The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 218 (Read free online)

[Bastard, you actually risk to argue!]
Martial Aunt Qing Yuan was so mad that her whole body was trembling.

Also Chen Bouquet, the victim, confessed, yet Chen Yang still risked to claim he was blind.

It could be seen that this brat was a regular culprit. Such a rapist definitely could not be enabled to stay in this world!

” Martial Aunt, I still have the very same words. The match is not over. You can’t touch him previously.” Qin Wantong grinned and also said, “I wish that Martial Aunt can figure it out.”

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan’s pupils contracted. She seemed to have considered something as well as blazed increasingly at Chen Yang. After that, she flipped her sleeves and left the scene.

After Martial Aunt Qing Yuan left, the Chen Quan couple quickly went to greet her. “Martial Aunt, why didn’t you eliminate that beast?”

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan’s face a little tensed. She said unnaturally, “This is not a good place to fight. Let’s go back initially. I will most definitely not spare Chen Yang!”

Chen Yang tarnishing his sister-in-law was a matter of Chen Household. She was outrageous, it was not her place to care.

Yu Lan was the outer sect adherent of Emei, and Martial Aunt Qing Yuan was determined to conflict in her organization.

With that said, Martial Auntie Qing Yuan left the location.

Chen Quan and Liang Jie truly desired Chen Yang to die, they knew that they couldn’t do anything, so they had to think points over.

Chen Lei stood backstage with eyes packed with hatred, “Chen Yang, I will directly pay back the humiliation you gave me.”

” …”.

After Martial Auntie Qing Yuan left, Qin Wantong called Chen Yang over to the backstage.

Chen Yang had not been happy with Qin Wantong misjudging him, it was a fact that she saved him. He was an individual who distinguished between kindness as well as disgust, so Chen Yang said to Qin Wantong seriously, “Chairman Qin, thank you quite for what you did recently!”.

Qin Wantong smiled faintly. That instant of sophistication had Chen Yang slightly stunned.

This Qin Wantong was without a doubt a top-notch elegance.

With a wave of his hand, the appeal of a mature lady was vividly presented.

Chen Yang understood so many females, as well as only Mrs. Cult Lord from Sunlight Moon Holy Cult might contrast to her.

” Hur hur, you’re fairly well-mannered!” Qin Wantong grinned and claimed: “If she were to eliminate you right in front of my eyes, after that I do not even need to be the Ancient Medication Organization’s head of state any longer!”.

As she spoke, a proud mood originated from her words.

This was an autocratic lady!

Chen Yang thought in his heart.

Qin Wantong took a look at Chen Yang with interest and asked: “Are you curious about joining Ancient Medication Association?”.
Chen Yang was surprised, welcoming himself to join Ancient Medicine Organization?

He frowned, trembled his head, and also stated, “Sorry, I’m not interested.”.

He was grateful that Qin Wantong had helped him, they were all the very same. The Marrow Cleansing Soup that he had fine-tuned formerly did not have any problems.

It’s precisely the like in Thousand Gold Prescription. As the head of state of Ancient Medication Organization, you actually can’t separate in between excellent and bad. What’s the point in joining this kind of association?

Not interested?

Qin Wantong was exceptionally stunned.

This kid’s temper is a bit odd.

One had to understand that he was the head of state of Ancient Medication Association, as well as individuals that fawned over him could align from here completely to the capital.

If it was any individual else that had actually obtained his invitation, they would certainly have chuckled themselves awake also in their dreams.

And going by his expression, he appeared to be … It was a little disdainful!

This brat was rather intriguing. He really started to hate her.

” Why do not you intend to sign up with? There’s a factor, right?” Qin Wantong asked oddly.

Chen Yang shrugged. “The reason is really easy. The leader’s capacity is not up to typical!”.

” Leadership failed?” Qin Wantong was surprised.

He grinned and directed at himself. “Are you talking about me?”.

Chen Yang grinned and also did not say a word!

” Haha, little bro, you sure are interesting!” Qin Wantong chuckled: “Are you still brooding over the fact that I just claimed you stopped working in refining the Marrow Cleansing Soup? “I really did not expect a guy like you to be so narrow-minded.”.

” What little bit sibling? You appear so old.” Chen Yang shivered his mouth and stated: “Not petty, my Marrow Cleansing Soup did not fall short in refining. Regardless of what you say, it just did not stop working!”.

” Why are you so certain that your soup has not fallen short?” Qin Wantong grinned as well as stated, “Little bro, you sure have a big mouth.”.

Chen Yang smiled and did not say a word. The Marrow Cleansing Soup that he refined was specifically the same as the one in Thousand Gold Prescription, just how could it be wrong?

Seeing that Chen Yang did not claim anything, Qin Wantong did not pursue the matter any further. She smiled and said: “Intriguing, little brother, because I have actually come to be the Ancient Medication Association Guild Leader, nobody has ever before dared to reject me. You are the very first individual to decline me.”.

Nobody risks to decline you?

It seemed that all attractive and powerful ladies resembled this, that made Chen Yang think about Xia Lan.

They had the very same worthy status and also the very same effective toughness.

Seeing that Chen Yang was still quiet, Qin Wantong smiled as well as trembled her head. “Alright, I won’t tease you any longer. Let me inform you the truth, the Marrow Cleansing Soup that you improved recently has without a doubt been successful.”.


