The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 264 (Read free online)

Inside the gloomy as well as moist dungeon, a dozen of Emei female disciples were snuggling close to each other to keep cozy.

Nevertheless, they were still shivering from the cold.
Chen Yang was overjoyed and also promptly shouted, “Is Yu Lan here?”

” That …” Who called me?” A weak voice came from the darkness.
She was great!

Chen Yang breathed freely. He promptly tossed the fit to be tied bun he had hidden in his pocket into the pot. “Rush, you people eat.”

The disciples of the Emei Mountain had been depriving for 2 days as well as two nights, and also were starving to the point where their breasts were pushed versus their backs.

He grabbed the fit to be tied bun on the floor and also stuffed it right into his mouth.

Currently, a woman with disheveled hair climbed with trouble and also shouted at Chen Yang, “You … “That specifically are you? Exactly how do you understand my name?”

Chen Yang was shocked. Damn, he was about to say something.

He didn’t know exactly how to explain, so he maintained quiet.

” You … Do you understand me? ”

Chen Yang didn’t state anything, he simply brought the torch closer.

Yu Lan saw a strange face via the dark firelight.

Yu Lan believed in frustration. This was the Mystic Dragon Cult, exactly how could he be below?

Yu Lan chuckled bitterly.

” This big brother below is additionally …” “Do you still have much more fit to be tied buns? I’m really also hungry. Can I give you much more?” Currently, a female Emei Mountain disciple stated in a weak voice within the group.

The sound was not loud, and he might hear it in the bordering rooms.

In an instant, appeals sounded out from the dungeon.

” Big brother, I’m depriving, please provide me some food, I’m from the Hua Shan Sect, when I venture out, I’ll certainly spend for it with a lot of gold.”

” I’m from Wudang Sect, my master is from Wudang Sect, vice president Sect Leader …”

” I am the Shaolin Faction …”

” Every one of you shut up!” Chen Yang shouted, “That the f * ck is compeling him? I’ll kill him today.”

As quickly as he completed, nobody attempted to talk.

They were now clear, the individual before them was an unpardonably bad Mystic Dragon Cult fan, prompting him would absolutely be eliminating individuals.

Chen Yang heckled the women adherents of Emei Mountain: “Few, simply this many.”

The female adherent was frightened and also really did not attempt to talk any longer after Chen Yang screamed.

This noise … Why was this voice so acquainted?

Yu Lan bit her lips.
Why did this person’s voice noise so comparable to his?

” This big brother, can you provide us some clothes and also some antipyretic drugs?” Yu Lan took a deep breath and also stated, “The temperature within is as well reduced. We are all putting on straightforward garments.

If this takes place, we will adhere death.” “Likewise, plenty of us are currently having a high temperature. If we don’t get the fever back up quickly, I hesitate …”

The devotees of Emei Mountain all looked at each other. Martial Auntie Qing Yuan had a high temperature, and also Faang Yi had a high temperature. The only one who was alright currently was Yu Lan, the Emei Hill disciple, and First Elder Sibling.

If even she collapsed, then everybody in the Emei Hill would totally lose their backbone.

Chen Yang frowned. Where can I discover antipyretic drugs at this time of evening?

Got it, he remembered that he had some herbs on him, one of them was called Skies Spirit Grass, after using it he might minimize the high temperature.

Thinking of it, Chen Yang checked out his pocket and also threw it over: “You can decrease the fever.”

Just as he finished talking, light footsteps came from outdoors.

Bad, the patrolling disciple had actually shown up.

Chen Yang quickly ran out of the dungeon, and when the adherents that were patrolling the location had not shown up, he lightly pushed the rear of the Mystic Dragon Cult adherent’s head.

” Rise, the patrolling disciples are coming.” Chen Yang slapped his face.

After that disciple heard Chen Yang’s words, he worried as well as promptly stood up from the ground.

Darn! Somebody had simply involved sleep.
What was the point of patrolling so vigilantly? Didn’t the six major sects need to leave already?

The devotee kept mumbling to himself.

