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The Supreme Son in law Chapter 308 (Read free online)

“Don’t stress, this is our obligation.” Wei Dong grinned as well as claimed, “This Nuomi’s condition is a lot more secure, we can have surgery now …”

Before he might complete his words, Nuomi, that was playing on the side, wept noisally.

Next, her body spasmed violently, her eyes rolled back, her mouth lathered, and also her upper body heaved backwards and forwards.

” Wei, promptly take a look.” Li Dongmei rapidly ordered the youngster’s hand and also said anxiously.

Lau Yuan was so frightened that her face turned light. Didn’t they just examine it out?

” Quick, Nuomi is sick, rapidly put the tongue depressor right into her mouth to prevent herself from being attacked.” Wei Dong’s face looked panicked. He was obviously terrified by Nuomi’s sudden strike.

The first point he did was to make the most exact decision. “Quick, carefully push down Nuomi’s 4 limbs and also use a towel to wipe off the foreign matter in her mouth. This will certainly prevent her from choking into her windpipe and also causing her to asphyxiate.”

The registered nurse at the side fast picked up the gauze as well as wiped off the foam.

Su Miao was also shocked.

Wei Dong’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. Seeing that Nuomi’s twitching face turned green and her shivering body slowly relaxed, he was stunned as well as quickly began to resuscitate his heart and lungs.

Soon, Nuomi collapsed. Despite exactly how Wei Dong tried to conserve her, it was pointless.

Chen Yang immediately frowned when he saw this scene. When she checked out Nuomi’s expression, she unexpectedly thought about Lee Lin, who had been attacked by the Earth Ogre.

Upon a closer look, Nie Tian actually discovered a faint black mood on Nuomi’s face.

This … This was baleful qi?

According to the qi strategy in The Eight Trigrams Wind and Water Parasite, this black qi was a baleful qi, and also it was also denser than Lee Lin’s.

She was only 4 or 5 years old, just how could she?

” Lau Yuan, I wish to ask, when did this happen to Nuomi?”

” Fifty percent a month ago.” Lau Yuan was terrified out of her wits as she wept.

” What concerning the growth the medical professional was talking about?”

” Are you annoyed?” Wei Dong yelled impatiently at Chen Yang, “Can’t you see that I’m saving you? What are you saying concerning? ”

” Husband, don’t speak for now.” Su Miao pulled Chen Yang. It wasn’t the time to talk.

The environment in the ward gradually came to be tense and hefty. After weighing down for another 2 minutes, he quit what he was doing. He saw that Nuomi’s face had progressively regained its shade and also her breathing had actually ended up being even.

He removed the tongue depressor from Nuomi’s mouth and claimed with a major expression, “Nuomi’s condition has actually worsened. It seems that we can not postpone it any type of longer.”

He looked at the nurse as well as claimed, “Go as well as obtain the supervisor to check out Nuomi. Tell her that the client’s condition has actually gotten worse.”

Hearing Wei Dong’s words, the registered nurse right away ran out.

Lau Yuan as well as her daughter were panicking.

” Medical professional, I plead of you, you should save my little girl.” After saying that, Lau Yuan stooped down.

” What are you doing?” Wei Dong promptly helped Lau Yuan up and said, “It’s my responsibility to save the dying and also assist the injured.”

Lau Yuan nodded with a thankful expression.

” Medical professional, why isn’t Nuomi awake yet?” Li Dongmei asked puzzledly. Usually, Nuomi would certainly awaken very soon after the disease broke out, but this time, it seemed different.

” It’s alright, I’ll wake up quickly.” Wei Dong wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “You individuals wait here for some time, when the director returns, ask him to inspect Nuomi once again.”

” No, it’s too late.”

At this time, Chen Yang took a progression and said, “Lau Yuan, Nuomi isn’t epilepsy brought on by a mind tumor, but a murderous mood.”


Hearing that, Wei Dong instantly snapped.

Could the results of the scientific diagnosis be wrong?

Wei Dong disliked these mysterious individuals the a lot of. Every year, several people would pay attention to these rubbish and miss out on the finest treatment time for the condition.

” Spouse, don’t talk nonsense.” Su Miao was also obtaining distressed. This was a healthcare facility, what was there to be upset regarding?

Just how could he talk thoughtlessly when his life was in threat?

Li Dongmei’s face additionally darkened, “You can’t be a trickster? Yuanyuan, this is your close friend? You couldn’t have been deceived by them, right? ”

Lau Yuan bit her lips and checked out Chen Yang with a scrutinizing stare, as if saying, “Are you joking?”

Is Chen Yang actually joking? Clearly not!

He said with a serious expression, “Such a scenario currently occurred half a month ago. This is associated to Nuomi’s life.”

” Pah pah pah! Grand Guilty! Grand Guilty!” Li Dongmei stood as well as reprimanded, “Do you understand how to talk? My household’s Nuomi will be great.”

Chen Yang didn’t claim anything as he looked Lau Yuan in the eye smoothly.

” In the beginning, Nuomi’s signs and symptoms were not evident. “After she transformed her clothing, Nuomi wasn’t cool anymore. Nuomi was typical for the following two days, but on the 3rd, Nuomi informed me she was still chilly. ”

Lau Yuan wiped away her splits and also stated, “The next few days went back to typical till a couple of days earlier, when she informed me that she was cold once again. The doctor stated Nuomi had a lump in her brain. Epilepsy is triggered by brain lumps compressing nerves.

