The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 252 (Read free online)

After they left Xia Lan’s office, the school was already out of school.

Just as he will get Su Miao, Chen Yang saw something that made him mad equally as he got to the stairs.

At the door of Class 20, Xiang Woo extended his hand as well as obstructed Su Miao’s course.

It was school time and the corridors were filled up with pupils. Wasn’t it too much for Xiang Woo to quit her?

Xiang Woo measured Su Miao with a smile as well as said, “Su Miao, do you have time for supper tonight? Allow’s have supper with each other.”

Presently, the most questionable person was Chen Yang.

Su Miao was Chen Yang’s partner, so the best means to discover her bro was via her.

Su Miao right away shook her head. “No requirement, I …” I’m going home to consume. ”

Xiang Woo laughed. He held Su Miao’s hand and also claimed with a smile, “Do not stress, Su Miao.

Xiang Woo actually didn’t exist. He suched as to flaunt the girls in his class to that lecherous bastard.

Su Miao and also Xu Xiaorou were crucial targets of his treatment.

Listening to the summary from Xiang Qiang, Xiang Woo was very jealous, since the class he taught really did not have any kind of beautiful women.

Su Miao worried. Her face purged red. She wanted to draw her hand away, however located that her hand was firmly held.

She was so anxious that splits will fall. “Teacher Xiang, quickly release …”

Those that walked over were all pupils. What was the others believing in their hearts when they saw this?

A trainee trying to attract an instructor? If this was heard by Chen Yang, what would certainly Chen Yang believe?

F * ck me!

Seeing this scene, Chen Yang was immediately infuriated!

Anger melted in his breast, almost burning every one of his rationality.
” Swiftly let go of me!”

Chen Yang discharge a holler and ferociously billed forward.

” Bang!”.

Chen Yang directly knocked Xiang Woo to the ground.

After rolling a few times, he ultimately quit.

” What the f * ck? Little bastard, you actually dared to honestly assault an educator in school. You are truly daring!”.

Rage appeared on his face, as well as he seemed very mad.

Yet in his heart, he was sneering. The fish had taken the bait.

Xiang Woo stood from the ground as well as blazed at Chen Yang.

Right away after, a powerful aura was released from his body, and also he claimed, “No respect for seniors, the initial regulation of my Six-sect University is regard for educators, and although I didn’t educate you, you are still a teacher. “If I didn’t show you a lesson today, would you dare to eliminate individuals in college tomorrow?”.

As they spoke, the various other classes all quit their actions to look in their direction.

Seeing that a growing number of individuals had actually gotten here, Xiang Woo sneered and said, “Students, come and take a look. Skies No. 20 course, Chen Yang, openly attacked the educator. Today, I will certainly instruct him a lesson before every person and also send him to the management workplace!”.

Su Miao was very distressed when she heard this. She fast walked before Xiang Woo and also stated, “I’m sorry to educator, Chen Yang really did not do it purposefully …”.

Although she enjoyed that Chen Yang stood up for her, she was also worried.

Xiang Woo was an educator after all, and also the college had currently gotten him to go away many times. If a student were to make a move on his teacher, he would right away expel him from the academy.

At this moment, the bordering students began to aim at Chen Yang.

” Isn’t this that Home Son-in-law?”.

” Eh, that’s. This Home Son-in-law is so mad, he really risked to eliminate with instructor.”.

” That recognizes if he will or otherwise. This time, he will be unfortunate. He will certainly be eliminated from the school.”.

Listening to everyone’s conversation, Xiang Woo sneered and claimed, “Brat, if you stoop on the ground as well as kowtow to me as well as confess your misdoings, maybe I will take into consideration offering you a possibility to begin again. Or else, I can just send you to the management office. If you obtain discharged, no person will be able to safeguard you. “.


” Submit in apology?” It’s simply wishful thinking.” Chen Yang couldn’t help yet sneer: “You assume somebody like you is worthy to be a teacher?”.

Xiang Woo was waiting on Chen Yang’s words. He could not aid yet grin.

He acted to be furious and blazed fiercely at Chen Yang: “Fine, because you do not understand exactly how to repent, after that don’t criticize me!”.

As he said that, he activated the Genuine Qi in his dantian and also was about to make a move.

At the same time, the onlookers seemed to have seen the scene of Chen Yang being defeated to the ground by Xiang Woo.

” Xiang Woo, what are you doing?”.

Presently, a lady’s voice instantly came from not too far away.
Everyone recalled and instantly trapped a breath of cold air!

Holy spunk, the educator in charge of course twenty, Xia Lan!

He or she’s mood was not at all regular.

Stalking both of them, Xia Lan considered Xiang Woo in disgust and claimed, “Exactly how can you, as an instructor, have the nerve to strike a pupil?”.

To be truthful, Xia Lan disliked Xiang Woo quite. As a teacher, she in fact struck her pupils at institution.

Furthermore, he was the more youthful brother of Xiang Qiang, so he disliked him much more.

