The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 280 (Read free online)

“Wan Wei, where are you taking me?”

Lee Mi considered the structure in front of her as well as claimed, “Isn’t this the Golden Sunlight Tower? What did you bring me right here for? ”

Wan Wei smiled as well as said, “There is a society conference right here. Individuals who came to take part are either the culture’s elites or abundant second generations.

“My friend was required by his family members to take place a blind date this moment, so he told me to come over as well as play with him and also learn more about some individuals.”

” Oh, truly?”

Lee Mi became interested when she listened to that every one of them were the social elites and also second generation rich individuals.

As the general manager of Dashun Property, it was advantageous for her to be a little bit more strong.

” Allow’s go, dear Miss Lee Mi.”

Wan Wei unlocked of the very first traveler seat and extended his hand in a gent’s way.

A couple of minutes later, both of them got to the 18th floor. As they stepped out of the elevator, they were able to see the words’ Elite Culture ‘.

Complying with that, Wan Wei secured an invite card and a waiter in a black match brought them to the location.

Presently, in the venue, Tang Jing was holding a brochure and going over with Su Changhee that appropriated for Su Miao.

The top of the pamphlet was full of photos, every one of the elite.

” Hey, partner, have a look at these. They all look pretty good. Their household and also financial conditions are likewise respectable.”

” This has a business.”

” Tell me, is our child persistent? She needs to rely upon that Chen Yang. What’s so excellent concerning that good-for-nothing?” “No cash, no standing, no cash, no status. If it weren’t for him, would our Miao have such a hard time?”

” This time, I’ll certainly think about a method to separation that trash, Miao as well as Chen Yang!”

As Tang Jing babbled, she got angrier and angrier as she continued to reprimand Chen Yang.

Su Changhee also responded in agreement: “Wifey, you’re right, we must have done that a very long time earlier.”

Su Miao looked at the two of them helplessly. If they had not dragged her here with them, she would not even have actually involved this type of location.

Su Changhee scanned the photo cds as well as pointed at it. “Look at this, Dr. Haihui, our household has a factory. We have our own business, and we make millions each year. Well, allow’s speak about this with Miao later on!”

Tang Jing checked out the name, “Chung Haorann, this name is tolerable. It sounds like an intellectual.”

As the two of them were browsing the cd, a voice suddenly came from behind them. “Miao, why are you here?”

Su Miao turned around and also saw that it was Lee Mi. Her face lit up as she said, “Mi, why are you below?”

Lee Mi looked at Su Miao in surprise. Did he not come? ”

At this minute, Tang Jing stood up, looked at Lee Mi and also grinned, “It’s Mi. Our Miao separated him.”

” Mama, what nonsense are you discussing? When will certainly I …”

” What exists to conceal? Anyway, when he returns, I have the separation certification.” Tang Jing claimed to Lee Mi, “Mi, you’re Miao’s buddy, you have to persuade her even more.”

Lee Mi could not aid yet laugh bitterly as she believed to herself, Even if I had 10 times the digestive tracts, I still would not attempt to state such words.

Regardless, she really did not dare to conflict in the issue in between Chen Yang and Su Miao.

” Miao, let me present you. This is Wan Wei, a friend of mine.” With that, she pointed at the man next to Wan Wei and claimed, “This is Chung Haorann.”

” What?” He is Chung Haorann?” Tang Jing’s face illuminated. She promptly got the book and saw that the image was precisely the same as his.

” Aiya, what a coincidence.” Flavor Jing was satisfied. She swiftly walked to Chung Haorann and claimed, “Hi, my name is Flavor Jing. This is my child, Su Miao. I just took a look at your picture album and also was very satisfied with your problems. Are you thinking about talking with my child? ”

” Mom, I do not wish to speak with him.” Su Miao said anxiously.

Chung Haorann initially involved handle his family members, so what great things could a blind date have. Nonetheless, the minute he saw Su Miao, he was entirely surprised.

F * ck, isn’t this lady as well stunning?

Back then, he had already been attracted by Su Miao.

” Auntie, I would certainly enjoy to.” Chung Haorann said with a smile.

Hearing Chung Haorann’s words, Tang Jing grinned and immediately drew Su Miao’s hand, “Come, have a chat with my little girl.”

” Mommy, what are you doing?” Su Miao was on the verge of collapse. It was already unpleasant enough for a wife like her to be forced by her mommy to go on an arranged date.

Currently she wished to require herself to let the man take her away. It was too much.

Lee Mi, who was seeing from the side, might not stand it any type of longer. “Auntie, this is not good …”

Prior to she can finish her sentence, Wan Wei interrupted her: “Mi, allow’s go eat something in front of us. I’m starving.”

As he claimed this, he pulled Lee Mi away. Prior to he left, he claimed to Chung Haorann, “Brother, you have to get to know each other well.”

Chung Haorann grinned, “Auntie, since Miss Su Miao doesn’t wish to go anywhere else, allow’s rest right here as well as chat.”

” I can.” Su Changhee smiled, “Come, rest below!”

” That’s right, Little Jiang, uncle wants to ask you something.” Su Changhee claimed, “I saw from the image cd that your family members has a manufacturing facility opened up. What manufacturing facility is it?”

