The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 263 (Read free online)

“Reporting to Sect Leader …” God, information originated from the Mystic Dragon Cult. They claimed that they had a total amount of eighty-seven adherents from our 6 major sects.” The disciple said anxiously, “If we do not pull back, after that … Simply eliminate them all! ”

” What?”.

Currently, every person in the camping tent stood up.

” …”.

Within the Mystic Dragon Cult Hall, the bonfire competitors was continuing in an organized manner.

Qin Xiaoloong, the White Dragon Ambassador placement was eliminated, so there wasn’t any loss to him whatsoever.

The placement of Armed force Advisor was transcendent, as well as the White Dragon Ambassador had also lowered his condition.

This moment, Qin Xiaoloong rested on the left side of the Sect Leader and Madam, complied with by Blue Dragon Ambassador Deng Yiqiu and Black Dragon Ambassador Geng Wudi.

Finally, there was Yellow Dragon Ambassador Wooh Tongtian, the one who collapsed after consuming the run out Obstacle Breaking Tablet at the Ding auction.

At that time, he was already subconscious, so he didn’t know that he knew Chen Yang.

Behind Wooh Tongtian was the foundation of the Mystic Dragon Cult, Sun Tie. It was reasonable to say that Chen Yang remained on the third row, yet due to Qin Xiaoloong, he was organized to sit next to Qin Xiaoloong.

Kui Zi was in an even worse state. He rested on the fourth row, yet he was currently pleased.

After 3 rounds of alcohol consumption as well as 5 recipes, a Mystic Dragon Cult disciple concerned report: “Coverage … The six significant sects have actually sent out information over. They simply do not believe that we have their devotees in our hands. “.

” Humph, you won’t cry till you see the coffin!” Loong Zaitian sneered and claimed, “Go, hang two people outside the city gateway. Let them have an excellent look!”.

” Yes sir!”.

Right after, two high as well as durable males stood up, opened up the iron cage, and dragged two individuals out.

He was an adherent of the Hua Shan Sect.

” Don’t, I ask you, let me go, do not …”.

” Sect Leader, I beg of you, I agree to submit to Mystic Dragon Cult …”.

The temperature level on Mount Kunlun at night was at the very least -20 levels Celsius. When they were recorded from the south, they were still fraying clothing. Not only were they shamed hanging outdoors, they were additionally adhered death.

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan was irritated. If it weren’t for the fact that she had actually been struck by the soft ligaments, she would certainly have long considering that eliminated that trash with her sword.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan had not been the just one who had rage written throughout her face. The disciples of the various other six significant sects likewise had actually temper composed all over their faces.

” Hahaha …” This is the supposed righteous sects, they are absolutely hilarious.” Deng Yiqiu chuckled out loud.

” Is this kind of soft-footed shrimp worthwhile of joining my Mystic Dragon Cult?” Black Dragon Ambassador Geng Wudi curled his lips in ridicule: “My Mystic Dragon Cult devotee, isn’t he a male with iron bones?”.

His words attracted the praise of the whole target market.

Hearing Loong Zaitian nod his head, the atmosphere became more and more dynamic.

Promptly after, he got his men to send out the devotees of the 6 large sects to the dungeon.

Ten minutes later, a Mystic Dragon Cult Adherent concerned report, “Reporting to Sect Leader, the 6 major sects have actually sent out a message that they have actually accepted withdraw!”.


Loong Zaitian instantly stood up, “Good, great, very good!”.


Immediately afterwards, Qin Xiaoloong et cetera likewise stood, increased their glasses and also shouted in unison, “Congratulations Sect Leader!”.

Loong Zaitian was unspeakably delighted. He elevated his glass and stated, “Today is a satisfied day.

” To the Sect Leader!”.

The thousand individuals yelled together.

The 6 significant sects were lastly mosting likely to leave. The stress on everybody’s hearts had been lifted.

Currently, Huang Long made Wooh Tongtian attract attention as well as claim: “Congrats Sect Leader He Xi Sect Leader, this time around the six significant sects have pulled back, from now on, no one can stop the progress of Mystic Dragon Cult any longer.”.

