The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 17 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 17 (Truth)


Were you actually the one that gave it to him !?

Su Miao considered him, her face filled with inquiries. “But the last time I called you to verify, why really did not you confess? Rather … “Likewise claiming that 490 thousand of them will certainly be sold to me …”.

Wei Mingdong blushed. If he offered the “Sky City” reproduction, he would certainly be able to obtain back some money.

Naturally, he would never inform her the fact.

He scraped his head and also claimed embarrassedly, “Miao, it’s not that I do not wish to admit it, yet that I’m afraid you’ll reprimand me …”.

” Reprimanded you? “Why?!”.

Wei Mingdong looked at Su Miao carefully: “I know you similar to this locket a great deal, but my possessions are restricted, so I could only provide you a replica necklace. Yet after that I believed it with. I really like an individual, even if I have to provide it my all to make her delighted. “.

Stating that, Wei Mingdong took out his phone, opened up the picture album as well as said, “In order to raise money, I marketed all the companies, residential properties, and also vehicles under my name. I didn’t have adequate cash, so I even obtained cash from the bank to get the pendant.

In the photo album, there was the transfer arrangement authorized by Wei Mingdong, as well as the funding contract made by the bank. All of these were true.

Every one of his shares had actually been repossessed by Chen Family, and the lending contract with the bank was signed by him previously.

What made him upset was that even previously, he still did not know if he had absolutely offended that excellent number, and even his Chen Family can not shield him.

” You … Why are you so silly?” Su Miao bit her lips, not able to talk.

” These are all things that I am willing to do!”.

Wei Mingdong took the opportunity to get hold of Su Miao’s lily-white hands, “Miao, I want to offer my all for you.”.

Su Miao’s heart shivered. She looked at him with a difficult look.

Wei Mingdong did not quit her. Considering her elegant number, he became increasingly more particular that this lady was absolutely his.

The edge of his mouth curled up somewhat, as if he had already seen the scene of Su Miao throwing herself into his arms.

At the same time, in Muse’s bar.

After being toasted continuously by the famous people of Zhou, Chen Yang was obtaining a little tipsy.

He had actually been intoxicated for a very long time, however today, he was absolutely satisfied.

” Eldest Young Master, it’s been a couple of years given that we last satisfied. Your alcohol resistance is still so great.” Zhao Heeqiu elevated his glass and also stated.

” Don’t call me Eldest Young Master from now on.” Chen Yang completed the red wine in his cup as well as said to the five people, “I do not actually like that title.”.

2 years back, when his cousin had signed up with forces with the remainder of the Chen Family to chase him out of the family, he was no more the young master of the Chen Family.

Thinking back to when he was rejected of the house like a stray dog, his state of mind was still very unclear.

The 2 million he had actually spent into Jiang-Nan power was money he had conserved up over the years. That was his personal effects, not his family members’s!

In order to obtain a greater position, his cousin insisted that the 2 million had actually been taken from the family, all for the benefit of loading his exclusive pockets.

Even if he stated all that he had, no person would certainly believe him. And also just like that, he himself was gotten rid of from Chen Household over night.

In Fact, Chen Yang recognized that his relative did this simply to acquire the family. As well as he was the greatest stumbling block on his relative’s course of succession.

” After that, exactly how regarding we call you Young Master Chen from now on?” Zhou Ming said after a minute of factor to consider.

Chen Yang trembled his head, assuming that alcohol was actually anesthetic. He in fact thought of those unfortunate memories.

” After that … Call it that.” Chen Yang responded after thinking for a while.

After stating that, Zhang Leeren, that was holding a bottle of wine, sat close to him and whispered, “Young Master Chen, in fact, there is something I intend to tell you.”.

” Speak!” Chen Yang put himself a glass of wine, clinked glasses with her and drank everything in one gulp.

” It’s about your relative!” Zhang Leeren murmured in Chen Yang’s ear.

” Oh? Tell me about it! “.

Zhang Leeren pushed her hair behind her ears as well as said slowly, “Last July, your relative sent somebody to discover me and also asked me to aid him …”.

