The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 15 (Read online free)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 15 (The Empire Hotel)

Chen Yang walked over without recalling.

Unlocking of the Supreme Expert’s personal room, the room was lavishly embellished. All of the tools were custom-made by a high course individual, even the commode bowl was gold-plated.

Even if he had the money, he wouldn’t be able to enter this area.

Currently, Chen Yang was currently sitting within. He comfortably poured himself a cup of tea and began consuming it.

En, okay. The tea leaves are the suggestions of the fur of the West Lake after the rainfall.

A mouthful of eco-friendly tea entered his mouth. It was bitter however pleasant. The fragrance loaded his mouth.

” Bastard, exactly how dare you …” Suen Qiang looked at Chen Yang resting on the sofa, drinking tea and also gritting his teeth angrily.

This was an area where in charge typically got VIP visitors. Even he, in charge’s foster boy, really did not have the certifications ahead right here. He … Exactly how attempt he be available in!

He ultimately recognized that this brat was here to cause trouble!

Hahaha, now Chen Yang is dead for certain!

Just how could an item of garbage like him enter this space?

Just now when he was talking with Suen Qiang, he heard him say this space. This room wasn’t typically available to the general public, as well as it had been half a year considering that any individual had sat inside.

” F * cking b * tch, do you want to pass away?” Suen Qiang barked and got hold of Chen Yang’s collar.

In any case, his foster daddy was not in the shop today. If he were to defeat him up in front of Siren Mi, she would certainly feel that she was really manly.

Currently, the twenty-odd hulks listened to Suen Qiang’s roar and also rushed into the space. These individuals were all people that were viewing the program under Suen Qiang’s hands.

” Bro Qiang, is somebody here to cause trouble?” The robust man asked one by one.

” Hehe, this pinhead has actually pertained to cause trouble, however I have actually already caught him.” Suen Qiang considered Chen Yang with ridicule and claimed to Lee Mi, “Miss Li, do you desire me to beat him as much as vent your anger?”

Lee Mi looked at Chen Yang’s casual expression as well as was quickly angered. Considering the moments she had actually consumed noodles with Chen Yang, she got even angrier.

She stomped her feet in anger. “Make him stoop down and also apologize to me, then toss him out. I don’t intend to see this item of garbage once again.”

” Bastard, are you deaf? Stoop down and apologize to Miss Li?” Suen Qiang shouted, “Are you itchy?”

” Bro, draw out that fellow …”

As quickly as he ended up, the brawny males behind him all secured their electric batons from their midsections.

Blue arcs crackled airborne.

” Did you see that? Would you such as to stoop down and also ask forgiveness, or would certainly you rather be electrocuted to the point of incontinence …” Suen Qiang dragged his words: “You just have one possibility, think thoroughly …”

Lee Mi felt much less clinically depressed. She obtained her phone from her bag. As long as Chen Yang stooped down and apologized, she would tape his cowardly appearance as well as send it to Su Miao.

” Suppose I do not stoop?” Chen Yang smiled once more, if you looked into his eyes, you might really feel that his look begun to transform cold.

” Will not kneel? “Haha …” Suen Qiang giggled sinisterly, “After that I’ll defeat you until you stoop!”

As he stated that, Suen Qiang grabbed Chen Yang’s collar with one hand and wrecked Chen Yang’s confront with the various other.

” Wickedness animal, quit!”

This unexpected holler made Suen Qiang stop.

Soon, four or five individuals walked right into the private area.

Seeing these people, everyone in the room was shocked.

Muse Resort’s proprietor, Zhao Heeqiu!

The boss of the restaurant, Zhou Ming!

The one in charge of Xichuan City State Property Business, Liu Guobahn!

Charm company’s CEO, Zhang Leeren!

Jiangnan Energy Business’s Chief Executive Officer, Shi Bouquet!

Any kind of among these people was a billionaire big shot!

Seeing these individuals, Chen Yang grinned.

They were all old friends that he had not seen for several years, as well as he had actually provided money when they began their service. Currently, they all had wonderful credibilities in their particular areas.

This implied that he had not been mistaken concerning the individual before him!

” Wickedness animal!” Zhao Heeqiu walked up and also put Suen Qiang’s face. This disgusting spawn attempted to make a move on the oldest young master, he was absolutely lawless.

” !”.

This slap was extremely strong, it made Suen Qiang stagger and also in the blink of an eye, his face swelled up.

” Daddy, why did you strike me!” Suen Qiang covered his face as well as said aggrievedly, “This inadequate diaosi is below to cause trouble, that’s why I …”.

Before he might end up, he was slapped once again.

” !”.

The opposite side of Suen Qiang’s face had actually likewise swelled up. He felt that his face was numb to the point that he couldn’t feel anything any longer.

