The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 299 (Read free online)

“Liu Dan, you have hands as well as feet, just how can you be shamed?” Liu Qiaoqiao called him by his full name, a lot to ensure that she stopped calling him bro.

” What business of your own is it?” Liu Dan glared at her and stated, “We’re mosting likely to be family members soon. So what if you lend me some cash?”

” You … “Actually, I really did not even …”

Liu Qiaoqiao was about to say that she wasn’t pregnant at all, but Chen Yang disrupted her and claimed with a laugh, “Okay, how much do you desire?”

” I’ll offer you one hundred and eighty thousand first.” Liu Dan was satisfied to see Chen Yang act so well.

Liu Gaoshaan and also Xu Cui also grinned.

” You …” “Bro Chen Yang, do not agree to him.” Liu Qiaoqiao stressed. She just asked Chen Yang for assistance. If she truly paid him, she would not know just how to encounter him.

” Hundred and eighty thousand?” It’s inadequate!” Chen Yang grinned as well as stated, “I’ll simply offer you one million straight.”

The minute he claimed that, Liu Dan was so fired up that he practically raised.

The old pair were so fired up that their bodies were shivering.

Aiyo, it’s actually like a forefather burning incense. My child has actually located a gold turtle for a son-in-law, she’s truly going to make a fortune currently.

At this moment, Xu Cui considered Chen Yang with offensive fulfillment. Where can I find such a good son-in-law?

” Do not worry, I do not have that much cash on me right now. I’ll obtain somebody to send it over.”

Stating that, Chen Yang got his phone and also telephoned. He said, “Alright, 10 mins is sufficient.”

Hey, hi there, hey!

Liu Dan nodded continually. One million. He would also agree to wait ten hrs, a lot less ten minutes.

Quickly, a line of people showed up in Chen Yang’s line of vision.

They were all wearing black matches as well as black sunglasses. They were all high and huge.

His exposed arm as well as neck were all tattooed. It was apparent that he was a gangster.

There were about forty to fifty of them, as well as they started strolling in the direction of them.

The hook-nosed beefy guy came up to Hall Lord with a silver secure in his hand. He cupped his hands and also said, “Greetings, Hall Lord!”

” Greetings, Hall Lord.”

The entire team bowed towards Chen Yang together. Liu Gaoshaan and also his household of 3 were so scared that their legs went limp.

They were just common commoners. When had they ever seen such a scene?

” Hall Lord, below’s one million!”

Chen Yang pursed his lips. Yinn Changkong understood tacitly and threw the password box in front of Liu Dan. He took a look at him fiercely as well as stated, “This is one million.”

” Ah …” Liu Dan screamed in worry as well as immediately drank his head: “No, I don’t desire it, I do not desire it …”

As he spoke, he concealed behind Xu Cui.

” You truly do not desire it?” Chen Yang stated with a smile.

” I don’t want it, I truly do not want it …” Liu Dan drank his head like a rattle drum.

Damn, this was as well frightening.

Exactly how could he dare to take the cash? It couldn’t be that he wouldn’t have the ability to maintain his life after taking the cash, right?

Liu Dan was absolutely shocked. This resembled buying money with one’s life.

Liu Gaoshaan and also his wife were so scared that they didn’t risk to state anything.

Liu Qiaoqiao finally comprehended what Chen Yang meant. While she really felt eased, she might not assist but really feel depressing. This brother of hers was too afraid, he was so weak that even mud could not support a wall surface.

” Sibling Chen Yang, thank you.” Liu Qiaoqiao said softly.

Chen Yang looked at her and also grinned, after that stated to Yinn Changkong, “Since he doesn’t want it, after that forget it.”

” Allow’s take our siblings and also loosen up.”

” Thank you, Hall Lord!”

Hearing this, everyone really felt indescribably delighted. Adhering To Hall Lord was like consuming meat. Ever since Chen Yang became the Holy Boy, their therapy had actually increased.

