The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 241 (Read free online)


Presently, everybody’s eyes were focused on Chen Yang.

Sun, Moon, and Sunlight, the 2nd envoy, the Azure Dragon, Starlord, and the Vermillion Bird, Starlord, were all stunned.

” You … Exactly how could you be fine?” The Vermillion Bird Starlord stated to Chen Yang, “Could it be that you are additionally a spy sent out by another person?”

Chen Yang turned around. This Wu Tie looked quite beautiful, his mind didn’t appear to be working correctly.

” Divine Child, fast … “Hurry as well as eliminate them 3!” Cang Long and Starlord were smarter than the Vermillion Bird Starlord. They hurriedly shouted at Chen Yang.

” That’s right, the Holy Kid eliminated these canines with Mystic Dragon Cult!” Truthfully, he believed that he was doomed to pass away today. He really did not anticipate that Chen Yang would certainly be fine.

He didn’t understand why he was fine after getting hit by Sang Qingfeng, yet as long as he eliminated these 3 people, they would be risk-free.

” Chen Yang, kill that old dog Wong Shentong and also sign up with Mystic Dragon Cult with me!” Black Turtle Starlord, that was throwing up blood on the side, stated with fantastic problem.

Do you truly assume that the canine thief Wong Shentong is extremely great to you? White Tiger Starlord said.

” Naturally, this is a terrific tonic given by the sect master.”

” Hahaha …” Ridiculous … Cough cough * White Tiger Starlord could not assist however burst out laughing and also claimed: “Did you recognize that he gave you the Sun Moon Holy Cult’s secret toxin tablet,” Yin-yang Life-death Tablet “?”

Yin-yang Life-death Pill?

Chen Yang made believe to be stunned.

” I hesitate you do not recognize how effective these Yin-yang Life-death Pill are.” White Tiger Starlord continued claiming, “Look at Sunlight Moon Second Envoy, Thin Venerable One is short and fat, and Mr. Fat is tall and also thin, do you understand why?”

Hearing White Tiger Starlord’s words, Chen Yang was also very interested. One of them was tall as well as the other was short; one was fat and also the other was thin.

” Consider Thin Venerable One. He was originally a quite child who was well-known for his Ice-fire Island. It’s because he took the Yin-yang Life-death Pill and also did not take the antidote in time that he has ended up being so hideous and also fat. ”

” There’s likewise Age-old Lord Fatty, that is the renowned Hercules of Ice-fire Island. It was also because I did not take the antidote in time that I became this awful look.” Saying that, White Tiger Starlord glared at Wong Shentong and also stated, “Do you know what this old pet dog is doing?

He was still in closed door cultivation! When it comes to the lives of our adherents, what factor do we need to not instruct them a lesson? ”

” No surprise!” Chen Yang rushed over to the Sun as well as Moon envoys on the side and saw that the two of them were silent. They appeared to agree with White Tiger Starlord’s words.

” Saint … Kid, you killed them, I … I have named you as the candidate for Sect Leader.” At this moment, Wong Shentong, that had actually been silent all this time around, spoke out.


As soon as his voice dropped, every person present could not aid however absorb a breath of cool air.

Sect Leader prospect?

This was no joke!

After Wong Shentong died, Chen Yang would be the next Sect Leader.

” Hehe …” “Chen Yang, you much better not be fooled by him.” Zhao Weiwu was obtaining anxious, “Chen Yang, Wong Shentong’s godly skills are unmatched.

You can a minimum of end up being a Sect Leader for 20 to thirty years. If you pay attention to him, I hesitate he will certainly begin reducing you in the near future.”

As he claimed that, he glanced at White Tiger Starlord constantly.

” That’s right, why not compel old dog Wang to hand over the Yin-yang Life-death Pill’s antidote and eliminate these people, as well as we will certainly appreciate you as our Sect Leader!

” White Tiger Starlord remained to encourage her, “Consider just how gorgeous Mrs. Cult Lord is. As long as you can come to be Sect Leader, she will certainly be your own.”

Chen Yang was stunned right away as if he was thinking about what White Tiger Starlord had actually stated.

Presently, a figure unexpectedly leaped right into the air not far away. He held a sharp blade in his hand as well as stabbed in the direction of Chen Yang’s chest.
” Child, take care!”

” Take care!”

However, that individual’s speed was as well fast. In the blink of an eye, he arrived before Chen Yang.

” Chen Yang …” Mu Quan yelled out anxiously. Due to the fact that she was hit by Qing Feng’s unhappiness, her voice wasn’t loud.

” Die!” A delirious appearance showed up on Luo Bin’s face.

This brat was unscathed after being hit by Sesame Qing Feng’s strike. He needed to die! Especially that kick recently, it had currently caused him to endure a fair bit of inner injury, so he had actually forged his fatality on the side for the sake of now.

The blade will stab into Chen Yang’s breast.

” What!” Luo Container was furious, Chen Yang all of a sudden vanished from his sight.

” Hey, below it is!” Chen Yang had actually triggered his Floating Technique to its restriction as well as conveniently dodged Luo Bin’s sneak attack.

Luo Container turned around quickly, yet prior to he could turn his dagger, Chen Yang’s clenched fist was currently coming in the direction of him.

” Bam!” Chen Yang’s clenched fist came down on his face and sent him flying.


Luo Bin was up to the ground as well as altercation out a huge mouthful of blood, after that considered Chen Yang with a terrified expression: “Don’t kill me, you can not kill me. In another 10 mins, the disciples of my Mystic Dragon Cult will strike, as well as during that time, you’ll die as well!”


Hearing Luo Bin’s words, everybody was scared out of their wits.

” Let me go, when I return to Mystic Dragon Cult, I’ll definitely aid you ask for it …”

” Bam!”.

