up eating your words! [won’t help you even if you start crying from being beaten up. You can only blame yourself for being too weak.”

Hearing this, Alex was slightly appalled. ’Looks like Suzaku has become quite powerful now.’


“How about this? Back then, you couldn’t even break my defense. So let’s see if you can now. If you can, then I’ll admit defeat!” Alex smiled.

“Why don’t we make a bet too?” Suzaku asked.

“A bet? Okay then, what would you like to bet on?”

Hearing this, the other three princesses, Seiryuu, Byakko, Genbu, and the other few women came over as well. Even Zella and Winniefred, who were still hugging each other, came to watch.

Suzaku thought about how embarrassing had been for her to wash Alex’s socks when she was still acting as his slave. As a proud empress to be, it was an outrageous insult to her.

She smiled. “If you lose, you have to wash my feet!”

Alex froze. “That’s it? Then what if I win?”

“Then I’ll wash yours.”

Suzaku had no idea that Aunt Rockefeller was Dorothy, Alex’s wife. If she did, she would’ve never made such a bet. However, everyone here thought that Aunt Rockefeller was just Alex’s aunt, hence such a bet wouldn’t make things awkward at all.

“Come at me then!” Alex raised his hand slightly, not moving an inch from where he stood as he activated his Mystic Armor.

Patterns of a turtle shell started showing up under his skin.

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