The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1700

Nora Stewart was the person piloting the helicopter. This annoyed Alex slightly since he disliked this woman till now. She had always been trying to make small talk with them.

“Hey Al, Flying Eagles Academy is like, super big. So prepare yourselves mentally. Have you guys thought about what subject you’d be majoring in? Would you like me to give you a general description of all of them?”

“No thanks, I‘ll ask around when the time comes.”

“It’ll be too late when you ask around. People in the academy are like real busy. So why would they have the time and energy to answer all your questions?”

Alex closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, angering Nora.

She clenched her teeth. “Hey, brat! How long are you going to be this rude to me? It’s not like it was a big deal or anything. How are you so petty?”

Alex opened his eyes. “In my book, I won’t give those who’ve betrayed me once a second chance.”

“Did I really betray you, though?”


Nora was speechless.

Holly didn’t understand and asked, “So you used to be my brother’s woman… But ended up cheating?”

“I’m not blind,” replied Alex.

The statement enraged Nora so much that the helicopter started swaying. “What do you mean by that?! Are you saying I’m ugly??”

“You said it yourself.”

“What the f..!”

Since they could no longer have a proper conversation, Nora piloted this helicopter as if it were a jet. She wished she could just kill off all her passengers with a crash.

Finally, the helicopter reached the entrance of the Flying Eagles Academy.

Nora was too lazy to land, snapping, “Just get down yourselves. And don’t say I didn’t remind you, punk. The Left-wing troops will be having a funeral for Maxwell Lawrence these few days, so they’re still very unstable at the moment. Many want you dead right now, and there are definitely some students here that are close with the Lawrences. So, be careful.”

Alex nodded. “Thanks!”

“Ah… You’re finally speaking normally. ”

“Put yourself in my shoes,” said Alex. “Would you be happy if someone tricked you like that? You have to do better if you want me to cure your illness, or you could make a trade using things like formation blueprints.”

After saying that, Alex grabbed both Phoebe and Holly and leaped off the helicopter.


Flying Eagles Academy was situated on the coast of Oregon, a natural island. This island, however, wasn’t charted on any maps, and no satellite could find this place either…

When Nora was piloting the helicopter, she was required to pass through a cloud of fog. That fog was the entrance to this realm, the entire island was contained within here.

After landing, they noticed that the entrance to the academy was merely two kilometers away. The gates were a few of kilometers tall, reaching into the sky. They looked extremely extravagant.

Within the school grounds, a few students were grouped together.

“Why hasn’t that Alex Rockefeller guy come?!”

“We’ve been waiting for almost a day now! Could he have found out that we’re here to fight him? Is that why he chickened out?”

“Hmph! He killed Maxwell! Where else can he hide apart from this academy? Unless he has a death wish, of course! Commander Benmore’s disciple, huh? I’d like to see what he can do.”

Powerful men and women were within this group, causing the younger students to be so scared that they avoided them at all costs.

Some even pointed and gossiped from afar…

“Why are the members of Black Tiger Corps waiting at the gate? Is someone having an unlucky day?”

“I heard some newbies are coming today. Could they be here to get them?”

“What? Those newbies caught the eyes of Black Tiger Corps? Who even are they?”

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