A few seconds later, a couple of patrolling disciples walked over with torches in their hands. They asked Chen Yang, “Just how is it, is there any type of activity in the dungeon?”

Chen Yang stated, “When I went to the dungeon to see them, I located the disciples of the 6 big sects inside were concerning to freeze to fatality. Should we send some clothing to them to secure them from the cold?”


After hearing Chen Yang’s words, the patrolling disciple right away got in the dungeon. The result was exactly as Chen Yang had actually stated.

A few of them were currently chilly and also jumbled. If they came a little later, they could have currently been frozen to death.

These were very important hostages. If something occurred, the higher-ups would absolutely penalize them.

Ten mins later, the patrolling adherent walked into the dungeon while carrying some quilted garments.

After the patrolling disciples left, Chen Yang quickly removed his garments as well as placed them back on the unconscious Mystic Dragon Cult disciples in the corner while the other securing disciple remained in the dungeon checking the number of people.

Before leaving, Chen Yang pushed the rear of his head and also left the dungeon.

It was one o’clock in the early morning when he returned to his space.

He took off his clothes and put down on the bed. Quickly, a wave of fatigue hit him as well as he fell under a deep sleep.

That evening, Chen Yang had another ludicrous dream.

In his dreams, his Mystic Dragon Cult was breached by the six significant sects. With fantastic stamina, he transformed the trend and also ended up being the Sect Leader.

Nevertheless, just as he was about to take his position on the throne, the door of the space was pushed open.

Kui Zi walked in from the outdoors as well as shook him awake.

” Great smelling.” “Helm Lord, rush and also stand up. We can see the show currently.”

Chen Yang was having a lovely desire and also was about to kiss an elegance, yet the charm unexpectedly developed into Kui Zi. Exactly how could he remain in an excellent state of mind?

” What is the commotion?” Chen Yang stated in inconvenience.
” Yellow Dragon Ambassador, you’re completing in the Bridegroom Look Competition?”

” What?”.

Chen Yang was stunned, “You’re speaking about an awful envoy from the Yellow Dragon Ambassador?”.

” Pah pah pah! You’re wrong, the Yellow Dragon Ambassador is hiring for his granddaughter!”.

F * ck?
Assist that barbaric lady recruit a spouse?

Chen Yang’s rate of interest was instantaneously ignited. Naturally, he had no intention of getting involved in all. He simply wanted to view from the sidelines.

In next to no time at all, both of them arrived at the Groom Look Competition field.

The surrounding area was already filled with Mystic Dragon Cult disciples.

In this Bridegroom Search Competitors, as long as you are a disciple of Mystic Dragon Cult, despite your standing.

However, there was a condition for participating in the Groom Search Competitors: one needed to be under thirty years of ages, and also have an Inherent Phase of a minimum of the highest degree.

Of all, those over the age of thirty were left out.

Above Innate Stage, there were likewise many individuals that were left out.

Not more than a hundred disciples whose whole Mystic Dragon Cult satisfied the requirements.

In the stands, the Sect Leader and Madam were currently seated. Following closely behind them were Qin Xiaoloong, Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Black and White Satanic Force.

As the initiator of this competition, the Yellow Dragon Ambassador held a bronze gong in his hand. Standing in the center of the ring, he discussed the regulations of the competitors: “For this Bridegroom Look Competition, you can use your tool, yet you can’t eliminate anybody.

” Those who obtain first place will certainly get married tonight. At that time, they will obtain wed under the witness of the head of the institution.”.

After he ended up talking, he rang the gong in his hand, and the Bridegroom Browse Competition officially started.

At the same time, in Qin Yuhan’s room, there was a little Maidservant with a face full of scars. Her hands and feet were chained with iron chains. She raided the window and overlooked. From here she might clearly see the martial arts arena.

” Miss, the match has started.” Little Maidservant checked out Qin Yuhan as well as stated, “Miss, do you wish to come to take a look?”.

” Stop talking, unsightly bastard!”.

