The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 254 (Read free online)

At 10 pm, Su Miao brought Chen Yang to Lee Mi’s house.

Since Lee Mi became the basic supervisor of Dashun Real Estate Firm, her income had actually naturally increased by jumps and bounds.

Rationally talking, she must have gotten a villa to match her current condition.

Nonetheless, Lee Mi didn’t buy it. Instead, she acquired a duplex apartment on Jinlong Square that mored than 60 square meters.

In her own words, she really did not feel risk-free living alone in a big house.

This type of copied apartment or condo was tiny as well as fully equipped, living alone was likewise very comfortable. Most notably, living alone also offered one a complacency.

To be truthful, when Lee Mi saw Chen Yang behind Su Miao, her heart shivered.

” Mi, I’m sorry. I could need to remain below for a couple of days.” Su Miao embarrassedly claimed, “It will certainly be fine once I discover a residence.”

Lee Mi looked at Su Miao and also said. She looked at Chen Yang, that was beside her, and also smiled at her.

It felt like this grandfather had yet to disclose his identity to Su Miao.


The feeling of understanding the trick yet not being able to claim it out was really difficult to birth.

Upon entering Lee Mi’s residence, Su Miao immediately exclaimed, “Wow, Mi, your residence is enhanced as well beautifully, isn’t it?”

As quickly as Chen Yang went into the door, he asked about the smell of Lee Mi’s body. It was specifically the same as the odor on Lee Mi’s body.

The overall design of the apartment or condo was a girl’s design. It was slightly pink, as well as one of the most overstated part was that even the furniture was pink.

Chen Yang felt that he had actually entered a pink paradise.
Who would certainly have thought that Dashun Realty’s General Manager would certainly still have a woman’s heart?

Chen Yang smiled subconsciously.

Lee Mi blushed. She asked yourself if Chen Yang thought she was as well childish.

However she truly suched as pink.

Currently, Su Miao claimed, “Mi, I’ve decided. When the time comes, I will additionally remodel my brand-new home this way!”

Chen Yang: “…”.

Lee Mi: …

At 12 o’clock at night, Chen Yang was pushing the sofa on the initial floor, tossing and turning, incapable to go to sleep.

He can clearly hear the whisperings of the two ladies upstairs. They had been chatting for nearly 2 hours.

Helpless, Chen Yang can just be a sheep. When he counted to 10,000, the sound upstairs finally quit.


Ultimately, he could rest.

Chen Yang blurt a long breath as well as changed his posture to sleep.

Then, the sound of footprints came from the 2nd flooring. It was very soft, and it progressively came close to along the stairs.
That is it?

Could it be Su Miao?

Thinking about that, Chen Yang right away closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

Really feeling the footsteps getting closer and more detailed, Chen Yang all of a sudden opened his eyes as well as pulled the shadow in the direction of him.

He then turned around and also pushed the darkness under his body.

” Ugh …”.

Her mouth was blocked before she could make an audio.

After that the tongue pried open the teeth and entered.

” Hmph …”.

The female humphed as well as struggled in panic.

She felt a huge, intense hand wantonly walking around her body. When she reached the height of the climb, that hand all of a sudden stiffened.

Not long after, the pale display of her cellular phone illuminated around her face, and also she met his stare.

Then, Chen Yang fast stood up and wanted to describe.

In the end, that individual reached out his hand to cover her mouth and also made a quiet motion. He whispered, “Shh, reduced your voice. Miao just slept.”.

After stating this, the two of them fell into an awkward silence.

The heck, why is it Lee Mi?

When he got to the peak and really felt the difference in size, he was stunned.

Lee Mi’s face was so red that it seemed as if blood will leak out of it.

He decreased his head and also didn’t risk to look at Chen Yang.

She was really kissed by him … It was her very first kiss, as well as she had never ever been so intimate with a guy.

When it comes to the case with Suen Qiang at Muse’s bar, it was simply a misunderstanding.

She was just a normal lady with a pretty face. Sometimes, in order to live, she would certainly have to flirt with some men.

In this culture, women were as well challenging to manage, especially rather ones. If they really did not recognize just how to disguise themselves and take advantage of the circumstance, then she would not even have skin as well as bones left for others to ingest.

She really did not have a household comparable to Su Miao’s, neither did she have an abundant and also powerful other half like Chen Yang. Therefore, in order to make it through, she can only learn to protect herself.

Both of them stood there awkwardly till the light on the screen dimmed. Chen Yang then opened his mouth as well as claimed, “Hug …” “Sorry, I assumed you were Miao.”.

” No …” “No worries, I recognize Bro Yang.” Lee Mi stammered, “It’s cold currently, I’ll bring you a covering.”.

” Bro Yang, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go up initially …” As he spoke, he took down the blanket and ran upstairs.

After going back to her room, she checked out Su Miao that was sleeping on the side. Lee Mi was indescribably envious. She truly coveted Su Miao for having a spouse like Chen Yang.
The night come on silence!

The next day, Chen Yang awakened.

He had a ludicrous dream last night.

In his dreams, Su Miao, Xia Lan, Mu Quan, and also Lee Mi each hugged a part of his body, as well as with a fierce tug, he was torn to items.

He woke up with a beginning.

He stood up from the couch and bowel movement to wash his face. Just as he turned on the tap, a female’s scream rang out.

