The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 247 (Read free online)

Old Master Chen understood all of it currently. He had lived the life of a hero, yet was deceived by these two fiends even in his aging.

And also his 2nd kid, he should have thought of.

Although Chen Tianyao couldn’t expand his family, he might still shield the structure of Chen Family.

When Chen Tianzong was young, he was also a person without any abilities. Why did he all of a sudden transform the tide when he remained in closed door farming?

So all of this was for power.

He was really muddle-headed. He had been in closed-door training for three years, and also even his brain had actually been closed.

He even used the clan rules, nearly killing his eldest child, his eldest daughter-in-law. He was truly guilty.

He also made his most precious grand son bear the insult of sullying his sister-in-law. He was truly muddle-headed.

He had actually solitarily ruined his oldest kid’s family members.

No, he was the one that made this error, so let him end it.

” Wickedness creature, hurry up and also gather our clansmen! I wish to convene a Clan Gathering!” Old Master Chen roared at Chen Quan.

” Grandpa, because you understand, then I won’t hide it from you.” At this moment, Liang Jie closed the door as well as took a look at the old man with a cool smile, “That’s right, I was the one who pushed Mu Sisi in. What can you do regarding it?”

” Little Jie, you …”

” Stop talking, you trash!” Liang Jie glared at Chen Quan as well as claimed, “The old man was simply fooling you, yet you in fact stated everything aloud …”

She turned to the old man as well as said, “Damn old man, you’re already half dead, as well as you still want to assemble a household meeting? You desire to assist Chen Yang establish his name?

” Toxin lady, you wicked woman …” Old Master Chen was shivering with rage and his face turned pale.

” Didn’t you call me Poisonous substance Lady? “Then I’ll reveal you the toxin today!” Liang Jie then took the cushion from the bed as well as covered the old man’s face with it …

After Old Master Chen went berserk, not only did he shed all his strength, he even came to be semi-paralyzed. He even needed to depend on his breathing and also might not struggle in all.

Ten minutes later on, the old tutor completely stopped breathing.

Liang Jie looked at Chen Quan, who was sitting on the flooring in shock, kicked him as well as shouted, “What are you still resting there for? Promptly carry the old man onto the bed.”

To be straightforward, Chen Quan was scared silly presently.

He ‘d never visualized that Liang Jie would really kill him … Eliminating his grandpa, this was also frightening!

” Come on, let me inform you, if anybody sees the old man pushing the ground in a while, I’m finished with you!” Liang Jie coldly stated: “During that time, ignore inheriting the Chen Household, also we will certainly need to go to jail!”

After hearing Liang Jie’s words, Chen Quan promptly stood from the ground. The two of them carried the old man onto the bed and also set up the bed sheets as well as bedding, acting as if absolutely nothing had actually happened.

” Spouse, what should we do currently?”

” You will listen to me in a little bit, as well as we will certainly do this … “By doing this …”

What the two of them really did not know was that in the area next door, there was a trembling number. She covered her mouth with her hand, stopping herself from making an audio.

” … …”

Beyond, Xichuan City Fifth People’s Medical facility.

The physician was attempting his finest to cure Mu Sisi.

Outside the emergency clinic, Chen Lei paced around anxiously.

Close to him stood a great deal of Chen Family disciples.

It had actually already been 3 hrs, but he didn’t recognize how it was going.

Everybody’s face was loaded with dark clouds, as well as the perpetrator behind every one of this was Chen Yang.

All of them took a look at Chen Yang with disgust.

Lee Tianba comforted Chen Yang, “Yang, don’t be too stressed. It will most definitely be alright.”

Chen Yang nodded as well as might only pray that Mu Sisi as well as the youngster in her womb was safe.

This matter was too bizarre. He would most definitely examine up until the truth was disclosed.

Not just did he have to retrieve his innocence, he had to offer Mu Sisi a description!

If something happened to her, this misconception would never be solved.

A hr later, the traffic signal outside the emergency room turned green, and also the doctor left, his face full of tiredness.

