The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 273 (Read free online)

In order to let everybody vent their hatred, Huo Jingaang was reduced by a sword of ours up until it was far too late.

Although it was extremely terrible, to the Mystic Dragon Cult devotees who died unfortunately, they passed away innocently.

After managing them.

It was unidentified who shouted from the group, “Sect Leader, please appeared and also support justice!”

” Sect Leader, please support justice!”

All of a sudden, everyone started to ask for Loong Zaitian to come out.

” Every person, quiet down!” Qin Xiaoloong pushed his hands on the group, and also soon the hall ended up being quiet.

” Yang, you go first.” Qin Xiaoloong said with a sad expression.

” Every person, I have some unfavorable information to tell everyone.” Chen Yang took a deep breath and also said, “Sect Leader, he …” “Dead!”.

” Hua!”.

As quickly as his voice dropped, the group burst right into an uproar.


What did you state? The Sect Leader is dead?

Just how was this feasible?

Just how could the Sect Leader, with his unrivalled divine arts, die?

” I recognize that this issue is very difficult for everybody to accept, yet the Sect Leader is indeed dead.” Chen Yang stated, “Xiao Budian and also I witnessed the whole procedure with our very own eyes. All of this was done by Deng Yiqiu, it was him who caused Sect Leader’s fatality.”.

Chen Yang informed the whole story of how Loong Zaitian was killed. Naturally, he also transformed the partnership in between Cai Meiji as well as Deng Yiqiu.

Chen Yang stated that Deng Yiqiu capitalized on the Sect Leader’s seclusion to long for Mrs. Cult Lord’s appeal and also intended to seize the better half of Mrs. Cult Lord.

Listening To Mrs. Cult Lord’s cry for help, the Sect Leader that was in closed-door training in the secret chamber ended up being perturbed. Deng Yiqiu saw that his story had actually been exposed. It was like killing the Sect Leader to silence him.

In order to conserve the Sect Leader, the Madam blocked the path in front of the Sect Leader as well as was eliminated by Deng Yiqiu.

Upon hearing this, every person was both mad and also impressed by Mrs. Cult Lord’s infatuation.

When a few of the female adherents heard that the Madam had progression to conserve the Sect Leader, they even began sobbing.

Chen Yang not only accomplished Cai Meiji’s reputation for infatuation, but likewise avoided the fatality of Loong Zaitian likewise wearing an eco-friendly hat.

After hearing what Youthful Master stated, Xiao Budian’s eyes lit up.

Naturally, Chen Yang had actually grown the Heavenly Adversary System, so he hid the fact that he located it underground. He just said that he had hidden his growing.

After he plainly saw Deng Yiqiu’s wolfish aspiration, he intended to quickly inform everybody, yet he got shed in the secret room, so it was far too late.

Seeing Chen Yang’s sorrow on his face, Qin Xiaoloong et cetera kept calming him, “Yang, you’ve done your ideal. If it had not been for you, no one would certainly have endured.

The Mystic Dragon Cult will certainly likewise be breached by the six major sects, and when that occurs, all of my Mystic Dragon Cult’s adherents will be eliminated by those individuals. “.

” That’s right, Chen Helm Lord, you saved us, as well as likewise conserved our Mystic Dragon Cult.” Geng Wudi said.

” Son-in-law, this can not be criticized on you. If it wasn’t for you, we ‘d all die!”.

” Chen Helm Lord, life and death depends upon riches. Junior sibling and also I owe you our lives!”.

” Thanks, Chen Helm Lord, for saving our lives!”.

The following moment, His Highness’s guys spoke in unison.

” Darn, darn!” Chen Yang right away sustained himself with his hands.

Right now, Qin Xiaoloong picked up the Divine Dragon Token and the third finger from the side, elevated them high and yelled: “The paradises can not let a day pass without a day, and also the Mystic Dragon Cult can not allow a day without a leader! We require a new Sect Leader to lead us. “.

” That’s right!”.

Geng Wudi as well as Wooh Tongtian looked at each other, revealing significant smiles on their faces.

” Re-elect the Sect Leader!”.

” Re-elect the Sect Leader!”.

His Highness as well as the others screamed in unison.

” Everybody, quiet down!” Qin Xiaoloong claimed, “Considering that there’s no meaning to it, I’ll go first!”.

” I choose Chen Yang as my Sect Leader!”.


Promptly, every person’s stare gathered on Chen Yang.

