The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 309 (Read free online)


Gu Worm ?!

Wei Dong checked out Chen Yang as if he was checking out a fool, and also stated: “You must have been blinded by the lard, as well as the Gu Worm, aren’t you reviewing a lot of wuxia novels?”

Li Dong Mei also frowned, although she did not know what Gu Worm were, however could these worms still get in a person’s mind?

That’s difficult!

Wang Leebo had actually been a doctor for dozens of years as well as had essentially heard of some secrets. He had learnt through the elders of the older generation that there was a group of individuals who can make use of Gu Worm well.

They did not believe in traditional Chinese medication or western medication. What they counted on was Miao Jiang’s doctor.

For that reason, when he listened to Chen Yang claim that it was Gu Worm, he did not question his credibility in all.

Su Miao’s face was additionally burning. She whispered, “Chen Yang, where did these Gu Worm come from? Let’s not create any type of problem.”

” Godly Medical professional, after that can you tell what kind of Gu Worm this is?”

” Teacher, even you started a turmoil.” Wei Dong was so nervous that he quit requiring the chairman.

Chen Yang trembled his head: “I don’t understand, I have to see its appearance to be able to tell.”

This was likewise the very first time he absolutely entered into contact with a Gu Worm.

In his mind, he recalled the Thousand Gold Prescription’s introduction and the cultivation method of the Gu Worm.

The means to create Gu Worm was to put all type of toxic insects inside a sealed container, and let them fight with each other. The last one was called a Gu.

Not only were Gu Worm strong, they also lugged a homicidal mood.

This way, it would certainly clarify why Nuomi’s face looked so black.

There was a type of mystical Pill, Spirit Pellet!

As long as he squashed the Spirit Destination Pill into powder and sparked it, enabling the center Gu Master to absorb it, the Gu Worm would certainly be lured out.

Do not relocate Nuomi. With that, he patted Su Miao’s hands and also ran out.

This tablet was an intermediate Tablet, the main ingredient was extremely straightforward, a farmer’s Essence Blood.

The higher the farming of a cultivator, the more efficient the Gu pill would certainly be.

Chen Yang caught a taxi and also mosted likely to play.

” If you have anything to state later on, after that claim it later. I have something urgent to do today.” Do not allow anyone disturb me. ”

After advising Mi Xue, he locked the workplace door.

Apart from the Essence Blood, he additionally required some other additional herbs, so he had all of them.

Securing the Small Gu s that were boiled medicine, Chen Yang made up his mind as well as cut his very own finger.

Half a hr later, the Tiny Gu made a hum as well as opened its lid. Inside, there were three blood-red Tablet.


Chen Yang wrapped the Pill appropriately. Presently, the wound he reduced earlier had actually already formed a scab.

Chen Yang took a taxi to the First Individuals’s Healthcare facility when he came out for enjoyable.

” Sorry for maintaining you waiting!” Chen Yang walked in excitedly.

” Godly Medical professional, you’re finally here.” Wang Leebo stated with a significant expression, “Just when you were leaving, Nuomi got ill once more.”

Chen Yang’s expression came to be severe. He picked up the iron plate that was made use of to save the medication, took out a Gu drawing in tablet from his pocket, and also made use of the Genuine Qi to grind it into powder.

Considering the red powder on the metal plate, every person was a little surprised.

It was easy to crush the Pill, however to grind it into powder, had not been that a little as well overstated?

This is an inner force skill, it needs to be what the old elder said!

Wang Leebo yelled in his heart.

Right away after, Chen Yang secured the engine and stired up the powder.

Chen Yang swiftly placed the steel plate close to Nuomi.

A wisp of red smoke increased from the plate, as if being drawn in, and was trapped by Nuomi.


At the view of this, every person in the ward trapped a breath of chilly air.

Isn’t this too wonderful?

The fire in Wang Leebo’s eyes was about to gush out.

” Tsk, martial art methods!” Wei Dong chuckled coldly.

It was at this moment that Nuomi’s body all of a sudden trembled.

Slowly, a fat worm in the shape of a spring silkworm crawled out of her nose.

Su Miao was so anxious that she covered her mouth.

Oh god, insects actually crawled out of Nuomi’s nose.

Li Dongmei as well as Lau Yuan checked out the harmless bug in front of them and felt a chill run down their spinal columns.

He could not assist however shiver.

No … It might not be true.

Wei Dong kept shaking his head. This scene was beyond his understanding.

It quickly rescinded his sight of the globe.

” That’s remarkable.” Wang Leebo commended.

The Gu Worm was agonizing on Nuomi’s face, absorbing all the red smoke.

Instantly after, its fat body drank, as well as a pair of clear wings showed up on its back.

” Furfural.”.

It flapped its wings and flew to home plate with the potion powder.

At this moment, Chen Yang got the glass jar that he prepared earlier and placed it in.

If he didn’t recognize mistakenly, this must be the Paradise Silkworm Gu that concentrated on absorbing human blood power.

Ultimately, who was so callous regarding place the Heaven Silkworm Gu on a five-year-old little girl?

” Lau Yuan, where have you been just recently? What sort of odd individuals have I satisfied? “.

Lau Yuan shook her head. “No.”.

That was unusual.

Chen Yang touched his chin. If he didn’t discover it early, Nuomi would certainly have been sucked dry by this point.

” You ‘d better not allow Nuomi most likely to institution nowadays.” Chen Yang advised him, “I suspect that a person wants to hurt …”.

Before he can complete, a woman’s cry for aid could be learnt through outdoors. “Medical professional, physician, swiftly conserve my son …”.

