The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 301 (Read free online)

Fifty percent an hour later on, Lee Hu went out of the bathroom feeling refreshed.

This moment, he totally thought his sis’s words.

However, why does this antidote really feel a little revolting after drinking it?

Chen Yang smiled as well as claimed, “Your sibling, the detoxification soup just absorbed 50% of the medication’s power, which indicates she still has 50% of the pollutants. Nonetheless, most of these pollutants aren’t poisonous and will be expelled gradually.”

” However, the medical impact will certainly be considerably decreased.”

To ensure that’s just how it was!

Lee Lin and her sister nodded.

Presently, Lee Hu instantly stooped on the ground as well as asked, “Please approve me as your disciple!”


Chen Yang was shocked!

He rapidly stood from the ground.

” Master, please approve my little sibling.”
Lee Lin likewise stooped on the ground as well as considered him excitedly.

” Why do you wish to take me as your master?” Chen Yang asked in confusion.

Lee Hu stated: “With your alchemy abilities as well as your cultivation in Return Virtue Phase, I really can’t think about any kind of reason not to recognize you as my master.”

Chen Yang promptly understood and grinned: “You’re quite wise.”

Lee Hu stated with a major face, “An excellent bird picks a tree. Being able to recognize you as my master is Lee Hu’s honor. Please approve me.”

” Please accept my little bro.” Lee Lin responded professionally, “This is our supreme honor.”

Lee Lin stated this from all-time low of her heart.

Ending up being the adherent of a high degree alchemist and a grand cultivator of Return Virtue Stage, what sort of honor was that?

If Chen Yang spread the word that anybody who intended to come to be Chen Yang’s disciple could align from Xichuan to Beijing, it would certainly not be a joke.

Chen Yang considered both with a distressed expression, but he promptly figured it out.

If one sheep was being gone after, after that 2 sheep were being chased. They may as well simply approve them. In this manner, with his restrictions, they would not have anymore conflicts with Sky Authoritarian.

” Alright, alright. Stand up, I’ll maintain your sibling.”


The siblings took a look at each other in ecstasy.

” Thank you, master! Thank you, master!”

After claiming that, the two of them stooped on the ground.

After that, he provided Chen Yang a cup of tea.

After drinking the tea, he formally approved Lee Hu.

Chen Yang told Lee Lin regarding the rules he had actually established with Lee Hu.

Lee Hu quickly nodded: “Rest assured Master, I will absolutely remember this in my heart.”

After paying respects to Chen Yang, the baby-sitter prepared food and also the two sis amused Chen Yang with scrumptious food and beverages.

” Alright, I’m done eating and alcohol consumption. I’ll be leaving first.” Chen Yang stood and stated, “Lee Lin, these few days, you have to make more remedies in the house to boost the blend price to 60%.”.

” Yes, Master!”.

” When it comes to you.” Chen Yang looked at Lee Hu and also claimed, “I’ll offer you half a month to identify all the herbs in the drug store.”.

” Yes, Master!”.

” Alright, then I’ll be leaving initially.”.

” Master, let me drive you.” Lee Hu stated.

Chen Yang swung his hand and also claimed, “No need, I’ll stroll and also consume.”.

With that said, Chen Yang left.

Both siblings can just stroll Chen Yang to the door, and then view him leave from the door up until his figure went away.

” Sis, we’re abundant this time!” Lee Hu stated excitedly.

” We should confiscate this chance as well as effectively pick up from Master!”.

” Excellent, now we are no longer the abandoned adherents of the Immeasurable Sect.” Lee Hu clenched his clenched fists tightly: “I need to correctly learn to fine-tune medicine from Master, as well as make myself stronger. Someday, I will certainly strike out my Immeasurable Sword Sect, to seek justice for both of us.”.

Lee Lin attacked her lips and responded greatly. “All of us need to work hard.”.

After returning to the manor, Lee Hu suddenly considered something: “Sis, Master seems to be bullied a whole lot in Su Household, should we caution him?”.