The little guy was so excited that he was sweating.

” I likewise wish to pick Chen Yang!” Geng Wudi claimed.

” As well as me, and also my junior sibling!” Bai Sha stated, “The two people agree with the Armed force Consultant.”.

Everybody checked out Wooh Tongtian.

Wooh Tongtian slowly stood with his strolling stick and also strolled before Chen Yang. Then, he stooped down as well as yelled, “Junior Wooh Tongtian welcomes Sect Leader.”.

” Staff, Qin Xiaoloong (Geng Wudi, Bai Sha …)” “Paying respects to Sect Leader!”.

” Staff Xiao Budian greets Sect Leader!”.

” This secondary welcomes the sect leader …”.

Countless people stooped.
If even the Military Consultant was stooping, what reason did they have to not kneel?

Specifically Cult Lord, Helm Lord, who was lucky enough not to be eliminated by Deng Yiqiu earlier, there was no reason in any way!

The reason was simple, if it had not been for Chen Yang, they would have passed away a long period of time earlier.

Thus, they knelt in affection.

His Highness Kui Zi was so satisfied that he was about to faint. After pertaining to Mystic Dragon Cult, he, Liu Connection, had actually come to be Helm Lord, and also now he had straight become Sect Leader.

This globe was too insane.

” Brother Long, Grandfather, you …” Rush as well as get up, you can not take it!” Chen Yang said with a wry smile, “It’s actually hard for me to handle such a large job when I’m still in my quality.”.

” Sect Leader, you are wrong!” Qin Xiaoloong claimed pleasantly, “It is because you are young and also have unparalleled creative thinking and also future that you are the first in our heart.”.

” That’s right, a twenty-five years of age late stage Return Virtue Stage, has never ever been become aware of previously.” Wooh Tongtian brushed his beard and also stated: “With your talent as well as skill, appearing Return Genuine Stage before the age of thirty is practically unhampered! Perhaps I can see the path to paradise before the age of fifty. “.

With that said, everybody was surprised.
A twenty-five years of age late phase Return Innocence Phase?

What type of demonic aptitude was this?

They were twenty-five years of ages and also still having a hard time to appear to the Lesser Paradise stage.

If one wished to break through the Return Virtue Phase prior to the age of fifty, one would be able to wake up with a smile also in their desires.

” Additionally, if I’m not incorrect, the High Priestess has compressed the highest degree of purple power.” Bai Sha said, “A Purple Manage Farmer in the onset of Return Innocence Phase can most definitely jump ranks to beat a grower between stage of Return Innocence Stage. Even if they can not defeat a late stage Return Innocence Stage, it’s not a trouble for them to protect themselves.”.

After speaking, Bai Sha’s expression transformed significant, “Additionally, because ancient times, there has been a saying that the Purple Astral Being must return to its real type.”.

To put it simply, if Return Innocence Phase farmers were able to condense the Purple Manage, they would certainly be able to break through to the Return Genuine Phase.

As soon as Bai Sha’s voice dropped, every person stooped down, “Sect Leader, please ascend the throne.”.

Countless people requested for Chen Yang to ascend the throne in unison. It would be as well sanctimonious for Chen Yang to refuse.

” Every person, please rise. Since that holds true, I agree!” Chen Yang swiftly said, “However, the most essential point to do now is to bring the Holy Body of Sect Leader as well as Madam out from the secret passage as well as conceal the both of you before we go over the enthronement.”.

” Sect Leader is wise! We will comply with the sect master’s orders! “.

Qin Yuhan, who was stooping on one knee, looked at the man that everybody was staring at. For a moment, she was numbed.

Chen Yang helped Qin Xiaoloong as well as the others up one by one, and then issued his first decree after he had actually become the Sect Leader: “Count the number of devotees who have died in fight, give them a pension plan, and each of them will get at the very least 5 million. “It must be distributed in location, as well as those who are detained will be dealt with in conformity with the regulations of the sect.”.

Chen Yang had actually vigorously taken over the collection of pension requirements from the Golden Range Culture. In any case, there wasn’t much Mystic Dragon Cult, simply that there was a great deal of cash.

” Thanks, Sect Leader!”.

Everyone kneeled on the ground in excitement. They never believed that the new Sect Leader would be so generous.

Chen Yang’s action had handled to win back the hearts of the people, creating those that had their point of views on Chen Yang to shut their mouths.