Qin Yuhan covered her head with the blanket. She would never have actually believed that her grandpa, who doted on her one of the most, would in fact wed her off in such a careless way like the Bridegroom Browse Competition.

Considering just how she was going to cope with someone she didn’t such as for loads of years, she felt unfortunate. She intended to run, however her dantian had actually currently been sealed by her grandfather, so there was no chance she could get away.

” Wuu … wuu …” “You’re all big scoundrels, and also you’re all bullying me …” Qin Yuhan couldn’t help but cry.

Listening to Qin Yuhan’s crying, Xiao Maidservant ran over to the bed and also comforted, “Miss, do not cry …”.

” Obtain lost, you awful bastard!”.

Little Maidservant compelled a smile as she proceeded viewing the competitors with the home window.

The battle on the stage remained in full speed. If he could make a pot of tea as well as get some seeds, then that would certainly be best.

Currently, Kui Zi whispered into Chen Yang’s ear.

Chen Yang responded, stood up and walked around to the stands from behind.

” Yang, come below rapidly!” Qin Xiaoloong swung at Chen Yang.

Chen Yang involved Qin Xiaoloong’s side and also asked, “Bro Long, what’s wrong?”.

” Yang, I think you can experiment with this Groom Search Competition also.” Qin Xiaoloong stated with a smile.

” Sibling Long, I’m currently married. Forget about the Groom Search Competitors.” Chen Yang grinned bitterly. So the reason he called him up was to obtain him to go up on phase.

” Hey, what’s wrong with having an other half?” Qin Xiaoloong stated, “A good guy has his heart set on the globe. What if he has 3 spouses and four courtesans?

You are presently the youngest in the background of Mystic Dragon Cult, Helm Lord. If you can come to be the grandson-in-law of the Yellow Dragon Ambassador, perhaps when the Yellow Dragon Ambassador retires, you can take over his position … “.

Qin Xiaoloong stated patiently.

Chen Yang could only smile bitterly.

Forget it. He hadn’t even resolved Xia Lan’s problem. If he included the unreasonable Qin Yuhan, would certainly he still have the ability to live?

On the Bridegroom Search Competitors’s arena.

An individual called Huo Jingaang had actually already won 20 rounds. Currently, he yelled towards the audience: “Exists anybody else that wishes to turn up? Exists any person else? “.

As he talked, he mimicked the gorilla as well as defeat his own breast.

A roar originated from his mouth and also no person dared to increase onto the stage.

Although they couldn’t eliminate him, Huo Jingaang was born with brute force, so he swung him like a hammer on the stage.

Even if he really did not die, he would certainly be half maimed.

Right now, Qin Yuhan, that was in her space, was also tired from crying. She rubbed her eyes and also asked Little Maidservant, “You hideous bastard, exists anyone that looks better on the stage?”.

Little Maidservant stretched her neck and checked out the arena, shaking her head. “Little …” “Miss, for the time being …”.

A person flew out from the stands right into the ring prior to he even ended up speaking.

” Plop!”.
That individual failed on his face!

F * ck, Sibling Long, if you desire me to go up on phase, after that say hello to me too.

Chen Yang seemed like all the bones in his body will break down.

In the stands, the Black Dragon agent beside Qin Xiaoloong, Geng Wudi, said to Qin Xiaoloong, “This kid is also f * cking slow-moving. Armed forces Consultant, don’t seethe at me for kicking him down.”.

Qin Xiaoloong chuckled as well as gently waved the plume follower in his hand: “Intriguing, fascinating …”.

” Miss, come quickly …” Yes … “Yes …”.

” Hideous bastard, what is it?” Qin Yuhan frowned and asked, “What are you stammering concerning?”.

” Yes …” “One of them is attractive.” Little Maidservant directed at the stage as she spoke with Qin Yuhan.

” Humph, I would love to see how ‘gorgeous’ you, a hideous bastard, can be!” Qin Yuhan strolled to the home window and pushed Little Maidservant to the side.

When she clearly saw the individual on the arena phase, she was totally numbed.
Oh my god!

Why was this stinking point right here?

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