Equally as he had anticipated!

Chen Yang wished to get angry, yet after considering that he could not beat this lady, he subdued his anger as well as asked, “Why?”.

Aren’t you having fun with individuals like monkeys?

Qin Wantong gazed at him as well as claimed, “Do not you understand that anger can blind a person? Have you thought regarding why I’m telling you the reality currently? “.


After hearing Qin Wantong’s words, Chen Yang’s rage slightly dissipated and he gained back some of his rationality.

Could it be that there was some unspeakable key?

” If you have something to say, simply say it, don’t beat around the bush!” Chen Yang suched as to be simple, which was likewise why he was able to become great brothers with Lee Tianba.

” Oh, you are also childlike!”.

Qin Wantong sighed, drank her head and also claimed: “I can inform that you are just a fledgling brat. Do you know what it indicates that you have improved a Marrow Cleansing Soup? When the Marrow Cleansing Soup came out of Shaolin, did you assume that Master Shikong was so old that his eyes were blurred, and he could not even identify the Marrow Cleansing Soup?

Qin Wantong’s duplicated inquiries made Chen Yang burst out in a cold sweat.

After hearing what she said, Chen Yang instantaneously comprehended the crux of it.

Not surprising that when Master Shi Kong said that there was a trouble with the medicine he prepared, Qin Wantong would stand and also say those words. He believed that Qin Wantong was marketing it well for Master Shi Kong.

It ended up that she was currently reminding herself at that time.

As a highly regarded master of Shaolin, Master Shikong was securing himself.

What are the results of Marrow Cleansing Soup?

Those with mediocre talent might clean their bones and also temper their tendons by consuming Marrow Cleansing Soup, enabling them to grow. Farmers with insufficient talent and talent can also enhance their own talent by consuming Marrow Cleansing Soup.

The matter of him being able to fine-tune Marrow Cleansing Soup was revealed on the Alchemist’s Competition.

What would happen?

He would end up being the target of public criticism, as well as he would certainly be in risk.

Those people from the human family members would absolutely think about all kind of means to get the Marrow Cleansing Soup from him.

Understanding this, Chen Yang could not aid however eye Qin Wantong.

Furthermore, this woman had an additional purpose in inviting him to sign up with Ancient Medication Association, which was to locate a backer for himself. This backer was none aside from Qin Wantong.

Considering this, the trace of dissatisfaction in Chen Yang’s heart immediately vanished. At the same time, he felt happy in the direction of Qin Wantong!

” Well, do you comprehend?”.

Chen Yang nodded and also claimed embarrassedly, “I got it!”.

” Then do you intend to sign up with Ancient Medication Association?” Qin Wantong looked at Chen Yang and also stated with a pale smile.

” Because you have actually joined, Head of state Qin has currently spoken. If you continue to reject, after that I’ll be pulling down the compassion of you as well as Master Shikong!” If Chen Yang declined once more, then he truly wouldn’t understand what benefited him.

Qin Wantong responded. “Although you’re a little stupid, you can still be considered as a wizard!”.

Qin Wantong appreciated Chen Yang quite. He was so young, yet he had the ability to convert the medicinal strength into noise.

His future was infinite! Provided a couple of even more years, he would certainly be able to rise to higher elevations. Also being a grandmaster dispenser had not been difficult!

Thinking about this, Qin Wantong’s heart mixed with love for the talented, “Chen Yang, you have reached the degree of changing the noise of medicine at such a young age, do you wish to take me as your master? I promise you you’ll get on the first floor in three years. “.

Acknowledged a master? Not interested!

Chen Yang had a godly publication like Thousand Gold Prescription, there was no need for him to acknowledge someone as his educator. Forget about refining medicines, he can also fine-tune pills.

Without even thinking about it, he shook his head and refused: “I’m sorry, Chairman Qin. I already have an instructor. If I were to recognize you as my educator once more, it would certainly injure her heart!”.

” Your teacher is that gorgeous alchemist, right?” Qin Wantong took a look at Chen Yang with an odd expression on her face. Could it be that what Martial Auntie Qing Yuan stated held true, that this child was entailed with her instructor?

” That’s right!” Chen Yang nodded: “I will be your instructor for the rest of my life, so I say thanks to Chairman Qin for his love!”.

” Hehe, kid, you’re quite a charming!” Qin Wantong smiled and also did not force him. Prior to she left, she provided her number to Chen Yang to join Ancient Medication Organization when he had time.

Chen Yang nodded, reversed as well as left backstage.

After the competition ended, Chen Yang called Gentle, yet Gentle had actually currently taken a taxi back.

Chen Yang was just about to apologize when the other event hung up.

When It Comes To Yu Lan, the person who called her was still on the phone.

F * * k, what the hell was this!?

Reflecting to today’s experience, Chen Yang was speechless.

If he had actually understood previously, he would not have involved participate in Alchemist’s Competitors. Not just did he nearly obtain outlined against by Martial Aunt Qing Yuan, he even caused a lot of problem.

Especially with Martial Aunt Qing Yuan spouting rubbish before a lot of individuals, he can forget getting any type of credibility after this competition!

He really did not care, however what concerning Yu Lan and Tender?

Thinking of this, Chen Yang felt a frustration coming on.
It resembled he had to discover an opportunity to discuss things to them.

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