The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 256 (Read free online)

Lau Yuan pleaded.

She truly could not do without the task now.

” Sibling Hong, we actually pertained to see your house.” Su Miao strolled to Lau Yuan’s side and also claimed, “Although we can not manage this home, but we can still pay for to acquire an apartment.”

” Really?” Xu Hong took a look at Su Miao doubtfully, “Did she truly not call you two over?”

” It really isn’t.” Su Miao drank her head.

” Then I’ll think you this set time!” After stating that, Xu Hong brought both of them downstairs.

On the way to the sales office, Su Miao asked Lau Yuan, “Yuanyuan, did something take place at your home?”

Lau Yuan sighed and also informed him about the household situation.

After she ended up listening, Su Miao unexpectedly comprehended.

Lau Yuan left of institution to go residence and also have youngsters, life is additionally abundant, comfort in your home began to come to be a housewife.

At the end of last year, her other half’s business had actually plunged as well as he had actually gone insolvent. Additionally, he needed to pay a financial debt of a few million yuan.

In order not to link Lau Yuan, her husband decided to divorce her.

Now Lau Yuan was renting a home outside with her daughter.

She did not have any type of education and learning or experience. Many huge business did not want her.

This Xu Hong was a next-door neighbor beside her. Seeing that Lau Yuan was alone with her kids, she began to present her to be a sales supervisor.

When they reached the lobby, Xu Hong brought out the sales arrangement. The middle-aged guy checked out the contract as well as frowned, “Why is it a complete acquisition contract? When did I say I intend to acquire a capacity?”

” Mister … Do you intend to mortgage it?” Xu Hong said in surprise.

” Rubbish!” The middle-aged man slapped the table, “Rising cost of living is so strong now, cash is cheapened so swiftly, so certainly it’s the home loan that’s one of the most beneficial!”

” What, not the full amount?”

The woman next to the middle-aged man was at a loss for words. She immediately stood up as well as claimed, “If your house writes my name, after that won’t you want me to settle you?”

” What are you yelling for? What does a woman like you understand?” The middle-aged man stated, “After ten approximately years, the cash will certainly have damaged by greater than 10 times, and after that the money will certainly be worthless.

I will utilize one million to pay the full amount, as well as instead of fattening up the designer, I may also utilize the rest of the money to spend. This is called cash generating income, do you recognize?”

” Really?” The female considered him doubtfully.

” Naturally it’s true. Exactly how could I lie to you?” The middle-aged male checked out her with a sincere expression.

Chen Yang nearly laughed aloud when he heard the man’s words.

The hell, if one doesn’t have money, they won’t have cash. Do you really believe that do not understand about rising cost of living?

Xu Hong’s face additionally dropped.

F * ck, I thought he was rich, however I didn’t anticipate him to be inadequate too.

Although he was really miserable, however at the very least he offered a home, right?

Thinking about this, Xu Hong stated, “Wait right here, I’ll go obtain the contract.”

The tone of his voice was chilly, without the preliminary enthusiasm.

” Lau Yuan, go as well as get the contract.” Chen Yang stated to Lau Yuan, “We desire that house recently.”


Which house?

Lau Yuan assumed she had misheard. “Chen …” Chen Yang, which house are you speaking about? ”

” It’s the eight-room, three-room residence.” Chen Yang smiled: “That’s it. Go get the agreement.”

They just had a few hundred thousand Yuan in overall. Even the down repayment was over 2 million Yuan?

” But …” “However …”

” No buts, think me, go get the contract!”

” Then … “Alright …” Although Lau Yuan was reluctant, she still went to get the agreement.

Presently, Xu Hong, that was standing at the side, saw it. She frowned and asked, “Xiao Yuan, what kind of agreement are you going to utilize?”

” It’s the contract for the big house.” Lau Yuan said.

Xu Hong’s expression changed quickly. Can they manage it? ”

” I. “I don’t recognize.” Lau Yuan bit her lips and also drank her head.

” Hmph, I already told you not to be close friends with an inadequate bastard. Do you recognize now?” Xu Hong said resentfully, “I’m making it clear that I’m messing with you!”

” Huge Sis Hong, that will not occur. Miao is my buddy from college, she won’t have fun with me …”

Lau Yuan only mosted likely to university for a year before dropping out to have youngsters. Although she and Su Miao enjoyed, she really did not know much about Su Miao’s family members history.

Nevertheless, she believed that Su Miao wasn’t that type of person.

” You are simply too kind. Don’t you recognize that people can change?” Xu Hong claimed coldly, “You don’t require to fret about that.”

With that, she stood up as well as walked before Chen Yang with a chilly smile, “Please leave, we don’t invite you right here.”

The minute he claimed that, the surrounding individuals all looked into.

” Look, Sibling Hong is going nuts. I believe one more diaosi is right here to capitalize on us.”

” Take a look at he or she, he’s wearing a body full of stalls and also said that he wanted to get a large house. What a joke.”

” Haha, an additional poor acting diaosi.”

In their line of work, they would often stumble upon some dumb diaosi that were acting in the name of a residence to make use of them.

Get a residence if you want to sleep with me.

Then there was a real estate manager who fell for the technique, however as opposed to marketing your house, he placed himself in rather.

Lau Yuan walked over to Xu Hong as well as whispered, “Sister Hong, believe me, they really won’t …”

” If you don’t leave, I’ll call the safety!” Xu Hong did not listen to Lau Yuan at all.

At this time, the safety and security manager listened to the commotion and came with four or five burly security personnel.

” What’s taking place?” The leading security manager asked Xu Hong.

