The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1698

As if an avalanche, the attack came down on Alex like a thousand falling boulders. Alex narrowed his eyes and called for the Sword of the Universe, using it to form a formation circle.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!

Loud explosions filled the air.

Alex was thrown back ten meters or so, leaving a long, deep trail on the ground.

Suzaku yelled again, “Breaking Swords Lock!”

“There’s more?” Alex froze, standing still as he contemplated if he should use the Seven Blades of Death and the Breaking Point.

However, thinking back to his status as a Core Formation cultivator, having to use the Sword of the Universe was embarrassing enough as was. If he had to use any other spiritual tool, it would be downright shameful.

‘I’ll just take it then!‘


This time, Alex was sent flying back hundreds of meters. His clothes were all torn up as well.

Although they didn’t manage to break his entire defense down, he already looked a mess.

Standing on the Sword of Universe, he flew back and stared at the eight women below. With a smile, he said, “All of you are so strong! You won!”

After seeing his Imperial Sword Flight ability, the eight women knew that if he wanted to dodge them, they wouldn’t even be able to lay a finger on him from the start.

“Although you guys are of a lower level than me, you still managed to attack with such power. So you should definitely be proud of yourselves. Since my Mystic Armor broke, then I admit defeat,” Alex said calmly.

Priscilla said, “If you flew to the sky from the beginning, Alex, we couldn’t even hit you.”

“Then that would be cheating,” replied Alex.

Suzaku smiled. “You’re a man of your words, right? Now that you’ve lost remember to wash all eight of our feet. Don’t you dare leave a single one out!”

Zella was in an uncomfortable position. “This… This isn’t right, is it? It’s just… Too insulting to him!”

Dorothy then spoke up. “You guys just don’t know him well. Do you know what his biggest fetish is? It’s to touch the feet of a beauty. So imagine just how happy he feels now. Right, Alex Rockefeller?”

Alex obviously denied this. “Why would anyone be happy to wash someone’s feet? Why don’t you wash mine every day then, aunt?”

“Don’t make me spit on you.”

Dorothy then turned to everyone else. “Alright then, everyone, Alex is the one who lost this bet! So if any of you would like him to keep his end of the deal, go look for him whenever you like!”

“Besides all that, you guys should notice that no matter how powerful the Eight Desolated Killing Formation is, true masters will have a lot of other skills up their sleeves, along with extremely strong defenses. If Alex were to attack you guys with his swords, you wouldn’t even have the chance to attack him. Hence, keep working on improving yourselves. The higher your level, the stronger the formation will be.”

After saying this, she gestured towards Alex. “Come over here!”

In just a few moments, Alex and Dorothy ended up on the other side of the island.

“What did you mean by your words just now? Where are you going to hide?” Dorothy asked.

“Flying Eagles Academy!”

Alex then simply explained everything that had happened to him in the past few days. However, it was apparent that he didn’t tell her about what happened with Phoebe.

”The five-star commander, Jade Benmore?!”

“Hmm, I guess I would like to meet such a powerful woman.”

Dorothy seemed to be fflled with anticipation. “But the thing is, she is also far from being a top-level cultivator! It’ll be good to head to the Flying Eagles Academy, but first, get a grip on what’s going on within the Stone Age realm. Then we can plan on what to do later on.”

Alex asked, “Do you not want to go?”

Dorothy caressed her stomach and smiled gently. “I’m having a baby, so how can I?”

Alex didn’t know what to say.

“Besides, it’s prime time for the eight of them to get their base down. So I really can’t walk away from my responsibilities like this. If peace can only be maintained for another six months, we have to prepare ourselves fully before the time comes.”

Alex asked, “By the way, where did you say you wanted to bring me?”

Dorothy said, “Oh, it’s actually just a dungeon that I found unexpectedly… But since you’re leaving tomorrow, I can go in by myself!”

Alex replied, ”Why don’t I enroll at the academy first and maybe try to take a leave? Then we can check it out together.”

“That works too!”

Half a day later, Alex handed Jade some forms. Apart from his, the other two were Phoebe‘s and Holly’s.

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