The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 312 (Read free online)

After biding farewell to Su Miao, Chen Yang hurriedly left the medical facility with his Four-winged Gu King.

The moment he left the medical facility, the Four-winged Gu King in his arms shrieked also louder.

” Chirp chirp chirp!”

Chen Yang browsed and did not locate any individual dubious.

With his current toughness, it would certainly be difficult for him not to be found, unless the opponent’s cultivation base was extremely high.

Could it be that the various other event was Return Genuine Phase?

That’s right, only the Return Genuine Stage farmers might create the four-winged Gu King to be so worried.

Damn it.

He felt as if he had actually fallen under a trap, and the one controlling every one of this was really a Return Genuine Phase cultivator.

The opponent was in the dark and he remained in the light. He could not stay in a place with way too many people.

The four-winged Gu King howled much more very, Chen Yang located a vacant street and walked in.

Not long after he went into, he really felt a dismal as well as chilly aura, and also the hairs on his body immediately stood up.

The Gu King in his arms stopped growling.

He snagged his head back, and also a tall, dark male in black supported him.

Unlike a typical person, his face was deathly pale and also without any kind of indications of life.

In his pupils, the whites of his eyes occupied over half of the space. It was very comparable to the eyes of a fish.

Paired with his bloodless skin, he appeared like a dead man.

” You’re ultimately out.” Chen Yang took a look at the man and also his heart avoided a beat.

This was certainly the greatest adversary he had actually seen given that long ago. The aura on his body was also thicker than that of Loong Zaitian and also Wong Shentong.

He was definitely a farmer of Return Genuine Stage.

” You’re rather brave.” The man looked at Chen Yang with an ice-cold voice.

” Was it you that planted the Gu in those kids?” Chen Yang stated as he prepared exactly how to get away.

” Intriguing, you still want to escape?” The man in black sneered, after that he locked onto Chen Yang.

” Whiz!”.

A black darkness hurried towards Chen Yang. Chen Yang didn’t also have time to respond before he was gotten by the neck.

” Tell me, how do you wish to die?”.

The heck.

Is this a true master?

This was way also solid, he didn’t also have the opportunity to fight back.

Chen Yang progressively located it tough to breathe.

Was he going to die today in this deserted alley?

No, he hesitated.

He could not just rest there and also await death. He needed to resist.

Equally as he was about to condense the Heavenly Adversary Body, the Four-winged Gu King in his arms all of a sudden made a sound.

” Chirp!”.

Upon hearing the voice, the man’s face deformed before releasing his hand.

” Coughing, coughing!”.

Chen Yang, who directly escaped fatality, breathed heavily.

The male waved his hand, and also the little point flew from his arms to his hands: “Where’s Liao Hualoong? Is he dead?

With every word he claimed, his mood came to be stronger.

” Chirp chirp chirp!”.

The four-winged Gu King trembled in anxiety and let out a few wails.

” Oh? “So that’s just how it is!”.

When the man heard its mournful cry, his eyes revealed a happily surprised expression.

” No surprise you followed him.”.

He got in the Dao utilizing a parasite, as well as promptly comprehended what the Four-winged Gu King was attempting to say.

After sizing Chen Yang up, he sneered as well as said: “I was nearly tricked by you. I didn’t anticipate that at such a young age, I would in fact reach the Great Circle of Return Innocence Stage. Okay, not bad in any way.”.

Chen Yang obtained goosebumps from Ye Zichen’s stare. Do not inform me this dead fish eye has a special leisure activity?

Chirp chirp!

” Alright, you can go now. Keep in mind, do not draw me to death.”.

After he completed, the four-winged Gu King turned into a stream of light as well as went into Chen Yang’s heart.

Bang bang bang!

A sharp discomfort arose from his heart.

F * ck, I’ve been drugged.

F * ck, this little point is so fierce. It really drew his blood. So it was just an act.

Seeing Chen Yang’s hurt face turn pale, the man was extremely pleased. “Okay, this Blood Boar is not bad.”.

” Brat, you’ve destroyed my strategy. I want you to live a life even worse than death.”.

As quickly as he ended up, a voice instantly sounded, “Yao Shengyuan, you lastly showed yourself. Today is the day you die.”.

Not long after, one lady and also 3 guys came down from the sky.

” You individuals truly are haunting us like ghosts.”.

” Today, we will avenge the innocent villagers that were killed by you!” The Emei Cult, Sect Leader, and the hand of Guo Ying were all present. The magnificent sword of Emei Cult, the Sky Sword remained in her hand.

” This time we won’t allow you get away!”.

With the Wudang Sect of Sect Leader and also Zhang Wuji, the beggar could aid Sect Leader and also Qiao Cheng, and also one of the Four Great Monks of the Shaolin Intrigue, the master of obscurity, individually, disclosed his abilities.

Of the 4 people, other than the truth that the Unenlightened Grandmaster was in the beginning of the Gui Yuan World, the various other 3 people were done in the center phase of the Gui Yuan Realm.

One very early degree Gui Yuan and also 3 middle degree Gui Zhen, it was ample to kill a late level Gui Zhen.

Yao Shengyuan sneered, “You supposed righteous people similar to bully the young with your numbers. I do not have the time to have fun with you today.”.

Last time, when they were burglarizing kids, they had already traded impacts with the six terrific sects.

And that time, the majority of individuals he brought with him had actually died, as well as he himself had actually suffered serious injuries.

Otherwise, he would not have actually been concealing in the cavern all these days to recuperate.

Without Qi and also blood to renew, his injuries would not be able to recoup in all.

