The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 275 (Read free online)

After an unknown time period, just as Yu Lan will sleep, the door opened up.

She woke up with a start.

The guy came in with 2 women on his shoulders.

” Ah, Faang Yi, Uncle-Master. Qing Yuan, Uncle-Master!”

Yu Lan was overjoyed!

Chen Yang threw both ladies onto the bed.


I’m so weary.

Chen Yang blurt a lengthy breath.

Checking out the two inactive individuals, Chen Yang launched his Supreme Qi and also reversed the acupuncture points on both ladies’s bodies.

” Freak, you will certainly pass away an awful fatality!” As quickly as Martial Aunt Qing Yuan opened her meridians, she started cursing noisally.

Faang Yi, that was standing at the side, did not claim anything. She looked worriedly at Yu Lan covered in the blanket, “Lan, are you alright? Are you harassed?”

” Ana Uncle-Master, I’m great!” Yu Lan said to Faang Yi Martial Auntie and after that considered Martial Aunt Qing Yuan, “Sofia, Uncle-Master, you’re criticizing this big brother of yours. He …” He’s right here to save you. ”

” Saved us?” Qing Yuan sneered, “Is he that kind?”

The heck!

This Martial Aunt Qing Yuan was simply ill.

It was one thing for her to think someone’s words and intend to eliminate her, now, she was being questioned for saving her.

Do you truly think he doesn’t have a temper?

” One more word from you and also I will right away toss you guys right into the dungeon, and then let the disciples of Mystic Dragon Cult ruthlessly humiliate you all.” Chen Yang stated in a vicious manner.

” You …” Martial Auntie Qing Yuan wished to retort, yet Faang Yi, Martial Auntie, that went to the side, swiftly stated, “Do not be angry, little sibling, we were wrong about you.”

” You make it sound like a personal thing to claim!” Chen Yang sneered and also brought the other two to the edge of the hot spring.

Unlike Yu Lan, Chen Yang didn’t have the recreation to strip them and also directly sink them right into the warm spring.

The two of them soaked in the hot spring. Soon, the water in the swimming pool transformed black.

F * ck, so filthy!

Chen Yang showed an expression of ridicule. The good news is, both of them were hairless and also there was no demand to clean their hair, or else, it would certainly be annoying.

” You 2, remain here and take in water.” Chen Yang didn’t also check out them as he stated that, he just strolled sideways and put himself a glass of water.

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan and Faang Yi glanced at each other, feeling a little unpleasant.

” Bro, can you come over?”

” What now?”

Chen Yang walked over impatiently.

” , big brother, you can …” Can you find a suit for the three people?” Yu Lan stated, self-conscious, “We can’t go on such as this forever, can we?”

” Wait a moment.” Claiming that, Chen Yang walked to the closet on the side and searched through it. After browsing, he truly found a few collections of clothes that fit him.

Nevertheless, these garments were as thin as a cicada’s wing, and also there was no difference in between them being worn or not.

Chen Yang embarrassedly touched his nose. Cai Meiji and Loong Zaitian truly understand just how to play.

He took down his clothing and also searched via them again. After concerning 10 minutes, he finally found three sets of clothing that were not so basic.

When he involved Yu Lan’s side with the garments in his hand, her face flushed red. “Big brother …” These garments are a little bit also slim. ”

” Wear it first. I’ll go and also discover you some clothing in the day.”

I absolutely can not use Cai Meiji’s garments, it’s also apparent. Simply find two sets of the Mystic Dragon Cult female adherents’ clothes tomorrow.

” Thanks, Big Brother!” Yu Lan blushed as well as asked, “Big brother, what’s your name?”

” You called me Chen …” Zhang Dong is done. ”

” Then I’ll call you Big Brother Zhang.” Yu Lan chuckled: “Big brother Zhang, exactly what is your setting in the Mystic Dragon Cult?”

” Do not ask what you shouldn’t ask.” Chen Yang stated coldly.

” Oh.”.

Looks like this Big Brother Zhang’s setting in the Mystic Dragon Cult is not low, otherwise he would not be staying in such a big house.

Yu Lan believed to herself.

Chen Yang pulled Martial Aunt Qing Yuan and Faang Yi Martial Aunt out of the pool.

He covered his eyes with a white towel, as well as after a great deal of hard work, he positioned the two girls in the hot spring.

” Do not shout, whoever risks to make an audio, do not criticize me for being impolite!” Chen Yang stated, “I can’t see anything. Don’t worry, I won’t capitalize on you.”.

With that said, he wrapped both of them in a towel and also threw them onto the bed.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan was so mad that her face turned red. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had actually been struck by the soft ligaments, she would most definitely have actually hacked this deviant apart.

Faang Yi and also Martial Auntie’s faces were likewise red. Their minds were filled with the scene where Chen Yang unintentionally touched her body.

The three full night’s sleep on the bed was a kind of torture for Chen Yang.

Qing Yuan as well as Faang Yi were both in their thirties, they were properly maintained and looked no different from Yu Lan.

Each of the 3 ladies had their own values, yet the same point was that the three ladies were all really attractive and also had excellent figures.

Seeing Chen Yang’s pair of crafty eyes roaming around them, Yu Lan really felt an inexpressible shyness in her heart. Faang Yi likewise blushed as if she was drunk.

Just Martial Aunt Qing Yuan was so angered that her face purged.

” You pervert …”.

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan blacked out as well as passed out.

F * ck, this Martial Auntie Qing Yuan was as well fierce, she in fact collapsed from temper.

Chen Yang was amazed.

Faang Yi attacked her lips and also claimed, “Sibling Zhang, can you provide us some food? I, Uncle-Master, she … I’m so hungry! “.


He fainted from cravings?