Loong Zaitian nodded as well as grinned, but did not say anything. He understood that this old man did not stand apart for no reason, something should have taken place.

Indeed, after Wooh Tongtian completed talking, he continued, “Hierarch, today is a wedding day, I have a presumptuous demand.”.

Loong Zaitian giggled and said, “Inform me about it.”.

Wooh Tongtian bowed and also stated: “I have been in the Mystic Dragon Cult for forty years as well as have no children. I humbly ask for that the Sect Leader concur.”.

Loong Zaitian was stunned. He assumed it was due to the fact that he wished to find a grandson-in-law for his granddaughter.

This was an advantage!

Wooh Tongtian’s granddaughter was strange and also really adorable, and was incredibly popular in Mystic Dragon Cult.

He had no kids, so he was really fond of Qin Yuhan.

After contemplating for a moment, Loong Zaitian claimed, “Yuhan is just 20 this year, isn’t Envoy Huang Long too nervous?”.

Hearing this, Wooh Tongtian came to be anxious and also swiftly kneeled on the ground: “Hierarch, I’ve currently passed through the ins 2014, I’m afraid I do not have actually many years left. If I don’t see Yuhan discover an excellent other half before I die, even if I die I won’t be able to rest in peace.”.

Hearing this, Loong Zaitian might not reject any longer. He understood that Qin Yuhan was infected by the cold toxin and needed to count on Wooh Tongtian’s deep abilities to prolong her life.

Because Wooh Tongtian was old, he was afraid that no one would take treatment of Qin Yuhan after he passed away.

” Alright, I guarantee you!” Loong Zaitian strolled to Wooh Tongtian’s side and also helped him up. “I likewise viewed Yuhan grow up, so I can not allow her down.”.

” Thanks, Sect Leader!” Wooh Tongtian was exceptionally thankful.

Ever since the Hua Shan Sect’s Sect Leader had actually identified his disciple, the initial plans of the 6 sects had been totally disrupted.

Hao didn’t wait to enjoy his disciple wail and also howl as he held on the city wall. He couldn’t wait to kill these two things with a solitary palm.

Just how humiliating, why did their Hua Shan Sect have 2 useless individuals?

” Hao Wu Steel, cool down. It is crucial that you think of a method to save your devotee.” Master Shi Ming stated the Buddhist word.

” That’s right.” The Replacement Sect Master Ma Da Xiao claimed, “Looks like we can only put aside our plans to attack Mystic Dragon Cult with each other.”.

” No way!” Eastern Sword King stated, “If we surrender just like that, after that our month of hard work will be lost, right?”.

” That’s right, I do not agree with that!” The Southern Sword King said.

” I concur too.”.

Under Master Shi Ming as well as Ma Da Xiao’s astonished gazes, Hao Wen said immediately: “What if this is the Mystic Dragon Cult’s plan?”.

” Additionally, we have actually already bordered Mystic Dragon Cult for a month, and are about to entirely ruin them. If we leave now, would not all of our efforts be for naught?” “For the sake of the stability of the martial arts globe, I have determined to eliminate my parents and also to allow my family go.”.

Upon hearing this, Eastern Sword King as well as the Southern Sword King’s faces were filled with appreciation.

Zhang Yuanqiao trembled his head, “No, that’s loads of lives. If this goes out, exactly how would certainly individuals of the globe treat us?”.

” No, I rather agree with what Hao Sect Leader said.” Martial Auntie Jing Lian claimed, “Longer discomfort is much better than much shorter pain. If one wishes to return Wu Lin to peace, after that there are bound to be sacrifices.”.

After he ended up, the entire camping tent fell into silence, complied with by the eruption of a debate.

Ultimately, no person submitted to each other, and also in the end, they all left on bad terms.

Hereafter argument, the alliance of the six significant sects was dead in name.

Qin Xiaoloong’s strategy did well, and also the effect was better than he anticipated.

