The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 297 (Read free online)

As Xu Cui patted his back to relieve his rage, she maintained cursing, “This damned girl …”

Liu Dan also had a sullen expression.

At the side, Huang Qi felt like he was a joke.

F * ck, I virtually came to be a daddy.

He stood without a word as well as walked out with a dark face.

Right now, Liu Dan was surprised as well as right away drew his hand: “Brother-in-law, where are you going?”

” Let go, that’s your brother-in-law?” Huang Qi stated in aggravation, “Don’t you recognize what you are? You intend to be my brother-in-law?”

” Little Qi, it’s not what you think.” Xu Cui grinned and also claimed: “That lady in my home, she doesn’t also have a guy, exactly how could she be pregnant? It needs to be a lie she made up. ”

” Do I look like a bonehead to you?” Huang Qi’s nose will transform crooked from anger: “Your daughter is a piece of garbage that got pregnant before marital relationship as well as still wishes to be my Huang Family members’s daughter-in-law? Dream on! ”

” After that, you ought to a minimum of pay the bill.” Liu Gaoshaan took a deep breath and also stated, “This is our mistake. We will certainly give you a description.”

” You speak like a guy.” Huang Qi snorted, “Nonetheless, I won’t spend for the dish, you individuals can handle it.”

Saying that, Huang Qi threw Liu Dan’s hand away and left the private area without looking back.

Liu Gaoshaan and also his household of 3 were shocked.

What should he do?

” Old man, isn’t this table of food worth a great deal of money? Can we afford it?” Xu Cui considered the good wine and also dishes on the table, and stated worriedly.

” Hey, call the waiter over initially.” Liu Gaoshaan sighed as well as called for a waiter.

” Miss, just how much do you assume it is?”

” Please wait a moment.”

A minute later, he stated, “Hey there, this time you will invest 260,300 yuan. You only require to pay 260,000 yuan.”


2 hundred as well as sixty thousand yuan?

Why do not you simply burglarize them?

Liu Dan was stunned and also shouted noisally: “You are cheating, what recipe is this pricey? This area contains just 18 dishes.

I took a look at the food selection and the most expensive one is that Australian lobster, 3800. The other recipes totaled only amount to 6000, 7000.

Liu Gaoshaan as well as his wife were likewise scared.

” Miss, could it be that you’ve miscalculated?” Liu Gaoshaan frowned as well as stated.

The steward’s attitude was excellent. He did not end up being restless because of the inquiry. Instead, he patiently explained, “Rest assured, we will not overlook.

The meals might not be pricey, yet you have gotten a total of 4 containers of imported Patus white wine, amounting to 2 hundred and fifty thousand dollars. ”

Wh … What?

Imported Patus white wine?

A bottle of white wine worth 60,000 yuan?

Liu Gaoshaan’s family of 3 were totally dumbfounded.

” Miss, appearance. I didn’t consume much from the other two bottles. Do you believe I can withdraw currently?”

” Sorry, if we can not open up the bottle, we can still go, yet there’s nothing we can do concerning it.”

” Daddy, mommy, can we afford it?”

” You lost lamb, it’s all your fault. You claimed you can not complete all the wine, why are you opening all the bottles?” Liu Gaoshaan shivered in anger.

Forget 260,000, they wouldn’t also have the ability to afford 260,000.

All the cash they had in the past few years had actually all been taken away by Liu Dan for gambling.

There was still money there.

” Father, why are you reprimand me? I was afraid Huang Qi would certainly go back on his word.” Liu Dan felt wronged and said, “Since he opened the bottle, he could not even pull back if he wanted to.”

Really, when he was drinking, he already recognized that this white wine was not economical, so it was like taking these two containers house and also displaying to his good friends.

Nevertheless, he never expected that this bottle of a glass of wine would in fact set you back over sixty thousand yuan. This was much beyond his assumptions.

” Oh yep, Huang Qi ordered this red wine, we can tell him to pay for it.”

