The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 271 (Read free online)

“Devotees, listen up! Damaging the Mystic Dragon Cult is today!” Following the command provided by the Hua Shan Sect’s Vice Head of state Sect Leader, the total assault of the Mystic Dragon Cult for the six huge parties started.

The Mystic Dragon Cult’s terrain was steep, and also was simple to protect yet tough to assault. Lots of devotees were smashed by the falling rocks on the city wall surfaces up until they hemorrhaged a lot.

Seeing this scene, Martial Aunt Jing Lian was exasperated. “These evil spirits are unforgivable!”

” Amitabha!” Master Shi Ming claimed, “An outsider must be eliminated. Today, we will certainly remove the evil for credibility.”

Zhang Yuanqiao frowned and also did not say anything. He did not know why, yet he felt that something was wrong.

Why were there just a few normal disciples in addition to the city wall surfaces, as well as some higher ups of the Mystic Dragon Cult?

What regarding the 4 fantastic dragon agents?

Why was he not seeing them?

” Don’t worry, every person.” Zhang Yuanqiao spoke out the doubts in his heart with a significant expression.

After he finished talking, the Replacement Sect Master Ma Da Xiao had a serious expression on his face as he stated, “Zhang Sect Leader indicates that there’s a trick to Mystic Dragon Cult?”

Zhang Yuanqiao responded.

” Zhang Sect Leader, exactly how could there be many schemes and also methods.” The Southern Sword King curled his lips as well as said: “This Mystic Dragon Cult has actually currently been besieged by us for greater than a month. If they don’t appear as well as combat us, they’ll starve to death!”

” What bit brother said is right!” Eastern Sword King nodded in agreement.

” I overthought it.” Zhang Yuanqiao smiled.

” Principal, I have something important to report!”

” What’s the issue with Yuan Zhen?” Master Shi Ming considered Yuan Zhen, “Promptly talk.”

” We have spies with Mystic Dragon Cult.”

” What?”.

The minute Yuan Zhen ended up, everyone’s expression altered significantly.

They all considered each other warily.

Master Shi Ming frowned and claimed, “Yuan Zhen has no evidence, so you can’t speak rubbish.”.

” Principal, do you not believe in my personality?” Yuan Zhen claimed with a significant expression.

” Master Yuan Zhen, can you inform me that this spy is?” Lili claimed resentfully, “I will absolutely eliminate him with my very own hands!”.

No wonder they were able to think their following action every single time they struck Mystic Dragon Cult.

” Master, talk!” If he knew who it was, he would certainly let him know just how good he was with canines.

Yuan Zhen was reluctant for a moment and claimed, “It’s tough to claim. Just how about this, I’ll inform the head and also let the head make a decision.”.

Master Shi Ming shouted a Buddhist incantation and claimed to the crowd, “Everyone, please turn around.”.

Zhang Yuanqiao as well as the rest were a little dissatisfied, they still transformed around.

” Yuan Zhen, come over below!”.

” Yes, Principal.” Yuan Zhen strolled to Shi Ming’s side as well as stated, “Chief, come over and also listen, I’ll tell you!”.

Shi Ming responded and also came over.

Approaching more detailed, Yuan Zhen’s mouth disclosed a cold smile: “Leader, this spy is …”.

” Puchi!”.

The blade in Yuan Zhen’s hand straight stabbed into Master Shi Ming’s breast.

” Ah …”.

Master Shi Ming howled.

Immediately, the 6 men turned around.

Soon after, they were stunned. They looked at Yuan Zhen, whose hands were covered in blood, as well as Master Shi Ming, that was depending on a swimming pool of blood. Their eyes were loaded with shock.

” Evil creature, so you’re that spy!” In that instant, Martial Aunt Jing Lian reacted. In the next moment, a chilly and also treasured sword appeared in her hand.

With a flick of his wrist, the cherished sword promptly punctured towards Yuan Zhen: “Pass away, repellent spawn. Today, I will get rid of Shaolin.”.

” Hahaha …” “What large words you have there.” Yuan Zhen giggled aloud, sensation as if a heavy problem had actually been raised. He had actually lastly eliminated Shiming with his very own hands, the individual that took the seat of honor from him, from today onwards, there would no more be Master Yuan Zhen in this globe.

” After that come!” As he spoke, Yuan Zhen sent a hand assault.

The minute the sword was about to hit Yuan Zhen, Yuan Zhen got the Demon Battling Pestle from his back as well as obstructed Martial Auntie Jing Lian’s fatal attack.


