The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 314 (Read free online)

“Officer Yuh, aren’t you requesting way too much?” Chen Tianzong stood up and also said coldly: “This is my Chen Family members family’s issue, you don’t have the credentials to care.”

I don’t have the certifications?

Yu Lan smiled coldly and said, “Someone is calling out to me now. As a police, I have no choice yet to take care of it.”

As he talked, he walked over as well as pulled Mu Sisi over to his side.

Mu Sisi swiftly concealed behind her and also sobbed, “Policeman Yuh, you need to conserve me. They have to force me to deliver.”

” Sisi, we’re doing this for your very own good.” Chen Quan stated impatiently, “How are you so silly?”

” Sisi, pay attention to me, defeat the kid away.”

” That kid is a vile spawn. If he is kept alive, he will certainly end up being a calamity.”

” Do not allow Lei die with no peace.”

Listening to the vicious words talked by the adherents of Chen Family members, Yu Lan was exceptionally angry.

These individuals are insane. Required to give birth, what else could it be if not murder?

At this time, Chen Quan all of a sudden bore in mind the rumors about Chen Yang and Yu Lan that were spreading through Six-sect University.

He took a progression as well as stated, “Policeman Yuh, I’m afraid you still do not recognize who the child in Mu Sisi’s belly belongs to. Let me inform you, the wicked seed in her stomach comes from Chen Yang.”

Yu Lan unconsciously looked in the direction of her tummy. Mu Sisi unconsciously covered her belly as well as checked out her warily, “Officer Yuh, what are you doing?”

Formerly, Qing Yuan told him that she didn’t believe him, and now that she saw Mu Sisi herself, she admitted that she was shaken.

Her face dimmed, and also an offensive discomfort occurred in her heart.

Seeing that Yu Lan really did not say anything, Chen Quan promptly comprehended and sneered in his heart. This lady truly had an affair keeping that pet dog.

” As you can see, such disgusting animals will certainly be despised by the globe. “Do not bother with it, Policeman Yuh. Just pretend absolutely nothing happened when you mosted likely to fulfill Uncle-Master with Chen Yuan.” Chen Quan stated patiently.

” Come, Sisi, come right here to 2nd Sister. We’ll most definitely discover a great doctor, he won’t make you feel any kind of discomfort.” As she talked, Liang Jie walked over on her Gauguin Shoes.

Ultimately, Yu Lan had just taken two actions when a sword showed up in her hand.

” Stop, otherwise don’t criticize me for being impolite!”


A sword qi reduced out as well as a sword mark showed up under Liang Jie’s feet.

” Ah …”

Liang Jie yelled in shock as she retreated constantly.

” Exactly how risk you!”

” How risk you!”

” This is my Chen Household, not a location for you to behave atrociously!”

The disciples of the Chen Household all squabble at the top of their lungs, but none of them dared to progression.

When the Genuine Qi was released, this Officer Yuh was actually a grower from Innate Stage.

Apart from the deceased Old Master Chen, all of their Chen Household were at the Lesser Paradise stage.

” I’m sure of this kid!” After saying that, Yu Lan held Mu Sisi’s hand and also walked towards the back of the hall.

” You … “You …”

Chen Tianzong was so mad that his entire body was trembling. They had numerous Chen Family members, however really did not dare to quit even a single woman.

Shame, real pity.

However there was no aiding it, Yu Lan was a Emei Hill farmer, First Elder Sister.

As soon as the Old Master died, the connection in between Wu Dang Hill and also the Mystic Dragon Cult ended, and also currently there was no more any call.

There was no backer.

If he likewise offended Emei, it would be truly dangerous.

The team of Chen Family members disciples all attempted to be angry yet didn’t dare to say anything, as their faces turned entirely red.

Yu Lan pulled Mu Sisi to the backyard. At this time, Qing Yuan and Faang Yi were going over just how to save the disciples that had actually fallen under Mystic Dragon Cult.

The two of them reviewed for a long time, however still couldn’t create a reliable countermeasure. The Mystic Dragon Cult was very easy to protect and also challenging to attack.

