The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 313 (Read free online)

Chen Household Vacation Home.

The spawn of Chen Family sat in the hall with an austere expression.

It had been five days, but there was still no news from Chen Bouquet.

The hearts of everyone in Chen Family sank to the bottom.

Particularly Mu Sisi, that was extremely unfortunate.

Every person thought that something had actually taken place to Chen Lei.

Considering the mourning Mu Sisi, Chen Quan sighed as well as said, “Sisi, you can not return from the dead, so grieve.”

Chen Tianzong was also in rips. Although Chen Bouquet was not his own child, he was still the one who was raised by him.

That would certainly have assumed that the white-haired guy would send the black-haired guy away. The old man had simply been hidden for less than 2 days when something happened to his followed boy.

He had actually gone white practically overnight.

Right now, Liang Jie additionally walked to Mu Sisi’s side as well as comforted her, “Sisi, don’t worry. Lei is no longer below. There’s likewise us. We will certainly take excellent care of you for him.”

” Woo woo …”

Upon hearing these words, Mu Sisi couldn’t hold back her rips any kind of longer and ruptured into splits.

Who recognized how many complaints she had experienced during this period of time?

It was a satisfied wedding event evening, however the bridegroom was not his very own spouse, and also the kid he carried was not his very own. Currently the child will be birthed, and also the hubby was dead.

She’s only 22 years of ages this year, as well as she currently came to be a widow. Could it be that she’s a jinx concentrated on karma?

Although the disciples of the Chen Household had not stated any destructive words, their expressions were already really clear.

Typically, when he saw her, she would certainly not even greet him or evade him. It was as if he had actually seen a god of pests.

They didn’t dare to do it so clearly when Chen Bouquet was around. Since Chen Lei had not been around, they began to discuss concerning it in private.

Some people stated that she was the same as Chen Yang, the lone celebrity of the heavenly tragedy, as well as it was she who caused the tragedy to the Chen Family members.

Triggering the Chen Family members to be shamed, as well as even killing his grandfather together with Chen Yang.

Now, also her hubby was dead.

The child she had actually had would certainly not have actually been any better. It would certainly have been a disaster.

” Second sibling in law, I am not happy to pay attention to what you have to say.” Right now, Chen Yuan attracted attention and also stated to everybody, “Ever since this woman wed right into our Chen Family, our Chen Family members has never ever had a day of tranquility.”

” After being polluted by that monster Chen Yang on their wedding celebration evening, her body was no longer clean. As well as what’s also a lot more shameless is that she’s in fact expecting with a disgusting spawn, creating my Chen Family to be shamed, and my online reputation of having extensive energy for a hundred years to go away without a trace.

” It caused my Chen Household to be reproached, creating my grandpa to die from anger, as well as now, also his own spouse has actually passed away. I do not need my Chen Household to manage such a scourge.”

As soon as he ended up, the hall came under a short silence.

After three secs, everybody in the hall took off.

” Yes, you’re right!”

” Inform her to scram, and also tell her to scram out of the Chen Family!”

” I knew it when he went into the door. Take a look at her charming face, she doesn’t appear to be an excellent woman. That recognizes, it might also be Chen Yang that she attracted.”

” Hehe, I assume so too …”

The adherents of the Chen Family members stated, one after another.

Hearing these flowers, Mu Sisi was stunned. She could not help yet drink her head. “No, it’s not such as that. I didn’t attract Chen Yang. I didn’t eliminate grandfather …”

” Stop talking!”

Chen Tianzong put the table: “Do you think your household is not disorderly sufficient?”

Right after he finished speaking, Chen Yuan stated: “Patriarch, it’s not that we aren’t reasonable, it’s just that we’re assuming for the future of Chen Household.

Consider it, if Mu Sisi were to bring to life her youngster, after that as long as this youngster exists, he would certainly come to be the shame of our Chen Household, as well as our Chen Family members would be nailed to the wall surface of humiliation.

When our disciples of Chen Household head out in the future, will others say anything? There are thousands of us in Chen Family members, so could it be that because of her perseverance, we will live in discomfort for the rest of our lives? ”

” I do not concur!”

” I don’t agree either.”

” Most of us disagree …”

In that split second, every one of the Chen Household adherents increased their hands, and also even some of the female devotees took a look at Mu Sisi with cool expressions.

” You, you 2 …”

Chen Tianzong was so upset that his entire body was trembling. Taking a look at the fired up devotees of Chen Family, he learnt that he could not subdue these individuals.

He really did not have the same reputation as the old tutor, nor did he have any kind of accomplishments that he might draw out, nor was he able to encourage the general public.

” Are you guys mosting likely to rebel?”

Liang Jie went out as well as heckled the crowd, “Didn’t you hear what the Patriarch stated? Exists anything you can’t state? ”

” That’s right, that’s right!”

Chen Quan likewise stood up, “Who’s calling out? The clan policies are established!”

” On what basis? We are doing this for the good of the clan, and also we are doing this for the sake of the clan.

” Yeah, on what basis?”

” We are not convinced!”

Hearing every person’s words, the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth snuggled in an indecipherable manner.

Following that, she stalked Chen Tianzong as well as stated, “Papa, what we said is really sensible!”

As soon as his voice fell, the Chen Family members devotees that were continuously shouting promptly quietened down.

Mu Sisi considered her in shock.

What do you suggest?

