The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 261 (Read free online)

The following day, Chen Yang was resting peacefully when his phone sounded.

The heck, who is it this very early in the morning?

Chen Yang picked up the phone to examine, it was actually Qin Xiaoloong.

He was shocked. He had not seen him because he appeared of the jail. Why would he call him right now?

After some thought, he answered the phone.

As soon as the call linked, Qin Xiaoloong’s cozy voice came through the phone: “Yang, are you awake?”

” Sibling Long, I just woke up.”
Chen Yang smiled and said, “You called me so early, did you have some instructions?”

” Haha, where are you? I’ll pick you up in the cars and truck.” Qin Xiaoloong laughed.

Chen Yang believed for a moment, after that told Qin Xiaoloong the location.

Twenty mins later on, a Rolls-Royce stopped in front of eviction of He Guang Yard, as well as a middle-aged male in a black Flavor suit left the cars and truck.
That else could it be aside from Qin Xiaoloong?

The minute they left the vehicle, Qin Xiaoloong offered Chen Yang a hug: “Long period of time no see, Yang.”

” Very long time no see, Brother Long!” Chen Yang smiled and also patted Qin Xiaoloong’s back.

” Come, allow’s get in the automobile to chat.”

After getting on the auto, Qin Xiaoloong informed the vehicle driver to head towards the airport terminal.

Chen Yang really did not understand as well as asked, “Bro Long, where are we going?”

” Mount Kunlun!”
” What?” “Mount Kunlun?” Chen Yang was shocked: “Brother Long, you must be joking right?”

Qin Xiaoloong grinned bitterly and also claimed, “Yang, do you recognize why I haven’t contacted you lately?”

Chen Yang trembled his head.


Qin Xiaoloong sighed and stated: “Recently, the 6 major sects are presently signing up with hands to assault our Mystic Dragon Cult, I have no other way of escaping.”

Chen Yang was shocked: “Brother Long, are you injure?”

Seeing Chen Yang’s concerned expression, Qin Xiaoloong’s heart warmed up as well as stated, “Do not stress, I’ll be great!”

Qin Xiaoloong said, “Fifty percent a month earlier, Sect Leader purchased all Cult Lord to head in the direction of the Kunlun Hills. I have never ever informed you as well as believed that the 6 significant sects would be besieging for a short time.

Qin Xiaoloong paused for a moment and continued, “Yang, bear in mind, you are my brother. Simply remain by my side and also I will definitely not allow anything occur to you.”

Chen Yang was a little touched. It turned out to be Qin Xiaoloong.

” We’re bros, that are we?” Qin Xiaoloong smiled and also patted Chen Yang’s shoulder. “I don’t have any household in this life, only you, my brother.”

Somehow, Chen Yang was irritated by Qin Xiaoloong’s words.

He really felt ashamed, however also a little bit guilty.

To be honest, he only began to aid Yu Lan.

Qin Xiaoloong truly treated him as a brother, he could feel it.

Rolls-Royce drove completely to Xichuan City Flight Terminal, and the minute they got out of the car, Chen Yang saw Kui Zi.

” Cult Lord, Armed Force Consultant!”

The minute both of them left the vehicle, Kui Zi walked up to them.

” Why are you right here?” Chen Yang asked.

” I asked him to find.”

Qin Xiaoloong smiled, “The scenario in the school is grim currently. With Zhang Kui to deal with you, I can be a little at ease.”

” Advisor, do not fret. Even if I die, I will not allow Cult Lord suffer also the tiniest quantity of damage!” Kui Zi claimed seriously.

Today, he was entirely devoted to Chen Yang. Also without Qin Xiaoloong’s order, he would not be reluctant to comply with along.

” Good sibling!” Chen Yang patted Kui Zi: “Do not worry, we will certainly be great this time.”

” Hee hee …” Kui Zi damaged his head and also smiled innocently.

Half a hr later on, the 3 of them boarded an aircraft heading for Mount Kunlun.

