The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 175 (Read free online)

Xichuan City Fifth Individuals’s Hospital.

Chen Yang quit a taxi and went straight to the hospital. The minute he got out of the taxi, he walked straight in the direction of the lobby of the health center.

After the Ice-fire Island was finished, Mrs. Cult Lord arranged for Chen Yang to be returned.

When they initially came ashore, Chen Yang called Lee Tianba a dozen times, however no person responded to.

In the long run, it was Soong Xuan who addressed.

When he discovered that Lee Tianba had been slashed more than 40 times and also his whole body was covered in blood, Chen Yang was instantly furious!

When he reached the medical facility ward, he saw that Lee Tianba was covered in bandages. If it had not been for that set of intense eyes, Chen Yang would certainly have thought that he had actually been developed into a mummy.

” Tianba.”.

Seeing this scene, Chen Yang’s eyes turned red!

” Tian Ba, I … “I came late, I came late …” Chen Yang really felt an unspeakable regret in his heart as he criticized himself to fatality. If not for the people from Sunlight Moon Holy Cult kidnapping him, how could Lee Tianba have endured such hefty injuries?

Thankfully, Lee Tianba’s life wasn’t going to end like that, also such a hefty injury had been brought over by him.

The medical professional stated that although his life was conserved, he would have to invest it in a mobility device for the rest of his life.

” Yang, as a man, what are you peeing for?” Lee Tianba blinked and also his voice was really weak.

” You’re the one who’s peeing!” Chen Yang blinked his eyes: “There was a wind recently, as well as sand blew right into my eyes.”.

As he was using a thick sterile coat in the ICU, he looked to Soong Xuan, whose eyes were red as well as inflamed, and asked, “Sister-in-law, what’s going on? That hurt Sky Tyrant? “.

Soong Xuan sighed as well as led Chen Yang to the hallway. “Last night, I saw your better half and also one more man dating in the Guard’s Bar with Tian Bachelor’s Degree. “We were at the cubicle alongside them, and also we saw the man who drugged your spouse with our very own eyes. After that, Tian Bachelor’s degree went over to quit him, as well as intended to take your other half away. Afterwards …”.

After paying attention to Soong Xuan’s story, Chen Yang iced up in place. His temper instantly enveloped him and his eyes turned red.

So it ended up that it was due to Su Miao that Tianba had actually been cut right into such a state!

Wasn’t she broadcast online in the house everyday?

Why would certainly he date one more guy?

Chen Yang was not only mad, but likewise doubtful. At the same time, he was likewise packed with sense of guilt and also self-blame.

Thinking about this, he secured his phone and called Su Miao.

Soon, the call attached.

The various other end of the phone was really loud. From the sound of it, it appeared like she remained in a jampacked location. She ought to be shopping. Currently, the temper in Chen Yang’s heart came to be even more powerful.

” Where are you?” Chen Yangqiang asked while holding back his temper.

” On the street.” After Su Miao answered the phone, she coldly stated, “Why did you call me?”.

The last time she and also her mom mosted likely to the hospital to visit Chen Yang’s daddy, she was still angry after being gone after out by him.

” Ha ha!” Chen Yang sneered: “Shopping? That are you patronizing? “.

Chen Yang’s tone made Su Miao feel inexplicably unhappy. She replied snappily, “That do you care who I go patronizing? “What, as soon as you’re in prison, you get angry?”.

Chen Yang could no longer hold it in and questioned loudly, “Did you recognize that because of you, Sky Dictator is still existing in the health center? Lee Tianba will invest the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

” Chen Yang, what are you shouting at me for?” Su Miao’s face reddened as she stated angrily, “What does it relate to Lee Tianba that I met my fans? He was the one that horned in people’s organization and also caused trouble on other individuals’s turf, that can be condemned for that?”.

Mind your own company?

Haha …

Chen Yang giggled out of anger: “What a meddlesome individual. I truly didn’t anticipate you to say such points. Tell me, what’s the name of that fan of your own?”.

” My follower is called Shen Lang. He’s a young, handsome, as well as rich 2nd generation. He provides me gifts on a daily basis. Are you satisfied now? I’m informing you, don’t ever call me once more.” Presently, Su Miao’s state of mind had actually likewise reached an extreme factor.

Wu Tie was so angry that blue capillaries could be seen on his neck. With a very cool voice, he claimed, “Let me inform you, Su Miao, if Lee Tianba is paralyzed this time, it will be the end people.”.


With that said, Chen Yang hung up the phone and also punched the wall surface of the health center, causing it to smash as well as dirt to drop. His whole body was filled with killing intent.

Su Miao’s fragile body trembled in anger as she listened to the blind audio from the phone. Her chest began to shake violently.

This Chen Yang, that was he promoting? He, Lee Tianba, was just an outsider, but he really risked to rage him!

They had actually been married for almost 3 years, and also this was the first time he had actually yelled at her.

What did he do wrong? Lee Tianba was hacked because he was nosy. Just how could such a good person like Shen Lang be an evildoer?

Presently, Su Miao was totally let down with Chen Yang!

After hanging up, Chen Yang stepped out.

Seeing that Chen Yang was in a poor state, Soong Xuan swiftly chased after him: “Chen Yang, where are you going?”.

” Retribution.” Chen Yang spat out these two words coldly.

