The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 18 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 18 (Abolition of Contract)


Mi Xue bowed slightly and left of the workplace.

At this moment, Su Hai was waiting anxiously in the conference room.

He massaged his hands together. It was clearly Su Miao who discussed this teamwork, and now his grandmother provided him the credit history. He had taken all the credit rating with simply a few words. It was absolutely a wonderful sensation to be in the limelight.

Now, he had actually involved the amusement company to go over the matter of the musicians’ packaging. Wasn’t this certain?

It was said that Liu Rui, the brand-new artist that signed the contract for Dream, was very stunning, with a tall and attractive figure.

With the Huanyu Group’s sources as well as her own clan’s packaging, this Liu Rui would most definitely have the ability to create a massive commotion in the north and also south of the river.

When that time came, Su Family members would definitely make a lot of cash, and also during that time, all of the accomplishments would certainly be his.

” Mr. Su.”.

At this moment, Mi Xue strolled into the conference room, drawing Su Hai back from his dream.

Seeing Mi Xue, Su Hai stood up and claimed with a smile, “Aide Mi, what did the chairman claim? Can our Su Family begin to wrap Liu Rui? “.

” I’m sorry, Mr. Su.” Mi Xue nodded somewhat and claimed, “Our chairman stated to obtain you out of the company. Not only that, the contract between the Su Family members and the impression will come to be invalid since today. “.

” What!?” A trace of anger appeared on Su Hai’s face: “Why are you doing this so perfectly? Do you still have the spirit of an agreement when you state that you’re mosting likely to be junked?”.

” Mr. Su, please bear in mind of your words.” Mi Xue’s face additionally darkened. She crossed her arms over her chest and also stated, “If you intend to ruin my business’s online reputation, my business’s legal division is not a pushover.”.

Mi Xue’s words caused Su Hai’s heart to shudder. This was Huanyu Team, it was not something that somebody like him can afford to anger.

He asked with a smile that was uglier than crying, “Aide Mi, don’t be angry. I have no sick intentions towards your company. It’s simply that the contract was signed the other day, and also I’m terminating it today. This is way too much for me to clarify when I go back.”.

Mi Xue’s face finally unwinded after hearing Su Hai’s description. She whispered, “Our chairman said that the person that came to work out the cooperation with the firm was Su Miao. The reason why we would certainly accept your Su Family is for Su Miao’s sake. All of the participating tasks in the future will certainly need Su Miao to personally action in. We will not recognize anybody else in your Su Household! “.

With that said, a few beefy security guards took Su Hai away.

Manor of Su Household.

Su Hai knelt before Old Madam Su, as well as stated with splits and snot running down his face, “Granny, Huanyu Group has actually gone too far. Once again, I was tossed out of the company …”.

Old Madam Su simply took a sip of tea and also virtually vomited it out. She ingested the tea with terrific trouble and also asked in conundrum, “You …” What did you claim?

” Grandma, Huanyu Team has stated that you will certainly terminate your teamwork with our Su Household from today onwards …” Su Hai knelt on the ground and didn’t attempt to raise his head.

” Grandmother, why are individuals from the Huanyu Group so unreasonable!”.

” That’s right grandmother, we have actually currently signed a teamwork arrangement, the Huanyu Team is the most effective way to damage it, this is already thought about a breach of contract. We can sue him in court! “.

” That’s right, granny. I have actually seen the contract. As long as one party defaults, the party that defaults will need to pay a 30 million yuan cost!”.

The Su Family members junior standing at the side stated with exemplary indignation.

” Every one of you, stopped talking!” Old Madam Su had constantly been annoyed by the concept of breaking short the engagement, today that the juniors were chattering away, she couldn’t aid but knock the table.

Seeing that Old Madam Su was truly angry, everyone from the Su Household stalled as cicadas, not bold to say another word.

Old Madam Su swept her eyes across the crowd and said with a hint of disappointment: “That’s simply a joke, a company with the lowest degree of Xichuan City. They might eliminate our Su Family with a flip of their hand.

Old Madam Su’s words made everyone take a look at each other in dismay, yet they were unable to refute her.

That was a joke, 30 million had not been much to them. If Su Household were to be sued for entertainment, then the great days of Su Family members would come to an end. Let alone strengthening the family members, also being able to survive would certainly be a problem.

Old Madam Su looked at Su Hai as well as frowned. I do not think that such a humorous company would certainly reject a contract for no reason.

Hearing Old Madam Su’s words, Su Hai did not dare to pretend to be dead. The other event is the God of Ton Of Money for our Su Family members.

Su Hai’s description made Old Madam Su’s expression soften quite a bit. Without a doubt, it would certainly be excellent if they didn’t serve him well. Just how could she dare to annoy him?

Seeing that Old Madam Su’s face looked a lot better, Su Hai heaved a sigh of alleviation. The factor they are coordinating with our Su Family is because of Su Miao.

” What!?”.

Everybody present at the Su Household took a look at each other, as well as they might all see the awe in each other’s eyes.

All of this was done on Su Miao’s account, and that was why they cooperated with Su Household?

Was this a lie?

She was just a personality floating on the edge of a family. What face did she have to be the only one that could ridicule her?

Even if they had actually broken their brains, they wouldn’t have actually had the ability to figure it out.

When Old Madam Su heard this, her expression came to be remarkable. She looked at Su Hai, that was stooping on the ground with a complicated expression, and also let out a lengthy sigh.

Xichuan Airport terminal.

Su Miao and also Tang Jing had actually been waiting at the departure for some time.

” Mama, my father should be leaving the plane quickly, right?”.

Mentioning which, she hadn’t seen her father for over half a year.

Su Miao’s father, Su Changhee, had been functioning abroad for many years.

Previously, he had been fairly tranquil as well as required the support of his household every so often. It was said that his service had actually enhanced over the previous half year and also he had actually gained a lot of cash in a brief while.

In the past half year, he had actually been doing video clips with Tang Jing every once in a while, either driving a high-end automobile or getting in high-end office complex.

This time, taking advantage of Old Madam Su’s birth, Su Changhee said that he would return residence as well as offer Old Madam Su a shock.

” It must be quickly.” Tang Jing considered the moment and claimed.

This mom and also daughter set’s elegance was as well captivating. Standing at the departure, they quickly ended up being the emphasis of the entire audience.

Flavor Jing was clean. With her bumpy hair, black stockings, high heels, and also skirt, she looked much like Su Miao’s senior sis, packed with mature womanly appeal.

Su Miao was likewise dressed in a white outfit, which completely outlined her graceful number. That understood the number of individuals would want to hold her slim, slender feet in their hands.

” Buzz!”.

The phone in her bag shook. Su Miao opened up the phone as well as saw that Su Chen Yang had just sent a few words.

” Partner, if Grandmother calls you to head to a farce later, you should definitely reject!”.

Going to the Dream Business to work out? Why did she call him? Really did not Su Hai already most likely to work out?


Su Miao removed the text message. She had actually currently told him often times not to call herself that.

He didn’t pay attention to him at all and also simply left it to his own devices.

” What is it? That piece of garbage messaged you once again? “.

” Mm …” Su Miao responded.

” Coincidentally, your papa returned. After your grandma’s birthday celebration, your dad and also I will certainly go with a separation.” Flavor Jing said resolutely, “It does not matter if you agree or otherwise, this marriage has to be annulled!”.

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