The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 310 (Read free online)

At the same time, in a surprise cavern.

The cave was really dark as well as loaded with individuals.

Presently, the two men abruptly opened their eyes. One of them spat out a big mouthful of blood.

His spirit quickly came to be slow.

” Blessed Sovereign, my Gu has actually been broken by a person.”

” I …” My Gu has been eliminated …” Keeping that, the man passed out.

” Go!”.

A sullen voice came from the darkness.

Not long after, a great deal of flying bugs flew out of the darkness as well as covered the man that had actually been up to the ground.

The man really did not also have time to shriek before he was attacked into a skeletal system by the flying insects.

Seeing this scene, the man beside him was so scared that his body was shivering non-stop: “Blessed Sovereign, extra me, my Gu Worm is not dead yet, I can feel his place.”.

At this moment, the crimson eyes opened, and the temperature of the entire cave dropped.

The others in the cave additionally opened their eyes as well as looked at the dark place in fear. It was the man that had actually virtually merged with the darkness.

” Moron.”.

The man coldly spat out two words, and after that an earth-shattering swarm of insects covered the man.

” Ah …”.

Miserable screams resounded throughout the cave, causing every person to tremble.

” Go as well as collect the internet. Remember, don’t attract the focus of the six wonderful sects like last time.”.

” Yes, Fortunate Sovereign!”.

” … …”.

On the other side, Yu Lan rushed to the health center without quiting.

When she saw the Paradise Silkworm Gu Worm in the glass tube, she was additionally shocked.

She right away understood the importance of this issue.

” Since the Gu Worm has actually been extracted by me, the individual who grew the Gu needs to know.” Chen Yang said, “Now that the enemy is in the dark as well as we’re in the light, the most vital thing for us to do currently is to find the mastermind behind this.”.

Yu Lan nodded and also walked over to Lau Yuan’s side, asking her a few concerns. Lau Yuan was normally at job and her mommy, Li Dongmei, was the one who accompanied Nuomi.

” Associate Police, I remember your concern.”.

Little Chunzi’s mom clapped and stated, “About half a month earlier, a hawker selling candied fruits came to Little Chunzi’s institution.”.

” Oh?”.

” Exactly how old is that guy? Do you have any kind of recollection of what she appeared like? “.

” It’s been also long, I can’t bear in mind, but that person talked to an extremely heavy accent, and from the noise of it, he doesn’t appear to be from here.”.

” Not here?”.

Chen Yang as well as Su Miao looked at each other and asked, “Can you tell where they are from?”.

” It seems to be from Southern Frontier.”.

” Southern Frontier?”.

It’s gone, the person that planted the Gu should be the hawker marketing the sweet fruits.

” I remember currently, there was undoubtedly a candied fruits vendor that day.” Li Dongmei slapped her head as well as claimed, “That day when I went to grab the kids from school, I insisted on getting the candied fruits when I was heading out. I really did not think too much into it and also just offered her a bunch.”.

Li Dongmei then asked, “Associate Cops, is there a trouble keeping that sweet fruit?”.

Yu Lan’s expression was serious as she nodded, “According to our existing computations, it needs to be the Gu from that supplier.”.

” Aside from the two of you selling candied fruits to the kids, is there anyone else that would love to acquire them?”.

” There appears to be much more. After my family’s little zongzi bought the sweet fruits, he remained at school to bet a while. After we left, the hawker’s candied fruits were sold out.”.

All sold out?

Does not that indicate that several innocent kids were taken in?

Everybody in the ward reeled in a cool breath.

” Chen Yang, come with me.” After claiming that, Yu Lan left in a hurry.

” Spouse, I want to go also!” Su Miao took a progression and stated.

” Great young boy, you remain below and don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back soon. “.

Chen Yang followed him.

After hopping on the cars and truck, Chen Yang asked, “Where are we going?”.

” The kindergarten.”.

Equally as he finished his sentence, the engine of the vehicle grumbled and also the cars and truck flashed like an arrowhead that had left the bowstring.

The southerly residential areas of Xichuan City, Golden Bridge kindergarten.

Yu Lan discovered the college security, showed her identity, and described the purpose of her see.

The guard swiftly welcomed the two in and called for the kindergarten’s supervisor.

The director was a middle-aged female in her forties. When she saw Yu Lan, she swiftly extended her hand and also greeted, “Hi, Policeman Yuh. My name is Jiang Qin. I’m the supervisor of Golden Bridge preschool.”.

” Hey There, Manager Jiang.” Yu Lan drank her hand and said, “We intend to change the surveillance system at your school. Please coordinate!”.

” Alright, both of you follow me.”.

Keeping that, Jiang Qin brought both to the monitoring room and called out the monitoring electronic cameras from half a month ago.

Much Like Li Dongmei and also Qing Shui had claimed, there was a guy standing at the door marketing candied fruits.

” Courtmaster Jiang, do you understand these children that get candied fruits? Do you have their parents’ get in touch with information? “.

” Yes, there is. Nevertheless, our college has a rule that we can not disclose any type of information about the trainees without consent.” Jiang Qin said in shame.

” Do not stress, we will not leakage it out.” Chen Yang said, “Find the get in touch with information of these parents as well as inquire if they have any kind of issues.”.

This …

Although it was rather weird, Jiang Qin still brought over the pupil’s parents’ call checklist.

He made a few phone calls consecutively, yet none of them were responded to.

What was going on?

Uncertain, Jiang Qin made two even more calls, but still nobody answered.

” Battle one more one. If there’s nothing else means, we’ll go to their home.” Yu Lan said.

Hearing Yu Lan’s words, Jiang Qin dialed the number again.

This time, the call lastly connected.