In order to recover his injuries, he had no choice but to take the risk and let Liao Hualoong as well as the others ransack his Qi and also blood.

Nevertheless, this fool was still discovered.

” Bad, he wishes to run away!”.

” Quit him! Don’t let him go!”.

By the time they responded, it was currently far too late.

Yao Shengyuan laughed out loud, and all the Gu Worm flew out from his sleeves.

” Allow’s go. When I come back following time, I will most definitely bloodbath every one of you.” With that said, Yao Shengyuan got hold of Chen Yang that was on the ground as well as raised, leaving the alley.

3 minutes later, the 4 finally ended up working out the Gu Worm.

Looking at the worms’ corpses on the ground, Guo Ying raged. “Damn it, we let him escape again!”.

” Go back as well as inform every person. Tell them to be cautious of Southern Frontier!” With that, he transformed about and also.

” Sect Master Qiao is right. Five hundred years after the Southern Frontier has actually been dormant, they have once more returned.” The enlightened master sighed and stated, “There’s Mystic Dragon Cult ahead, and afterwards there’s 5 Toxins Cult behind. This Martial Woodland is going to be tossed into turmoil once again.”.

” … …”.

In the Xichuan City First People’s Health center, it had been a long period of time given that Chen Yang’s Su Miao began to obtain anxious.

It’s been so long, why hasn’t he come back?

She called Chen Yang’s number, yet located that no person responded to.

” Miao, Chen Yang must have something urgent that he could not answer. Do not be in such a hurry.” Lau Yuan consoled.

” Yes.” Su Miao also really felt the same way when she heard his words, so she really did not remain any kind of better.

On the other side, in a private chateau in Xichuan City.

Sima Yanru secured her mobile phone and also dialed Chen Yang’s number. This Chen Yang was actually something. He plainly recognized that they were mosting likely to treat him to a dish today, but he still really did not come to school.

” You’re not addressing the phone?”.

She frowned. What was going on? Why was he letting her go?

Counting the moment when Chen Yang had currently dumped her 3 times, she had actually never ever lived her whole life and no male had actually ever risked to doves her prior to.

The much more Chen Yang put her away, the a lot more she desired Chen Yang to be under her command.

To her, it was just because Luo Yingjie was so skilled that she could really feel a trace of happiness.

” Chen Yang, you won’t be able to get away from me.”.

She had currently felt the trouble a little bit. For a man like Chen Yang, if he can win this fight, he would certainly really feel very achieved.

Considering this, the corner of her lips curled up slightly.

” … …”.

At the same time, within the Xichuan City Wrongdoer Cops Squadron.

Liao Hualoong sat on the cold tiger feces, handcuffed and also bound him tightly.

The four-winged Gu King had actually significantly deteriorated him, and his Return Virtue Stage dropped right to the late phase of the Natural realm, losing 2 whole worlds.

The strong light shone on his face, making it virtually difficult for him to open his eyes.

” What’s your name!”.

” My name is Liao Hualoong!”.

” How old?”.

” 43!”.

” Where are you from!”.

” Southern Frontier, Liao Household Stronghold.”.

Yu Lan looked at her ID card. This was found on his body.

What he claimed matched his ID card, so it was regular for the ID card to be checked.

” Inform me truthfully, why did you harm those youngsters?”.

” Wishing, Officer, I do not know what’s going on.” Liao Hualoong stated aggrievedly, “I’m mosting likely to the health center to see a medical professional. You people abducted me from the health center as well as I still want to ask why you guys arrested me.”.

” Still not telling the truth?” Yu Lan smiled coldly and claimed, “Don’t fret, we have plenty of methods to make you talk.”.

After claiming that, she counted on both policemen next to her as well as claimed, “Give me a proper greeting, I’ll go out and kick back initially.”.

Yu Lan remained in the interrogation room for greater than 10 mins. Then, a law enforcement agent walked out from the area, “Captain, he will not open his mouth even if he dies. He urges that this has nothing to do with him.”.

She frowned, stunned to discover that he was still hard.

Liao Hualoong pled, “Which criminal charged in the direction of the cops themselves? Isn’t that just dating death?”.

Hearing this, everybody in the investigation room was shocked.

” Captain, what he stated is reasonable. How could a criminal hit himself in the face of a police officer? We possibly got it wrong.”.

Yu Lan glared at him and also said irritably, “You have so much to do. Is it what he claims? Do not you recognize that some bad guys have a strong feeling of anti-reconnaissance? “.

The policeman quit chatting and responded.

” Let’s stop right here for today as well as begin once more tomorrow.” With that said, Yu Lan left.

Chen Yang stated he was the mastermind behind this, so he was absolutely the mastermind. Nevertheless, the tough component was, even if he admitted it, it would be difficult to pin his criminal activity on him.

Just how will the criminal record be created?

Infusing a Gu to absorb the blood of a child?

The next day, she was going to be put on hold as the principal of the criminal examination team.

Wasn’t this rubbish? Such a strange factor was entirely unfounded.

Poisonous substance?

That’s not right. The youngsters are in healthiness right now. Mosting likely to the hospital to investigate the situation would certainly not be able to discover anything. Even if they could, it would be an emergency situation.

Did he truly permit such people to stroll openly in society?

What happens if he wandered off to various other cities?

Would not that imply that numerous children would certainly be poisoned by him?

She definitely would not enable this issue to take place.

Despite just how he thought about it, he should still deal with it the means martial musicians dealt with it. It was better to ask for aid from Uncle-Master.

Considering it here, she right away drove towards Chen Family.

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