” … …”.

Xichuan Town Hall, River Walk Road, which was one of the most bustling area of Xichuan.

Su Miao, that simply separated from Wei Mingdong, and also her buddy, Suen Xue, held hands and shopped.

” Miao, what’s wrong?” “He resembles he has a whole lot on his mind.” Suen Xue could not assist however ask.

Su Miao trembled her head. “I’m great.”.

Presently, she had not been in the state of mind to shop as all she might think of was Wei Mingdong.

There was really a man that agreed to offer all his assets to buy him a pendant!

” Incidentally, Miao, do you know that this cosmetics item has come to be especially preferred just recently?” In order to draw away Su Miao’s interest, Suen Xue asked.

” Lately popular cosmetics?” Su Miao, that was absent-minded initially, ended up being extra spirited when she heard Suen Xue’s question. She said, “Are you talking about an appeal’s elegance and also cosmetics series?”.

” Right, right, this is the one!” Suen Xue fast nodded.

What did girls like to talk about most?

It was nothing more than make-up, garments, and a well-known brand name bag!

As for the cosmetics presented by Beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd., they have constantly been acquiring quite possibly. There is already a propensity for them to become preferred around the country.

Furthermore, Valentine’s Day will show up, in order to take the marketplace, specifically introduced Valentine’s Day style series.

International limitation: 1,314 collections.

The solitary set rate was 520,000!

Such an expensive rate likewise reflected an elegance’s ambition from the side. This was since she intended to be the queen of cosmetics!

Five hundred and also twenty thousand yuan was simply a tiny amount of cash in the eyes of several rich individuals, especially in the eyes of well-off females. For elegance, they could do anything.

This cosmetics set was not something that might be gotten with cash.

If you don’t have a solid connection, after that you can only check out your beloved cosmetics as well as be acquired by one more lady!

” Miao, it’s Valentine’s Day today. If somebody could give me a collection of beauty, I would certainly be so delighted!” Suen Xue held Su Miao’s hand with an appearance of wishing on her face.

” You, think about it.” Su Miao grinned helplessly.

The cosmetics of the Beauty collection were offering so well currently. The limited variety of 1314 sets of cosmetics had most likely been sold out by the abundant households long ago.

Although the underground market had currently sold for one million yuan per set, would any person that could acquire this makeup be short of that amount of money?

” Alright, allowed’s not believe concerning it anymore. You ought to accompany me to purchase two collections of clothes.

” Ya, selecting garments. I’m truly good at this.” Suen Xue held Su Miao’s hand and claimed, “Don’t worry, I’ll ensure to make you look lovely to ensure that guys won’t be able to move their eyes away!”.

The next day, Huanyu Group.

Chen Yang got up from the chairman’s workplace. It was currently 3 in the early morning when he completed alcohol consumption last evening.

He really did not go house. He simply asked them to send him to the company.

He massaged his temples and opened his cellular phone. It was loaded with missed out on phone calls and text.

” Chen Yang, you’ve currently found out not to return during the night, right? If you don’t wish to stay at home, you’ll never ever return. “.

This text was from his mother-in-law, Tang Jing.

” It’s grandmother’s birthday celebration the day after tomorrow. Keep in mind to prepare some gifts, don’t shame me again.”.

This message was sent by Su Miao.

Equally as he was considering whether he needs to recall, someone knocked on the office door.

Chen Yang quickly placed on his clothing and walked out of the toilet. He saw a high beauty in expert clothes standing in the office.

It was his individual secretary, Mi Xue!

” President Chen, Su Household has actually sent a person over.” Mi Xue said, “Su Family members claimed that they intend to package our firm’s new artiste, Liu Rui. Su Hai has actually currently been waiting in the conference room for a very long time.”.

” Inform him to obtain shed.” Chen Yang remained on the couch and poured himself a cup of water. He moistened his throat that was melting hot as well as swung his hand as he stated: “Alert Su Family, for the fun and cooperation with them, it will be cancelled right away!”.

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