At 10 in the evening, the Mystic Dragon Cult group spread.

Kui Zi, that was slightly intoxicated, carried the drunk Chen Yang back to his space.

Ye Zichen helped Chen Yang onto the bed, altered the blanket, and also staggered back to his room.

After a couple of more minutes, the room next door totally stopped relocating.

Chen Yang, that was lying on the bed, opened his eyes and also utilized Authentic Qi to vaporize the alcohol.

A few mins later, Chen Yang very carefully made his method to the kitchen area, got a handful of flour, some fit to be tied buns in the kitchen and afterwards left.

Along the way, Chen Yang satisfied numerous patrolling devotees. He had educated the Drifting Strategy to perfection, so he would not be discovered.

After searching for 20 mins, Chen Yang finally discovered the place of the dungeon.

The dungeon was sculpted from granite, and also the door was a significant Dragon-Breaking Rock, evaluating more than 10 thousand extra pounds.

With the Dragon-Breaking Rock gone, even the Golden Immortals wouldn’t be able to get away.

At the same time, there were two Mystic Dragon Cult disciples securing the entrance of the dungeon. It was difficult to rush in, so he can only think about a way to get it.

Adhering to that, Chen Yang worked the flour in his hand. Quickly, a mask that was as thin as a cicada’s wing showed up.

He checked out the devotee safeguarding the door, then positioned the flour mask on his face and made use of the Genuine Qi s to massage the acupuncture points on his face according to the strategy.

Gradually, Chen Yang’s face altered.

After transforming his appearance, Chen Yang picked up a stone from the ground and threw it out.

” Who is it?”.

The devotee securing the dungeon suddenly reversed and also shouted from the darkness.

” Get the hell out of here!” The adherent barked.

” What the hell? It was shocking.” The adherent next to him was copulating his back versus the door and had actually been woken up by him.

” I’ll go have a look.”.

What’s the issue? The devotee mumbled to himself and also after that shut his eyes.

” Come out!”.

” I see you …”.

Prior to he can complete his words, his vision went black and he lost consciousness.

A rustling sound could be heard as the adherent relaxing near the entry of the dungeon said impatiently, “Hey, what are you doing?”.

Currently, a person left from the darkness. He shook his body as well as said with a smile, “Sorry, it was a bit hassle-free just now.”.

” Hmph, I told you currently, who exists?” After claiming that, he shut his eyes once more.

At this time, the “Mystic Dragon Cult” adherent’s eyes blinked with a bright light. He was really Chen Yang who had transformed his appearance.

After That, Chen Yang promptly reached out his hand as well as continued the acupuncture point at the back entrance of his mind. The disciple promptly turned as soft as mud and slept on the ground.

After he ended up, Chen Yang rapidly took a torch as well as walked in.

Before involving the dungeon, he had actually calculated the moment it would certainly consider the patrolling disciples to reach the dungeon.

He only had half an hour.

The moment he went into the dungeon, the temperature level visited a couple of dozen levels, as well as also the fire was swallowed up by the darkness.


So cool!

Chen Yang felt that his hands as well as feet were about to ice up.

What made Chen Yang really feel even more excruciating was the revolting rotten odor that filled up the dungeon.

He needed to reduce his nausea or vomiting and thrust the lantern right into the dungeon via the steel column as thick as an arm.

The moment the prisoners inside saw the fire, they instantly huddled in worry.

” Don’t hit me, I was wrong, I was wrong …”.

” I don’t wish to pass away. Let me go …”.

” No, Yu Lan isn’t right here.” He drank his head and also pulled the lantern out of the dungeon.

The dungeon was massive, about 2 or three hundred square meters.

Chen Yang had no choice but to browse individually. The deeper he went, the chillier the temperature became. It was as if he had actually gone into an icebox.

At such a low temperature, they were also poisoned by the Soft Muscle Mass Powder. It was merely difficult for them to stand up to the cold.

Thinking of this, Chen Yang quickened his search.

At the end of the dungeon, Chen Yang located an adherent from Emei Hill.

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