The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 251 (Read free online)

The following early morning, Chen Yang and also Su Miao concerned Six-sect College.

The minute he entered the class, Chen Yang really felt that the ambience in the course had not been right.

Everyone gathered in groups of twos and also threes as if they were reviewing something.

Presently, Lee Tianba hooked his arm around Chen Yang’s shoulder and also said strangely, “Yang, something big taken place in the school just recently!”

What’s the big deal?

Chen Yang looked curiously at Lee Tianba.

” Let me inform you, the martial arts teacher of Course 20, Xiang Qiang, has actually gone missing.”


Chen Yang’s heart missed a beat when he heard this information. F * ck, he uncovered that he went away so rapidly?

The heck, is it going to be me?

He pretended to be amazed as he thought to himself, “It can’t be. When did this take place?”

” Just these two days.” Lee Tianba claimed, “In the initial twenty classes, Xiang Qiang didn’t appear. The students believed he had something to do, so they didn’t pay much focus to it.

Nevertheless, after not seeing him for a couple of days, the college instantly started to pay even more attention to him. After undergoing the college’s investigation, it’s highly likely that Xiang Qiang was killed by somebody. ”

” Killed? No … “It can not be?” Chen Yang stated.

” Hehe …” That knows? A person who’s trying to eliminate somebody strong has fairly the digestive tracts. Lee Tianba giggled and said: “The 6 Major Sects share the very same temperament.

This Xiang Qiang is lustful as well as has a poor credibility among educators and trainees, he is still a teacher of Six-sect University. I think that the college will be going through it one at a time in the next two days. ”

F * ck, check them out one at a time?

What existed to be terrified of?

Nevertheless, when Chen Yang thought about it once more, he had actually currently been disintegrated to the point where there had not been even anything left of him. Even if he explored it, what could he learn?

With this thought in mind, the initial 2 lessons were all over.

The 3rd period was instructed by the class teacher, Xia Lan.

Today, Xia Lan put on a basic and also stylish lengthy skirt. Her hair was locked up high and also pinned up with a barrette.

It was both basic and classy, and indescribably lovely.

Behind Xia Lan was a solid looking bald head. The moment he walked in, all the trainees in the class were surprised.

Isn’t this attempting to get more powerful? Why was he below?

Didn’t the college claim he vanished?

At this moment, the trainees in the course were all perplexed.

” Every person, quiet down!” Xia Lan looked around and also said to the students in the course, “This is Xiang Woo, the martial arts teacher of Earth Course 10! It’s the more youthful brother of the fighting styles educator of Course 20, Xiang Qiang. He concerned our course to examine the cause of death.

Xia Lan looked towards Chen Yang as she claimed that.

Chen Yang’s heart turned cold. Xiang Woo and Xiang Qiang truly looked alike. Both bros appeared to be carved from the exact same mold and mildew.

The moment he saw Xiang Woo, he practically screamed out.

” Every person follow me currently.” Xiang Woo claimed something to all the students prior to leaving. All the pupils in the class stood hesitantly and followed him out.

Xiang Woo led them to a tiny dark space. The checking was done one by one.

After the students go in, Xiang Woo will certainly ask them a few questions, and also if there are not a problem, he will let them out.

When the girls came out from the room, their faces were totally red. It was obvious that Xiang Woo was terrified of them.

F * ck, this Xiang Woo actually is Xiang Qiang’s little sibling.

Quickly, it was Chen Yang’s turn.

Chen Yang pushed unlock and strolled in.

In the small dark space, there was just one table as well as 2 stools. The dim light shone on the table, which made Chen Yang consider the examination room.

F * ck, exactly how could he still think of utilizing mental techniques when he remained in such a dark and spooky situation?

After Chen Yang sat down, Xiang Woo asked, “Are you called Chen Yang? “Where were you five days back?”

” I took a leave of absence 5 days earlier and was managing issues at the firm.” Chen Yang thought of it as well as replied that he simply took place to be having a meeting 5 days earlier.

” Do you understand my bro?”

” I do!” Chen Yang nodded.
” I learnt through the trainees of Course 20 that you when had a conflict with my brother, right?”

” That’s right, regarding half a month earlier.” Chen Yang responded as well as did not conceal anything. The students of the 2 courses had actually all seen it.

” How risk you, you dare to openly go head to head with a teacher at school.” Xiang Woo’s face sank: “Quickly inform me, where is my sibling?”

” Educator Xiang, exactly how do I know where your sibling is?” Chen Yang shrugged and claimed.

” You’re still not admitting it? “Hahaha!” Xiang Woo sneered and obtained a picture: “Then tell me, is that you?”

” Photos? What picture?” Chen Yang smiled, however his heart was a little bit upset. He required himself to calm down and also took a look at the image.


He virtually giggled out loud.

The f * ck, this image was pitch black as well as blurry.

Upon closer inspection, there was a blurred shape of a back.
You intend to f * cking technique me?

Chen Yang pressed the photo in front of Xiang Woo as well as claimed with a smile, “Teacher Xiang, this photo is completely black as well as you could not inform anything, so why is it me? You’re actually amusing. ”

” You …”

Xiang Woo directed at Chen Yang and also was amazed. Presently, Chen Yang was the most dubious one.

