The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 250 (Read free online)

Don’t … I kneel … I stoop …

Chen Yang clinched his fists snugly and his body couldn’t aid but tremble.

A guy had gold under his knees. He was kneeling before his moms and dads. Yet today, he was being embarrassed by a little woman.

If not for the truth that Mu Sisi’s life remained in risk and that he still had some complaints on his hands, he would certainly have long since left.

” Right, this is a clever individual!” Qin Yuhan coldly snorted, “Quickly stoop down and beg me!”

He stooped before Qin Yuhan.

He swore that he would surely settle today’s humiliation.

” … …”

By the time he finished refining the Heaven Fixing Tablet, it was currently 10 o’clock at night.

At this moment, Chen Yang’s internal Qi was tired as well as his whole body was weak. This was the adverse effects of using Genuine Qi to create pills.

Particularly high level Tablet like the Paradise Repairing Tablet, they had to consume their stamina as well as stamina.

Not able to take a rest, Chen Yangqiang supported himself and hurried to the healthcare facility with the Paradise Healing Pill.

At 10: 30 PM, Chen Yang came to Xichuan City Fifth People’s Medical facility.

He prayed in his heart that Mu Sisi was secure, or whatever he had actually done would certainly come to naught.

” Yang, you’re lastly below …” Lee Tianba quickly went up to greet him. To be truthful, he was nearly sleeping from waiting.

” Sky Tyrant … It’s been hard on you. ”

” We’re all bros, there’s nothing to thank us for!” Lee Tianba battered on Chen Yang’s chest and also stated.

Chen Yang patted Lee Tianba’s shoulder gratefully and after that strolled in front of Chen Lei.

After a few hours of torment, Chen Lei had come to be haggard. What made Chen Yang’s heart pains was that Chen Lei’s hair had actually transformed more than half white.

Chen Yang didn’t really feel great about his younger brother who used to follow him around.

” Bouquet, did you provide Sisi the pill?” Chen Yang Qiang asked while enduring the discomfort.

Chen Lei nodded silently without claiming anything.

At this time, he was the just one standing guard in the hospital, and also the various other Chen Family adherents had all left.

Chen Yang was eliminated to see Chen Bouquet nod his head. Thank God Chen Lei really did not make the incorrect selection.

He took the Heaven Healing Tablet as well as passed it before Chen Lei: “This is the Heaven Repairing Pill. It can save Sisi.”

Chen Bouquet continued to be detached. Chen Yang sighed, as well as positioned the Pill close to him.

Chen Lei liked Mu Sisi a lot that he wouldn’t risk her life for retribution.

Just when Chen Yang turned around, Chen Bouquet’s words came from behind: “Chen Yang, do not think that I will certainly forgive you just like that. Eventually, I will certainly settle you back the discomfort I endured today a hundred times, a thousand times …”

Hearing this, Chen Yang stopped and also did not complete his sentence. He waved his hand towards the back and left the health center with Lee Tianba as well as the others.

Way too many points had taken place today. Chen Yang really felt literally and also psychologically exhausted.

After leaving the health center, Chen Yang gave Zhao Weiwu as well as Sheng Yong a month’s well worth of presidential collections at the West Rivers Resort, letting them stay there momentarily.

Thanks to the two of them, Qing Yuan was going to bore them to death.

The feeling of having an expert as his bodyguard was actually amazing.

En route back, Lee Tianba kept asking Chen Yang where he employed his bodyguard.
Great Senior citizen, just how much did we need to invest to be able to relocate?

Chen Yang didn’t say much, he just stated that he had actually accidentally conserved two people. In order to repay him, they agreed to be his bodyguards.

Really, Chen Yang did not lie. If it wasn’t for him, these 2 would certainly have currently been chopped right into items as well as thrown right into the ocean by the Sun Moon Holy Cult head to feed the fishes.

Lee Tianba was extremely envious.

If he had 2 growers from the Return Virtue Phase, he was confident that he might consume all of the markets in the Xichuan City within a month.

Despite exactly how solid Lee Hu and Lee Lin were, they could not be a match for Return Virtue Stage.

Fifteen minutes later, the lengthening Bentley stopped at the gate of the Heavenly Desire Yard. Chen Yang and also Lee Tianba bade each other farewell and also walked right into the district.

When he obtained home, Su Miao’s area light was still on.
Odd, it’s already 12 o’clock, why aren’t you asleep yet?

Chen Yang silently unlocked and looked in with the split of the door.

Su Miao was resting on the bed, wiping away her tears.

Seeing this scene, Chen Yang’s heart nearly ruined. This … What happened? Why are you weeping so late in the evening?

Considering this, Chen Yang immediately pressed open the door and also walked in. “Wifey …” “I’m back …”

When the door was pushed open, Su Miao was shocked. When she saw the one who knew Chen Yang, a look of joy promptly appeared on her face: “Spouse, you’re back.”

He jumped up from the bed and also threw himself into Chen Yang’s arms, “Wuu …” Hubby, where have you been these previous 2 days? You haven’t addressed your phone as well as sent out a message … “I assumed you didn’t desire me anymore …

Su Miao was very flustered these couple of days when there was no news of Chen Yang.

When her thoughts had built up to a particular level, she can no longer keep back her rips.

When she got the phone, she recognized that she didn’t also have an image of Chen Yang.

A pair that had been married for nearly three years did not also have an image of Zhang He.

” Sorry spouse, sorry …” Chen Yang hugged Su Miao snugly as he felt offensive sense of guilt in his heart.

Really, he really did not understand exactly how to deal with Su Miao, especially concerning Xia Lan.

And Mu Quan, this … It was all because of his love debt.

Considering Su Miao’s red and also swollen eyes, Chen Yang really felt heartache.