” Hello there, I’m the principal of Golden Bridge Kinship College, Jiang Qin. Do you want to know if I’m Xu Lu’s mom?”.

” Yes, I am. Exists anything I can help you with?” Xu Lu’s mommy was still sobbing on the phone.

” Exactly How is Xu Lu?”.

” Wuu … wuu …” “Something has actually taken place to my Xu Lu …”.


Chen Yang as well as Yu Lan considered each other in shock.

It seemed that the moms and dads in front who failed to address the phone weren’t rejecting the call, however rather that they really did not have the time to do so.

At that moment, Chen Yang’s phone called. He chose it up as well as saw that it was an unfamiliar number.

” Godly Medical professional, hurry and come to the hospital, all of a sudden, a great deal of children that were infected by the Gu …”.

” Do not worry, I’ll be right there.”.

” … …”.

The emergency department of Xichuan City First People’s Medical facility was jammed.

The sickbed positioned the flow so securely that not also a drop of water can leak out.

The kids slept on the sickbeds, foaming at the mouth as well as shivering non-stop.

Stunned to the point where the parents were crying for aid, the nurse doctor maintained calling for help from the side.

As a result of the scarcity of personnel, the pediatrics, internal medicine, and also medical physicians as well as nurses all came to support him.

Wang Leebo’s heart was burning with anxiety. He just had one pill in his hands and also could just conserve one youngster. There went to least thirty kids here that he could not conserve.

” Godly Doctor, why aren’t you here yet?” Wang Leebo was sweating profusely.

” Educator, do not fret. Wait on god …” As long as the Divine Doctor is here, it suffices.” When Wei Dong claimed both words “Godly Medical professional”, although he had not been made use of to it, but as a teacher, he wasn’t the kind to approve fatality.

Ever since he observed Chen Yang’s incredible capability, he was completely encouraged.

Currently, an alarm appeared from outside the healthcare facility, adhered to by a man as well as a female strolling in.

” It’s the Godly Medical professional! The Godly Physician is here!”.

Wang Leebo and Wei Dong hurriedly went over to welcome him.

Chen Yang nodded at both of them and strolled in. When he saw the genuine scenario in the emergency room, he couldn’t help however wheeze.

To believe that numerous kids had been infected with a Gu, these insane things actually took their child’s Gu.

” Yu Lan, call your coworkers as well as tell them to border the emergency division. If there’s any individual questionable, apprehend them quickly.”.

Keeping that, he looked at Wang Leebo: “Arrange a silent area for me promptly and also get me a ceramic pot for brewing Chinese medicine. Be quick.”.

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Yu Lan right away headed out to telephone.

Wang Leebo additionally fast responded. When Wei Dong heard this, he quickly claimed, “Instructor, I run quick. Let me go.”.

He hurried to the Chinese Medical Division to get a medication container.

Outside Wang Leebo’s resting room, Chen Yang bought, “Stand at the door and help me stand guard. Don’t let anyone interrupt me.”.

” Yes, Godly Doctor!”.

After getting in the room, Chen Yang took a deep breath, opened up the medication container, tossed the herbs inside as well as reduce his own hand.

The bright red blood maintained trickling onto the ground. Chen Yang promptly urged the Genuine Qi s in his dantian to scented the natural herbs.

Various from making use of a fire to refine pills, Genuine Qi refining tablets was a secret understanding of sorcerers, as well as it was likewise the most crucial refining technique taped in the Thousand Gold Prescription.

Only farmers with Return Virtue Stage could use it.

After stopping the blood loss, Chen Yang stopped the blood loss, and after that purchased the Genuine Qi to twist around the medication pot. He could really feel the natural herbs breaking down and also fusing together.

This feeling of mastery was definitely not something that could be contrasted to refining tablets with fire. Currently, Chen Yang’s tablet cultivating abilities had actually boosted once again.

If Chen Yang was when a tablet master, then his existing pill refining skills were absolutely at the Grandmaster level.

What is a Grandmaster?

The fusion of the medicine’s power was a hundred percent with no pollutants. This was called a Dan Sect Refiner.

The Sunlight Moon Divine Hall as well as the Divine Dragon Scripture ran spontaneously, producing a consistent flow of Genuine Qi.

He gradually eliminated the pollutants from the ingredients, maintaining the purest medicinal strength.

Ka-cha! *.

At this moment, the bottleneck in Chen Yang’s body was instantly broken. The Genuine Qi in his dantian expanded larger as well as came to be thicker.

The Genuine Qi pressed, purple qi automatically secured Chen Yang’s body, practically developing a physical wall surface.

Excellence of the Return Virtue Stage!

After Chen Yang became a Dan Sect Master, his growing likewise broke through to the Terrific Circle of the Return Innocence Stage.

Although Wang Leebo, that was standing outside the door, didn’t recognize what was occurring inside, he really felt an invisible pressure pushing down on him.

What the hell.

Why did he feel this way?

Wang Leebo thought he was also nervous and was visualizing.

In the space, Chen Yang opened his eyes and also a brilliant light flashed across his eyes.

The pill container smashed with a loud roar, not able to endure 100% of the medical power.

A perfectly rounded blood-red pill was seen rotating in the air.

This pill had the weight of greater than thirty Pill. It was enough.

Doing away with the Pill, Chen Yang stood. Checking out the fragments on the ground, he grinned: “Looks like I need to prepare a Bronze Cauldron.”.

Unlocking, Wang Leebo right away shouted: “Godly Medical professional!”.

” Allow’s go and save those children.”.

Taking A Look At Chen Yang’s back, he felt that Godly Physician’s eminence had actually enhanced. Before, it was great, now, he really did not even have the courage to look the Godly Doctor in the eye anymore.

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