Mount Kunlun, likewise referred to as Mount Kunlun, China’s initial divine mountain, Multitude Ancestor Mountain.

It was the Ancestral Dragon Family, and the name of Mystic Dragon Cult was derived from this.

As a result of the high elevation of Mount Kunlun, the minute Chen Yang landed, he was met with a tragic plateau response.

His symptoms were very mild, and also his current cultivation level was not low either, so he obtained made use of to the atmosphere of the plateau the next day.

It was extremely cold right here. It was the beginning of the ninetieth month, as well as it was snowing heavily.

Thankfully, the airport had a market, otherwise, the two southerners, Chen Yang and Kui Zi, would certainly have adhered fatality below.

After exiting the airport terminal, Qin Xiaoloong told Chen Yang, “There are plenty of individuals from the 6 large sects close by. So keep in mind, don’t let anyone discover.

Just state we’re right here for a trip. ”

With that said, he tossed two luggage at the two of them. Inside the bags were hill climbing up tools and also outdoors tents.

Very good, I have believed it via thoroughly.

Along the way, the three of them walked and stopped. Once in a while, they would take a few photos, making them appear like they were travelling right here.

After a day of trekking with hills and also rivers, the 3 of them lastly reached the foot of Kunlun Hills.

Standing at the foot of the mountain, he stared up at the majestic Kunlun Mountains, feeling an inexpressible shock.

Given that the highway was already occupied by the people of the six major sects, Qin Xiaoloong brought Chen Yang and also the other two to go up the course.

Chen Yang and also his partner were both cool and also hungry, so they needed to beware not to make any type of loud noises. If they weren’t mindful, it might trigger an avalanche and they would all be cool.

It was getting dark, and the 3 of them camped behind a big leeward rock.

He originally believed that the outdoor tents inside the bag was implied to trick the six wonderful sects, yet in the long run, he actually did use it.

Chen Yang finally comprehended that Qin Xiaoloong had actually currently organized every little thing plainly for them.
Can you visualize three men gathered together in one camping tent just for warmth?

In any case, Chen Yang promised that he would never remain in the same tent as a male again in this life.

The following early morning, the 3 of them rose as well as began their trip. Around noon, they ultimately reached their destination, the Mystic Dragon Cult. It lay to the south of Mount Kunlun.

Can you imagine such an amazing building on top of a hill several thousand meters high?

Chen Yang saw a high wall surface lots of meters tall. On both sides of the door were sculptures of a female god with a head as well as a leopard’s body, yet it was a male statuary of a dragon-headed human god.

If he hadn’t seen mistakenly, this should be the epic Western Queen Mother and also the Eastern Prince Senior Citizen, both of whom were found in Mount Kunlun.

I never ever thought that these two gods would actually be placed at the entrance to guard it with Mystic Dragon Cult.

Qin Xiaoloong told Chen Yang that this was the back entrance of Mystic Dragon Cult as well as beyond of the door was a cliff that was thousands of meters deep.

Kui Zi stood at the side and also overlooked. His legs were weak from fright.

The hell, with such a steep surface, how could the Six Great Sects possibly assault?

” Hurry and also unlock, it’s Qin Xiaoloong!” Qin Xiaoloong screamed.

” Friends from afar!” A voice came from inside.
Qin Xiaoloong claimed, “Absolutely eliminate him!”

” Quick, open the door! The consultant is back!”

The tightly-shut door slowly opened up from the inside.

Loads of armored Mystic Dragon Cult disciples lined up in two rows, and knelt on one knee as they said pleasantly: “Invite home, Expert.”

F * ck!

The minute Chen Yang saw these individuals, he felt a sense of surrealism.

It was as if he had actually transmigrated from modern-day times to old times.

This sensation ended up being even stronger after Chen Yang entered the door.