” Excellent spouse, it’s all my fault, do not cry, your hubby’s heart will break.” Chen Yang held Su Miao’s face and also gradually kissed the tears at the edge of her eyes.


It was really bitter.

” Spouse, you do not desire me, okay?” Su Miao increased her head and took a look at Chen Yang with a trace of nostalgia in her eyes.

Paradises, she cared too much regarding this male. She certainly wouldn’t allow him leave her, okay?

” Foolish wife, how could I not want you!” Chen Yang carried Su Miao and put her on the bed. He considered her tenderly.

He had never seen such a soft Su Miao before. She liked to weep so much, and also was so emotional.
When did she become like this?

Possibly from the moment she claimed she loved him!

Su Miao was possibly afraid that Chen Yang would certainly leave, so she embraced Chen Yang firmly without releasing for even a 2nd.

Chen Yang could feel her uneasiness and also her dependence on him.

The a lot more Su Miao acted this method, the much more guilty he felt in his heart.

She was most likely truly worn out. Not long later on, Su Miao fell asleep in Chen Yang’s welcome. She looked at the person in her accept with shimmering eyes.

Chen Yang sighed and sputtered, “How can I allow you lose such as this?”

As he talked, he brought Su Miao into his dreams.

” … …”

Morning of the second day, the information of Old Master Chen’s death totally spread throughout the Xichuan City.

Upon listening to the severe information, many people were shocked.

How could that be? He mosted likely to see Old Master Chen yesterday, so why was it that in one evening …

Consequently, every clan with an online reputation in the Xichuan City would certainly send people over to use their condolences.

Chen Tianzong, Dai Xiao, stooped in front of the old man’s casket, and his whole Chen Household was covered with white silk.

All of the adherents of Chen Household stooped on the ground as well as lost tears.

A devotee of Emei Mountain was sitting cross-legged on a plate of sutra.

The old man’s departure was a substantial loss to the entire Chen Family. Since the old man had died, Chen Tianzong didn’t even recognize how he would stroll on the road to Chen Family in the future.

Particularly after the old man died, his connection with Mystic Dragon Cult was severed. He did not have any kind of connection with Yuan Zhen.

Thus, within a short night, his hair transformed white from worry.

In the eyes of others, Chen Tianzong was too distressed.

One at a time, they took a look at the old man’s face as well as bordered Chen Tianzong to comfort him.

Chen Tianzong shared his thanks again and again. Right now, it was unidentified who in the crowd said: “Patriarch Chen, wasn’t the old gramps fine the other day? Why did he suddenly …”

” Yeah, I came to see the old man yesterday. Although I can’t stroll on the ground, I’m still in good spirits …”


Chen Tianzong sighed and claimed, “This is a long tale, allow my kid inform you.”

With that, he said to Chen Quan, who was kneeling beside him, “Little Jun, tell everyone, just how did grandpa passed away …”

Everyone in the hall looked towards Chen Quan.
Being stared at by a lot of people, Chen Quan felt a little guilty.

Last evening, he had not rested for an evening, so the minute he closed his eyes he saw his grandfather come seek his life. He was so afraid that he became dispirited and really did not recognize what to claim.

This item of trash!

” Dad, Grandfather was outraged to fatality by Chen Yang. The Other Day, Chen Yang brought Lee Tianba as well as two bodyguards to make a commotion here.

You even used Sisi to block the sword. When you guys went to the medical facility, Grandpa’s blood pressure started to rise. Ultimately, Grandfather … I was angered to fatality by Chen Yang, the residue … ”

As she talked, Liang Jie lay down on the ground beside the casket as well as started to howl.

Those who heard this really felt depressing, while those who heard it lost rips.

After the surrounding individuals heard this, they all immediately joined pressures with their opponents. Every one of them can not aid but really feel exasperated.

This Chen Yang is really an animal.

Grandpa was seriously ill and had actually also brought other people to make a ruckus in Chen Family. The most despicable point was that he actually used his very own sister-in-law to obstruct a sword. This was simply beastly.

Chen Quan looked at his other half’s realistic acting as well as covertly admired her.

With this kind of better half, why should he stress over not being able to take control of Chen Family?


Presently, Martial Aunt Qing Yuan, that was reciting sutras to her heart, damaged the wooden fish into items.

Yesterday, not only did she not eliminate Chen Yang, she was even knocked unconscious by the other celebration. To her, this was the shame of the heavens.

” This scum actually outraged Old Mr. Chen to fatality. This bastard, I, Qing Yuan, swear to God that I will never be reincarnated up until I do away with Chen Yang.”


Upon hearing Martial Auntie Qing Yuan’s pledge, every person couldn’t aid however absorb a breath of cool air.

Very couple of individuals in the fighting styles globe would swear venomous oaths, specifically those from prominent and upright sects. If Martial Auntie Qing Yuan learnt that she had not met her vow, she could forget increasing her head in the martial arts globe in the future.

As soon as he promised the vow, he would certainly not relax until he had achieved his goal.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan was so angry that her hands and also feet went chilly when she recalled how she was knocked unconscious in front of so many people the other day.

It was not only to avenge her, however additionally for Old Mr. Chen. Nevertheless, she promised Old Master Chen that she would assist Chen Family to eliminate this residue.

Thinking of that, she said to Chen Tianzong: “Mr. Chen, do not worry, Chen Yang has specialists helping him, but my Emei Cult is not weak either. “In a few days, when I gather my fellow adherents, I will kill this monster. During that time, I will certainly have him stoop prior to Old Master Chen’s tomb to repent.”

Hearing this, Chen Tianzong was incredibly grateful. He squeezed his hands towards Martial Aunt Qing Yuan as well as claimed, “Everything is up to Martial Aunt.”

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan responded. She had a plan in mind.

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