Chen Yang looked over as well as saw that Martial Aunt Qing Yuan’s face was pale. There was not a trace of blood on her face, as if she had simply recovered from a significant health problem.

” Wait a moment, I’ll be right back.”.

Chen Yang pushed the door as well as left. Half an hour later, Chen Yang strolled in with a basket in his hands.

Inside was a huge dish of gruel, a few steamed buns and also a few side recipes.

” Below, I’ll feed you.”.

Chen Yang took a cushion as well as put it behind Yu Lan, then he began to feed the gruel.

” Big Brother Zhang, thank you.” Yu Lan grinned gently at Chen Yang.

Chen Yang smiled and didn’t say anything. He simply fed the steamed buns one spoonful at a time and also fed two steamed buns prior to leaving.

” Martial Auntie, I’ll feed you.” With that said, Chen Yang took off his footwear and jumped on the bed. He then sat beside Faang Yi.

Faang Yi Martial Aunt’s face was purged red as she claimed, “This little brother, you, you can simply call me Faang Yi. And thank you. “.

That soft voice was in fact no weak than gentleness. It made Chen Yang’s ears go soft.

” Come, Faang Yi, Martial Aunt, the porridge might be a little hot. Be careful.” With that said, Chen Yang blew on the porridge and very carefully placed it right into Faang Yi’s mouth.

One bite, 2 attacks, 3 attacks …

After consuming a dish of porridge, Faang Yi’s skin tone looked far better, “Brother … Bro Zhang, sorry to trouble you.”.

” You’re welcome.”.

Chen Yang grinned and also pressed the back of Martial Auntie Qing Yuan’s head.

” Ugh …”.

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan discharge a moan and slowly got up.

” Come, have some gruel!” Chen Yang scooped a dish of porridge and coldly handed a spoon before her. “Open your mouth!”.

” You, even if I die, I will not consume your porridge.” Martial Aunt Qing Yuan felt that she had actually gotten a wonderful embarrassment. She, a dignified Emei Hill Elder, was really like a beggar.

” Qing Yuan and also Uncle-Master, Big Brother Zhang is actually great.” Yu Lan recommended, “If it had not been for the steamed buns and medication that he brought us a couple of days ago, I hesitate you would certainly have …”.

Yu Lan was. If it wasn’t for Chen Yang that brought the steamed buns as well as the antipyretic medicine, Martial Auntie Qing Yuan would certainly not have actually remained in a great situation.

” Qing Yuan, Lan is right.” Faang Yi’s face was additionally purged as she said, “Little sibling Zhang, he … he truly is a good person. He gave us medication as well as even conserved us, he is really a loyal guy.”.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan buffooned him mockingly, “Simply currently, you touched his hand quite a little bit? And now you’re claiming to feed us porridge?

The hell!

Chen Yang quickly blew up.

If he didn’t show this woman a lesson, he actually would have taken himself for a fool.

” Are you mosting likely to eat?” Chen Yang’s expression turned entirely chilly.

” If you don’t consume, do not even think of …”.

Prior to she could end up, Chen Yang turned his body and sat on top of her. He promptly squeezed her face as well as opened her mouth.

” Even if you do not intend to, you need to!” Chen Yang pressed the congee into her mouth, “If you attempt to throw up on the blanket, I’ll immediately turn the blanket over myself. I’ll see if you experience or otherwise!”.

” You …” Martial Aunt Qing Yuan’s eyes widened.

The 3 of them weren’t putting on any type of garments, so he had already seen every one of them?

Yu Lan and also Faang Yi’s faces were additionally purged red.

” Big Brother Zhang, do not …”.

Don’t forget the vow you made previously. You’re my guy now, do not you know who you should talk to?

” Lan, is it this bastard that’s endangering you?”.

” Uncle-Master, Brother Zhang didn’t endanger me, I volunteered whatever.” Yu Lan said with a wry smile.

” Drink it!” Can not the porridge get in your mouth? “.

Chen Yang put spoonfuls after spoonfuls of the porridge right into her mouth with a cool expression.

After she finished feeding them, Martial Aunt Qing Yuan was so mad that her entire body began to tremble.

Chen Yang eyed her and also claimed, “You need to recognize that I saved every one of you. Don’t act like you are the ones that compromised so much for me.”.

Chen Yang after that went to the end of the bed and closed his eyes.

These two days, too many things had taken place, Chen Yang felt extremely worn out.

Tomorrow, when the devotees in charge of protecting the dungeon realize that there are too couple of people, certainly points will obtain untidy once more. He still needed to recover to deal with tomorrow.

Thinking of this, Chen Yang fell asleep very promptly.

The 3 ladies who were sleeping on the other side of the bed checked out each other, paying attention to the normal breathing sounds originating from the end of the bed. Their expressions were made complex.

Ah, go to sleep!

They had slept in the icy and also cold dungeon for the past couple of days and also had not had a good remainder at all. Since they had actually consumed their fill and drank their fill, they also bathed in a hot spring. They felt indescribably comfortable.

Quickly, the three women went to sleep.

The next day, Chen Yang was woken up by the female’s scream.

” You, why are you right here!” Faang Yi looked at Chen Yang, who was resting close to her, with a flushed face.

The other two women were additionally gotten up by the noise. Presently, Martial Aunt Qing Yuan sneered as well as claimed, “Look, the real face of the beast has been disclosed.”.

The moment she claimed that, she really felt as though before her …

In an immediate, her face purged red, as well as she was so excited that she could not speak.

Chen Yang, that was woken up, didn’t understand what had actually happened. He opened his eyes and looked at the scene before him.

F * ck!

Chen Yang instantaneously woke up and saw Faang Yi, that was so embarrassed that tears practically dropped, Qing Yuan, that was gritting her teeth, as well as Yu Lan, who had a blank expression on her face.

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