Due to the fact that since the establishment of Six-sect University, just Chen Yang had a conflict with his brother.

” Just you wait, I’ll figure out without a doubt.” Xiang Woo gritted his teeth as he looked at Chen Yang. Then, he shouted towards the door, “Following!”.

” Then I desire that you can locate some ideas from instructor as soon as possible.” With that, Chen Yang stood and left of the little dark room.

When he walked out of the small dark area, his back was currently taken in sweat.

Since Xiang Woo currently believed him, he needed to be much more careful and prudent in the future.

As time passed, the information of their loss intensified. Some said that the Demonic Sect was concealing within the Six-sect University to assassinate their instructor.

Some said that Xiang Qiang was as well lecherous, had annoyed someone, as well as had actually been eliminated in secret.

In other words, today, everyone in Six-sect College was panicking. Even their teacher had been eliminated, so exactly how could the safety and security of these pupils be ensured?

That mid-day, a third of the students applied for leave.

Seeing this scene, the school’s leader stressed. He instantly got the word out that the culprit was to be located within 3 days.

Furthermore, the number of guards in the college had doubled. Even if a cult came to strike, it would certainly take a minimum of half a day to get to the college.

This way, the trainees that clamored for leave can just remain in school skeptically.

In the second afternoon course, Chen Yang was called right into the workplace by Xia Lan.

” Shut the door!”.

Chen Yang responded as well as reversed to close the door, however the moment he turned around, Xia Lan all of a sudden put him.


The sound was clear as well as loud.
F * ck, what’s going on with this woman? Why did she state she was going to defeat somebody up just like that?

Chen Yang covered his face and also grinned bitterly, “Teacher Xia, did I annoy you again?”.

” Where have you been these past couple of days? “Why really did not you pertain to course? Are you attempting to avoid me?” Xia Lan rested on a chair and stated with a wintry expression.

To be sincere, she constantly wished to call Chen Yang these couple of days, however the lady’s discreetness informed her not to.
He waited for five days!

Looking at Xia Lan’s chilly expression, Chen Yang quickly drank his head as well as stated, “No, why would certainly I hide from you? “It’s just that something happened at the firm just recently, so I really did not come. Really did not I come to course after I completed taking care of myself?”.

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Xia Lan’s face turned slightly light. She after that stated, “Did you return to divorce her?”.

This … Exactly how on the planet can I address that?

Divorce was something that was difficult to separation. It was difficult to divorce in this life time.

Seeing Chen Yang’s bitter face, Xia Lan’s face transformed cold again. “No way, right?”.

” En!”.

” Hmph, if you can not open your mouth, I can go try to find her!”.

” No, no, no, don’t you dare!” Chen Yang quickly stated, “Teacher Xia, it’s not sweet to be persistent. I recognize I’ve allow you down, yet I can make it approximately you, as long as I can do it …”.

” Pah!”.

Before Chen Yang can complete his sentence, Xia Lan had already slapped him.

” What type of woman do you assume I am? A prostitute?” Xia Lan’s voice was chilly, so chilly that not a trace of heat could be really felt.

” I. I do not have any kind of … “No, Instructor Xia, it’s not what you believe …” Chen Yang felt it was hard.

” After that what?” Xia Lan laughed coldly, “Aren’t every one of you males the exact same? If the red flag does not drop in your home, the colorful flag will certainly float outside. “.

Chen Yang wanted to retort, but the words were stuck in his throat.
That he was dedicated to her?

These words were also sanctimonious.
Even saying that he was unmanageable was not true!

Had not Xu Xiaorou hinted at something to him? Nonetheless, he did not take a step additionally.

Did I say something uncomfortable? Xia Lan looked at Chen Yang and also said, “Do not inform me you don’t desire to hug me left and right!”.

Chen Yang trembled his head as well as said, “However I understand I can not. It’s unjust to no one.”.

Chen Yang made fun of himself: “I, Chen Yang, have acquired your support. You are so lovely as well as have a high cultivation base. If you say you don’t like it, after that you must be lying.”.

Xia Lan claimed, “Your words are sufficient. I still have to give you 2 months to obtain separated.

F * ck!

Why did he come back after saying all that?

Chen Yang was speechless. Wasn’t this woman’s brain circuit too large?

” Teacher Xia …” Can you offer me even more time?” Chen Yang grinned bitterly. With Xia Lan’s mood, if he really did not divorce Su Miao 2 months later on, he really did not know what this insane female would certainly do.

Considering that he could not stop it, he could also postpone it. A day’s worth of delay was a day’s well worth of time.

” You intend to stall for time? Difficult! If it’s two months, after that it’s 2 months!” Xia Lan stated in a proud tone.

The heck, isn’t this lady as well autocratic?

There was no area for arrangement in all.

Seeing Chen Yang’s displeased expression, Xia Lan stated, “What? You are not encouraged? “.

” I …”.


Chen Yang wanted to say something, yet a majestic mood immediately pressed him to the ground.

F * ck!

Chen Yang was regretful. If he knew earlier, he would have given all the Pills of Radiance to this female.

Currently, this female had recuperated. She launched her mood without claiming anything.

” Are you convinced?”.

” Yes, yes, yes!” “Instructor Xia, quickly wake me up!”.

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