” No, no, this certainly had not been triggered by a tumor.”

After growing the Heavenly Evil one System, Chen Yang’s psychological strength had increased by a huge amount. His understanding of The Eight Trigrams Wind as well as Water Is a Cosmos had considerably boosted. This was definitely caused by his baleful qi.

However, what made Chen Yang stunned was that the black qi remained around Nuomi’s head and also there were no other parts of her body.

Could it be that the baleful qi originated from the tumor in Nuomi’s brain?

Not. If it’s true, then that lump wouldn’t even have the ability to stand up to the stress of the murder intent bursting out. Nuomi would not be able to endure it whatsoever, unless the resource of the murder intent was that ‘lump’.

Chen Yang’s eyes illuminated. He seemed to faintly grasp onto an essential hint: “Can you let me see the mind CT pictures taken?”

” Enough, I can not stand watching this any type of longer.”

If Wei Dong wasn’t a doctor, he would certainly have currently beaten this brat. Despite the fact that Lili was already similar to this, he was still wasting time below.

” Please go out and quit interrupting the patient’s rest.”

” Yuanyuan, kick them out, I do not want to see them.” Li Dongmei said to Lau Yuan.

” Husband, let’s go.” Su Miao could not remain any longer either. She can only feel her face burning in panic.

Chen Yang frowned and also said, “I’m not playing around. “Nuomi truly isn’t like this due to a mind growth.”

” The heck, that are you attempting to trick?”

Wei Dong couldn’t assist but break out: “Could it be that the CT is still fake? If you still don’t leave, I’m mosting likely to call the cops.”

” I believe him!”

Then, a medical professional in a white layer strolled in.


Everybody in the ward checked out him.

” Supervisor, what did you say?” Wei Dong considered Wang Leebo in shock. How could the CT images be phony?

” Is CT omnipotent?” Wang Leebo eyed Wei Dong and after that strolled before Chen Yang. He called out respectfully, “Godly Medical professional, we reunite.”

” Hua!”.

The moment she stated that, every person in the ward was shocked.

Wei Dong opened his eyes wide, while his jaw nearly quit of shock.

Did he listen to wrong?

What did the supervisor call him?

Godly Doctor ?!

Heavens, the director is the head of their medical facility. In terms of clinical skills, he is among the top 10 individuals in Xichuan.

He actually called this brat the genius doctor.

Li Dongmei was also surprised. Director Wang was Nuomi’s going to physician as well as this Doctor Wei was just his devotee. If even he called him that, could this youngster really be a godly doctor?

Was her granddaughter’s disease really caused by a mind tumor?

Lau Yuan likewise considered Chen Yang in disbelief and was surprised.

Su Miao looked straight at Chen Yang. Every single time, she believed she saw him plainly, yet each time, even more mist covered her eyes.

Which among them was the real him?

Chen Yang looked at him for two secs and also responded: “I remember you. You seem to be called Wang Bo or something?”.

” Coverage to Godly Medical professional, my name is Wang Leebo.”.

Chen Yang still remembered his name, that made Wang Leebo very thrilled.

Last time, Chen Yang’s godly clinical abilities had actually completely conquered him.

To be able to save a dead person, what sort of ailment could he not deal with?

” Director, are you sure?” Wei Dong aimed at Chen Yang and claimed, “This child’s age isn’t even equivalent to mine. You’re calling him Godly Medical professional?”.

That’s just an excuse for a quack doctor’s combined certifications. I have never ever been able to contrast to a Divine Physician in my entire life, should I be honored because I have thrown away even more than twenty years of my life compared to a Divine Physician? “.

” However that doesn’t mean anything.” Wei Dong still did not think Wang Leebo’s words.

” Do you remember our hospital sending out in a patient with a cardiac arrest two days back?”.

” The one that revealed his fatality and also came back to life?” Wei Dong claimed uncertainly.

” That’s right, that client was conserved by the Godly Doctor.” Wang Leebo discharge a lengthy sigh and also stated, “At that time, the client’s student had currently dissipated and all indications of life had actually vanished, but the Godly Doctor saved that person.”.

” And the person just fabricated his death?” Wei Dong twitched his mouth. He really did not believe it was true at all.

” Bastard!” Wang Leebo was still able to reprimand him a little, yet Chen Yang connected his hand to disrupt him, “Much less idle chatter. If you have time to suggest, why don’t you concentrate on the individual?”.

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Wang Leebo repeatedly responded his head and said in pity, “Godly Doctor is right.”.

” Tsk, putting on an act.”.

Chen Yang really did not appreciate Wei Dong’s words at all. He said, “Can you show me Nuomi’s brain picture on CT?”.

” It’s below!”.

Lau Yuan took out a pile of photos from the closet next to the sickbed. This was the brain CT that Nuomi had actually taken the other day.

Putting aside whether Chen Yang’s medical skills were genuinely fantastic, simply Wang Leebo’s praise was enough for her to give it a try.

Taking the image, Chen Yang took a look at it as well as discovered that there was certainly a growth in the capillary in Nuomi’s brain.

The form of the tumor was a bit weird. It resembled a cocoon attached to a tree trunk.


Chen Yang’s body trembled, he suddenly thought about the information recorded on the Thousand Gold Prescription.

This … This is not a growth!

It was the Gu Worm!

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