The great Martial Aunt opened her eyes vast.

Just How can Yuan Zhen obstruct the Great Recuperation when he was just at the early stage of the Rebirth …

” You evildoer, you actually concealed your real strength.” Martial Aunt Jing Lian gritted her teeth as she talked.


The minute he claimed that, Yuan Zhen launched his mood with no restraint.

It was a mood that was not the least bit weak than Martial Aunt Jing Lian, perhaps also somewhat more powerful than her.

” Creep, I have actually endured you for a long period of time!” Without any caution, a silver needle flashed from the center of Yuan Zhen and Martial Aunt’s Demon Fighter Pestle.

Martial Auntie Jing Lian slanted her head sideways, barely evading the attack. Nonetheless, she could not avoid Yuan Zhen’s [ Vajra Palm]

” Pfft!”.

After sending Jing Lian flying with a palm strike, a mouthful of blood shot out from her mouth.

Martial Auntie Jing Lian’s hand strike was powerful and also vicious, and it created chaos within her body.

” Burglar, you have intestines.”.

The two Sword Kings from the southeast utilized their swords to obstruct Yuan Zhen’s course.

” Yuan Zhen, as a Shaolin older, why did you do this?”.

” Zhang Yuanqiao, don’t think that just because you have Return Genuine Phase, I’ll hesitate of you!” Yuan Zhen chuckled like a crazy satanic force, “I’m not playing with you any longer!”.

” Look at the concealed weapon!”.

Shua shua.

Dozens of beads shot out from Yuan Zhen’s hand.

” Bam!”.

The grain blew up airborne and also spread into fragments. Everyone subconsciously blocked it.

A thick cloud of smoke increased.

When the smoke cleared, Yuan Zhen was still there.

” Darn!” Ma Dashou cursed and also will give chase.

” Hang on!” Zhang Yuanqiao stopped Ma Da Xiao, “Sect Leader Ma, quick … Hurry and also tell this devotee ahead back. There’s a technique, quick … “Get Hao Wu Steel to pull away quickly …”.

When Ma Da Xiao heard that, he promptly heckled Hao Wen, who was leading, “Hao Wei, swiftly resort …”.


Quick Press?

Hao Budian nodded his head consistently and shouted to the devotees of the 6 major sects: “Disciples, listen up, rapidly push!”.

” Eliminate!”.

” Fee onward as well as kill these boys of bitches …”.

” Ah …”.

Battle cries, screams, as well as the audio of dealing with loaded the air before the city entrances of Mystic Dragon Cult.

And currently, the losses of the Mystic Dragon Cult’s devotees were rather heavy. Most importantly, not a single one of the higher ups had gotten here, so how much time could they keep watch over the location with these devotees?

If it weren’t for the reality that they were counting on the high terrain, more than likely, their Mystic Dragon Cult s would certainly have been beat currently. The number of individuals in the 6 major sects was several times more than their Mystic Dragon Cult s.

” Quick, go call for help …” A big chief on top of the city heckled the devotee that was offering the order.

” Yes …”.

” … …”.

Beyond, inside the Mystic Dragon Cult Hall, the huge door was closed tight and the people outside had no idea what was occurring inside the hall.

Other than Deng Yiqiu, every person else fell down onto the ground.

Qin Xiaoloong glared at him as well as said, “Deng Yiqiu, you … “You really planted a soft powder in our wine.”.

The soft tendon powder was colourless and unsavory. Once poisoned, one couldn’t muster up any kind of stamina in all unless one eaten the antidote.

Hahaha …

Deng Yiqiu laughed out chuckled and said, ClaimedI guessed. It’s a pity that I do not have the incentive.”.

” Why are you doing this?” “How did you obtain the Divine Dragon Symbol as well as the ring?” Geng Wudi asked.

” Give us the antidote rapidly, otherwise when the High Priestess comes out of seclusion, you will certainly be finished!” Bai Sha shouted at Deng Yiqiu.

” Rapidly offer me the antidote …”.

” Promptly …”.

The people of His Highness yelled in unison.

Deng Yiqiu’s expression turned cold. With a flick of his wrist, a big blade unexpectedly appeared in his hand.

” Puchi!”.

He strolled to a Cult Lord and also reduced his throat.

” Puchi!”.

This time around, it was Helm Lord!

Next, he waved his blade as well as killed loads of Cult Lord and Helm Lord. The smell of blood filled the entire hall.

