The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1696

“Fair Maiden’s Graceful Kick!”

Suzaku immediately gave him a harsh attack.

A loud explosion filled the air as talismans formed around her long leg, kicking Alex right on the chest This scene looked violent yet beautiful, scaring Winniefred so much that she closed her eyes and yelled, “Watch out, papa!”


‘That little girl is his daughter?’

‘Doesn’t that mean that Zella is his wife?’

Within the four princesses, Seiryuu and Byakko still remembered clearly what Alex had done to them, hence they held grudges against him as well.

Zella, however, had been training in the Fair Maiden’s Sutra under Aunt Rockefeller’s guidance. They managed to practice the Eight Desolated Killing Formation, which required everyone to connect both mind and soul. Hence, it was normal that they treated each other like sisters.

‘How are we going to keep spending time with each other after this?’


A loud thud echoed through the air as yellow light shone from Alex’s body. He took the hit with ease.

Alex could tell that his powers hadn’t decreased even Maya had sucked him dry. On the contrary, it appeared that the spiritual energy and electric elemental powers within him were even more concentrated than before, as if wholly renewed. Moreover, his defense, the Mystic Armor, was way stronger than before.

He couldn’t help but feel grateful. ‘Looks like being sucked dry is still beneficial for me! Maya’s bloodline is just so strong. If I have a stronger body and stamina, wouldn’t my powers become stronger if I did it with her every day?’

However, spiritual stones depleted way too quickly, and neither did he have many of them.

“Second move, Fair Maiden‘s Storm Fist!”

Suzaku immediately launched a second attack after the first didn’t work. Just now, she had only used half her power, but now, she exerted eight percent of it.

Bish! Bish! Bish!

Without any warning, she punched him three times in a row.

The light of the Mystic Armor continued to shine through Alex’s body, but it wasn’t broken at all.

“Now this is getting interesting!”

“If you really want me to wash your feet, you’d need more power than that!” Alex said.

Suzaku frowned. She didn’t expect his defense to be this strong. She thought that she was ten times stronger than before.

Back then, she was just a mere Mystic rank fighter. However, after coming here, Aunt Rockefeller told them that fighters were no different from ordinary people. If one didn’t start their journey in cultivation, all their powers were just mere tricks without forming a base core to train.

Currently, she had surpassed many stages and formed her base core, becoming a true cultivator. Her current cultivation was at Spirit Transcendence level as well.

However, she didn’t know that Alex was at Core Formation now. Hence their powers were at a significant difference.

Alex, on the other hand, naturally noticed that Suzaku was at Spirit Transcendence, but her attacks were slightly stronger than usual Spirit Transcendence cultivators.

This was obviously thanks to the Fair Maiden Heart Sutra.

After the second attack, Suzaku realized a gap between them after she was unable to break Alex’s defense. Suzaku’s face turned pale as she asked, “Which stage in cultivation are you at?”

“I just passed the Core Formation tribulation a while ago,” replied Alex.

Pondering, Suzaku realized that there were two big stages and six little stage gaps between them. Besides, upgrading from Divine Transcendence to Core Formation was an extremely hard challenge. Core Formation was the stage where one could truly start their journey in cultivation within the cultivation world. Many ended up stuck at Divine Transcendence among cultivators, and even more had died during the lightning tribulation.

Eight out of ten people weren’t strong enough to survive it.

Dorothy spoke up. “Don’t beat yourself up. You have a large gap between you, to boot. Unless the eight of you team up and use the Eight Desolated Killing Formation, you wouldn’t be able to break his little turtle shell.”

“I don’t think eight Divine Transcendences would be able to break my defense even if they teamed up,” Alex questioned.

“Numbers ain’t the problem… It’s the gap between our cultivation powers.”

“Do you want to bet on it?” Dorothy asked. “I’m sure that they could break your defense if they teamed up.”

Alex asked, “What shall we bet on then?”

Seiryuu said, “If you lose, you have to wash all of our feet.”

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