Coupled with Chen Yang’s guidelines, they might happily inform their households that what they were doing was a proper work.

They were additionally bathed in the sunlight once again, as well as can hold their heads high as human beings.

They all considered Chen Yang with eyes of appreciation, creating Chen Yang to really feel a little self-conscious.

” Alright, alright. It’s time to play, it’s time to consume.”

Stating that, Chen Yang called Yinn Changkong over. He obtained 2 Pill s from his pocket and also told Zhao Weiwu as well as Sheng Yong’s hotel to send out the remedy over.

Yinn Changkong took the remedy and also entrusted to individuals from Sun Moon Holy Cult.

” Coincidentally, I’ll send you back to institution.”

Chen Yang looked at Liu Gaoshaan’s household of three again, smiled and also claimed, “Uncle, I’ll send you individuals back to college first by coincidence. My hospitality won’t be good this time around. I’ll delight you guys when you come next time.”

After stating that, she pulled the self-conscious Liu Qiaoqiao as well as left.

The 3 of them really did not dare to quit them and also might just enjoy as the two of them got involved in a taxi.

On the auto, Liu Qiaoqiao stated embarrassedly, “Chen Yang, I actually bothered you today. As for my moms and dads, I will certainly discuss whatever clearly. ”

” They probably won’t compel you to date them this moment.”

” Yes.”.

Liu Qiaoqiao nodded with a flushed face.

After that, the atmosphere in the vehicle came to be uncomfortable. Liu Qiaoqiao fidgeted, timid, and also her mind remained in a mess.

She really did not also recognize how she got out of the cars and truck.

Looking at the taxi, Liu Qiaoqiao squeezed her clenched fist as well as claimed, “I will certainly attempt my ideal to come to be impressive, Chen Yango.”.

After seeing Liu Qiaoqiao off, Chen Yang was just about to go back to his fantasy.

Lee Lin called.

” Master, are you totally free right now?” Lee Lin’s nervous yet pregnant voice came the phone.

” What’s the issue?”.

” , Master, didn’t you claim that you would come as well as instruct me alchemy whenever you have the time?” Lee Lin claimed very carefully, scared that Chen Yang would be dissatisfied.

Chen Yang suddenly comprehended, he had without a doubt assured her.

After thinking about it, he determined that there was nothing forbidden to do at the moment. “Yeah, I’m free today.”.

” Really?”.

Lee Lin was pleased. “Instructor, where are you? I’ll send someone to pick you up.”.

” No need, simply report the place to me. I’m in the taxi today.”.

” Alright, I’m right here …”.

After she informed Chen Yang her location, Lee Lin was so fired up that she practically jumped up as well as down in excitement.

She had been expecting it for as long, however it was lastly right here.

No, she had to show her finest to her master. She went to her cloakroom and picked and picked up until she saw the bright red gown hanging in the center of the space.

There was a deep groove in the middle of the dress, as well as the corner of her mouth was a little elevated. Her master appeared to like the method she wore it.

The last time she kidnapped her master, she was wearing this suit. Therefore, that evening, his eyes regularly swept across her upper body.

It was extremely concealed, she still saw it.

Twenty minutes later, the taxi dropped in front of a chateau. Lee Lin, using a bright red dress as well as red Gauze footwear, had been waiting for a while.

Seeing Chen Yang, Lee Lin quickly mosted likely to welcome him.

” Greetings, Master!”.

As he claimed that, he bowed.

As he bowed, the gorgeous surroundings immediately entered his eyes.

The snow-white virtually leapt out of her skirt.

F * ck.

Chen Yang fast moved forward to assist Lee Lin up.

He was still believing in his heart, ‘Do not consider me unless I’m courteous’ and ‘Don’t consider me unless I’m courteous’.

” Stand up, don’t stoop any longer in the future, I do not like this.” Chen Yang said.

” Yes, disciple will keep in mind.”.

