The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 73

Alex smiled and said, “Be patient, I’ll definitely help you get 10% of the company shares and the position of general manager.”

Dorothy said with her eyes sparkling, “I don’t need those things. I only need to get back the subsidiary company in City South.”


Seeing Alex being endowed with intellect and confidence in handling matters, the gloominess that had lingered inside Dorothy for about half a year started to dissipate a little.

She concluded that it was because Brittany finally woke up from her coma.

Swiftly, they arrived at Assex Manor.

However, they seemed to have judged wrongly.

Anderson and Emma did not come to beg for a genuine apology. As Dorothy and Alex arrived at the entrance, they could hear Anderson’s arrogant voice. “Hey Claire, you should be aware that since Henry’s death, you and your daughters have been able to live a comfortable life in such a villa with a housekeeper, it’s all because of generosity by the Assexes.”

“But, what has Dorothy done? She ruined the family business and do you think that’s ethical?”

“You now have only one choice: get your daughter to help Emma to get the contract signed. Otherwise, all of you will be kicked out of the Assexes and this villa will be taken back! You all can stay under the bridge!”

Claire’s face immediately turned pale and her legs were numb as she thought about the consequences.

At this moment, Alex and Dorothy entered the house.

“Wow, Anderson, you sure really are majestic enough to show off your power at my house. Who do you think you are?! Get out of my sight and leave as far as possible!” Alex said with an icy tone.

Furiously, Anderson cursed as he glared at Alex, “Do you think an abandoned child from the Rockefellers and a useless person who lives off a woman like you would be even qualified to talk to me? Kneel before me and apologize now for being rude to me! What now? Look at you, are you gonna hit me? Come on!”

Alex said with a cold gaze, “As you wish.”


Alex slapped Anderson across his face.

Anderson slumped on the floor and half of his face was swollen.

“Gosh! Dad!”

Emma was extremely shocked and glared at Alex with her eyes widened. “Scoundrel! How dare you hit my dad?”


Alex did not say anything, but soon after, another slap landed on Emma’s face.

“Not only I have the courage to slap your dad, but I can slap you as well! What now?”

“Do you think I’m easy to be bullied after losing the favor of Lord Lex Gunther? In fact, all of you are just trash in my eyes! Frankly, I don’t mind ruining the Assexes and expelling you all out of California if you continue being so unreasonable and disrespectful to my wife! Before that, I also don’t mind making the two of you vanish from this world.”

Claire was initially happy but she started to feel worried after a short while. What was so good about her idiotic son-in-law slapping Anderson and Emma? He just made things worse for everyone!

Claire immediately stopped Alex. “Hey! Who lets you hit them? Do you think you’re very capable by slapping them? You’re going to get our family killed. Get out now!”

Alex helplessly said, “Calm down, the Assexes are in deep sh*t now and no one can secure the deal with Waylon Realty except Dorothy. Otherwise, why would these two people get Dorothy for help?”

Claire was stunned, “What? Only Dorothy can get it?”

“Yes, Mr. Carter would only look at Dorothy. Therefore, if I’m not wrong, Madame Joanne actually sent them here for an apology. However, it turned out that they tried to force Dorothy to help them secure the contract. Do they think that we’re fools?”


Claire screamed with a shock, “If Dorothy is the only one who can get it signed, then… we will get 10% of the company share and the position of general manager? Oh gosh! That’s amazing!”

At this moment, Anderson’s phone rang.

It was from Madame Joanne, who called to check the progress.

Anderson said, “Hi, Mom. I’ve apologized to Henry’s family, but Dorothy refuses to help us and her trashy husband even boasted that he is going to get our family ruined and kicked out from California.”


Once again, Alex slapped Anderson across his face. After snatching his phone, he said slowly, “Your son is not here to apologize. Joanne, why don’t you come over to help him with your walking stick!”

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