Prior to he might complete his sentence, Chen Yang smacked Luo Bin on the head with his palm, creating his brain to take off on the spot.

This bloody scene frightened lots of people, specifically when Luo Container’s blood splashed on Starlord’s body. Her stunning eyes looked in the direction of Chen Yang with an inexplicable expression.

White Tiger Starlord as well as Black Turtle were also shocked. They never would have believed that Chen Yang would certainly eliminate Luo Container right away, and in such a bloody way.

” Please, Son …” Don’t kill us both … “I’m pleading you …” White Tiger Starlord was so scared that he quickly stooped on the ground and also submitted to Chen Yang.

” Divine Kid, I understand that when Madam conferred you the title of Holy Kid, I spoke up to quit you, however that’s not versus you.

Please forgive me. I …” “I do not attempt to do that once again …” Zhao Weiwu checked out Chen Yang, that was strolling in the direction of them, and also was virtually frightened to the point of peeing.

” The antidote, promptly bring the antidote over.” Chen Yang checked out the two of them: “Take it out, I’ll save your lives!”.

” No …” “No, we can not take it. If we take out the antidote, we’ll definitely die!” White Tiger Starlord trembled his head like a rattle drum: “When Wu Tie detoxicates the poisonous substance, he will certainly kill us with his own hands.”.

” That’s right, the people from Mystic Dragon Cult are about to arrive. Child …” “As long as you kill old canine Wang …”.

” Pah!”.

Prior To Zhao Weiwu can complete his sentence, Chen Yang put his face madly. With a homicidal view his face, Chen Yang claimed, “If you do not let me eliminate you now!”.

What kind of joke was this, waiting for the people from Mystic Dragon Cult to assault, how could he potentially have a good closing? And Also Mu Quan, how could he let her fall under the hands of adversaries?

” Kid, you quit first!” Lili stated weakly, “I swear, as long as White Tiger Starlord and also Black Turtle Starlord obtain the remedy, I will let bygones be bygones …”.

” That’s right. I likewise promise that I will certainly let bygones be bygones.” Right now, Wong Shentong likewise slowly stated, “As long as you secure the antidote and also make up for it, I assure that nobody will certainly attack you!”.

Hearing the Sect Leader and Madam say that, White Tiger Starlord took a look at Zhao Weiwu. Honestly talking, he hesitated of fatality. If he offered the remedy to Zhao Weiwu, he could also have the ability to survive.

” Give it to him …” Zhao Weiwu covered his swollen face and stated vaguely.

He was really worried. He did not intend to pass away from mind issue blowing up like Luo Container.

” Well after that, I hope you will certainly maintain your promises!” As he claimed this, White Tiger Starlord fished out a sandalwood fragrance from his body. “Overlook this sandalwood fragrance and also you can launch the Sad Breeze.”.

5 minutes later on, everybody in the hall gradually restored their toughness.

Right now, Wong Shentong had likewise recovered. He stood and also claimed to everyone in Sun Moon Holy Cult s: “Everyone stand up, we’ll fight the opponent together!”.

As soon as he completed speaking, Sunlight Moon’s 2nd Agent, Azure Dragon’s Starlord, and Vermillion Bird Starlord all stooped down on one knee, “Yes, and we are in compliance with Sect Leader’s mandate.”.

Equally as he completed speaking, they brought their juniors and also left of the royal residence hall with bloodlust.

” Boy, you do not need to go. Stay right here and secure Madam!” Stating that, Wong Shentong utilized his motion technique as well as rushed out of the hall.

However before he left, he knocked out White Tiger Starlord and Black Turtle Starlord.

Currently, the hall was empty. Except for two subconscious idiots, the remainder of the individuals complied with Wong Shentong to eliminate the enemy.

Mu Quan glared at Chen Yang. She was truly scared to death when Luo Bin freaked out just now.

She was curious as to why absolutely nothing happened to Chen Yang after he dropped target to the Sad Breeze.

One needed to understand that this Sad Breeze was just one of the leading 10 bewitching scent on the planet. Also the Sect Leader was captured off-guard, yet this brat was really great.

Thinking of this, Mu Quan oddly looked at Chen Yang and also asked, “Why are you great after obtaining hit by Sesame Feng?”.

Chen Yang smiled as well as really did not say anything. In fact, it wasn’t that he was great, he was just taking the medicine to understand the scenario.

It was all thanks to the lead cleaning tablet, otherwise he would certainly be chilly today.

” I’m uncertain either. Perhaps I was birthed immune to poisonous substances.” Chen Yang said with a smile.

” Humph, little Slick.” Seeing that Chen Yang didn’t intend to inform her the fact, she really did not require him.

However she can probably think why.

The last time her pill poison burst out, it was exactly Chen Yang that fine-tuned the antidote, so she guessed that Chen Yang should have eaten the antidote of the Pill.

” Oh right, there’s one thing I wonder concerning.” Mu Quan stood from her seat, strolled to Chen Yang and said, “Just now, White Tiger Starlord’s proposition was so alluring, why did you deny it without also considering it?”.

Chen Yang smiled as well as stated, “Do you intend to hear the truth or a lie?”.

” Then allow’s pay attention to the lies initially!”.

” I am totally loyal to Sun Moon Holy Cult!”.

Mu Quan ruptured into laughter when she heard Chen Yang state that.

The sparkle of that smile shocked Chen Yang.

” After that what regarding the fact!” Mu Quan looked at Chen Yang and also claimed.

” I don’t want anything to take place to you!”.

Weng! *.

Mu Quanfang’s heart trembled when she listened to Chen Yang’s words. Her delicate body started to shiver frantically.

He … He did it for her!

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