The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 285 (Read free online)

Chung Haorann and also Wan Wei were trembling as they stooped on the ground.

Panic filled their eyes.
Didn’t they claim that this brat was Residence Son-in-law?

Why did the CEO of the Black Scale Security Group directly stoop to him?

F * cking hell, is Home Son-in-law truly that remarkable?

Currently, both their intestinal tracts turned green with regret.

” Stand up.” Chen Yang looked at Lee Lin comfortably.

” Thanks, Master!” Lee Lin’s face illuminated. If Chen Yang really did not correct her, after that did that mean that in his heart, she currently concerned him as her adherent?

” Sibling Lin, I deserve to pass away. Please forgive me!”

Accident! *

Seventy to eighty big men knelt on the ground and submitted to Lee Lin, asking for forgiveness.

This area was instead remote as well as there were just a couple of individuals. If they remained in a busy place, it would most definitely draw in a great deal of focus.

Lee Lin frowned and asked, “Are you Little Tiger’s males?”

” To reply Sister Lin, we are Brother Hu’s males.” The leader of the men said as he stooped on the ground.

” Return to the Technique Hall and also obtain your penalty.” Lee Lin claimed coldly.

Upon listening to these words, every person instantly submitted and shared their gratitude. “Sister Xie Lin, Sibling Xie Lin.”

” Get up.” Lee Lin remained in a great state of mind today, so she didn’t punish him drastically.

After they got up, Lee Lin looked at Chung Haorann as well as Wan Wei that were kneeling on the ground and asked, “Master, how should we manage these 2 people?”

” It’s up to you.”

To be sincere, these two people were nothing to Chen Yang.

Ever since he came to be the Sect Leader of Mystic Dragon Cult, Chen Yang’s horizons instantaneously increased.

When a person possessed a certain amount of wide range and power, it would normally form his very own aura.

Currently, Chen Yang was like this.

The power to manage thousands of hundreds of lives and death, to hold billions of wealth, that sort of aura of a person in a greater placement can not aid but to be born.

Also Lee Lin, that was standing at the side, was shocked.
” Drag these two people away, I don’t wish to see them in Xichuan City from now on!”

” Yes sir!”

The man cupped his clenched fist and also waved his hand. A lots males immediately dragged Chung Haorann and also Wan Wei down.

” Chen Yang.”

Su Miao checked out him with a complex expression. She bit her lips and asked, “Just what happened right here?”

Looking at Su Miao, Chen Yang believed that what was coming was lastly coming.

It was impossible to hide the reality.

The current Chen Yang was too unfamiliar with Su Miao. He was not the husband that she understood.

Chen Yang went forward to hold her hand, however the latter drew back his hand in shock.

Chen Yang smiled bitterly as well as claimed, “Miao, I recognize you have a great deal of concerns. Can you clarify them to me when I get back?”

Su Miao frowned slightly. She checked out Chen Yang in a daze and afterwards looked at Lee Lin, that was obediently standing at the side. Although she felt a little uncomfortable inside, she still responded.

Presently, Lee Mi walked over from the side. She eyed Chen Yang and also recognized that he still had concerns to handle.

” Chen Yang, Miao as well as I will certainly go back first.”

With that said, she pulled Su Miao with one hand as well as Flavor Jing, who was as stupid as a wood hen, with the other, and also left.

Chen Yang was soothed when the 3 left.

” Why are you here?”

” Master, are you miserable?” Lee Lin said nervously when she saw Chen Yang’s light face.

” No.”.

Chen Yang trembled his head. Then, he considered Lee Lin as well as asked, “Didn’t you send my picture to your firm’s inner team?”.

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Lee Lin’s face reddened. She said rather embarrassedly, “I’m sorry, Master. I’m additionally terrified that my staff may offend you as a result of not knowing anything.”.

When Lee Lin discovered that Chen Yang had an amazing alchemy ability, even in her dreams, she wished to be his devotee.

She even encouraged Lee Hu to reside in peace with Lee Tianba.

He did every one of this to win Chen Yang’s favor.

Chen Yang understood every one of this.

The reason that he determined not to show her tablet creating was to avoid his pill creating abilities from leaking out, so as to attract her interest.

It’s the same for now, but Chen Yang can instruct her just how to improve medication if he doesn’t show her how to refine pills.

Do not fail to remember, he was a sorcerer with a Grade 7 Alchemist Medal.

” I know what you have actually been doing all this time around.” Chen Yang thought for a moment and also said, “Considering that you are genuine and worthwhile of appreciation, I will make an exemption and accept you as my devotee.”.

” Thank you master, thanks master.”.

Hearing Chen Yang’s guarantee, Lee Lin was ecstatic. Chen Yang had actually lastly accepted approve her as his disciple.

” Do not enjoy too early, I still have a few things to tell you.” Chen Yang claimed, “First, I will not teach you alchemy. I will just educate you alchemy.”.

What’s the distinction?

Lee Lin checked out Chen Yang in confusion.

Chen Yang chuckled, after that got a medal from his pocket and gave it to Lee Lin. “This is a Grade Seven Sorcerer’s medal that was given to me by Ancient Medication Association. You must understand what this medal represents. “.


Grade 7?
Lee Lin was shocked!

Doesn’t that mean that Chen Yang is an advanced sorcerer?

This was extraordinary. Sorcerers were couple of in number, while advanced alchemists were even less.