Chen Bouquet quickly bordered her: “Medical professional, exactly how is my spouse?”


The doctor took a deep breath and said, “The injury is as well hefty, wounding the lung and also gallbladder. There are two choices, one is to shield the adult and also offer him a 30% chance, however a kid can …” “I can not maintain it anymore. The various other choice is to shield it with the adults and also children, but only with a ten percent opportunity.

What …

Chen Lei held the medical professional’s hand tightly as well as stated in an in tears voice, “Don’t you have a remedy to both sides?”

The medical professional shook his head helplessly: “Young Master Chen, hurry and also make your choice, you do not have much time left.”

With that said, the doctor left.

What should he do?

Just how should he pick?

Chen Lei scratched his head painfully. If he could, he agreed to pass away in Mu Sisi’s place.

” Bouquet, shield the adults …”

” That’s right, Bouquet. Those are Chen Yang’s repellent generate, they can not be left active …”

The adherents of Chen Family at the side all spoke up.

At this moment, someone cursed at Chen Yang: “Chen Yang, you bastard, it’s all because of you, how can you still have the face to stand right here!”

As quickly as he finished talking, all the Chen Household disciples started to sentence Chen Yang to fatality.
” Obtain shed, we don’t intend to see you!”

” Scram, you scourge.”

Currently, even if there were two farmers with Return Innocence Stage behind Chen Yang, they did not have any kind of worry.

Chen Yang felt very guilty. If it wasn’t for him, Mu Sisi would not have been hit.

” Chen Yang, get shed!”

Chen Bouquet reversed as well as considered Chen Yang with his scarlet students. “If anything occurs to Sisi, I will most definitely not allow you off!”

Hearing Chen Lei’s words, Chen Yang clenched his hands so hard that his nails dug into his flesh.

This was his little brother who he trusted one of the most, now he had actually become his opponent.
Just how could he not feel pain in his heart?

There must be a means, there have to be a way.

Got it!
There was one kind of Tablet that might save her, no, two sorts of Pill!

Mu Sisi’s penetrating sword injury could be treated with the Heaven Repairing Pill. This was a high degree Pill that concentrated on dealing with sword injuries.

If he wished to safeguard his child, he would certainly have to utilize a protective pill.

The protective pellet was an Intermediate Pill as well as he had actually the components needed to improve it.

Thinking about this, Chen Yang said to Sheng Yong and also Zhao Weiwu, “You 2 stay here. I’ll be right back.”

Keeping that, he left in a hurry.

” Yang …” “Where are you going?”

” Alchemy …”

” … …”

After 15 minutes, Chen Yang concerned the place of enjoyment. He quickly secured the terrine for refining tablets and threw the ingredients in.

In order to accelerate, Chen Yang refined the Pill that can just be refined in two hrs with his Genuine Qi.

Chen Yang opened up the cover and also saw two milky-white Pill lying inside.

Obtaining the pill, Chen Yang fast left the office with the Pill.

Right now, Sheng Yong as well as Zhao Weiwu were about to go to sleep, adhered to by the sound of rushed steps.

” Yang, you’re below!” Seeing Chen Yang, Lee Tianba rapidly increased to welcome him.

Chen Yang nodded and also walked directly towards Chen Lei.

” What are you doing?”

Currently, the devotees of Chen Household were obstructing Chen Yang’s path, each one of them staring at Chen Yang. If looks might kill, after that Chen Yang would currently be filled with holes.

” Relocate apart, I have something for Bouquet!”

” Obtain shed, we don’t welcome you!”

Chen Yang took a deep breath. He was too careless to obtain entangled with these individuals, so he pushed the individual before him away.

The highest cultivation of these Chen Family disciples were only at the center phase of the Postliminary Realm, where might they stop Chen Yang, that was at the late phase of the Natural world.

He was instantly overthrown by Chen Yang.

At this moment, Chen Bouquet stood up. He had an axe in his hand: “What are you trying to do?”