Faang Yi suddenly thought about both days and 2 nights she had actually spent in Mystic Dragon Cult.

” If only Lil ‘Brother Zhang Dong can aid.” Faang Yi could not help however consider that early morning, Zhang Dong sleeping on her upper body.

In the days that she had actually been back, she had actually had the same dream daily. Whenever she awakened, she would awaken in a state of total shyness and shyness.

” Don’t state that demon.” Qing Yuan’s face turned cool. She seemed to have actually considered something and also her white neck transformed pink.

Currently, Yu Lan pressed open the door and strolled in, “Qing Yuan, Uncle-Master. Faang Yi, Uncle-Master!”

” Lan, why are you right here?” Faang Yi stood.

” Isn’t this Miss Mu? Please sit down.” Qing Yuan looked at Mu Sisi behind her as well as promptly claimed.

” Uncle-Master, during this time period, I want Miss Mu to remain with you.” Upon going into, Yu Lan recounted what had simply taken place.

Hearing that Chen Family people were forcing Mu Sisi to deliver, Faang Yi and Qing Yuan both had faces filled with temper.

Qing Yuan madly cut off the edge of the table, “It’s all that bastard Chen Yang’s mistake. One day, I will most definitely eliminate him.”

” Lan, is this Chen Yang the one with the Obstacle Breaking Tablet?” Faang Yi frowned. These couple of days, Qing Yuan had actually additionally told her regarding Chen Yang.

Just How did Yu Lan recognize a person who was even worse than an animal?

” Yes.” Yu Lan nodded.

” After that he should be existing to you, you can not be deceived by him.” Faang Yi whispered.

” Uncle-Master, Chen Yang isn’t such a person …” Yu Lan gritted her teeth as she spoke.

To be sincere, after recognizing Chen Yang for as long as well as remembering whatever Chen Yang had done, which one of them had not been staunch and upright?

How could he do something like disparaging his sister-in-law?

Also, she recognized that Chen Yang knew how to prepare pills, and today’s tablet, was the best evidence.

He just really did not know why, but he never ever said it.

It was as if he was deliberately hiding it.

” Sufficient. You claimed before Miss Mu that he isn’t such a person, are you attempting to excuse him?” Qing Yuan said aggressively, “I can see that you’re already captivated by that brat, could it be that you’ve currently handed over your virtue to him?”

” Qing Yuan …”

Faang Yi fast pulled on her sleeve, indicating her to quit chatting.

” Don’t quit me.” Martial Auntie Qing Yuan sneered, and also claimed: “Last time at Mystic Dragon Cult, didn’t you provide yourself to Zhang Dong, that wicked satanic force, as a gift? Didn’t you defend him?

“My elderly sibling is truly blind. To have a disgusting generate like you as an adherent, I, Emei, have a Very First Senior Sis like you. This is simply Emei’s shame!”

” Stop Talking Qing Yuan, you passed.” Faang Yi frowned. “If it weren’t for Lan utilizing her body to feed the tiger, we would certainly have died long ago at Mount Kunlun.”

Yu Lan instantaneously broke down upon listening to Qing Yuan’s words.

Tears welled up in her eyes. Why did she make such a substantial sacrifice? It was all to conserve them.

It was one thing if she wasn’t comprehended, yet she was still slamming him. Even her dead master had actually brought up this issue, and also this had already touched her bottom line.

” I’m the one meddling in other people’s business. She grinned badly, “If Large Bro Zhang was right here, he absolutely would not let me endure such grievances.”

” Evil animal, you in fact have a demonic heart.” Qing Yuan’s almond-shaped eyes expanded. “Insolent! Insolent!”

Faang Yi promptly hugged Yu Lan and also comforted her softly, “It’s alright. Uncle-Master comprehends. You did it for our sake. Uncle-Master understands.”

” Uncle-Master …”

Yu Lan hugged Faang Yi and sobbed noisally.

Mu Sisi, who went to the side, quit crying as well as was at a loss as she considered the scene prior to her.

” … …”

Night, deep in the forest.