Stating that, Liu Dan took out his phone as well as called Huang Qi’s number.

Extremely quickly, the call connected.

” Hey, what’s the issue?” Huang Qi’s careless voice appeared from the phone.

” Xiao, Xiao Qi …”

” Little Qi is something you can call?”

” Wh-Brother Qi, I’m Liu Dan, Liu Qiaoqiao’s bro.” Liu Dan smiled embarrassedly as well as said, “It resembles this, do you bear in mind the number of bottles of a glass of wine you just bought? “Now that the waitress is clearing up the expense, we really did not bring that much cash with us. Why don’t you come as well as aid us settle the costs?”

” I’ll leave it to you, you idiot.”

After a few curses, the other celebration hung up.

Put on hold … Hanging up.

Liu Dan took a look at his moms and dads with an unfortunate expression. He was finished.

” Sir, if you do not have any kind of money, we can likewise swipe our card to support Alipay as well as move your account by means of WeChat.”

” Hur hur, appeal, appeal, is this alright? Allow’s discuss it.” Liu Dan walked to the waiter’s side as well as whispered, “I still have two hundred yuan on me, et cetera is 259,800 yuan. Can I return it to you in stages?”

Hearing this, the face of the waitress instantaneously transformed.


You wish to eat an emperor’s meal?

” Hello there, upstairs in Area 208. Somebody is consuming an overlord’s meal and rejects to foot the bill.”

” Roger that. Send out somebody up promptly.”

Hearing words on the walkie-talkie, Liu Dan’s family members of three were all stunned.

” Elegance, allowed’s talk this over. We will certainly not eat an overlord’s meal. We will absolutely not.”

As soon as he finished talking, the sound of hurried footsteps came from outside the area. It seemed that fairly a variety of people had actually arrived.

Boom! *

The door opened up as well as seven or eight burly security personnel entered.

” That’s them consuming an emperor’s meal.” The steward aimed at Liu Dan and also claimed.

” F * ck, you in fact attempt to consume an overlord dish? Beat him to fatality and afterwards send him to the general public Protection Bureau.”

As he claimed that, 7 to 8 burly men immediately pushed Liu Dan down to the ground as well as started beating him with strikes and also kicks.

They were really smart as well as understood that Liu Gaoshaan and also Xu Cui were as well old to be touched.

He chased after Liu Dan and also beat him up.

” Oh god, stop hitting me, my kid! Stop striking me! If you continue, I’ll eliminate you!” Xu Cui slapped her upper leg as well as screamed.

” Old man, rush as well as think about a method, our Old Liu family only has one.”

” Ah …” “Papa, mother, promptly save me! I’m about to get beaten to fatality by them!” Liu Dan blurt a loud scream that brought in the interest of individuals in the surrounding rooms.

” Every person, I’m sorry, but there’s someone consuming an overbearing meal here.”

The steward bowed to them in apology.


What era was it? There was still someone consuming an emperor’s dish?

This kind of scumbag must be beaten.

” A good beating, this sort of person should be taught a lesson!”

” That’s right, well done!”

Many people praised and praised. There were also some that obtained their cellular phone and also started slapping.

” Stop fighting, I need your son.” Xu Cui rushed right into the group and caught Liu Dan: “If you individuals want to combat, after that beat me to fatality.”

” Mom, hurry and call Coincidentally. She definitely has cash!” Liu Dan claimed with difficulty.

” That’s right, old man. Rush and call Qiao …”

Beyond, Liu Qiaoqiao took a look at Chen Yang in embarrassment and also claimed, “Bro Chen Yang, I’m sorry, I’ve let you view a joke.”

Chen Yang grinned and also really did not state anything. To be honest, what Liu Qiaoqiao stated recently had actually stunned him.

This was a solid and independent lady. She had never received her parents’ treatment since she was young, however she had actually always aimed difficult to mature.

One of the most priceless thing was that her innocent heart was not tainted by her suffering.

It was uncommon to see a woman similar to this in a society like this.

