The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 245 (Read free online)

“Yang …” Lee Tianba led both of them as he checked the environments with energetic actions like an eagle checking out its victim.

” Tianba.”.

Chen Yang nodded at Lee Tianba.

” Chen Yang, don’t think that we’re afraid of you even if you called individuals!” Relying on her lot of individuals, Liang Jie fearlessly said, “You said that you already repaid the financial debt you owe the Chen Household. What’s happening with the child in Sisi’s belly?”.

Keeping that, he pointed at Mu Sisi’s belly.

Mu Sisi was exceptionally embarrassed as well as angry. Her wound had been torn open once more, and also she remained in so much discomfort that she almost desired she were dead.

” Just how should I understand about the youngster in her womb? What does it involve me?” Chen Yang frowned and also stated, “I claimed it last time, I didn’t do it.”.

Hearing that, everybody checked out Chen Yang with ridicule.

This youngster still intended to deny something that was as solid as a hill? Did he actually consider them as fools?

” Every one of you, shut up! “Cough, cough …”.

Simply then, Old Master Chen coughed and also claimed: “Is it so hard for you to admit your wrongs? Do you really desire me to pass away with remorses? “.

With that, the old male coughed as soon as again, “They’re. “Do you think it’s possible for me to die in peace due to the fact that of our previous connection?”.

” Yang, you must not!” Lee Tianba hurriedly stated to quit him. Had not been this obviously him wishing to flex the knee to make a move?

Didn’t he know that Chen Yang was?

Last time when he brought his siblings to fight Chen Family members, he saw Chen Yang’s moms and dads being tortured to the point where they couldn’t behave effectively, which currently made him very mad.

Considering That Chen Yang was able to place the past behind him, Old Master Chen have to have been very filial. These people in fact wished to progress an inch as well as also attempted to morally kidnap Chen Yang.

How could he tolerate this?

Sky Slave driver?

Chen Yang checked out Lee Tianba and also grinned bitterly.

Lee Tianba progression and got hold of Chen Yang’s arm: “Follow me, none of these people from Chen Family are good stuff! Have you forgotten what they did to my auntie as well as uncle last time? Never be abducted by principles. “.

” Tianba, don’t stress, I’m not that foolish!”.

At this moment, Chen Yang’s heart hurt frantically. If he really did as the old man stated, he would certainly be nailed to the wall surface of shame for the remainder of his life.

Chen Yang was incapable to pay off the favor the old man had provided him. He knelt on the ground and also submitted three times professionally to the old man: “Grandpa, you instructed me to be a resolute individual, I dare to testify the heavens that I didn’t do those things, so I’m sorry, I’m not incorrect!”.

Chen Yang kowtowed 3 times with tears streaming down his face. From today onwards, the last restraint on his Chen Family members would be cut.

” Chen Yang, you scum, you sinner of Chen Family members!” Presently, Chen Quan stood up and also cursed at Chen Yang, “You bastard, you are unfaithful as well as unfilial. Grandfather is so great to you, but you want him to die with grievance!”.

” The scum of Chen Household!”.

” He’s simply unsuited to be a person …”.

F * ck you!

Listening to the objection from the crowd towards Chen Yang, Lee Tianba promptly ended up being angry as well as rushed over.

‘ Pa! ‘A crisp noise was listened to.

An unquestionable put arrived at Chen Quan’s face.

Nearly quickly, a hand print appeared on his face.

” You …”.
All the Chen Family devotees existing were all stunned and also upset!

The scene of Lee Tianba leading his men to cut them down was still dazzling in his mind, so each of them attempted to progression …

Chen Quan covered his face and also took a look at Lee Tianba in shock, “You …” “You really dared to strike me …”.

F * ck.

He was the dignified successor of Chen Household, yet he was slapped in the face by Lee Tianba before so many adherents of Chen Family. This … Just how would he manage his Chen Family in the future?

If he did not take revenge, how would others see him when he took control of the family members in the future?

