The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1699

The left-wing troops of the Flying Eagles were holding a funeral. The Left-wing Lieutenant’s favorite son, also known as the first son of his generation, Maxwell Lawrence, had been killed.

It was rumored that he died a horrible death, where his corpse came back in pieces. There were even rumors of his murderer being Jade Benmore’s disciple, despite her status as Flying Eagles’ empress and the only five-star warrior in America.

The incident immediately spread throughout the Flying Eagles squad. Many started discussing if the rumors were true.

Since this was related to Jade and Lieutenant Colton Lawrence, everyone only dared to discuss it privately. This was because the two had extreme power and status in the squad, and their fighting skills were out of this world.

However, people were more curious about Jade’s disciple.


A strong young man smashed a stone bench into pieces in the funeral hall of the Lawrences.

“Ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!”

“Are we just going to let that murderer run free? So what if they’re Benmore’s disciple? A murderer should die for their sins!”

This man was Maxwell’s older brother, Michael Lawrence.

At the very front of the hall was a middle-aged woman, Colton’s wife, and Maxwell‘s mother, Petunia Lawrence. She was currently bawling her eyes out.

“I want him dead!”

“I must kill him!”

“I’ll have his whole family die along with my son!”

Petunia’s expressions were twisted as seeds of hatred sprouted within her heart. If Alex didn’t die, she knew she would never rest.

“Colton, you useless piece of sh*t! You watched as your son got killed, and his body was cut into pieces! You can’t even ask Benmore to hand the culprit over! What good are you? What good are you?!”

“Oh, my son! My pitiful son!”

Colton’s expression darkened, clenching his teeth. “Don’t worry. My son won’t die for nothing! I’ll never forgive that bastard! But we can’t be rash now. That woman Benmore is hoping that out of spite. I’ll do something extreme so she can kill me off with an appropriate excuse!”

Michael asked, “Dad, do you think Benmore was the one who ordered her disciple to kill Third Brother off?”

Colton replied, “What do you think? Of course, she did!”

“F*ck, what a b*tch! How dare she?!”

After a short pause, Michael said, “Didn’t someone say that the bastard is going to Flying Eagles Academy? Fine then, I’ll have him dead the moment he enrolls! People who die in the academy won’t have anything to do with us anyway!”

With a cunning look, Michael took his phone out and dialed a number.


Alex, Phoebe, and Holly were currently in a helicopter that had departed Michigan. Their destination was Flying Eagles Academy.

Alex had no idea how Yuno convinced Phoebe’s parents, but they somehow agreed to let her go. They even told Alex to take good care of her. No matter how one looked at it, Grace was obviously treating Alex as her son-in-law already.

Alex, however, was still unsure if the parents knew that he had done the deed with Phoebe. Then again, a smart woman like Grace should figure out something just by observing Phoebe’s demeanor.

Wayne, on the other hand, didn’t say much about it, only expressing a slight shock when he heard that they were going to Flying Eagles Academy. After that, he remained silent, as if he knew what the academy.

In reality, Alex had no idea that officials like Wayne had had a secret meeting to prepare for an attack.

Since the Stone Age realm could only be maintained for six months, America’s higher-ups knew that they had to make some preparations beforehand. Citizens were oblivious to the fact that the government was quickly building more shelters as time passed.

With this, even if the situation were to go out of control, they could still ensure the safety of most of their citizens.

Hence, Wayne was more so surprised that his daughter was qualified to be involved in such matters.

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