The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 248 (Read free online)

This Chen Yang, he said he would certainly refine medication, yet what about the result?

She disappeared after being fine-tuned, creating her to be buffooned by her friend for a very long time.

Did he discover the principles to ask forgiveness to me?

Approve it or otherwise?

Sima Yanru was a little conflicted!

Currently, Qin Yuhan came over with a smile. “Why isn’t Sis Yan Ru answering the phone?”

As she said that, she unconsciously took a peek. When she saw the caller ID, her expression immediately changed, “It’s that smelly point once more. Yan Ru-jie, quickly hang up.”

Qin Yuhan hung up the phone right after she completed her sentence!

Qin Yuhan’s best friend looked at her curiously and asked with a smile, “Yuhan, you don’t appear happy!”

” Yeah, what’s wrong with you?”

” That was it that called Yan Ru just now?”

Qin Yuhan grunted, “That else could it be? It was the smelly thing that tricked Big Sis Yan Ru right into stating that he recognizes just how to create medications and afterwards secretly ran away!”

” Oh, so it’s him.”

” I already claimed that this youngster is undependable.”

” That’s right, it looks extremely elusive. Just by looking at it, one can inform that it isn’t anything excellent.”

Paying attention to everyone’s discussion, Sima Yanru felt exceptionally awkward.

His impact of Chen Yang promptly became worse, and the bit of rely on his heart likewise went away.

Yuhan hung up the phone, so as not to get upset.

He was practically to place the phone back right into his bag.
Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Currently, his phone called once more. It was Chen Yang calling again.
Why did he call once again?

Sima Yanru frowned and will hang up the phone when Qin Yuhan, that was beside her, snatched it away, “This shameless guy really wishes to call and also bug you. Don’t hang up, Large Sister Yan Ru. Let me properly scold him!”

” Ai, Yuhan …” “Forget it …” Sima Yanru trembled her head and also took the phone back. “Why waste your time talking to individuals like him!”

Qin Yuhan drank her head. Address the phone as well as see what he wants to state!”

The minute she completed talking, the surrounding women all nodded their heads. “Yan Ru, pick up the phone and see what he has to state!”

” Humph, he most definitely phoned call to ask forgiveness.”

” Respond to the phone …”

Listening to the words of her friends, Sima Yanru thought to herself, then let’s pay attention to what this undependable man has to claim.

After that she got the phone and also turned on the megaphone.

” Hey there, is there something you need from me?”

On the other end, Chen Yang was extremely nervous. Seeing the call connected, he swiftly stated, “Give thanks to god you ultimately addressed the phone!”

” What are you trying to claim?” Sima Yanru said with a frown.

” Miss Sima, do you have Qin Yuhan’s number? Can you give me her number?”

Want Yuhan’s number?

Sima Yanru was stunned when she listened to that, as were her friends.

This was not what they had actually anticipated.

Qin Yuhan, that was at the side, stopped for a moment, then blushed and also said, “Smelly thing, why do you require my number for? Exists some intention? ”

” Hmm? Miss Qin is also by your side?” Chen Yang acknowledged Qin Yuhan’s voice and stated happily, “Miss Sima, can I trouble you to offer your phone to Miss Qin Yuhan? I have something to discover.”

” Huge Sibling Yan Ru, hang up!” Qin Yuhan’s state of mind was extremely difficult now. She thought Chen Yang phoned call to say sorry, but ultimately he concerned find her.

Why is he seeking me? Did she intend to massage therapy him?

Thinking about where Chen Yang’s hands were massaging 2 days ago, her heart throbbed inexplicably, however it was truly comfy … Pah pah pah! This stinky thing certainly wished to capitalize on him.

Qin Yuhan was both self-conscious and annoyed at the same time. She had been dreaming about this odiferous thing for the past few days, she was virtually having a shadow in her heart.

” Do not hang up, Miss Sima. Chen Yang was obtaining truly anxious.

Immediate matter?

What’s the matter with you?

Hearing Chen Yang’s voice on the phone, he appeared to be really stressed.

Sima Yanru considered Qin Yuhan and also stated, “Respond to the phone. It sounds rather immediate.”

” I’m not answering. With that, Qin Yuhan hung up the phone.
Du du du!

Hearing the active tone on the phone, Chen Yang instantly dialed back. Nonetheless, when he called once more, he was no longer able to make it through.

F * ck!

Chen Yang was so angry that he wanted to shatter his phone. What negative mood did he have? He just hung up and shut down his phone.

Chen Yang damaged his head and suddenly thought of a remedy.

He called Yu Lan’s number and also said: “I will offer you a number. Help me search for her setting as well as pay a Barrier Damaging Pill!”

Beyond, Yu Lan mored than happy when she obtained Chen Yang’s phone call. She was wondering why Chen Yang called her.

Following that, Chen Yang said a lot of words one by one, triggering her to be surprised: “You called me just for this?”

” I’m in a rush now, can you assist me? Don’t fret, I’m not doing anything negative, I’m just trying to find a person! ”

Logically speaking, it was impossible to locate the place with the contact number without consent, but if it was Chen Yang … In Addition, there was additionally an Obstacle Breaking Pill …

Ten mins later, Chen Yang received a text message from Yu Lan …

Twenty mins later on, Chen Yang took a taxi to the Pearl Tower. There was a Michelin 3 star western restaurant on the top floor of the initial building, so he presumed that Sima Yanru should be right here.

