The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 277 (Read free online)

“But, I can ask you to assist me …”

” What did you claim?” I can not hear you!” Chen Yang said.

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan was so ashamed that she intended to die, however she could not hold it in any longer. If it was in front of Yu Lan and also Faang Yi, then she may as well pass away.

Regardless, he was blindfolded, so he could not see anything. What existed to be scared of?

Qing Yuan consoled herself in her heart.

” Please, bring me …” It was hard for her to say anything else.

” Sibling Zhang, I’m begging you, quit teasing Uncle-Master, simply assist her.” Yu Lan could not assist but ask.

Chen Yang cleaned Yu Lan’s face and claimed, “Alright, because my sis currently claimed that, I’ll aid her!”

Keeping that, he placed on the cloth as well as grabbed Qing Yuan.

It needed to be said that this woman had a great deal of weight.

Although she had a poor temper, her number and face were at the top. She was no worse than Yu Lan.

2 minutes later, Martial Aunt Qing Yuan went back to her bed. Her dignity and discreetness had actually been smashed by what had actually just occurred.

At this time, Yu Lan asked, “Bro Zhang, did you obtain the antidote for us?”


Chen Yang deliberately sighed.

Seeing Chen Yang like that, Yu Lan’s heart sank. “Brother Zhang, it’s alright, don’t criticize on your own …”

Before he finished, Chen Yang got a remedy from his pocket.

” I existed to you.”

” Big Brother Zhang, you’re so negative.” Yu Lan marvelled and also delighted at the same time. She believed that Chen Yang didn’t get the antidote, however she never ever anticipated that he was just teasing her.

At this time, Yu Lan’s face flushed red. She asked, “Sibling Zhang, why didn’t you take out the antidote just now? In this way, we can take the antidote and also go by ourselves …”

Qing Yuan, who was standing at the side, was instantly angered. “You profane thief, you’re truly approximately no good, you beast.”

Faang Yi’s face was likewise red, and her attractive eyes were watery. She looked indescribably stunning.

Chen Yang gazed at Martial Aunt Qing Yuan coldly, “So what if you have the antidote? Also if I offered you the remedy, you might not be able to treat it!”


Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Yu Lan and Faang Yi were stunned.

” The longer I take this Soft Muscle Powder, the greater its adverse effects will certainly be.” Chen Yang held the antidote in his hand and also stated, “You individuals have actually been poisoned for a number of days currently, I hesitate the poison has actually currently attacked your bodies, so whether this antidote functions or otherwise relies on the heavens not appreciating you.”

” Nonsense.” Martial Aunt Qing Yuan glared at Chen Yang as well as said, “Quit attempting to frighten me.”

Chen Yang shrugged as well as claimed, “If you don’t think me, you can choose not to consume the remedy.”

As she spoke, she brought the antidote to Yu Lan’s mouth.

Chen Yang gave Faang Yi the remedy. When the antidote was brought to Qing Yuan’s mouth, she would rather pass away than open her mouth.

Chen Yang was also angry: “If you do not desire to eat, then go in advance. You still haven’t eaten the remedy that laozi went with so much problem to take.

” Uncle-Master, promptly open your mouth.” Yu Lan panicked, “Sibling Zhang, do not resemble Uncle-Master, she didn’t suggest to do it.”

” B-Brother Zhang, because you have actually conserved us, allow a good person do it throughout. We will definitely remember your terrific generosity.” Faang Yi stated.

” Do not, do not beg him …”

Martial Auntie Qing Yuan’s face was purged red. “I don’t desire the antidote for this deviant.”

” Alright then. A good person will certainly do it throughout. Sending Buddha to the west!” Chen Yang ordered Martial Auntie Qing Yuan’s mouth and put the powder into it.

” Yu Lan, how do you really feel after taking the remedy?” Chen Yang asked.

” I don’t feel anything, but I still can not muster up any type of strength.” Yu Lan said.

” Me also. I feel weak all over.” Faang Yi said.