” Clean your rips, your makeup is currently in rips.” Chen Yang handed a cells over.

After receiving the cells, Liu Qiaoqiao wiped her splits away as well as stated, “Thanks, Brother Chen Yang.”

” You’re welcome.” Chen Yang said, “Let’s go, I’ll send you back to college.”

” Yes.” Liu Qiaoqiao responded.

At that moment, her cellular phone shook.

She picked it up and was reluctant.

” Why aren’t you answering the phone?” Chen Yang asked.

” No …” It’s absolutely nothing, just a disturbing phone call.” As she claimed that, Liu Qiaoqiao hung up on Liu Dan.

” Sorry, the number you called …”

” It’s such a coincidence that you’re responding to the phone. If you really did not, your sibling would have been beaten to fatality.” Liu Dan was terrified as he considered the bordering males that were blazing at him like a tiger.

Beyond of the phone, Chen Yang looked at Liu Qiaoqiao, that was lost in thought, and also softly said, “Just answer the call.”

Liu Qiaoqiao thought twice, but still responded to the phone.

” Coincidentally, save me! Hurry as well as involve the restaurant, a person’s moms and dads are about to be eliminated …”


Hearing this, Liu Qiaoqiao’s phone dropped.

” Let’s go, Chen Yango. Feature me to the dining establishment.” After stating that, Liu Qiaoqiao drew Chen Yang along and also fast ran in the direction of the Xichuan household.

As quickly as they entered the dining establishment, they saw Liu Dan who was beaten black and blue, while Liu Gaoshaan and also Xu Cui were totally great.

Checking out the men around her, she recognized she had actually been tricked.

Seeing Liu Qiaoqiao, Liu Dan was delighted. Xu Cui rapidly walked over as well as held Liu Qiaoqiao’s hand, “Coincidentally, you lastly came. If you didn’t come, your sibling would certainly have been defeated to fatality.”

Liu Qiaoqiao’s expression was exceptionally unsightly as she asked, “What’s going on?”

” Miss, you have invested an overall of 260,000 yuan in this store. Do you intend to swipe your card or money?” The attendant at the side stated in a hostile tone.


2 hundred as well as sixty thousand yuan?

Liu Qiaoqiao thought she misheard. She stated in shock, “Why is it so pricey?”

” Coincidentally, Mom knows you have money, so you need to aid your brother this time. Our Old Liu household only has one son.”

” Mommy, exactly how could I have so much money?” Liu Qiaoqiao worried. She just had ten thousand on her.

” Gorgeous woman, just how around this? I still have ten thousand on me, so I’ll provide it to you. As for the remainder, can we authorize the promissory note?”

” A promissory note?” “No chance!” The waitress stated firmly, “Either pay them or we’ll call the cops. 2 hundred and sixty thousand yuan is ample for you to fail.”

The minute he claimed that, the men quit Liu Dan.

With a shout, Liu Dan blurt a squeal like a pig being butchered. Xu Cui and also Liu Gaoshaan, feeling sorry for their child, instantly rushed over, yet were managed by the security personnel.

” You, promptly release my moms and dads!”

Liu Qiaoqiao panicked. Although what occurred today was unreasonable, they were still her moms and dads.

” Arrest her as well.”

As he spoke, the two men rushed over.

Presently, Chen Yang drew Liu Qiaoqiao over to protect her behind him as well as claimed, “Do not do it, I’ll pay for it.”

” Hua!”.

Everyone in the space was stunned when they heard that.


You wish to pay?!

The waitress sized Chen Yang up and giggled out loud: “What are you joking regarding? You don’t also have two hundred yuan on you, do you actually have that much cash? “.

Hahaha …

When individuals in the surrounding rooms heard this, they promptly burst right into giggling.

It was so funny.

This brat must be in cahoots with this household that consumed an overlord’s dish?

You diaosi, what are you putting on a represent.

Did he believe he was an elephant just because he had a pig’s nose?

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