” Also, don’t wear such clothes in the future.” Claiming that, Chen Yang walked in with large strides.

Lee Lin iced up for a moment, after that burst out laughing.

This master is really … What a prankster! Just now, his eyes will bore right into her body.

After following Lee Lin to the pharmacy, Chen Yang checked out.

The pharmacy was large, and the medication cupboards on the 4 walls were filled with herbs. Between was a huge cauldron.

Much, this was the largest drug store Chen Yang had ever before seen with the most medicinal natural herbs.

” That’s right!” Chen Yang nodded. This space was certainly very appropriate for refining medication.

Lee Lin, who had actually received the appreciation, was very satisfied. She had actually collected these gradually during this time period.

She believed that Chen Yang would certainly take her as his devotee sooner or later.

” Alright, today I’ll show you the fundamentals.” Chen Yang said, “How many of the herbs in the room can you identify?”.

” Master, I recognize all of them.”.

” Oh?”.

Chen Yang took a look at Lee Lin in surprise. “You understand every one of them?”.

” En!”.

” Alright, what medicine is this!” Chen Yang strolled to the medicine closet, opened the cabinet and also secured a bunch of herbs.

It can be made use of as a powder to regulate agricultural parasites. The medicine can be used to dispel wind and also moisture, to reinforce the kidney, to heal snakes and also dogs’ poison. “.

” That’s right!” Chen Yang nodded: “What regarding this?”.

” Forsythia.” It can eliminate warmth, detox, disperse, and also reduce swelling. “Heating warmth, tablet poison …”.

After she finished speaking, Lee Lin stated, “Instructor, in fact, I’ve been studying on my very own just recently, so I can identify all the herbs below.”.

Why really did not you say so previously?

Chen Yang was without words!

” Cough coughing, this is wonderful. After that we can omit the most complex steps.” Chen Yang considered Lee Lin and also claimed, “I can see that your skin is white, however your pores are thick; your lips are red; your face is bloodless; your eyes are lively; and your eye sockets are blue.” Have you ever taken a Tiger Wolf’s medication? “.

” Nope.” Lee Lin quickly drank her head. “I’m still a virgin as well as do not also have a partner. Exactly how could I take the medicine?”.

Hearing Lee Lin claim that she was still a virgin, Chen Yang was somewhat shocked. Lee Lin should remain in her very early thirties. Just how could she be?

Pah pah pah, what the heck.

Chen Yang recognized that Lee Lin had actually misinterpreted, so he explained, “The Tiger Wolf Medicine that I mentioned is not that kind of medicine.

Have you taken many tonics in the past couple of years? Throughout the day, your hands as well as feet are cold, yet during the night, you feel hot and also dry, don’t you believe? “.

” Master, how did you know?”.

Lee Lin was stunned. All these years, she had eaten fairly a great deal of medication in order to break through to the Xiantian realm.

In the end, instead of raising his farming, he ended up consuming his body.

The signs were exactly as Chen Yang said.

Thanks to the Obstacle Breaking Pill that Chen Yang gave her, she efficiently broke through right into the Innate World.

Chen Yang sighed as well as claimed, “I believe there are a lot of toxin in your body. If you do not get rid of it quickly, it will certainly not only cause blood vessels to end up being stagnant, yet it will certainly also jeopardize your life.”.

” Have you been required to quit running your farming commonly lately? Are your luck Genuine Qi extremely unknown?”.

” That’s right, that’s right!” Lee Lin responded her head continuously. She assumed it was since she had just broken through to the Xiantian realm as well as had not gotten used to it.

” Master, what should we do?” Lee Lin worried. “I won’t die, right?”.

Chen Yang grinned lightly and stated, “What are you assuming? Isn’t it simply toxin? Simply get rid of the poison out of your body.”.

” Today, I’ll show you just how to make use of the Cyan Goat Ginseng as well as Forsythia to concoct the easiest of antidotes.”.

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