The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 267 (Read free online)

Seeing this scene, Chen Yang’s head buzzed and immediately went blank.

Right after, wish climbed in his heart and slowly ingested his rationality.

” Odiferous thing …” “I’m so warm …”

At this moment, Qin Yuhan’s bright red gown had currently slipped halfway, disclosing her fair as well as delicate shoulders.

She felt like a dehydrated fish, determined to return to the water.

” No …” “We can not look at, we can not …” Chen Yang still had a trace of reason left. He bit his tongue as well as the taste of blood instantaneously filled his mouth.

Chen Yang was additionally a bit much more clear-headed, so he reversed and also quit taking a look at Qin Yuhan.

That bone-piercing audio came from behind him, gradually pushing his mind right into the abyss.

” Odiferous point …” Am I going to make you despise me like this … ”

As she stated that, her soft as well as fragile hand hooked onto Chen Yang from behind, creating a hot as well as fragile body to stick closely to her.


He might feel the soft qualities even via his clothes.

The evil fire immediately break out from his lower abdominal area and also engulfed his whole body. Wish sparked his rationality to the point where not also ashes remained.

He got Qin Yuhan and also threw her onto the bed, catching her …

Little Maidservant, who was standing guard outside the door, flushed to her ears when she heard this. She listened for 2 hrs, 2 hrs, prior to the commotion inside progressively died down.

Little Maidservant’s legs went soft from listening.

She gritted her teeth and rose from the ground. She picked up the towel that she had prepared earlier as well as pressed unlock, entering the area.

Upon entering the door, an enchanting aura pounced on her. Little Maidservant’s legs, which were currently weak, came to be also softer.

” Aunt …” Young Master, let me help you.” Little Maidservant lowered her head, not daring to check out Chen Yang on the bed.

Presently, Chen Yang did not know what was taking place outdoors, it was as if he entered an enchanting realm.

Currently, the Genuine Qi in his body began to revolve instantly.

One week, two weeks … Thirty-six cycles.

In just a short period of 2 to 3 breaths, he had in fact carried out a complete flow. If others were to find out about this, their jaws would most likely go down to the flooring in shock.

Seeing that there was no answer, Maidservant sought out as well as discovered Chen Yang resting on the bed with his upper body nude and his eyes closed.

He’s … Meditation?

She was amazed. Meditation was the Buddhist saying, as well as growers typically called it sudden enlightenment.

Such things might only be encountered by chance and not demanded. To growers, this was an excellent opportunity.

Little Maidservant really did not dare to move. She reversed and took a look at Qin Yuhan.

Currently, Qin Yuhan was lying beside Chen Yang with her back bare. She had actually slept with rips still hanging from the corners of her eyes.

From her angle, one might see that her back contained scars.

This young master was too much, not caring for the fairer sex in any way.

Little Maidservant grumbled inwardly, but she didn’t risk to make a sound. She put the dry towel on the side of the bed as well as sat down on a close-by chair, waiting on the summons.

The next day, Chen Yang was stired up by a scream.

Before he can open his eyes, he felt an acute pain in his upper body. He searched for as well as saw Qin Yuhan attacking into his chest.

” I’ll bite you to death, I’ll bite you to fatality, you having an odor thing, you pet thing, I’ll bite you to fatality …”

Qin Yuhan bit Chen Yang as she scraped his body with her nails.


Chen Yang wheezed hurting.

” Quick, rapidly release!” Chen Yang did not dare to be fortunate in case he harmed Qin Yuhan.

” Miss … Miss, please release.” Currently, Maidservant awakened from her sleep on the chair and also went to the bed to encourage her.

” Obtain lost, you ugly bastard!” Qin Yuhan was furious. This stinky point had actually done something revolting to her the other day. “I’m mosting likely to attack this smelly thing to death today.”

Little Maidservant anxiously claimed, “Miss, if you don’t chill out currently, you’re going to bite off every one of Youthful Master’s flesh.”

” Rush and also let go, it injures, it injures …” Chen Yang cried out in pain, but Qin Yuhan rejected to allow him go.

At this minute, Chen Yang also got upset. If she really did not plague him yesterday, exactly how would he make an error?

After which, he extended his hand downwards as well as made an understanding activity.

” Ah …” Qin Yuhan immediately cried out in alarm.

Currently, Chen Yang hurriedly embarked on the bed. He really did not wear a solitary hair, and was entirely nude.

” Ah …”

When Little Maidservant saw it, she blared as well as turned around in shock.

Chen Yang grinned bitterly and also promptly said, “Sorry, sorry.”

With that said, Chen Yang placed on the clothes on the side in a fluster. Nevertheless, the garments were torn by him the evening before.

” That … Are there anymore clothes? ”

” Yes …” “Yes.” Little Maidservant turned around with a flush. When she saw Chen Yang holding his leg and also covering his chest, she could not help but break out laughing. This Young Master was really amusing.

After that, she picked up the new clothing that she had actually prepared, walked to Chen Yang’s side as well as stated: “Young Master, let me help you get dressed.”

Chen Yang will decline. Qin Yuhan, who was lying on the bed, scolded, “Ugly bastard, you’re not enabled to put clothes on this smelly point.”

” I assume it’s far better if you provide me the garments. I’ll do it myself.” Chen Yang laughed dryly as well as claimed.

Chen Yang took the garments and altered his clothes behind the display.

Little Maidservant involved the bedside. “Miss, let me help you up. It’s time to pay respects to the Old Master.”