When they were in the Immeasurable Sword Sect, there was a high level sorcerer in the sect. Maybe stated that their status was only 2nd to Sect Leader as well as Sect Leader.

And now, she was actually taken in as an adherent by a high-level alchemist. Considering this, she could not help yet be excited.

” The 2nd matter, I won’t permit you to expose anything pertaining to me to others.” Chen Yang stretched out 2 fingers: “Can you do it?”.

Lee Lin responded her head continuously. “Yes!”.

” Third, you are not enabled to spread the news that I can refine Barrier Damaging Pill. You can do it?” When Chen Yang claimed this, he released his effective mood.

In a split-second, the surrounding people were promptly pressed down to the ground.

Even the Xiantian grower Lee Lin directly stooped down.

” I can do it. Master, rapidly retract your aura.”.

” Alright, since you are able to do so, from today onwards, you are my, Chen Yang’s, disciple!” The following second, Chen Yang retracted his momentum as well as grinned: “Keep in mind, if you break any one of these, I will eradicate you. Believe me, today, I can effortlessly squash you.”.

Chen Yang’s voice wasn’t loud, however each word was deeply inscribed in Lee Lin’s heart.

She really did not have any ideas of resisting.

As well scary, this man was also frightening.

How long had it been? His mood was already so distressing and she had actually already appeared to the Xiantian world, however she couldn’t also endure his mood.
Could it be that he is a Return Virtue Phase grower?

That’s right, he was most definitely a farmer from the Return Virtue Stage, and also only growers from the Return Innocence Phase could launch stress to suppress others.

Currently, Lee Lin was convinced that this guy was as well powerful.

” Yes, Master. I will absolutely bear that in mind!” Lee Lin claimed in a respectful tone, her lovely eyes beaming with grandeur.

” Mm, get up.” Chen Yang aided Lee Lin up as well as claimed, “After I complete my job these few days, I’ll call you and teach you how to refine medication.”.

” Yes, yes, yes, thank you, Master!”.

Lee Lin was exceptionally delighted when she listened to Chen Yang state that he would show her alchemy in a couple of days’ time.

” Alright, I’ll be leaving first.”.

Prior to he left, Chen Yang eyed Lee Lin as well as claimed: “Oh right, the Xichuan City is probably not tranquil today. Restrain your juniors and do not cause trouble.”.

” Yes sir!” Lee Lin responded.

When Chen Yang’s figure completely disappeared, Lee Lin had gone back to being the big sister that maintained her assurances.

” Everybody, listen to me. Do not allow my master worry concerning you.

” I heard it!”.

Everyone addressed together.

” … …”.

The scenery, Su Miao’s residence.

Currently, Su Miao and also Lee Mi were sitting on the sofa.

” Mi, why do you believe Chen Yang disappeared for many days and afterwards returned once more?”.

Su Miao said in distress, “I do not comprehend him anymore. It’s as if I have actually never ever recognized him in the past.”.

” Claim, do you assume that my role as better half is a failing?”.

” Miao, stop thinking too much.” Lee Mi said, “Think back to the moment when Chen Yang was constantly burrowed at home. The reason he became like this, is due to you. “.

Hearing this, Su Miao’s face lit up, yet quickly darkened again. I feel that everybody knows it, except me?”.

Paying Attention to Su Miao’s words, Lee Mi could only bitterly smile in her heart. Silly girl, it’s not just your husband who has something to hide from you. He’s hiding excessive from you, okay?

However, without Chen Yang’s order, she really did not dare to leakage it.

Presently, Tang Jing unexpectedly went out of the room, sobbing, “Miao, Mama doesn’t intend to live anymore.”.

After claiming that, she lay down on the sofa and began to howl.

” Mom, what occurred again?” Su Miao walked over rapidly as well as bowed in front of her. She asked with concern, “Did Daddy claim something?”.

” That bastard really wishes to separation me.” Flavor Jing handed over the note Su Changhee left to Su Miao while sobbing.

Su Miao looked and saw a line of words on it. “See you at the Civil Administration Bureau’s entry tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock.”.

” I do not intend to live any longer. I have actually functioned so hard for this family. What occurred in the long run?

He really wishes to divorce me.” Tang Jing stated in grief, “Miao, that do you think Mommy did all this for? Wasn’t it for this family members?”.

Flavor Jing thought of all the points that had occurred in the past couple of years, and her heart loaded with pain. “When you were ten years old, he stated he needed two million to spend.

” When you were twelve, he started a business with a close friend and also spent 3 million. In the third month, his companion took all the cash.” Flavor Jing drew Su Miao’s hand as well as claimed, “Do you still bear in mind that year when you needed to pay the tuition charge? I obtained the cash from my household.”.

” You are thirteen years of ages …”.

Su Miao recounted the background of Su Changhee’s blood loss carefully as she paid attention to Tang Jing stating it as if it was her most valuable treasure.

She as well as Lee Mi didn’t understand what to claim other than comfort her.

” Mother, do not fret, I’ll call my papa.”.

Saying that, Su Miao took out her phone and called Su Changhee’s number.

The phone rang two times before it was picked up, “Hello, Miao. Tomorrow, ask that evil female to bring the house book as well as marital relationship certificate over. I’ll wait for her at the Civil Affairs Bureau.”.

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

As Su Miao turned on her speaker, Flavor Jing, who was standing close to her, turned ashen upon listening to Su Miao’s words.

” Excellent, great, great. Su Changhee, you desire to get a divorce? After that leave. Let’s see just how you will live after you leave me.”.

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