” Ah …” “You, why are you …”.

Chen Yang was shocked. He turned around as well as saw Lee Mi resting on the toilet.

” Ah, sorry, I really did not know you were using the toilet …” With that said, Chen Yang lacked the washroom.

At this moment, his mind was loaded with a blur of white.

Lee Mi was both self-conscious as well as upset. The other day evening, she was kissed by him as well as today, he really saw her …

Actually, she had a ridiculous dream last evening. In the dream, she and Chen Yang were hugging each other, having an indescribably intimate partnership.

When she awakened in the morning, she understood something was wrong as well as rapidly went downstairs to change her trousers. That would certainly have thought that she would certainly neglect to lock the door?

And afterwards, the scene just now taken place.

Chen Yang sat on the couch and also breathed heavily.

Currently, Su Miao heard a voice come out from the room. She depended on the second floor and looked down. “Spouse, was it Mi’s voice just now?”.

” Hehe …” “Yeah …” Chen Yang licked his dry lips as well as claimed.

Su Miao strolled downstairs with a frown. She knocked on the shower room door and asked, “Mi, are you alright?”.

” No …” “It’s great, Miao. There was a huge roach in the restroom recently. I beat it to fatality. It’s great now …”.

” Oh, it’s good that you’re fine.” Hearing Lee Mi’s words, Su Miao walked to Chen Yang’s side as well as gave him a wonderful morning kiss: “Husband, did you rest well last evening?”.

” Alright, alright!” Chen Yang promptly stated.

” Husband, why are you sweating around, is it warm?” Su Miao wiped Chen Yang’s temple with her hand.

” Oh, it’s most likely too stuffy. I’ll go downstairs and have a look, and also acquire breakfast!” As he talked, he got his layer and also pressed unlock.

At 10 in the morning, Chen Yang as well as Su Miao reached the surroundings garden.

The building was a high-end suburb.

A square meter was around 10 to fifteen thousand yuan.

Most significantly, this was a huge area of housing, from 100 to 400 square meters.

Even more selectivity.

As soon as both of them strolled right into the sales office of the scenic yard, the sales supervisor came up to them.

When she saw Chen Yang, she instantly frowned as well as decreased her speed. In the end, she actually turned about and. She also murmured: “Tsk, one more inadequate person.”.

His voice was soft, Chen Yang still heard him.

He frowned and also said nothing.

Looking around, in this massive sales hall, there was really no one that involved get them.

The nameplate they wore claimed: “State Real Estate Group, you recognize, this is the Liu Guobahn Firm development.”.

Su Miao frowned. ‘What’s going on?

Both of them checked out the exhibition hall for a while, but there was still no person.

” Hello there, can you introduce me to the structure?”.

” Sorry, I’m a little bit busy. You can ask the others!”.

” Lovely girl, I wish to purchase a home …”.

Prior To Chen Yang could complete his sentence, the sales supervisor had already left on her Gauguin Shoes.
The hell, what is taking place?

” Husband, just how regarding we go to an additional building to look.” Su Miao little bit her lips and said.

Chen Yang originally wished to offer Liu Guobahn a phone call, yet after assuming for a moment, he nodded and also prepared to leave with Su Miao.

” Su Miao?”.

At this moment, a lady’s voice came from behind him.

” Lau Yuan? Why are you right here? “.

Su Miao reversed to look as well as was shocked. The appeal in front of them was called Lau Yuan. She was Su Miao’s college classmate, and also both of them were roomies in the same dorm back in the day.

But Lau Yuan was expectant when she was in college, as well as she was wed before she finished.

After the wedding event, Lau Yuan dropped out of college and went house for labor.

” Miao, it’s actually you. We haven’t seen each other for three or four years, and you’re still as stunning as before.” Lau Yuan held Su Miao’s hand and claimed with a pleasantly surprised expression.

” You as well …” She was also really happy to see Lau Yuan.

Presently, Lau Yuan checked out Chen Yang and asked, “Miao, this is …”.

” His name is Chen Yang, he’s my partner.” Su Miao hugged Chen Yang’s arm as she spoke, her face overflowed with a delighted smile.

” Hey there, I’m Lau Yuan. I’m Su Miao’s college schoolmate and also roommate.” Lau Yuan stretched out her hand as well as claimed.

” Hello there, I’m Chen Yang, Su Miao’s spouse.” Chen Yang shook hands gently.

Lau Yuan smiled as well as considered Su Miao, “Miao, are you here to purchase a house?”.

Su Miao grinned and also nodded. “Can you reveal me?”.

” Sure.” Lau Yuan pulled Su Miao’s hand and also walked into the exhibition hall. “I just arrived two days ago. I really did not state it well. Don’t mind me.”.

” I’m great.” Su Miao trembled her head. “If you really want to buy it, you would certainly need to offer me a good price cut later on.”.

Adhering to that, Lau Yuan started to discuss thoroughly about the house in the scenery garden. From her stuttering words, it appeared that she was undoubtedly an amateur.

However, she introduced them extremely seriously and also had not been so informal just because she knew with Su Miao.

When Lau Yuan introduced the building, a few women sales supervisors at the side considered her and laughed.

Look at the male’s clothes. Look at the delay he is using.

” Yeah, isn’t that wasting your breath?”.

” Can I manage it?”.

Hahahaha …

The ladies could not help laughing.

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