” I’m not going, I’m not going …” “Get shed, I don’t wish to go …” Qin Yuhan buried her head in the blanket as well as started to sob.

This stinky thing actually treated her like this. She remained in so much pain that she will pass away.

Her entire body was covered in bruises. Exactly how could she fulfill others? Now, she actually intended to attack this stinking point to fatality.

Simply after that, someone knocked on the door. “You awful bastard, are Young Master as well as Young Miss awake?” “It’s time to pay his aspects to the Old Master.”

” I’m awake, I’m awake, I’m coming.” Little Maidservant responded.

” Alright, don’t make the Old Master wait as well long.” As he spoke, the footprints from outdoors went away into the range.

Right now, Chen Yang had actually likewise altered his clothing. He took a look at Little Maidservant and stated, “I’m leaving initially.”

After saying that, he left the space as if he was leaving.

” … …”

The servant brought Chen Yang to the main hall. Currently, Wooh Tongtian was being in his seat with a walking cane in his hand as well as a cup of tea in his hand.

Seeing Chen Yang, he instantly put down his teacup as well as said with a smile, “Kid, did you relax well last evening?”

You’re alone? Wooh Tongtian asked.

” Huang …” “Grandfather, Yuhan, she …” What did you make with her granddaughter? You call her a Yellow Dragon Ambassador? Then … This is excessive.

Before he ended up, Wooh Tongtian stated, “I understand, I recognize. This woman has actually always been thin-skinned because she was young, she needs to be timid.”

Wooh Tongtian imitated he comprehended.

Chen Yang grinned awkwardly as well as really did not say anything.

At this time, Wooh Tongtian stood up, walked to Chen Yang’s side and also claimed, “Grandson-in-law, now that I’ve married Yuhan to you, she’s yours. There are some things that grandpa ought to inform you. ”

Wooh Tongtian sighed as well as claimed, “Yuhan is a little bit willful, yet she doesn’t have any type of poor intentions. You have to let her go. I have actually spoiled her, so you need to be much more tolerant.”

Chen Yang nodded in agreement.

” En!”.

Wooh Tongtian nodded with contentment, then rejected the servants in the hall and also stated, “There’s one more thing, that’s one of the most vital point. I hope you can guarantee me that.”.

Chen Yang was stunned. Why did he all of a sudden become so severe?

Why did he have the sensation of being alone?

” Grandfather, inform me. As long as I can do it, I will not shirk obligation.”.

” Good, I was right concerning him!” Wooh Tongtian patted Chen Yang’s shoulder, “You should learn about the cold poisonous substance in Yuhan, right?”.


Qin Yuhan was infected by the cool poison?

Chen Yang frowned. He did not know regarding this.

” Grandpa, Qin …” Did Yu Han get the cold poison? “.

” You do not understand?” Wooh Tongtian took a look at Chen Yang in shock, “Weren’t you having fun with Yuhan earlier? Did Yuhan not tell you? “.

Chen Yang was embarrassed. What man and woman good friends? The two of them could not even be considered close friends, yet they really did not like each other at all.

” This child needs to hesitate of informing you he’s sad.” Wooh Tongtian sighed and said, “When Yuhan was 5 years of ages, my opponents came seeking me. My bad boy and also daughter-in-law were killed by them to protect Yuhan. Even so, Yuhan was still not able to escape his evil hands as well as was struck by the savage Inferno Profound Hand. “.

” This Nether Profound Hand is really savage, when struck, the cool toxin will get into the body’s inner body organs.” Wooh Tongtian claimed with a sad face, “Moreover, the chilly poisonous substance can just be reduced.

That’s why I have actually been reducing the chilly poison in Yuhan’s body with my very own power for the past fifteen years.”.


Isn’t this as well self-important?

Chen Yang asked in confusion, “Grandpa, is there actually no way to dispel the cold poison in Yuhan’s body?”.

” Yes, and no!” Wooh Tongtian responded, then drank his head.

” Yes or no? “What do you suggest?” Chen Yang asked.

” Just the growers of the Celestial Human being Improvement have the ability to dissolve the Nether Profound Palms, but in the past 2 a century, nobody has had the ability to break through to the Celestial Human Being Makeover, so this road will not function.

There’s one more means, I saw in the old documents, there is a type of high leveled Pill ‘Pure Yang Real Pellet’ that can dissolve this Inferno Profound Hand’s chilly poison, however after the Dan Sect was ruined a couple of a century back, the inheritance of alchemy finished.

The alchemy now is simply an insufficient item of ancient doctors integrated with traditional Chinese medication, it’s totally pointless. “.

Wooh Tongtian smiled bitterly and also claimed, “So, neither of these choices work.”.

” It’s all my fault for being useless. The solution is right before me, but I can’t do anything concerning it.”.

Chen Yang did not say anything as he skimmed The Thousand Gold Prescription in his mind. This Pure Yang True Tablet was indeed a high degree Pill.

Remarkably, there were more than 120 types of active ingredients needed to prepare the Pure Yang Real Tablet. Most notably, a sliver of the Grand Sunlight Primordial Fire was needed to create the Pure Yang Real Tablet.

As for the Grand Sunlight Primordial Fire, only farmers with Return Genuine Stage were able to condense it.

Depositing medical active ingredients, also the Grand Sun Primordial Flame was incredibly rare.

He was only at the Xiantian world currently … Perfection?

What was taking place?

Exactly how did he all of a sudden come to be an Inherent Perfection?

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