The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 24 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 24 (Antiques Family)

“Miss Xu is here. Quick, welcome her in!” Old Madam Su hurriedly said.

As an ancient family members, Xu Family members had a good partnership with Su Household.

Otherwise, he would not have come last time to provide Su Miao a congratulatory feast.

Su Miao looked at Xu Xiaorou with a smile. She came with the perfect time, enabling Wei Mingdong to acquire a “Skies City” locket for Xu Xiaorou.

As soon as Xu Xiaorou strolled in, all of the men existing looked at her.

This face was merely as well stunning. Furthermore, there was a slim waist to it. It was simply excruciating to hold. Those slim legs were really tempting!

” Sorry, Su Family Members Granny, the roadway is blocked, so …” Xu Xiaorou explained as she walked. Prior to she might complete, she stopped.

” Yi, this is …”

Xu Xiaorou overlooked at the broken box beneath her feet, in addition to a half-opened scroll painting.

That was Xu Xiaorou? As the young miss of an antique household, she was the first-in-line successor. What hadn’t she seen before about vintages!

Her intuition told her that the damaged box on the flooring was extremely various from the scroll painting.

” Miss Xu, rapidly take your seat. Don’t bother with the rubbish on the floor, I’ll have my men sweep them away right now.” Old Madam Su claimed with a smile.

No no, this is not trash!

If he had not been incorrect, this box should have been made from small purple sandalwood.

Going by its appearance, this box was older. However, if one were to look meticulously, the inscriptions externally of package were very vivid as well as dazzling. The craftsmanship was extremely thorough!

It was undoubtedly an old product. At least, it was worth numerous hundred thousand!

As the successor to an antique household, bring a magnifying glass was a required specialist accomplishment, due to the fact that it was possible that something might come in useful.

” Miss Xu, you …” What are you doing?” Old Madam Su stressed. “The things on the flooring are garbage. It wouldn’t be great if your hands were unclean.”

Xu Xiaorou really did not state anything. Rather, she made use of a magnifying glass to analyze it thoroughly.

When he clearly saw the carvings on the surface of the box, she sucked in a breath of chilly air! There was even a Dragon Spitting Bead carved in the box!

It was just incredible!

The even more she considered it, the more shocked she came to be. Even her breathing had actually become fast.

Unexpectedly, a seal showed up, creating Xu Xiaorou’s heart beat to decrease by half a beat!

Grains of sweat appeared on her temple!

” Zhu Yi School Seal!”

Heavens, this was in fact sculpted by the Ming Empire’s emperor, Zhu Yubing!

It was always recognized that the Emperor Zhu Yushan didn’t enjoy the elegances of the river and hills and also liked the woodworkers. In the Ming Dynasty, he was also called “the boy of Lu Restriction,” the Boy of Heaven!

This … This box was in fact sculpted by Zhu Yubing. It was a priceless treasure!

” Supervisor Xu, please sit!”

At this moment, Su Hai walked over as well as claimed pleasantly, “Manager Xu, the banquet is about to start!”

Xu Xiaorou took a deep breath, placed the magnifying glass away and asked, “This box …” Who sent it? ”

” No …” “No, this broken box is not a present!” Su Hai shook his head: “Supervisor Xu, please do not misconstrued. Everybody right here is a respectable person, who would certainly give away such garbage!”

After all, Su Household was a third-rate clan. If they could even approve this sort of trash, they would be chuckled to fatality by others.

” Sit first, I’ll throw the trash out today.” As he talked, Su Hai curved to get the box and was about to toss it into the trash bin.

” Wait!”.

Xu Xiaorou couldn’t hold it in any type of longer as well as hurried ahead to grab package.

She ultimately recognized that not a single person could identify such a valuable product and treat it as trash. It was such a waste.

Wait, this box is currently so priceless, after that would not the scroll painting on the ground …?

Xu Xiaorou bent down to pick up the painting scroll from the floor as well as gradually unfurled it. The moment she unfurled it, she was numbed!

This … This was the Tune Empire’s Hundred Longevity Map!

Oh god, it was an additional priceless prize!

Exactly how was this feasible!

Package was personally carved by Emperor Ming himself, as well as the scroll depicted the life expectancy of Track Empire. Which bastard tossed it on the ground? If such a precious treasure was touched, it would definitely be a substantial loss.