Seeing Xia Lan, Xiang Woo was filled with disgust.

Darn, this tigress did not come late or early, yet she came with this time.

The surrounding pupils likewise trembled their heads. It was a pity that this was a great show, however this moment they could not see it.

Xiang Woo took a deep breath and claimed to Xia Lan, “Teacher Xia, the college has actually emphasized on technique sometimes. If a pupil dares to combat with a teacher and be eliminated, you are also an instructor. Don’t you need me to do this?

After stating that, Xiang Woo pointed at Chen Yang as well as said, “I just drew Su Miao as well as wished to investigate the issue with my bro. He rushed out and beat me to the ground.

In addition, the surrounding students might all demonstrate it! You can not be biased towards him, you recognize. You can not allow a villain like him go so conveniently! “.

As soon as his words fell, the bordering trainees likewise responded their heads in agreement.

” That’s right, Teacher Xia. I can indicate!”.

” I can also testify that it was Chen Yang who hit the instructor.”.

” I can affirm as well!”.

The student’s words made Xia Lan’s expression adjustment. She looked deeply at Xiang Woo.

He stated, “Chen Yang is my student, so what if I side with him? I am the only one who can manage my trainee, what legal rights do you have to regulate him! “.

” Hua!”.

The minute his voice appeared, the bordering students break right into an outcry.
This Teacher Xia was as well prideful, also protective?

Xiang Woo was so mad that his nose was misaligned. He did not anticipate Xia Lan to be so hard. She did not give him any face in all.

” Educator Xia, isn’t it versus the institution’s rules for you to do this?” Xiang Woo Qiang stated while holding back his temper. Honestly talking, if he didn’t fall short to beat this lady, he would certainly have done it already.

” If the institution’s regulations are all to secure residue like you, after that I ‘d rather be expelled!” Chen Yang stated coldly.

Xiang Woo looked at Xia Lan furiously as well as stated, “Instructor Xia, do you see that? This is a good pupil you educated.

Claiming that, he once again instigated the Genuine Qi s around him, increasing his fist and also hurrying forward.

He utilized Shaolin’s Devil Subduing Fist, which was unbelievably powerful. His punch can even break a tree as thick as his thigh, not to mention Chen Yang.

The bordering trainees all opened their mouths wide.

They never thought that Chen Yang would certainly have such an outrageous mouth.
This time, Xia Lan would not be able to shield him any longer?

Xiang Woo sneered. If Chen Yang attempted to fight back, after that it would certainly be a complete offense of the school’s guidelines. Also Xia Lan could not safeguard him any longer.

As long as he’s terminated … Heh heh, he had lots of methods to create it …

Presently, Chen Yang was not terrified in any way.

Xiang Woo was the same as his brother Xiang Qiang, who just had Innate Perfection. He can even kill Xiang Qiang, not to mentioned Xiang Woo.

” Spouse … Hurry and go.” Su Miao was so anxious that she got on the edge of splits.

Battling with a teacher in school would certainly result in him being removed.
Besides, regardless of exactly how powerful Chen Yang is, just how can he be more powerful than an educator?

” Enough! Every one of you, quit! “.

At this essential minute, an aura that much went beyond the level of his Innate Phase exploded forth.
Swish swish swish!

The bordering students were trembled by the stunning and powerful mood, causing them to retreat constantly.


That solid aura covered the sky and pressed down on Xiang Woo, directly pushing him to the ground.

He consumed a mouthful of ash.

The pupils at the side were all surprised, specifically the students from Class 20, who maintained sucking in chilly air.

The heck, Educator Xia was as well domineering. She even attempted to fix an instructor when there were a lot of disputes.

This Chen Yang is so lucky to have an educator that can protect him.

The other trainees took a look at Xia Lan with appreciation. That would not wish to show in her class?

Xiang Woo increased his head with much problem and also looked at Xia Lan. She used her mood to reduce people without claiming anything.

This time around, his face was totally shed.

” I’ve claimed it already, only I am able to self-control my students. If you’re unsure, most likely to the head of the Education and learning Bureau!” Xia Lan took a look at Chen Yang and claimed coldly, “Follow me.”.

After claiming that, he stepped onto his high heels and also left.

Chen Yang grinned bitterly. F * ck, I just left the wolf’s burrow and now I have to go back in. Just how unfortunate!

Su Miao approached Chen Yang as well as held his hand. She said with an anxious expression, “Spouse …” “Teacher Xia, could she be …”.

” It’s nothing, my spouse!” Chen Yang patted Su Miao’s hand and said, “Do not stress concerning me, you go back. I’ll be residence later!”.

With that said, he chased after her.

At this minute, Xiang Woo stood up from the ground in a sorry state. He screamed at Xia Lan as well as Chen Yang, “We are not done with this matter.

As he talked, he looked at Su Miao again, as well as the corner of his mouth crinkled into a salacious smile.

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