Besides, it was Su Miao that had caused this. Although the partnership between both of them had currently existed in name, she was still his partner in name.

In regards to emotions and logic, he needed to pay for every little thing.

Soong Xuan stressed and kept Chen Yang’s arm firmly: “Cool down, that Shen Lang is from the southeast city’s Shen Household, his Shen Family is a noble family, his stamina is not something an ordinary household can compare to, aren’t you just going to toss your life away!”.

Southeastern City’s Shen Family members?

Chen Yang smiled and patted the back of Soong Xuan’s hand as he comforted her, “Sister-in-law, do not worry. I won’t be that impulsive. Take good treatment of Tian Ba in the health center.” I do not care if his Shen Household is aristocratic or otherwise. That Shen Lang, how many times did he reduce at Skies Authoritarian? I want him to be 10 times more powerful!

a hundredfold repayment. “.

After saying that, Chen Yang gently got rid of Soong Xuan’s hand, reversed as well as left in big strides.

” Chen Yang, you …” Soong Xuan stood blankly instantly, splits welling up in her eyes.

Tianba had actually not misjudged him, he was certainly a dedicated guy.

It was just that, commitment still required logic. The Shen Family Members of the Southeastern City was a colossal existence. Thinking about this, Soong Xuan stomped her feet in anxiety.

Chen Yang went out of the health center, got his phone and also called Kui Zi.

Kui Zi was a devotee of Mystic Dragon Cult. Two days ago, Chen Yang promoted him to vice Cult Lord. When he was not around, Kui Zi aided him take care of him.

” Cult Lord.” The call attached and Kui Zi’s voice came by.

” Call all the brothers.”.

” Yes, Cult Lord!”.

” … …”.

At nine o’clock at night, the different night tables were already bustling with sound as well as enjoyment.

Guard’s Bar, the most luxurious area on the second flooring.

Shen Lang was wearing a white informal match as well as his hair was combed really thoroughly. Next to him rested a middle-aged man with a sharp mouth and also monkey cheeks. Both of them drank their white wine as they chatted and also giggled.

Su Miao rested next to Shen Lang with a scheduled smile on her face. When she took a better look, the smile was a little abnormal as well as looked extremely restrained.

She assumed she would certainly be able to chat with Shen Lang alone today, now there was this middle-aged guy with her. This made Su Miao a little unpleasant.

Furthermore, this middle-aged man’s gaze was very impudent, constantly sizing him up.

That nude gaze made Su Miao incredibly uncomfortable.

Shen Lang put himself a glass of a glass of wine, stood up and said, “Mr. He coming right here today brings magnificence to our simple store. Come, come, let me salute to Mr. He. We won’t return up until we’re drunk tonight.”.

This sharp-tongued middle-aged male was called “Why not?” He was an older of the Huashan Sect and had an extremely high condition in the Hua Shan Sect.

He was a honored visitor of the Shen Family.

Some time back, Shen Lang found out that the Hua Shan Sect had a type of Tablet that could quicken cultivation, the Spirit-Strengthening Pill.

He needed to make a visit for a long time prior to finally deciding not to return. If he settled on this, then the cultivation speed of the Shen Family disciples would absolutely enhance by leaps as well as bounds.

” Youthful Master Shen is joking. We’re already so aware of each other, exactly how can we be so polite!”.

He said so yet really did not stand up. Rather, he turned his head as well as glanced at Su Miao. “Youthful Master Shen, it’s been a while. When did you have such a charm by your side?”.

Shen Lang was shocked for a moment and after that right away grinned, “Mr. He, as long as you offer me the Spirit Enhancing Pill, I will certainly give you as several elegances as you desire!”.

” Haha, sure.” He Bugui chinked his glass with Shen Lang and also his eyes fell on Su Miao once more. This moment, he was even more nude.

Su Miao really felt goosebumps throughout her body. She stood up and murmured to Shen Lang, “I require to visit the bathroom initially.” As he spoke, he rapidly went out of the area.

Su Miao had simply left when she resorted to Shen Lang as well as stated: “Young Master Shen, you can have the Spirit-Strengthening Tablet if you want, yet I desire this lady!”.

Why not he was a salacious as well as hungry ghost.

How could he release an appeal like Su Miao?

Shen Lang’s face tensed, he located it difficult to choose: “Mr. He, do you want me to supply you with various other appeals? Or 2 … 3? “What do you think!”.

” No.” Why not reverse as well as tremble his head like a rattle drum, “I desire her. If I do not obtain her today, you don’t need to think of the Spirit-Strengthening Pill!”.

This …

Shen Lang’s heart avoided a beat. This old freak was so relentless. He had simply grabbed Su Miao, yet he needed to send her to another person’s bed without also holding her hand?

He really felt depressed, yet there was nothing else way. In order to get the Spirit-Strengthening Pill, Shen Lang had to grit his teeth and also said, “Sure, after that I’ll offer this Su Miao to Mr. He!”.

” Alright, haha, as long as I sleep with this lady, I’ll have your Shen Household’s Spirit-Enhancing Pill.” He tightened his eyes as well as disclosed a lustful appearance, “This woman has the very best figure and looks. She’s even better than those well-known stars I have actually played in the past.”.

Shen Lang responded and also really did not claim anything. He took out a bag of white powder and put it right into Su Miao’s glass.

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