” My family possesses a chemical manufacturing facility, the yearly revenue needs to be around 100 million.” Chung Haorann said with a faint smile.

” Do you have brothers and also sis in your family members?” Tang Jing asked.

” No, I’m a just youngster, I’m the only one in the family.” Chung Haorann stated, “From now on, all the residential property in my household belongs to me.”

Hearing Chung Haorann’s words, Tang Jing and also Su Changhee were much more satisfied.

” Then how many gifts are you happy to pay?” Flavor Jing asked impatiently.

” My mama said that if I get wed, it would be a 10 million yuan present, a 2 million yuan high-end automobile, and also a vacation home worth 8 million.”

” Isn’t that 20 million?”

” That’s right, 20 million!” Chung Haorann responded as well as stated with a smile.

Tang Jing and Su Changhee checked out each other, then Su Changhee stated, “Then how do you really feel regarding my daughter?”

” I like it.” Chung Haorann claimed with a face filled with deep feeling, “To be truthful, from the first moment I saw Miss Su Miao, I fell for him. I assume this is what love resembles prima facie.”

” It resembles this. Little Jiang, Auntie has something to confess to you.” Flavor Jing claimed somewhat embarrassedly, “Really, my child is married two times?”

” Second marital relationship?” Chung Haorann looked at Su Miao as well as asked, “Do you have kids?”

Flavor Jing stated, “Don’t fret, I was looking for Home Son-in-law. He hasn’t also held my little girl’s hand yet.”

” Mother, if you proceed like this, I’ll really snap!” Su Miao stomped her foot in anxiety. Why did her mommy maintain saying those words to others?

Chung Haorann took a look at the upset Su Miao as well as liked her a lot more.

This lady was truly horrendous. Even when she was angry, she looked so stunning. He certainly desired this lady.

” Auntie, don’t fret, I won’t mind.” Chung Haorann said seriously.


Su Changhee and Tang Jing were soothed to hear Chung Haorann’s words.

Currently, the host’s voice rang out, “Please come to the front. The society is about to start. Please come to the front.”

” Auntie, let’s discuss.”

Chung Haorann stood up and also made a gesture of invitation, an indescribable gentleman.

Beyond, Lee Mi got rid of Wan Wei’s hand and said with a frown, “Wan Wei, what are you doing?”

” Mi, do not be upset. Wan Wei giggled and said, “Haoran really suches as that lady.

” Electric light bulb, what kind of light bulb?”

” Do you understand that Su Miao is wed?”

” Do you know who her hubby is?”

” Didn’t you see that Su Miao really did not come right here on her own accord?”

It’s noticeable that he was forced by her mother! ”

After claiming that, Lee Mi got her cellular phone and telephoned.

Currently, Wan Wei was entirely stunned by Lee Mi’s words. He checked out Lee Mi awkwardly as well as claimed, “Mi, I’ll visit Haoran’s place to take a look initially.”

When he arrived close to Chung Haorann, Wan Wei whispered in Chung Haorann’s ear, “Haoran, do you know that Su Miao is married?”

Chung Haorann responded, “Yes, but her other half is Home Son-in-law. According to her mother, both have actually been wed for more than 2 years and also they have not also held hands.”

Hearing that, Wan Wei had a look of displeasure on his face.

F * ck, what was that thing.

It’s just Home Son-in-law, what’s the big deal?

Wan Wei strolled to Lee Mi’s side and said, “Mi, isn’t Su Miao’s spouse Residence Son-in-law? What exists to be amazed concerning?”

Lee Mi sneered coldly however didn’t say anything.

If it had not been for that day when she stooped on the ground and also called Chen Yang’s papa, she would have believed so also.

She checked out Flavor Jing as well as her wife that were seated in front of her and couldn’t assist however sigh. “She regards others as prizes and her very own son-in-law as turf. I really do not understand what they are believing.”

Wan Wei stuck his hot face to the chilly butt as well as additionally looked upset.

He didn’t reveal it on his face. He only believed very in his heart, “F * ck, why are you acting so chilly? When I catch up to you, I will absolutely penalize you badly.”

In the social club, the host asked all the girls to stand in a row and asked all the men to post a little note to the girls they suched as.

Su Miao had the greatest number of tickets, as well as her back was covered in notes.

The other women were incredibly jealous.

Right after, the host had the kid stand in a row and ask the woman to publish the note.

Unsurprisingly, Chung Haorann carried the most notes on his back.

When they reached the 3rd segment, Chung Haorann stood as well as went straight to Su Miao. He looked at Su Miao with deep affection, “Beloved Miss Su Miao, I want to confess to you!”

Su Miao took a look at him coldly, completely indifferent.

Flavor Jing, that was standing below, was extremely nervous. “Miao, quickly stand up. Rush as well as stand.”

Presently, the host on phase claimed, “Appears like Miss Su Miao is a little timid. Let us slap with each other and support her on.”

Accident! *

In a split second, the whole venue was loaded with applause.

” Beloved Miss Su Miao, I intend to admit.” Chung Haorann connected to get hold of Su Miao’s hand.

Just then, a chilly voice came from behind. “If you dare touch her, I’ll slice off your hand.”

” Hua!”.

Hearing this, the whole place was in an uproar.

Everybody can not assist but turn to look.

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