Lee Lin frowned and shook her head, saying, “That’s not proper. If we do that, he could be unhappy.”.

” Then we can’t let Master be bullied by such a percentage of Su Family!” Lee Hu might not understand why Residence Son-in-law, an individual with such fantastic ability who still wants to belong to Su Household, would certainly be embarrassed like this.

” Got it!” A light flashed in Lee Lin’s mind as she stated, “We can hold a ceremony to acknowledge you as our Master!”.

” … …”.

When he got residence, Chen Yang turned on the lights as well as saw Su Miao huddled on the couch.

On the table at the side, there was food that had long since turned cold.

The blinding light woke Su Miao up.

” Spouse, you’re back?” Su Miao sat up on the sofa and said sleepily, “The food is already cool. Let me warm it up for you.”.

Seeing this, Chen Yang felt an unspeakable discomfort in his heart.

This silly spouse, does not she know that I have to eat?

He went up and hugged Su Miao, claiming guiltily, “Better half, I’m sorry, I’m late.”.

” Idiot, what are you apologizing for?” Su Miao touched Chen Yang’s face as well as stated, “The one who should truly state sorry is me. I’m just experiencing your previous life.”.

2 years back, Chen Yang was snuggled on the sofa waiting on her to find back from work. When he unlocked, he might see her.

Back then, she felt that this kind of guy was really unpromising as well as really did not consider his feelings in any way.

Now she knew what it was like.

Chen Yang felt his heart heat up after listening to that and hugged her a lot more firmly.

” I’ll go heat up your food.” Su Miao pushed Chen Yang away as she talked.

Although Chen Yang had already eaten his fill, he still consumed two huge bowls when he saw Su Miao’s face packed with expectancy. After sweeping up all the dishes on the table, he burped with satisfaction.

Chen Yang offered to take over the task of washing recipes.

You prepare and I wash the recipes. Isn’t that the joy the majority of people look for?

Considering Chen Yang, she took a deep breath and also mustered up her nerve to say, “Husband, let’s have a youngster!”.

” Alright!”.

Chen Yang nodded subconsciously.

The next minute, his hand that was washing the meals iced up, as well as the plate in his hand came under the sink.

” Old … Spouse, what did you state we desired?” His heart was battering as he looked at Su Miao in disbelief.

” I say, allow’s have a child!”.

Hearing this, Chen Yang’s head hummed!

” Old … Better half, are you kidding me?

” Then simply take it as a joke!” With that, Su Miao faced the room, blushing.

” Don’t, my spouse, I’ll be right there!”.

Chen Yang promptly washed the recipes as well as entered into the room.

Checking Out Su Miao’s face, which was buried under the blanket, he chuckled. “Better half, I’m coming!”.

He didn’t know why, however currently, Chen Yang seemed like a sorrowful uncle guiding an ignorant girl.

Embracing Su Miao from behind, the distinct scent of jasmine flowed into his nose, creating the fire in his lower abdomen to climb.

” Go take a bath!”.

Su Miao stated in a low voice.

” Understood!”.

Ten mins later on, Chen Yang went out of the restroom in his robe.

Presently, the light in the area transformed to an ambiguous yellow light. When it shone on Chen Yang’s body, Su Miao’s heart started defeating actually hard.

” I. I’m going to wash too! “.

Su Miao grabbed her clothing and encountered the restroom.

Chen Yang grinned as he considered the closed bathroom door.

In the shower room, Su Miao took a look at herself in the mirror as well as maintained cheering herself on.

” Eventually, this day will come. There is nothing to be worried of. If we do not hurry, he’ll be snatched away by one more woman. “.

To be sincere, Su Miao’s sense of situation was obtaining stronger and more powerful every day. She was terrified that Chen Yang would certainly be taken away by someone else.

One of the most essential thing was that she wished for happiness. She also wished that she might have kids with Chen Yang.

They had actually been wed for virtually three years, as well as she was still a virgin. It was a joke.