Qin Xiaoloong and the rest were furious, “Deng Yiqiu, you should have to die …”.

” Stop, Deng Yiqiu.”.

” All of you shriek, every one of you yell! All of you yell, every one of you scream! I’ll kill one of you!” Deng Yiqiu looked at every person with killing intent.

Blood leaked from his sword, and also everybody closed their mouths.

” Blue Dragon Ambassador, please allow us go.”.

” Please, Blue Dragon Ambassador, please …” “We agree …”.

” Let us go.”.

” Every one of you shut up!” Deng Yiqiu waved his sword and blood sprinkled throughout his face.

” I’ll allow you off, who’s going to let my junior sis off? That’s going to allow my junior sibling off …” Haha … Given that junior is dead, you can all go as well as accompany them in fatality. “.

Currently, Deng Yiqiu had totally lost his mind. His eyes turned blood-red as well as the murder intent in his eyes can not be dissipated.

” Rapidly quit! Promptly stop!”.

If looks might eliminate people, Deng Yiqiu would certainly have tens of thousands of openings.

” Do not stress, it’ll be your turn quickly.”.

” Grandfather, we … Will he die?” Qin Yuhan looked at Wooh Tongtian in anxiety.

” Excellent kid, do not hesitate. The head will most definitely save us.” Wooh Tongtian comforted her.

” Wuu … wuu …” Senior Brother, I’m so frightened …” The Black Demon sobbed as it spoke.

” Shut up!” Bai Sha cursed at him and also took a look at Qin Xiaoloong, “Armed Force Expert, could Sect Leader have …”.


Qin Xiaoloong sighed. Since Deng Yiqiu had acquired the Divine Dragon Token as well as the ring, the Sect Leader would certainly not have much luck.

He couldn’t say.

If he totally shed all hope in life, that would certainly be completion.

After killing loads of people back to back, the variety of individuals in the hall had actually decreased by fifty percent.

The new blood developed into a little stream, leaving a bonfire in the middle of the hall.

The blood quickly vaporized, as well as the odor transformed the whole royal residence right into a living hell.

” Currently it’s your turn.” Deng Yiqiu dragged his sword as well as walked step by step right into the hall: “That should we begin with?”.

Deng Yiqiu looked at the Black Satanic force: “Why do not we start from you? We cry all day as well as we obtain frustrated whenever we see you.”.

” Wuwuwu …” “Don’t, Blue Dragon Ambassador, I won’t sob any longer. I vouch, I will not sob any longer …” The Black Satanic force cried out in concern.

” F * cking heck, why are you still crying!” Deng Yiqiu’s blade arrived at the Black Devil’s shoulder, triggering it to hemorrhage profusely!

” Ah!

The Black Satanic force discharge a blood-curdling screech and passed out.

” Junior sibling!” White Demon’s entire body trembled with anger. This old thief had actually eliminated his junior sibling before him.

” Old pet Deng, come eliminate me if you risk!” Qin Xiaoloong heckled Deng Yiqiu.

Deng Yiqiu strolled up to Black Dragon Ambassador Geng Wudi and also untied his pants in front of him. Water dripped onto his face and also body.

” Old canine Deng, I’m going to kill you …” Geng Wudi was so ashamed that he intended to pass away. This old dog actually degraded him like this. He desired he can consume his flesh to life!

” Remarkable!” Deng Yiqiu knew that Geng Wudi had the best face. To degrade him like this was even better than killing him.

Not long after, he can be found in front of Wooh Tongtian and also crouched down: “Old Wu, rationally speaking, I have no enmity with you, so I should not have actually eliminated you. A couple of days ago, you helped your granddaughter contend in the Groom Look Competitors, you actually made me shed face.”.

With that, he touched Qin Yuhan’s face and smiled sinisterly. “Such a tender face.”.

” Clap clap!”.

He clapped his hands and Huo Jingaang walked out from the edge.

” Come below Kong Kim, I’ll leave this woman to you.” Deng Yiqiu smiled evilly, “Remember, you must can be found in front of them as well as let them have a good appearance prior to they pass away.”.

” Yes, your subservient understands!”.

Huo Jingaang considered Qin Yuhan as well as can not aid yet swallow his saliva. It was so lovely, so beautiful.

Simply when Huo Jingaang’s dirty hands were about to touch Qin Yuhan, Qin Yuhan shouted, “Smelly thing, if you do not come soon, your wife will be played around.”.

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