There were rows upon rows of buildings inside eviction, which were different from the marvelous ambience of Sunlight Moon Holy Cult. The buildings inside the Mystic Dragon Cult threatened, as well as from the looks of it, the buildings inside were even more ancient than the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult.

It was as if all the cold had vanished as quickly as he got in the area, as if he had stepped from the chilly into the warm spring.

Chen Yang was amazed to see that there was a smoking ditch in between your house and your house.

Qin Xiaoloong informed Chen Yang that this was a warm spring.


Thermal springs?

On a mountain countless meters high, there was really a hot spring. This was completely against common sense.

No surprise it was so cozy inside, it was all as a result of the thermal spring.

Kui Zi didn’t understand what to claim any longer.

It was much like Granny Liu entering the Grand View Garden, curious everywhere.

After getting in the Mystic Dragon Cult, it was entirely Qin Xiaoloong’s globe. After practically two steps, there would certainly be people that would certainly stop and also acquiesce greet Qin Xiaoloong.

” Bro Long, I have actually decided that it’s better if I do not opt for you in the future.”

” Why?”.

Chen Yang smiled bitterly and also said, “The stress is undue!”.

Stating that, Kui Zi also nodded his head in agreement.

Qin Xiaoloong laughed as well as stated, “You’re my bro, you have to obtain utilized to it.”.

” Just how about this, I’ll obtain someone to bring you to rest. You and Zhang Kui can first take in the hot spring as well as clean off your fatigue.” Qin Xiaoloong waved his hand to call 2 servants over. He after that claimed to Chen Yang, “Have a great rest in the mid-day. There will be a grand bonfire conference tonight. I will present you to the Sect Leader then.”.

He patted Chen Yang on the shoulder and left.

” Cult Lord, the Military Consultant is actually going to advise you to the Sect Leader. You’re going to be rich this time around.” Kui Zi said in envy.

Chen Yang smiled and also didn’t claim anything.

In the afternoon, Chen Yang as well as Zhang Kui had a beautiful run to the hot spring and after that had a full meal.

The 2 of them slept peacefully. It had not been till a person knocked on the door that both of them got up.

When he opened the door, the servant was standing at the door with two lights in his hands. Kui Zi was virtually scared to death.

” This Cult Lord, the expert has been awaiting a long time. Please relocate.”.

Chen Yang responded and also complied with both of them.
The heck, why do these 2 appear like eunuchs?

Chen Yang looked like the emperor, and also he appeared like the Preacher of Imperial Family, and also these 2 eunuchs were the young eunuchs.

Paying Attention to Kui Zi mumbling to himself, Chen Yang virtually break out laughing.

5 mins later, Chen Yang came to a system. Qin Xiaoloong had been waiting on a long period of time.

Presently, Qin Xiaoloong was using an intense crown, a plume fan in his hand, as well as a cloak. If his beard had expanded any much longer, after that Zhuge would certainly have been dead.

” Younger sibling, I have actually been waiting for you.”.

Hearing Tan Xiaolong’s words, Chen Yang could not help yet shiver.

[What the hell is taking place? It has just been a few hours considering that I last saw him, exactly how did he become like this?

” Let’s go. The bonfire will start. Do not allow the sect leader wait too long.” Qin Xiaoloong held Chen Yang’s hand as he strolled towards the main hall.

At this time, the main hall was in an outcry. There were thousands of disciples standing in the huge hall.

In the center of the huge hall, there was a big bonfire. The fires lit up the entire large hall.

As quickly as he entered the hall, he can feel a wave of heat rushing in the direction of him.

There was no cauldron seal on top of the bonfire, so there was no need to worry about the fire.

Qin Xiaoloong walked in with Chen Yang. In a split-second, the surrounding people bowed and admired Qin Xiaoloong.

Qin Xiaoloong returned a smile and also drew Chen Yang in the direction of the major hall.

” Haha, the expert is back. My son is back.” The Patriarch of Mystic Dragon Cult giggled and stood from his seat: “Swiftly, advisor, swiftly turn up!”.

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