Lee Tianba aimed at Chen Quan and claimed, “Do not be a moral abductor. I know Yang’s personality far better than any individual else.

As soon as his voice fell, the entire hall fell silent!

” You … “You …”.

Chen Quan was so angry that his face turned red. He wished to attack, yet he didn’t have the nerve.

After a duration of training, Chen Quan had gotten to the late Houtian realm.
Dealing with Lee Tianba, he really did not attempt to do anything!

Liang Jie’s face was likewise light. Lee Tianba’s prevention was also strong, especially with 2 men supporting him. Their arms were thicker than her legs.

Seeing that the remainder of the Chen Family members did not attempt to speak, Lee Tianba sneered: “Garbage that harasses the weak and is afraid the solid, your Chen Family members will completely decrease prior to 3 years have actually passed. “As I said, Jesus can not conserve you trash!”.

Hearing this, all the adherents of the Chen Family were so mad that their faces were purged red!

” This is also big-headed, this is as well vicious!”.

Right now, Old Master Chen that was resting on the sickbed suddenly sat up, as well as angrily glared at Lee Tianba: “Lee Tianba, could it be that you believe my Chen Household hesitates of your Lee Family members?”.

Old Master Chen was irritated. It was currently a substantial sin for Chen Yang to draw away the family’s funds no matter principles.

He wanted to make Chen Yang admit his misdoings before he died and provide him a possibility to retrieve himself.

Not just did this Lee Tianba stop him, he also informed him before him that his Chen Household would decline in 3 years.

Exactly how could he take this lying down? Considering this, Old Master Chen shouted with all his could …

” Martial Auntie, sorry to difficulty you!”.

As quickly as she finished her sentence, Martial Aunt Qing Yuan left from a space nearby with a sword in her hand and also a hurt expression on her face.

Fifty percent a hr earlier, Old Master Chen had located Martial Auntie Qing Yuan and asked her for a favor.

The old man understood that he would certainly be dying quickly, so he wished to see Chen Yang admit his blunder prior to he died. This way, he would have the ability to die with his eyes closed.

Although he had done all these unfriendly points, in the old man’s heart, Chen Yang and also Ren Rann were his most cherished grandchildren.

As long as Chen Yang confessed his wrongs as well as returned all the residential property to the family, he would certainly forgive Chen Yang. This could likewise be thought about as his dream.

If Chen Yang didn’t regret it, then … I’ll ask Martial Aunt Qing Yuan to assist me remove this evil creature.

He was cognizant of Chen Yang’s ability, if he was not there, Chen Household would definitely not be able to suppress Chen Yang, so for the Chen Household, he can just sustain the discomfort of having Qing Yuan kill Chen Yang.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan was relocated by the old man. This bastard had actually absolutely been blessed by 10 generations of good luck to be able to fulfill such a great grandpa.

Hence, she agreed to Old Master Chen’s request without assuming.

Currently it appeared that Chen Yang would certainly not regret his death, so let’s die, you bad creature!

” Mr. Chen, let me help you remove this scum!” After saying that, she locked her mood onto Chen Yang. This wickedness being, should have eliminated him last time on Alchemist’s Competition without caring about anything else.

Chen Yang really felt a chill behind his back. It was like being looked at by a toxic snake.

F * ck you!

Is this Martial Auntie Qing Yuan ill?

Why was she always shouting at him?

Thinking about this, Chen Yang frowned and stated, “Martial Aunt Qing Yuan, may I ask, where have I angered you before?”.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan snapped, “Chen Yang, do you understand how fantastic your grandpa is? He understands how sinful you are as well as he purposely gave you the opportunity to repent?

Nonetheless, not only are you not thankful, you are also unrepentant. Someone like you, that is unloyal and unfilial, will certainly eliminate you, a residue, on behalf of the Chen Family today. “.

Last time at the Sorcerer’s Competition, I allow you leave with your life.
Today, you will most definitely die!

As she claimed that, Martial Auntie Qing Yuan drew her sword as well as punctured it in the direction of Chen Yang!