No chance, could it be that he had been infected for as well long, and there was no longer any kind of effect?

At this moment, the noise of steps came from outside the door.

” Be quiet, someone’s coming.” Chen Yang said to the three of them and then closed the bed curtain.

” Stinky point, are you there?” Qin Yuhan will knock on the door when it opened up from the inside.

” What’s the matter?”

Seeing Qin Yuhan, Chen Yang had a migraine.

Truthfully, he didn’t understand just how to encounter her now.

” Can’t I come and see you?” After stating that, Qin Yuhan slipped under his armpit.

Chen Yang was really distressed. He definitely couldn’t let her see the 3 females lying on the bed, otherwise, he would be completed.

” Hey, why did you pull up the curtains on your bed in the middle of the day?” Exists someone hiding inside?” As she spoke, Qin Yuhan reached for the bed curtain.

Damn, this little lady was really bothersome.

Chen Yang moved in a flash in front of Qin Yuhan to block her way, “There’s absolutely nothing here, it’s just too unpleasant. Sorry about that.”

Qin Yuhan scrutinized Chen Yang and also asked, “Really?”.

” Why would certainly I exist to you?” Chen Yang pretended not to care as well as said.

” Alright then.” Qin Yuhan claimed.


Chen Yang sighed. Simply when he thought he can loosen up, Qin Yuhan dashed over instantaneously.

F * ck.

Chen Yang was frightened to the point that his spirit will fly out of his body.

He rapidly drew her back.

Qin Yuhan fell into his accept.

” Ah, you bastard …”.

Before she could complete, Chen Yang gagged her.

Weng! *.

Suddenly, her mind went empty.

She … He was really kissed by this odiferous point.

This little lady was as well hard to take care of, so Chen Yang merely used his supreme step.

At the same time, checking out the two hugging shadows on the bed drape, Martial Aunt Qing Yuan gritted her teeth and also stated, “And also claiming that they’re not perverts, this monster is really trying to attract an adversary before us.”.

Yu Lan had a challenging expression on her face. To be straightforward, she had actually currently promised that as long as he can save them, she would certainly be his woman for the remainder of her life.

Although she was prepared, she still felt extremely sad when she saw Zhang Dong being intimate with one more lady with the bed curtain.

Faang Yi was additionally gazing blankly at the darkness that was persuading on the bed drape. No one recognized what she was thinking about.

Simply when Chen Yang was about to tear open her teeth, he really felt a pain on the pointer of his tongue.


” Are you a canine?” Chen Yang covered his mouth as well as shivered suffering.

” Who told you to kiss me, damn creep. I hate you.” With that said, Qin Yuhan ran off with a panicked expression.

Checking Out Qin Yuhan’s leaving number, Chen Yang believed that this moment, the little lady would not attempt to search for him.

Pulling open the bed curtain, Chen Yang grinned in humiliation: “Misconstruing, it was all a misunderstanding.”.

” Pfft, you pervert.” Martial Auntie Qing Yuan altercation and also stated, “It should be nice to talk to the wicked sect’s witch before us, right?”.

Looking at Yu Lan’s challenging stare, Chen Yang really seemed like he was captured in a catch.

Pui! Why are you still attempting to catch me?

Chen Yang promptly changed the subject, “How is it, can you relocate now?”.

” There’s a little effect, I can move my fingers now.”.

” Me as well.”.

Yu Lan as well as Faang Yi said.

Chen Yang nodded. It seemed that the outcome was still there: “Alright then. Let’s wait and see what happens next.”.

” … …”.

Xichuan City, and also inside the scenery garden.

Su Changhee and Tang Jing stated earnestly to Su Miao, “Miao, get divorced. If you stick with Chen Yang, you won’t have an excellent end.”.

” That’s right, it’s one point for that trash to swipe something. Currently, he’s in fact messing around in culture and also has made some unusual pals.

