The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 294 (Read free online)


” Zhang Sect Leader’s wits are incomparable, this old monk is impressed!”.

” Terrific, truly fantastic.” Ma Da Xiao clapped his hands and also laughed.

” If that holds true, we will not need to bother with Mystic Dragon Cult playing any techniques anymore.” Martial Auntie Jing Lian additionally responded.

” High, it truly is high. I can’t do it. I admit defeat.”.

Hearing the commends of the crowd, Zhang Yuanqiao smiled without stating a word.

Quickly, the information of the 6 significant sects holding a martial arts competitors at the end of the month spread like wildfire.

It immediately attracted the focus of the martial musicians of the world.

All of a sudden, the information of the Mystic Dragon Cult Public Auction, that the six major sects were holding a competition in this globe, spread out through the whole martial arts neighborhood.

This made Sun Moon Holy Cult Pecking order Wong Shentong dissatisfied in his heart.

Why? Everyone is a cult, yet you are constantly causing trouble.

Specifically after the six major sects fell short to besiege Mystic Dragon Cult, their Mystic Dragon Cult leapt completely to their feet, becoming the leading wicked sect worldwide.

Now, Mystic Dragon Cult was auctioning off another Barrier Breaking Tablet. This was entirely evidence of being the top worldwide.

At Wong Shentong’s age, besides toughness, one of the most essential thing is face.

This will not do, your Mystic Dragon Cult is causing trouble, as well as I am not willing to let this go on.

Wong Shentong as well as his guys talked about and made a decision to hold a martial arts competition.

The distinction in between Sun Moon Holy Cult’s competition and the Six Significant Sects’ competitors was big.

They held the event to elect the brand-new White Tiger Starlord as well as Black Turtle Starlord.

In this globe, not every person was a good person, however there was also a tiny part of their heart that dealt with the dark.

Who really did not know of Sunlight Moon Holy Cult’s four fantastic Starlord’s condition? As soon as this news spread, the entire world would certainly boil over.

Mystic Dragon Cult, Sunlight Moon Holy Cult, 6 major sects … This was certainly a rare grand event for Wu Lin in the past hundred years.

An additional message swiftly came from the Sun Moon Holy Cult. They had placed the place of the competition out the Xichuan City but on the Beihai City.

The reason why he put it in the Beihai City was because Wong Shentong hesitated of being attacked by the exemplary sects.

Xichuan City were the headquarters of the 6 significant sects.

They were below to elect Starlord, not to fight, so it was much better to be safe.

When the 6 major sects heard the news, they breathed freely. It was good that they were not in Xichuan, they were simply afraid that the Sun Moon Holy Cult and also the Mystic Dragon Cult would work together.

” … …”.

Sheng Wei and Zhao Weiwu, that were oversleeping the hotel each day, will go crazy awaiting news.

” Tell me, why hasn’t the Holy Son called us? Did he ignore us?” Sheng Wei claimed with a miserable expression, “How concerning we head back after so many days?”.

” Go back? “Where to?” Zhao Weiwu laughed coldly, “Chen Yang goes to the peak of his life-span and is a priceless treasure to the Sect Leader. If you leave your duty without consent, he would certainly be worried about not getting the chance to do away with both people. Aren’t we returning to hand the knife to Wong Shentong? “.

He bitterly grinned and said, “That makes feeling. These couple of days we have been taking the remedy.

” Fool, can not we call him?” Zhao Weiwu blazed at him. This pinhead, why really did not he see that he was so dumb before?

” Hur hur, that holds true.” Scratching his head, Shengwei took out his phone and also called Chen Yang’s number.

Chen Yang was nearly to go residence when his phone called. He took it out and also saw that it was a telephone call from Shengwei.

F * ck, I forgot about these two.

After thinking for a moment, Chen Yang got the phone.

” Where are you, Boy? It will certainly be the moment for us to take the remedy in 2 days. Don’t neglect to get the remedy from the Sect Leader. “.