Looking at Chen Lei’s resentful expression, Chen Yang sighed. He took out the pill and handed it to Chen Lei. “These 2 Tablet can protect their youngster. Give me some more time, as well as I will not allow Sisi get involved in trouble.”

” You’re so concerned regarding your kid, and also you still say that disgusting seed isn’t yours!”

Chen Yang looked at Chen Bouquet comfortably: “If I state it now, would not you believe me? There will certainly be a day when the truth will certainly be revealed. Prior to that, you have to first approve these two Tablet. ”

” I don’t desire it, that knows if it’s poisonous substance!” Chen Lei did not listen to Chen Yang in any way.

Chen Yang trembled his head helplessly and also put the Pill on the bench close to him: “Keep in mind, prior to I return, do not make any type of breakout decisions.”

Keeping that, he strolled to Lee Tianba’s side and also said, “Tianba, I require a kind of natural herb, can you assist me?”

” What is the relationship between us brothers? Exists a requirement to be so courteous?” Lee Tianba patted Chen Yang’s shoulder and also said.

” I need a thousand year wild ginseng. Do you know who has it? I can buy it at a high cost. ”

Chen Yang had all kind of other components for this Heaven Restoring Tablet, the most essential being the thousand year wild ginseng.

Look meticulously, it has to be wild ginseng.

Generally, if a wild ginseng can expand over a hundred years old, it would currently be very outstanding. It could be taken into consideration a very priceless medical herb.

As for the thousand year wild ginsengs, it was no exaggeration to state that they were peerless spiritual medicines.

Even if he had the cash, he could not have the ability to buy it, and the cornerstone for this Heaven Repairing Pill was a thousand year wild ginseng.

On the side, Sheng Yong and Zhao Weiwu were also slightly stunned. These thousand year wild ginseng were not normal potions.

As long as one hair of whiskers existed, it would have the ability to hang onto the life of a person that got on the verge of death. It was incomparably valuable.

Lee Tianba massaged his chin as well as stated, “Yang, do you bear in mind those two strange grandpas and also grandsons at the Dingding Auction 2 months earlier?”

Chen Yang nodded. Isn’t that Qin Yuhan and her grandfather?

” Because auction, did they delegate Ding to auction the 1000-year-old wild ginseng’s ginseng beard? “Isn’t it?”

With Lee Tianba’s suggestion, Chen Yang quickly bore in mind.

It appeared to be real. Back then, he intended to bid for it, however because there were only 3, it was as well couple of, so Chen Yang didn’t bid for it.

In other words, Qin Yuhan could have a total thousand-year wild ginseng in her property.

” Yang, wait a minute, I will call the person in charge of Ding Ding’s Public auction Home to see if they have any methods of calling that grandfather-grandson set.”

” No demand, I have one!” Stating that, Chen Yang walked sideways, got his phone and also dialed Sima Yanru’s number.

Currently, Sima Yanru was shopping with her buddies.

Each of them had long legs and also a high face, a dozen of them aligned in a row. It was merely the most lovely scene on the street.

They were all young mistresses from refined households’ family members. As opposed to buying, they were even more like sweeping the shops.

They purchased what was attractive, they got what was pricey, and in their hands, they lugged luxury clothing bags and precious jewelry.

After walking for an entire afternoon, everyone was a little worn out, so Sima Yanru brought them to the Xichuan City’s Pearl Tower.

The Pearl Tower was the building with the highest level of Xichuan City, it was around three hundred meters high, as well as on the top floor was a Michelin 3 Celebrity Western Restaurant. This dining establishment just approved appointments, and also it just served participants and consumers.

As a respected supreme participant, Sima Yanru naturally didn’t need to make an appointment and also straight booked the whole dining room.

They were all at the top flooring of the three-hundred meter tall structure. They were consuming steak, drinking red wine, and watching the autos and horses of Xichuan City. Some were chatting while others were chuckling.

Buzz buzz.

Presently, Sima Yanru’s cellular phone rang. She smiled at her best friend as well as claimed, “I’ll grab a phone call.”

When she got her phone to look, her expression right away transformed unsightly.

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