Zhao Heeqiu bellowed: “You were the one that assaulted first, yet you still dare to invert black and white. Do you assume that your wings are also hard?

” Godfather!”.

Suen Qiang covered his face and also stated, really feeling mistreated, “Dad, I’m your godson, why did you hit me for an outsider …”.

Outsider? Fuck you, you outsider!

Zhao Heeqiu was so mad that his body was trembling. He pointed at Suen Qiang’s nose as well as reprimanded: “Open your eyes and also look thoroughly, this is the young master of Chen Family members, the benefactor of I, Zhao Heeqiu. Without the young master, I would certainly not be here today! Even if some cash were to leak out from between the fingers of the eldest young master, it would suffice for you to consume for your whole life! “.


This … This bad bastard was really the Young Master of Chen Family!

With a ‘shua’, the entire room came to be quiet, so silent that a pin decrease could be heard!

Suen Qiang was completely dumbstruck. Typically, he had actually heard his godfather state that the factor he had his existing achievements was all due to Chen Family members’s young master.

Never ever in his wildest dreams had he believed that this poor man with a body full of street vendors would actually be the fantastic Young Master of Chen Household!

At this moment, his intestinal tracts turned green with regret.

Lee Mi was additionally surprised!

She never ever would certainly have believed that the one that was constantly being shouted at as well as degraded by her, would really be the wonderful Young Master of the Chen Family members.

She had actually thought that she was fantasizing, but her impulses informed her that it held true.

Taking a look at these leading employers standing professionally in front of Chen Yang, she felt her legs go soft and she could not say a word as if something was embeded her throat.

” Eldest Young Master, I was wrong, please forgive me, Eldest Young Master …” Suen Qiang’s legs went soft and he stooped on the ground. He aimed at Lee Mi close to him as well as claimed, “Youthful Master, it’s all due to this woman. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have actually encountered you!”.

Lee Mi’s legs went soft as she pulled away 2 steps back. With a trembling voice, she stated, “How can you condemn me? I’m treating you to a beverage for the sake of signing a contract, not for you to defeat somebody up! “.

Lee Mi benefited a reconditioning business since she fulfilled Suen Qiang at a liquor store. It was likewise the exact same repair office. Suen Qiang blurted out that Muse’s Bar was mosting likely to be reconditioned.

Lee Mi, that was somewhat tipsy, firmly bore in mind these words.

Afterwards, she got aware of Suen Qiang via different means and also intended to take this offer for herself. If she might take it, she might at least gain 2 million.

With such a substantial revenue, exactly how might she surrender!

” Sign my ass!” Suen Qiang covered his face and stood from the ground, barking at Lee Mi: “It’s all as a result of you, you ghoul. You deceived me and charged at the Eldest Youthful Master! Let me tell you, you can forget this offer. You caused me such a mess, I will absolutely tell your employer that a lady like you that does not take care of her very own business is just waiting to be sued! “.

The minute Suen Qiang finished his words, Lee Mi’s pretty face instantaneously lost all color!

The company has clear rules, if the staff member is working in exclusive, at the very least the salary will certainly be subtracted, as well as at least the instance will certainly be given court.

A big business like the Muse Dining establishment was detrimental to the company’s rate of interests. If the firm sought the matter, he would absolutely most likely to jail.

She was so young and also lovely, she didn’t wish to most likely to prison!

” Chen …” “Oldest young master …” Lee Mi stalked Chen Yang and held his arm as she pleaded coquettishly, “First Youthful Master, I was wrong … “Can, can you forgive me …” The voice was as soft as a mosquito’s buzz. If one didn’t take note, one would not also be able to hear it.

Presently, she resembled a swan, reducing her happy head. Never in her wildest dreams would she ever before have assumed that she would need to humbly and also humbly ask forgiveness to a good-for-nothing.

Chen Yang grinned as he considered her: “Really did not you just state that you want me to stoop down and also apologize to you?”.

Lee Mi saw that Chen Yang was still not giving up, so she brought Su Miao out, “Oldest Young Master, please don’t allow him tell our employer. I’m still young, I do not want to go to prison.

After stating that, Lee Mi’s legs paved the way as well as she kneeled on the ground.

” Save you? “Sure!” Chen Yang smiled, reduced his head, considered Lee Mi and stated, “Nonetheless, we still have an account to resolve!”.

Another account?

Lee Mi’s eyes flashed as she appeared to have actually thought of something. She smiled with difficulty and stated, “Eldest young master, I …”.

” It resembles you have not assumed it with yet. I think we ought to seek this issue to the end …”.

” Daddy!”.

Without waiting on Chen Yang to complete speaking, Lee Mi proclaimed!

” It’s too soft, I didn’t hear it plainly!” Chen Yang scraped his ears and claimed.

” Daddy!”.

Lee Mi shouted out!

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