As long as they were pregnant, they would stop mocking Chen Yang.

Nobody would ever say that Chen Yang had never ever even touched her hand before.

Formerly, she did not know Chen Yang’s background, now that she knew, she can no longer tolerate being slammed by others.

She was currently 25 years old this year. Be it mentally or physically, she had actually currently gotten to the top of a lady’s life.

” Begin, you can do it!” Su Miaohua urged him.

As she took off her garments individually, exposing her smooth and tender skin, taking a look at herself in the mirror, Su Miao flushed.

Drops of water streaked across her captivating body. The even more the fat, the less the slim.

Tonight, she was mosting likely to hand everything over to Chen Yang without reservation.

She meticulously wiped every square inch of her skin, afraid that she would certainly leave a bad perception on Chen Yang.

The increasing heavy steam made her attractive face turn white and also rosy.

She put on her bathrobe, stepped into the vacuum, and also summoned up the courage to open the restroom door.

” Spouse, I. “I’m done!”.

Su Miao was so worried that she could hear her own heart beat.

” Hubby? What’s the issue with you? “.

Su Miao moseyed to the bed and also took a look at Chen Yang, who was breathing uniformly. She couldn’t aid smiling bitterly.

She was cheering and motivating, but he fell asleep?

She was both angry and also amused. What a fool.

She additionally felt a trace of fear in her heart, exactly how about next time?

Su Miao removed her bathrobe as well as entered into Chen Yang’s arms.

Chen Yang subconsciously hugged Su Miao in his sleep.

He discovered a comfy position as well as after a while, the area was full of the sounds of their breathing.

The following day, Chen Yang was awakened by the ringing of his phone.

That is it, calling early in the morning.

He grabbed his phone and also found that it was Su Miao’s phone instead of his very own.

Su Miao …

F * ck!

Chen Yang considered the individual in his arms and also thought about what happened last night. His intestines nearly turned green from remorse.

He was such an ignorant person. His other half wished to have children with him, yet he really waited for her to go to sleep.

At this moment, Su Miao additionally woke up from her daze. “Spouse, who is it?!”.

” Your cellular phone is ringing.” Chen Yang stated.

Su Miao took the phone and also frowned. Why is it Su Hai?

What was he doing calling me so early in the morning?

After some thought, she still got the phone.

” Hello, Su Miao. Grandma stated that she has something essential to announce today and also desires you ahead back early.”.

” What do you intend to reveal?”.

” You’ll understand when you return.”.

Stating that, Su Hai hung up the phone.

” What’s the issue, other half?”.

” Su Hai contacted us to tell me to go back to Su Family members, he claimed Grandmother has something to announce.”.

” You wish to go back to the Su Family at this time?” Chen Yang frowned: “It has to be absolutely nothing good.”.

” I don’t know.”.

Su Miao was shed in assumed as she checked out her phone.

” Wife, why do not we continue with what we didn’t finish last night?” Currently, Chen Yang whispered right into Su Miao’s ear.

The heat sprayed on her earlobes and made them prickle.

Su Miao rolled her eyes at Chen Yang. “Who told you to sleep?

As he spoke, he will stand up from Chen Yang’s arms. Chen Yang was prepared and quickly billed ahead. Both of them rolled together.

Do not believe way too much. After consuming tofu, both of them got out of bed after having some enjoyable.

Beyond, Tang Jing received a phone call from Su Miao.

Now, she was extremely conflicted, not understanding if she should go to Su Household or not.

This was since she had currently separated Su Hai, so she might no more be thought about a person of Su Family.

” Sis, did brother-in-law call you to call you house?” Flavor Yuan’s unexpected words disrupted Flavor Jing’s stream of consciousness.

” I haven’t seen Brother-in-law for several years. How around we visit Su Household together?” Flavor Zhong stated.

Flavor Jing’s face tensed as her expression came to be flustered. “It’s not as well convenient, is it?”.

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