Although Zhu Yubing loved woodworking, he did not have a single piece that could be handed down. This box could be said to complete the spaces in background, as well as it likewise confirmed the history of exactly how the Emperor Zhu Yubai enjoyed to be a woodworker! It could be claimed that it was priceless.

The life expectancy map passed down from the Track Empire was likewise a watered down prize. Back then, the royal court was well-known, and also scholars and scholars boasted of having a “lifespan map”!

He had actually never ever believed that he would really be able to see the Tune Empire’s “map of a century of life”, and also the woodworking emperor Zhu Qianyu’s personally carved box.

Xu Xiaorou was so thrilled that she could not stand it anymore. She grabbed her phone and also took a picture. If her daddy can see the pictures of these 2 prizes, how happy he would be!

This box, this map of a century, was a supreme treasure to anyone that concealed it. It sufficed to be a household heirloom, passed down from generation to generation!

” Manager Xu, just get rid of this box as well as this busted painting. Consider your dirty hands!” Su Hai grinned obsequiously and also said, “I’m actually sorry, I’m sorry for making a vintage specialist like you appraise this garbage.”.

” Garbage?” Xu Xiaorou frowned as well as whispered, “This …” “It’s not trash. This box, this scroll …”.

” This box is mine, so is this scroll!” Chen Yang stood up, walked to Xu Xiaorou and also took back package and scroll.

Today was Old Madam Su’s birthday celebration, however that recognized? Today was additionally his birthday celebration!

Not only did he stop working at gifting the present, he was also mocked by Xi Ruo and also discarded the present as though it was trash.

Since they weren’t doing great or poor, why should he endure such complaints? He might also not provide this present to them!

” Are these two yours?” Xu Xiaorou considered Chen Yang as well as felt that he or she looked familiar.

Oh right, the one who quit his seat at the Imperial Hotel was likewise him, he was that Residence Son-in-law from Su Family Members!

” That’s right, Boss Xu. These 2 pieces of trash are his!” Su Hai directed at Chen Yang and also yelled, “In addition to a poor item of garbage like him, that else would certainly be so embarrassed to draw out garbage for a gift?!”.

” Hehe, even if things I’m giving you is trash, it’s still far better than that man-made Night Pearl of yours!” Chen Yang sneered, “Grandmother dotes on you a lot, yet you have the nerve to present an artificial damaged grain? As well as your busted bead is so spectacular, so it should be some radioactive chemicals! “.

” Bullshit, this bead …”.

” Alright, you can trick others but you can not deceive me.” Chen Yang waved his hand and also claimed, “You men do not like this box and the lifespan map, right? “Fine, I’ll take it back!”.

Chen Yang meticulously rolled up the scroll and put it right into package.

Su Hai’s lungs were about to explode from rage. He became angry from humiliation: “You’re slamming people, you’re just jealous that my present is far better than yours. If you’re talking nonsense, do you think that I’ll discover someone to kill you!”.

” Alright!” Old Madam Su disrupted Su Hai as well as stated, “Today is a good day, no person is allowed to argue!”.

” Humph!” Su Hai altercation at Chen Yang and also returned to his seat.

Xu Xiaorou was a VIP. She ought to have been being in the VIP seat, yet she followed closely behind Chen Yang and also rested close to him.

” Auntie, can I rest here?” Xu Xiaorou grinned and asked Flavor Jing.

” Yes, naturally.” Tang Jing grinned and also claimed, “Chen Yang, provide your seat to Miss Xu!”.

” No, no, no, Auntie, you misinterpret!” Xu Xiaorou grinned awkwardly, “I suggest, I can rest …” Close to him? “.

Xu Xiaorou’s voice wasn’t loud, however individuals at the surrounding tables can hear her plainly.

What was taking place!?

The siren was really mosting likely to rest by a garbage’s side!

Even if the various other girls tried to prevent him, he wouldn’t be in a rush, but Xu Xiaorou really took the initiative to ask him to sit beside her.

Flavor Jing was likewise surprised.

The very first idea that pertained to her mind was that Chen Yang had offended Xu Xiaorou.

” Miss Xu, he’s just a pinhead. Tang Jing claimed nervously, “He’s a brainless person.

” Auntie, you misunderstood!” Xu Xiaorou smiled as well as said, “I just intend to sit as well as talk with him!”.

When those words appeared of his mouth, the entire location exploded!

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