” Bro Lang, this kid has no cash and also is still causing trouble below!” Xu Hong pointed at Chen Yang and also stated to the security supervisor.

” What?” Sibling Lang’s eyes quickly exposed a murderous light when he heard this. Fuck, I don’t understand that covered this area and also dared to cause trouble right here, don’t you wish to pass away?

Sibling Wolf looked in the direction Xu Hong pointed, and also was stunned.

He scrubed his eyes. Damn, why does this brat appearance so familiar?

He seemed to have seen it someplace.

Lau Yuan worried. She strolled to Bro Wolf’s side as well as claimed, “Brother Wolf, no …” Chen Yang is my friend, he really did not come below to cause trouble … ”

You said his name is Chen Yang?

Brother Wolf’s head went blank for a moment.

He checked out the individual standing before him and afterwards combined with the owner of the name.

In a split second, anxiety broke out on his back.

” Attempt …” “May I ask, are you Master Chen?” The Wolf walked to Chen Yang’s side and asked pleasantly.

” Who are you?” Chen Yang frowned as well as stated, “That informed you to call me that?”

Bro Wolf’s heart practically leapt out of his throat when he heard Chen Yang’s words.

” Senior Chen …” My name is Wolf … “It’s Brother Qiang’s little bro …”
” Sibling Qiang?” Which Sibling Qiang? ”

” That’s Suen Qiang …” The wolf ingested its saliva as well as claimed.

” Oh, you suggest that child?” Chen Yang smiled, “Why? Why does he assist others with their safety if he doesn’t intend to most likely to a good bar?”

” In reply to Master Chen, Sibling Qiang scheduled me to find here.” The wolf disclosed a complementary smile. Last time, Su Hai told his boss to go and sustain the wolf, so he followed him.

In the long run, that time, Su Hai was defeated half to fatality by Suen Qiang.

After coming out of the Su Family, Suen Qiang’s legs went soft from shock, as well as his subordinates asked Suen Qiang as well as Chen Yang who they were.

Suen Qiang wiped the sweat off his forehead and stated, “That’s the person he’s mosting likely to call a grandfather!”

Hearing Suen Qiang’s words, all of their staffs were shocked. Who really did not understand that Suen Qiang’s godfather was Zhao Heeqiu?

If you call him grandpa, then isn’t he Zhao Heeqiu’s …

Chen Yang nodded. Zhao Heeqiu and Liu Guobahn enjoyed, it was regular for them to assist look after the scene.

Currently, Xu Hong frowned and also said to the wolf, “Brother Lang, why do you call him Master Chen …” Isn’t he just a loser that can not manage a residence? ”

” Pah!”.

As quickly as he stated that, Wild Wolf slapped Xu Hong’s face. “You having an odor lady, are you blind? Is Master Chen something that you can say? “.

Prior to he could recover from his rage, he was slapped in the face once more.

” F * ck my god, how could Master Chen afford to get a residence?”.

When the bordering people saw this, they were all shocked.

Specifically the few sales supervisors who were hiding at the side laughing. All of them were dumbfounded.

This … What was taking place?

Why was Brother Wolf so afraid of this youngster?

Lau Yuan was likewise surprised and stood dumbly on the spot. She considered Chen Yang as well as was amazed.

” Quick, overcome below and also say sorry to Master Chen!” With that, the wolf cub blazed at Xu Hong menacingly, “If Master Chen does not forgive you, I will certainly f * cking eliminate you.”.

Xu Hong was so terrified that she nearly peed her trousers. Who really did not recognize that a wild wolf was a gangster? Wasn’t upseting him simply looking for fatality?

” Chen …” Elder Chen, please … “Please forgive me …”.

” Forget it, forget it.” Chen Yang swung his hand as well as stated impatiently, “Quickly go and also obtain the contract. Acquiring a home is so troublesome!”.

” Go swiftly, really did not you hear what Master Chen said?” Xu Hong was so frightened that she immediately ran over to obtain the agreement.

The middle-aged man and woman looked at each other with faces loaded with disbelief.

Su Miao checked out her spouse with a complicated expression. She had actually never ever genuinely understood this guy before.

Each time, it brought her a various type of shock.
Chen Yang, what type of male are you precisely?

After authorizing the agreement, Chen Yang paid in front of everybody.


Collect 17 million and also 2 hundred thousand …

” Hua!”.
He truly did it!

At this moment, the sales supervisor was both jealous and jealous.

If they recognized earlier, they would certainly have gone up to receive her. Even if Lau Yuan was their buddy, according to the business’s rules, whoever received her very first was their consumer. No person was allowed to eliminate over her.

Xu Hong’s eyes nearly popped out of their outlets.

She never anticipated Chen Yang to be so abundant. He didn’t also blink when he paid.

When she thought of how she had actually angered such an abundant and powerful individual, her body shivered in concern.

” Yuanyuan …” “Yuanyuan, your good friend is so rich, why really did not you inform me earlier?” Xu Hong disclosed a smile that was uglier than crying.

Lau Yuan did not state anything, yet exposed a difficult expression. In fact, she did not anticipate Chen Yang to be so abundant. 17 million, he really footed the bill just like that.

It was her previous self … When his ex-husband was at his top, his household’s properties were just 10 to 20 million yuan.

Miao truly wed a good spouse.

After footing the bill, Su Miao embraced Chen Yang’s neck happily and also stated, “Hubby, this is our usual residence from now on.”.

” Yes, a typical home.” Chen Yang grinned. In his heart, he was asking yourself if he should confess his identification to Su Miao.

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