Chen Yang was surprised. Was it time to take the remedy?

The last time he had actually consumed a Yin-yang Life-death Tablet at the Sun Moon Holy Cult, he had together improved some remedy this time and also detoxified the poison.

” Alright, I got it. I’ll send it over to you people later.”.

Stating that, Chen Yang hung up.

Thinking back to exactly how it had actually been a long time because he last saw Sun Moon Holy Cult, he thought of it and then dialed Yinn Changkong’s number.

Fifteen mins later on, a prolonged Bentley dropped in front of him. As the home window was about to drop, Yinn Changkong professionally heckled Chen Yang, “Hall Lord.”.

Chen Yang responded and entered into the cars and truck.

Chen Yang didn’t like Yinn Changkong calling him his Child since it was so weird, so Yinn Changkong informed him to call him Hall Lord.

” Hall Lord, I have currently done what you informed me to do.” The minute they entered the car, Yinn Changkong reported to Chen Yang, “The Sunlight God Safety Firm has been established. We have actually likewise taken control of the safety and security of the Heavenly Desire Yard.”.

” Un, okay!”.

Chen Yang responded. Yinn Changkong’s effectiveness was rather good.

Listening to the praise, Yinn Changkong’s face brightened.

It was different from the past. Chen Yang was currently an existence only second to the Sect Leader and Madam, so it was not excessive to claim that he was the 3rd person on the Sun Moon Holy Cult.

Even Hall Lord, that was the vice head of state, came to be excited. He mosted likely to other halls as well as also Hall Lord had to professionally call him Brother Yin when he obtained called by Hall Lord. It was a great sensation.

” Is there any more medication from the highers just recently?” Chen Yang all of a sudden asked.

” To Hall Lord, no.”.

” En!” Chen Yang nodded. All of the brothers from Xichuan City had taken the understanding medication, so maybe claimed that the Yin-yang Life-death Tablet’s poisonous substance had been totally eliminated.

Unlike Sun Moon Holy Cult, where only one third of the antidote is given at a time, there is no antidote whatsoever, as well as the only point that can be done is to subdue the toxin.

These individuals were all faithful to Chen Yang as well as were his personal power. Chen Yang would certainly not allow anyone to touch them.

For that reason, after thinking about it, Chen Yang still determined to include Yinn Changkong to the Golden Range Culture.

” Sibling Yin, I have something to ask you.”.


Hall Lord, please do not call me that.

Yinn Changkong stressed. If it remained in the past, he might have concurred, and now that Chen Yang’s identification was respected, he wouldn’t attempt to return even if he was offered ten times the intestines.

” No concerns, there’s no one else right here.” Chen Yang patted Yinn Changkong’s shoulder and asked, “If I desire you to join one more company, are you ready?”.

Yinn Changkong answered without also assuming, “I will certainly do whatever Hall Lord informs me to do. Even if I die, I will not frown.”.

” Good, great, good.” Chen Yang knew that Yinn Changkong was a man of his word. Since he stated that, he wouldn’t lie to him.

” How about this, I have actually lately set up a conference myself. What about you, you can be found in contact with the disciples secretive and also see if they want to add …”.

After interacting with Yinn Changkong in the cars and truck, he didn’t have the tiniest resistance. Especially after Chen Yang threw out the pension system, his breathing became rapid: “Hall Lord, do not stress. We will certainly accept such a charitable treatment.”.

” Excellent, I was right about him.” Chen Yang smiled: “Then I’ll leave this issue to you.”.

After arranging the affairs, Chen Yang advised Yinn Changkong to select some flowers.

After investing two hrs, Chen Yang had actually improved lots of remedies. He obtained 2 of them and also put away the other remedies in case of an emergency situation.

Because Zhao Weiwu as well as Sheng Yong had actually eaten Yin-yang Life-death Pill s that were several times more powerful than others, they needed to take the antidote every month. A 3rd of the remedy was not able to suppress the poison, so they needed to take the entire tablet.