Qin Xiaoloong nodded in contentment. This sibling of his was wise and clever.

Wooh Tongtian was the happiest.
Chen Yang was his grandson-in-law, who did he not sustain?

As anticipated, the Bridegroom Look Competitors was the best thing to do in his life. Otherwise, just how could he hire such a superior grandson-in-law?

Oh, that’s not right. He needs to be called Sect Leader currently.

On the morning of the second day, the 6 major sects had already entirely withdrawn.

At ten o’clock in the morning, Qin Xiaoloong brought a mysterious individual to Chen Yang.

” Coverage to Sect Leader, this is the Sunlight Steelhead. Qin Xiaoloong claimed: “Last evening, the Sunlight Iron Dhuta ambushed and killed the head of Shaolin Mo Flavor, Master Shi Ming, as well as injured the Emei Cult’s vice head of state, Sect Leader Martial Aunt Jing Lian.

” Oh?”.

Chen Yang sized up Yuan Zhen and was particularly curious about his two lengthy white eyebrows: “How did you obtain these 2 eyebrows?”.

Yuan Zhen was surprised for a moment, but then he giggled as well as responded: “Sect leader is genuinely fantastic, these two brows are my treasures.

If sect leader likes them, after that you can jot down the secret recipe later on.” In less than 3 years, the Sect Leader will additionally be able to have this type of stylish brows. “.

Chen Yang chuckled noisally.

” High Priestess, the Yuan Zhen leader was originally an Elder of the Shaolin Faction. Since he was not pleased with the Shaolin Faction’s fascism, he submitted 2 years back.” Qin Xiaoloong stated: “This moment, the six major sects bordered Mystic Dragon Cult.

It was all thanks to the record from Principal Yuan Zhen that the Divine Sect was able to prevent being slaughtered.”.

Chen Yang nodded and also asked, “Where is the existing setting of Principal Yuan Zhen?”.

” Coverage to Sect Leader, there is no position.”.

Chen Yang responded, and recognized Qin Xiaoloong’s meaning. This Yuan Zhen was probably dealt with by Loong Zaitian as an spy.

This time around, not only did Yuan Zhen eliminate the head of the Damocles, however he additionally hurt Martial Auntie Jing Lian.

Chen Yang believed for a moment and asked with an asking tone, “Military Consultant, in your opinion, what position should Principal Wu Connection inhabit?”.

Qin Xiaoloong checked out Chen Yang with a gratified expression. He didn’t expect Chen Yang to actually ask him for his opinion.

He had actually not misjudged the person.

After contemplating for a moment, Qin Xiaoloong said, “Reporting to Sect Leader, Chief Yuan Zhen ought to be appointed as a Blue Dragon Agent!”.

” Alright!” Chen Yang responded his head, “Then you will certainly be heaven Dragon Agent of Mystic Dragon Cult from today onwards, providing the Black Gold Divine Dragon Ring and also the Blue Dragon Clan as rewards.”.

” Thank you, Sect Leader!”.

Yuan Zhen was thrilled. He thought that he would be awarded at most by Helm Lord. He did not anticipate that the Military Expert as well as the Sect Leader would be so kind regarding let him end up being a Blue Dragon Ambassador and also manage heaven Dragon Department.

Just how much count on did he have?

Maybe claimed that he was only inferior to the High Priestess, Mrs. Cult Lord, and also the Armed force Advisor. He got on equal footing with the other two Divine Dragon Envoys.

Chen Yang helped Yuan Zhen up as well as said, “Envoy Lan Long, go as well as relax first. I’ll hold an inviting reception for you at tonight’s bonfire.”.

” Thank you, Sect Leader!”.

When had Yuan Zhen ever got such high regard in Shaolin Holy place? Chen Yang’s activities right away provided him the sensation that a soldier would need his very own buddy.

” Go rest, don’t be late tonight!”.

At 8 PM at night, the bonfire competitors started in a timely manner.

Besides welcoming Yuan Zhen back to the sect, the most crucial point was to reward the people that had actually provided admirable solution in defending Mystic Dragon Cult.

They identified the day Loong Zaitian as well as Cai Meiji would be hidden.

Qin Xiaoloong computed the auspicious day and also two days later on, Chen Yang brought the coffin and also brought Loong Zaitian and Cai Meiji to the optimal of Mount Kunlun, hiding them in the resting location of Mrs. Cult Lord from the previous generation of Mystic Dragon Cult.

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