It took Chen Yang practically 10 mins to succeed flooring of this 120 plus floor structure by elevator. Equally as he will enter the dining establishment, two stewards quit him: “Sorry, yet this location has been booked and also is not available to outsiders.”

Chen Yang frowned and asked, “I’m searching for somebody. If she’s not here, I’ll leave.”

” Sir, don’t make points difficult for us.” The waiter shook his head. Like them, they just serve participants and customers. The first thing they need to do is make certain the customer’s personal privacy. Just how could they let Chen Yang in?

” Alright!” Chen Yang took two go back, after that he took a deep breath and screamed, “Sima Yanru, are you in there …”


At this moment, Sima Yanru all of a sudden stood up. That was it that was calling her name?
” This voice seems a little familiar!”

” Yeah, I seem to have actually become aware of it from there.”
” Yan Ru, it can’t be that your secret boyfriend has come trying to find you, right?”

The girls teased.

Upon listening to the familiar voice, Qin Yuhan’s expression altered substantially. “Exactly how did this stinky thing know we were here?”
” Yuhan, you claimed it’s the Chen Yang that simply called you?”

Qin Yuhan responded and went out with a frown.

Right after, his buddies likewise followed him out.

Equally as he got to the entrance of the restaurant, the waitress pertained to welcome him, “My apologies xiaojie, it will influence your meal. I’ll kick him out instantly!”

” No requirement, I’ll do it myself!” With a cold expression, Qin Yuhan strolled promptly to Chen Yang’s side.
Next, a slap came down on his face!


A crisp slap sounded across the face. All of the women that came to watch the program were shocked.
The heck, has this woman freaked?

I have not even talked, yet you’re already slapping me right in the face?

” What are you doing?”

Chen Yang suddenly became angry as well as blazed at Qin Yuhan.

If it had not been for the truth that he had something to ask of her, Chen Yang would certainly have fought back a very long time earlier.

Qin Yuhan said coldly, “How did you know we were below? Are you following us? ”

Presently, Sima Yanru also walked over. She checked out Chen Yang with a looking at gaze and also said with an undesirable expression, “Chen Yang, what are you trying to do?”

Chen Yang took a deep breath, considered Qin Yuhan as well as said, “Miss Qin, I have something to ask you.”

It was too late to claim anything. One of the most crucial thing for him to do now was to get the thousand-year-old wild ginseng!

As long as he can save Mu Sisi, he would not be slapped for nothing.

” Chen Yang, I’ll tell you, I will not answer you.” Qin Yuhan checked out him with contempt and also stated, “An individual like you that covertly escaped while cooking up medicines has the nerve to come below? If you still have any kind of face, then leave by yourself. Don’t require me to chase you away. ”

The hell.

Because of this?

Chen Yang really felt mistreated. That day at the estate’s pharmacy, he had actually currently refined it and also was taken away by Thin Venerable One just as he was about to produce the fire.

Appears like those medicines were scorched completely dry, no wonder they misunderstood.

Thinking about this, Chen Yang grinned bitterly: “Miss Qin, I understand you do not like me, however this is actually a life threatening issue.”

Despite the fact that she had a misunderstanding with Qin Yuhan, she aided her massage it last time to ensure that she wouldn’t be paralyzed and wouldn’t consider the buddhist side. She should concur?
” Life and death?”

Qin Yuhan sneered disdainfully: “Chen Yang, stop existing. You must be following us right? Tell me what your intents are, and also what do you wish to do to me? ”

Chen Yang was without words and also really did not recognize how to discuss.

Seeing him standing there motionlessly, Qin Yuhan stated impatiently, “Are you not going to claim it? “If you do not claim it, I will strike you until you state it!”

She increased her hand once again and also swung it in the direction of Chen Yang.
” Yuhan, it’s done!”

When the put will come down on Chen Yang’s face, Sima Yanru could not take it anymore as well as walked over to hold Qin Yuhan back.

She looked at Chen Yang as well as asked, “What do you desire?”

To be sincere, she really did not respect Chen Yang.

She could not bear to see Chen Yang being put.

For a guy to be slapped in front of many people was rather a strike to his self-esteem.

Chen Yang provided Sima Yanru a grateful appearance and after that stepped forward. “Miss Qin, do you remember the thousand-year-old wild ginseng that you asked them to auction two months ago at Ding Public auction?”

A thousand-year-old wild ginseng root?

Hearing this, the surrounding ladies were all surprised and looked at Qin Yuhan in confusion.

Even Sima Yanru considered Qin Yuhan in shock. What was taking place?

Usually, just those that lacked cash would hand over the public auction home to auction off their products. Could it be that Qin Yuhan was in need of cash?

Didn’t I hear her claim that?

At that moment, Qin Yuhan’s lovely face changed, “Why are you asking this? Do not tell me you wish to contest a thousand year wild ginseng? ”

Qin Yuhan undoubtedly had a thousand year old wild ginseng!

Chen Yang’s face lit up. Mu Sisi could be conserved!

” Miss Qin, can you offer this thousand year wild ginseng to me? No matter just how much it sets you back! ”

He wished to purchase a thousand year wild ginseng?

What type of joke was this?

What type of priceless spirit medicine was that? Did this kid think he was a large radish with a thousand-year wild ginseng?

Can you afford it?

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