After refining the Pill, Chen Yang obtained someone to send him back to the surroundings.

The minute he got off the cars and truck, Chen Yang satisfied somebody he recognized.

” Coincidentally, why are you here?” Chen Yang greeted Liu Qiaoqiao.

” Good, what a coincidence, Bro Chen Yang.” Liu Qiaoqiao held the brochure in her hand and also flushed when she saw Chen Yang.

” Are you working part-time?” Chen Yang asked.

Liu Qiaoqiao responded. “That’s right, I simply showed up right here today. I really did not anticipate to run into you below.”.

Chen Yang had a good impact of Liu Qiaoqiao. This woman’s family members history was typical, yet she had a decent personality.

” Do you intend to come to my home?” Chen Yang stated with a smile.

” Chen Yang, do you live here?” Liu Qiaoqiao asked.

” Yes, I live right here.”.

” That’s terrific.” Liu Qiaoqiao was filled with envy.

In fact, it had not been a coincidence that she came below, she came here on purpose. She included Chen Yang’s WeChat, so she recognized that Chen Yang bought a house at the scenery park.

This had not been the initial day she sent a leaflet over here. It was simply that she was unfortunate as well as really did not see Chen Yang a few days earlier.

” Let’s go up.”.

” I. I won’t increase. “.

Since she left the Thousand King Hotel, Liu Qiaoqiao recognized that Chen Yang was a big shot and a little woman like her could not hop on his high horse. She was really hopeless and couldn’t assume of any various other means out.

Chen Yang checked out her with passion and also stated, “Together, exists something you need?”.

” Ah?” “Is it that obvious?” Liu Qiaoqiao entered scare as well as blurted out unconsciously.

Chen Yang glanced at her and also stated, “Who dressed up so beautifully to find out and disperse leaflets?”.

After being translucented by Chen Yang, also Liu Qiaoqiao’s ears turned totally red.

She snapped her fingers, not knowing where to put them.

” Chen Yang, he …” Really, I have something that I need your aid with.” Lili claimed embarrassedly, “My moms and dads are coming by tomorrow, and they also brought the fuerdai to take place a blind date with me. I want you to be my guy, all right?”.

” As a sweetheart?” Chen Yang scrubed his chin, “Aren’t there a lot of individuals chasing after you? Last time, there was that Loo Feng guy. Really did not his family have a lot of money? As well as he looks pretty good too.”.

Liu Qiaoqiao was amazed when she heard Chen Yang’s words.

After the last time Loo Feng came out of the Thousand King Resort, it was like seeing a god of pests to him. He was scared to death.

Later on, he even had somebody spread out the information that she was his older sibling’s woman. He really did not know how much of an infraction he had actually angered her previously, so he asked her to forgive him.

” So it’s still my fault?” Chen Yang laughed and also stated, “Do you not know anybody else other than me?”.

” Wasn’t Bathroom Feng right here before, the others didn’t even dare to speak to me.” Liu Qiaoqiao frowned and stated, “So, I can just come to find you.”.

” Your moms and dads are also nervous. Just how old are you to obtain married?”.

” I don’t want to obtain married.” Liu Qiaoqiao said madly, “I have actually already said that I have a sweetheart. They don’t believe me whatsoever.”.

” Alright, alright, I consent to this matter.” Chen Yang thought of it and also agreed to Liu Qiaoqiao’s request.

” Really? “Excellent!” Liu Qiaoqiao hugged Chen Yang’s hand excitedly, her upper body was protruding against his arm, making Chen Yang’s heart race. Seriously, this little lady was as well reckless.

” Brother Chen Yang, tomorrow at noontime, I’ll be waiting for you at the entryway of Xichuan College. If you intend to come choose me up, then come choose me up.” After saying that, Liu Qiaoqiao missed away.

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