Sooner or later, he will certainly link us.” Tang Jing drew Su Miao’s hand as well as said, “Miao, pay attention to Mommy’s words of advice. Mother won’t damage you.”.

It’s been a couple of days and also there’s not a solitary phone call. Su Changhee claimed angrily, “Aren’t you worried that he will bring you a little partner the other day?”.

” Why isn’t there one?” Tang Jing sneered, “Do you remember the last time you visited that inexpensive parents-in-law of your own, Dean Lan? “Look at her foxy appearance, she needs to be having an event with Chen Yang.”.

” When the time comes, she will bring her kid to satisfy a papa, and also you will certainly be the one sobbing.”.

Su Miao held her phone in silence.

It had been four or 5 days given that there had actually been any kind of information from Chen Yang. He could not return any calls, neither can he respond any messages. It was as if he had actually disappeared from the face of the earth.

” Daddy, mama, have you men claimed sufficient?” Su Miao said calmly, “I do not think that Chen Yang would certainly play around and I do not intend to separation him.”.

” You silly youngster, you are really mosting likely to anger your mommy to death.” Flavor Jing stated resentfully, “What’s the use of looking at your phone? You have actually been considering it for four or 5 days already. Has that garbage called you back yet?”.

Keeping that, Flavor Jing angrily snatched the phone from Su Miao’s hand.

” Mama, offer me back my phone!”.

” Miao, don’t blame me for being callous. Simply put, you must separation Chen Yang.” Su Changhee said in a challenging manner: “Your mother and I have already signed up for your blind date organization.

The people within are either the elites of culture or the upper echelons of the business. When the moment comes, we will definitely meet a person you such as.”.

” Daddy, how can you do this?” Su Miao checked out her daddy in shock.

” This is all for your very own good.” Su Changhee said with a straight face, “Don’t go there for the following 2 days. The social meetup will certainly start in two days. I’ll go with your mom.”.

” I do not want to, I don’t want to!”.

” Miao, do not blame your mom for being terrible. It’s much better to have it hurt than to have it harm. You can stay at residence peacefully for the next 2 days.

Mom makes you a lot of excellent food. “.

With that, she drew Su Miao right into the room with Su Changhee on her left and.

Beyond, Lee Mi dialed Su Miao’s number.

Listening to the notification that her phone was turned off, she frowned.

What’s going on? Why did Miao’s phone closed down?

At that moment, a telephone call can be found in.

” Hey, Mi, where are you currently? I concerned select you up!” As soon as the call attached, a male’s gentle voice came through.

” I’m in the Golden Dragon Tower, come select me up” Lee Mi claimed after some idea.

Twenty mins later, a Lamborghini stopped in front of the entrance to the Gold Dragon Building.

As the vehicle window rolled down, a guy in a costly match and also dragon sunglasses waved at Lee Mi and also stated, “Mi, jump on the auto quickly!”.

” Thank you.” Lee Mi smiled at the man and also got into the vehicle.

This male’s name is Wan Wei, his family makes ceramic tiles, it’s his family’s brand name, there are lots of chains in Xichuan City.

It was rumored that their household’s floor tiles had currently been purchased in the funding, as well as their household’s possessions mored than a hundred million.

Since they satisfied by coincidence at a reception, Wan Wei had actually introduced a tough assault on her.

Lee Mi had never ever felt anything for him.

Nevertheless, what happened between her and Chen Yang a few days earlier created her to stress. Particularly for the past few days, she had actually been dreaming concerning Chen Yang every evening.

This made her actual frightened. She really did not want to be linked in the poor credibility of burglarizing a close partner, so she attempted to start off as a good friend with Wan Wei.

Initially, she wanted to ask Su Miao ahead with her, yet her phone was turned off, so she needed to do it herself.

” Wan Wei, where are we going?” Lee Mi asked.

Wan Wei grinned and claimed, “I’ll take you to satisfy my friend.”.

With that, the Lamborghini engine rumbled and the automobile shot out like an arrowhead from a bow.

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