Also his second sister-in-law believed he was an ominous individual?

” Xiao Jie, what do you indicate?”

” Papa, in fact what Chen Yuan stated isn’t unreasonable.” Liang Jie claimed, “Consider it, now that Bouquet is no longer around, what would certainly others think if Sisi brought to life her youngster? Even if Lei passes away, he will be buffooned by others. ”

” What’s even more, lots of people already understand that Sisi was polluted by Chen Yang. You need to be more clear than me concerning how Grandfather died from temper.

For our Chen Household to have such a significant household as well as placement, it is all thanks to our grandpa and forefathers’ hard work, could it be that their effort will be destroyed by us? Exactly how will we have the face to see our forefathers when we die? ”

Liang Jie’s words made everybody nod their heads in agreement.

” Second sibling in legislation is right, we are not unworthy descendants.”

” We should not be ashamed of our Chen Family!”

Liang Jie’s words gathered the assistance of every person.

” No, Second Sibling, you can not do this.” Mu Sisi took a look at Liang in fright.

” Sisi, 2nd sister-in-law is doing this for you.” Liang Jie walked in front of her with a smile and said, “Now that Lei is gone, this bastard is a concern to you.

You don’t want your youngster to be mocked by others when he is birthed right?”

In two years, if you have somebody you such as, we will consent to let you marry out. Our Chen Family is not that sort of household that does not eat the ancient times, so if you bring this along, they will most definitely not desire it.

” No, it’s not such as that, second sis … “I won’t defeat the child to death.” Presently, Liang Jie’s giggling entered her eyes like the smile of an evil one.

” Dad, second sibling, say something, we can’t let this kid go.” Mu Sisi knelt on the ground as well as pled.

” Sigh, Sisi, forgive us as well. I do not want Lei to be made fun of even after death.” After stating that, he transformed his head away.

Chen Tianzong remained in splits. In fact, he didn’t consent to allow Mu Sisi have his child initially. At that time, Chen Lei was still about, so Chen Tianzong could not claim anything.

Now that Chen Bouquet was no more around, there was no factor in him having him.

He stood and claimed, “Sisi, do not criticize Papa. Your 2nd sister-in-law is right, you are still young and also our Chen Family members can not bind you for your entire life. “Eliminate the child, keep watch for Lei for three years, locate a good family and also get wed.”

” Don’t, Papa, Bouquet won’t pass away …” This kid can’t be beaten, I’m pleading you, Papa.” Mu Sisi knelt on the ground and submitted repetitively.

He considered the devotees of Chen Household and presently, she felt matchless misery.

These people were so sanctimonious and harsh.

Several of the girls, upon seeing this, could not aid but tear up.

However what was the usage?

For the sake of the clan, every one of this was worth it.

” You guys are both weeping and also making a hullabaloo, what are you doing?” Currently, a female’s voice seemed from behind him.

Hearing the voice, every person from the Chen Family members looked over.

He saw a tall as well as slender policewoman wearing cops attire as she walked in step by step.

” Yu Lan? Why is he here! ”

The minute they saw Yu Lan, Chen Quan as well as Liang Jie took a look at each other and thought, “Not good.”

” Officer Yuh, why are you right here?” Chen Quan said with a frown.

” I involved discover my Uncle-Master.” Yu Lan stated.

” Oh, to ensure that’s just how it is.” Liang Jie strolled up and obstructed Mu Sisi who was stooping on the ground. She grinned as well as said, “Chen Yuan, bring Policeman Yuh over.”

Hearing Liang Jie’s words, Chen Yuan nodded, strolled to Yu Lan and also claimed, “Policeman Yuh, included me.”

” Thanks!”

Simply when Yu Lan will leave with Chen Yuan, Mu Sisi climbed from the ground. She understood that this was the only possibility she had at the moment.

” Officer Yuh, conserve me, save me …”

She stooped on the ground and extended her hand towards Yu Lan, asking for help.

Yu Lan was shocked for a moment before her expression turned cold. She hurriedly walked ahead, intending to aid Mu Sisi up.

Unexpectedly, Liang Jie went ahead and also aided Mu Sisi up. “Aiya, Sisi, why did you fall so carelessly?”

” Policeman Yuh, it’s all right, my sister-in-law mistakenly dropped.”

” Yes, yes, yes. Police officer Yuh, you ought to go see Martial Aunt Qing Yuan. We’re below, we’ll take good care of Sisi.”

” Actually?” With a lot of you watching, just how could she, an expectant female, fall over?” Yu Lan obviously really did not believe them.

” Officer Yuh, I’m begging you, please conserve me. They are going to by force defeat the child in my tummy.”


Yu Lan checked out her stubborn belly and saw that she was expecting. The kid in her tummy was plainly almost a month old.

If it wasn’t murder, after that what was it?

Yu Lan’s expression turned chilly. Step by step, she strolled over.

Seeing that Yu Lan ‘really did not understand what was good for her’, Liang Jie’s face fell, “Officer Yuh, this is our household matter, it’s unqualified you to interfere. Aren’t you being a little also meddlesome?”

As soon as he ended up talking, the devotees from Chen Family looked towards Yu Lan.

” Officer Yuh, this is my Chen Family members’s family members business, please return.” Chen Quan stood and also blocked Yu Lan’s path.

Yu Lan grinned contemptuously. “Today, I will certainly be in charge of this matter.”

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