The bonfire had resolved the cold. Chen Yang’s main meridians were secured, as well as he laid next to the bonfire like a dead dog.

On the other side of the bonfire, a pale-faced male was being in meditation.

Presently, his aura remained in condition, and he was clearly wounded.

” Old Sibling Yao, can you help me move my placement a little? My hair is beginning to stand on end.” Chen Yang screamed with a bitter face.

Yao Shengyuan was currently recuperating from his injuries. When he heard the audio, he quickly opened his blood-red eyes.

” Come.”.

He swung his hand as well as a golden insect flew previous Chen Yang.

Damn, this little thing, it drew my blood up until it was round.

Chen Yang’s intestinal tracts will turn green from regret. If he recognized previously, he shouldn’t have actually kept it.

Currently it was all right, he was throwing down the gauntlet.

Weng! *.

Simply when Chen Yang was regretting his choice, a remarkable scene took place.

The four-winged Gu King flapped its wings and a wave of blood haze climbed. Under the support of Yao Shengyuan, it was quickly drawn into his nose.

After about a minute, the Four-winged Gu King stopped.

Chirp chirp!

Also his voice had actually come to be weak.

After taking in the blood and Qi of the Four-winged Gu King, Yao Shengyuan’s face turned somewhat pale.

Ten mins later on, Yao Shengyuan let out a long breath and took a look at Chen Yang in surprise.

” His qi as well as blood are so thick, the healing impact is in fact so great.” It will most definitely like it! “.

As he talked, he opened his mouth and also obtained a small yellow silkworm chrysalis.

” Ji!”.

The little silkworm chrysalis blurt a sharp cry, the four-winged Gu King blurt a grief-stricken cry in concern, and after that huddled together.

Damn, what is it?

All of a sudden, also the Four-winged Gu King hesitated!

The cocoon began to fracture, and quickly after, a scarlet red pest crawled out.

There were three golden lines on its back.

” Ji!”.

With a scream, it drank its body, and 6 wings appeared on its back!

F * ck!

Gu Emperor with six wings!

Not surprising that the little thing was so scared.

Oh no, he would not place Gu Emperor, the Six-Winged Devil, in his location …

” Go!”.

The minute the man completed his words, Gu Emperor, that was in his hand, turned into a traffic signal and shot right at Chen Yang’s heart.

A heart-wrenching pain originated from Chen Yang’s breast.

Grains of sweat trickled from his forehead.

He can really feel that his blood was being continuously fed on.

His hands and also feet progressively became cold, and his body temperature additionally started to go down.

After consuming it for three minutes, Yao Shengyuan stated, “Alright, don’t be too greedy. If you suck it to death, it would be difficult to discover such an excellent Blood Pig.”.

Gu Emperor, aside from being incapable to talk, currently had his own knowledge.

Listening to Yao Shengyuan’s words, it blurted an unhappy audio and also yelled a few words.

He involuntarily left Chen Yang’s body.

At this moment, its body ended up being also redder and also a lot more clear, as well as the gold lines on its back also came to be brighter.

Seeing this, Yao Shengyuan was overjoyed. At this rate, if he remained to feed it for a while longer, the 7th wing of the Six Wings Gu Emperor would certainly grow out.

During that time, his Gu Emperor could even endanger an excellent cultivator of the Great Circle of the Enlightenment.

The reason why he appeared of Southern Frontier to ransack children was precisely to grow Gu Emperor’s wings.

He had actually initially thought that his efforts would certainly be in vain. Who would have assumed that he would certainly pick up a prize in the end?

It was a busted iron shoe that could be found anywhere with no initiative.

His staffs were all dead, as long as Gu Emperor can expand a seventh wing, he really did not care how several of them passed away.

” Go to sleep.”.

Gu Emperor shook his body and also withdrawed his wings.

It curled up right into a round and also offered birth to a silkworm chrysalis, covering itself in it.

He swallowed the chrysalis in one gulp.

Afterwards, he happily assisted Chen Yang up, secured a handful of medicinal natural herbs from his body as well as roughly packed them right into his mouth.

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