Listening to the cry for assistance, Wei Dong as well as Wang Leebo rushed out unconsciously.

He saw a female in her thirties running in with a 4 or five-year-old young boy in her arms.

” Quick, push the bed over right here.”.

After putting the boy on the bed, the young boy began to twitch as well as foam at the mouth.

” Is this epilepsy?”.

” Your kid has epilepsy?” Wang Leebo asked.

” No, just how could my kid have epilepsy?” The lady trembled her head desperately.

” Come, come over here and delicately press down on his four arm or legs.” Wang Leebo immediately told the nurse next to him: “Hurry up and also roll the gauze into a strip and also placed it into his mouth to avoid him from attacking his tongue.”.

After a couple of minutes, the little boy gradually relaxed.

” Physician, is my kid alright?” The lady asked anxiously.

” Not yet.” Wang Leebo trembled his head. “Take your kid to have a look.”.

Presently, Chen Yang walked over and also said, “There’s no requirement to examine, this child is additionally infected by the Gu.”.


” Godly Physician, are you saying that this youngster additionally …”.

” Good. Bring the youngster to the ward.” Saying that, Chen Yang walked into the ward.

” Go, press the individual in.”.

Wang Leebo immediately had the nurse press the little boy’s bed right into Nuomi’s ward.

Why did you press my kid right into the ward? The woman followed him, yelling.

Upon entering, she was surprised. “Nuomi’s mother, why are you below as well?”.

She took a look at the bed as well as asked in shock, “What’s wrong with Nuomi?”.

Lau Yuan searched in the instructions of the voice as well as instantly shouted, “Mom Little Chunzi, why are you right here too?”.

Everybody in the ward was surprised. What was this, a colleague?

” Sigh, I brought little dumplings to get garments today. The lady’s heart palpitated, and the tears on her face were still clearly visible.

” You two know each other?” Chen Yang frowned and asked.

” Yes, this little child is called Little Zongzi. He’s in the exact same class as Nuomi.” Lau Yuan claimed.

Was it a classmate?

No, there was a trouble with this matter!

Chen Yang’s expression dimmed. This little boy called Little Zongzi was Nuomi’s schoolmate and also he was also infected by the Gu. Does this mean that lots of children in kindergarten were contaminated by the Gu?

Simply that was he or she to be so vicious to not even saving a youngster?

Although Mystic Dragon Cult and also Sunlight Moon Holy Cult were referred to as cult, they additionally had their very own bottom lines. Kids, expecting females, old individuals, they would absolutely not touch them.

Thinking of this, Chen Yang did the same and also secured one more Gu tablet from his pocket. After grinding it right into powder, he lit it up.

” What are you doing?”.

The female intended to stop them, yet everybody in the ward stood up at the same time, “Don’t move!”.

The female iced up instantly as well as said with an unnatural expression, “Alright, alright, alright. I will not relocate. I won’t relocate.”.

Equally as she was wondering, a fat bug crawled out of his boy’s nose.

” Ah …”.

She screamed.

Not good!

The Celestial Silkworm Gu was surprised.

The worm stopped briefly for a moment before wishing to retreat.

You intend to run? No way!

Chen Yang swiftly opened the glass jar and also put the Gu Worm inside.

After closing the lid, Chen Yang considered the woman and practically failed.

The frightened Heaven Silkworm Gu would certainly return to its brain and promote its fierceness.

As anticipated, the two Gu Worm in the glass container started to eliminate.

At this moment, Nuomi, that hadn’t woken up all this time, got up when she listened to the female’s shriek.

” Mother …”.

Nuomi yelled weakly.

” My darling, you’re finally awake.”.

Lau Yuan promptly embraced him, while Li Dongmei likewise started to cry.

” Come here.” Chen Yang stated to Wang Leebo as he went out of the ward.

” Godly Doctor.” Wang Leebo considered Chen Yang respectfully with fanaticism in his eyes.

He obtained the last Gu pill from his pocket and handed it over, “This is the Gu drawing in tablet, maintain it properly.”.

Receiving the Pill, Wang Leebo was at a loss.

” You saw it also, since two youngsters have actually can be found in a row, I think a few other children will certainly be sent to the healthcare facility.” “You ought to maintain some rest. If there are still kids who remain in the exact same circumstance as Nuomi as well as Little Zongzi, you should know what to do currently, right?”.

” I understand, I know!” Wang Leebo was puzzled.

He never ever believed that the brilliant doctor would really trust him so much, and even hand over such a precious Tablet to him.

” Do not say anything about this.” Chen Yang advised him once again: “This is my number, call me if anything takes place.”.

” Yes, I comprehend!”.

Wang Leebo obtained the number from Chen Yang as if he got a prize.

The individual behind the scenes certainly had a response to the Gu Worm being captured by him, so he definitely would not let this matter go.

After going into the ward, Chen Yang claimed, “Wifey, come with Lau Yuan at the medical facility initially. I still have some issues to attend to so I’ll select you up later.”.

” Spouse, are you in danger?”.

Outside the ward, Su Miao held Chen Yang and also considered him worriedly.

” Do not fret, whatever will certainly be fine.” Chen Yang kissed her on the temple and said, “You likewise saw that Nuomi and also Little Zongzi were drugged. If we don’t locate the wrongdoer behind this, more youngsters will certainly experience.”.

” Hubby, can we call the authorities?” Su Miao buried her head in his arms. She was terrified. She hesitated that Chen Yang would certainly be in threat. Happened to him, she wouldn’t desire to live anymore.

Call the authorities?

That’s a good idea!

Su Miao’s words reminded Chen Yang. Thinking of it, he took out his phone from his pocket and made a call …

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