Seeing this scene, all of the Chen Family adherents couldn’t help but end up being excited.

Fantastic! This scum was lastly going to be executed today.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan was a senior of the Emei Cult. It was claimed that her toughness had already reached the Innate Perfection, as well as she was only a step away from it.

Lee Tianba was powerful, however he was only at the optimal of the Lesser Heaven stage. The difference between the two resembled that of an entire realm!

What they didn’t understand was that Lee Tianba had already eaten Barrier Damaging Pill as well as advanced right into the Innate Realm.

” Pass away!” “Bastard!”.

Really feeling the solid energy, Lee Tianba immediately drew Chen Yang over. He could not defeat Martial Auntie Qing Yuan, he might still evade.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan missed out on a moment, and took a look at Lee Tianba angrily: “You better think of it, what would happen if you offend my Emei Cult!”.

Lee Tianba looked at Martial Auntie Qing Yuan fearlessly and said coldly, “Is a person as unplanned as you deserving to be called an exemplary individual? Do you recognize the fact? Do you all have proof that Chen Yang tainted your sister-in-law?

Likewise, why would certainly he admit his wrongs if he hadn’t done anything yet? What right did he have to kidnap Yang? Does he owe you anything? Even if you are a person from the Emei Cult, you can’t potentially require yourself on someone for a criminal activity that does not also require to be committed, right? “.

Right or wrong?

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan’s face turned hideous, “You still need proof? For something that Old Master Chen directly confessed, would he joke about with something that would spoil a century of background in Chen Family? “.


Chen Yang sighed and stated, “If I said I didn’t do it, after that I didn’t. Now that innovation is so advanced, if you do not think me, you can gauge DNA at any moment.”.


Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Chen Quan was promptly frightened out of his wits.

Liang Jie, who was standing at the side, also had a drastic change in expression.

Isn’t this excessive? If I were to determine the DNA, wouldn’t I be provided for?

Back then, forget about being abundant and also effective, both of them would definitely be expelled from the family.

Her future joy was not to be allowed.

Thinking of this, Liang Jie supported herself and walked before Chen Yang, directed at his nose and claimed, “Chen Yang, don’t think that I don’t recognize what you’re believing. This DNA test will certainly take at the very least 2 days to get the results.

Hearing this, everyone nodded their heads.

That’s right, this Chen Yang contained evil techniques, he would most definitely do something concerning the DNA record.

” Martial Aunt, do not think Chen Yang’s words!”.

” F * ck!”.

Lee Tianba could not take it anymore and also screamed, “We can’t take it any longer. Yang, allowed’s go. Let them, these pinheads, mess around below.”.

Listening to these words, Martial Aunt Qing Yuan’s rage rose up, “You want to leave? Have you asked me concerning the sword in my hand?!”.

This strike was quick as well as ruthless!

Chen Yang was entirely infuriated. Damn, this dumb female!
Isn’t it just Innate Excellence, do you actually believe that he is a simple target?

With a wave of his hand, the Bayonet Qin showed up in his hand.

” Martial Auntie Qing Yuan, exactly how risk you sneak attack us as the exemplary side of a renowned sect!”.
Why didn’t Lee Tianba assume that this Martial Auntie from Emei Hill would in fact assault easily!

Seeing Chen Yang block Martial Auntie Qing Yuan’s sword, Lee Tianba was eased and afterwards signed up with the battle.

Chen Yang was not weak to start with. Even if he battled Martial Aunt Qing Yuan alone, he would not be able to win. Since Lee Tianba had joined, it was even simpler to manage him.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan was shocked. She never expected Chen Yang and also his buddy to have such toughness.

The area was too tiny, and she had several techniques that she could not use.

” All of you, swiftly resort.” Martial Auntie Qing Yuanjiao shouted at the group.

The devotees of the Chen Household had actually been terrified long ago. The fight in between experts of the Innate Stage was something that they, who went to the Lesser Paradise stage, might endure.

After hearing Martial Aunt Qing Yuan’s words, they all ejected of the space.

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