The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 315 (Read free online)

Chen Yang, that lost way too much blood, practically choked to death.

” Ingest these medicinal natural herbs for me.”

After Chen Yang chewed as well as ingested these medicinal products with much trouble, he obtained another blood-colored ginseng.

” This Blood Ginseng is excellent things, rush and also eat it.”

” Wuu … wuu …” “Ugh …”

” If you risk to throw up, you’re dead for sure!”

Hearing that, Chen Yang immediately closed his mouth to stop himself from throwing up.

There were no natural herbs like Blood Ginseng in the real life. They were either nurtured the day after tomorrow or grown from a stack of corpses.

After absorbing human blood and also infernal power, the ginseng would become a blood ginseng.

Ginseng was a terrific tonic to begin with. After absorbing Qi and blood, its medical worth would rise to an entire new level.

Assuming that this point expanded from a remains, Chen Yang felt his tummy churn.

After ingesting the Blood Ginseng with much problem.


A majestic medicinal power melted in his body.

In addition to the medicinal natural herbs that he had taken formerly, he could hear the mercury blood rushing via his heart and the noise of his blood flowing through his body.

This is … His Spiritual Force had boosted once again?

Chen Yang was overjoyed!

He might currently look inside himself!

He shut his eyes as the structure of his body showed up clearly in his mind.

This was a mental picture, not something he might see with his eyes.

Was it because Gu Emperor of the Six Wings sucked his blood, that he had the ability to break through after enduring discomfort that ordinary people could not endure? Was it due to the fact that his mind was substantially boosted?

That need to be it.

Internal vision, this was the world several farmers desired day and night.

Tale has it that just a Heavenly Mortal Realm farmer can check into it from the within.

Seeing Chen Yang’s tightly shut eyes, Yao Shengyuan did not give the medication to him anymore and also instead sat down cross-legged to practice meditation to treat his interior injuries.

One evening passed and Yao Shengyuan’s interior injuries had recovered by a tenth. Once again, he had the Four-winged Gu King drill into Chen Yang’s heart to absorb his vital force and also blood.

Chen Yang was stired up by the pain while he was still sleeping.

One more wave of leeks was cut. Yao Shengyuan’s expression became better as well as better everyday. This made him pleased.

Someone got a handful of medication and also packed it into Chen Yang’s mouth.

Then she selected him up and also began to fly with the trees.

From here to Southern Frontier, it was approximately a thousand kilometers. Yao Shengyuan brought Chen Yang along the road, travelling during the day and also recovering throughout the night.

It wasn’t up until the 5th day that they finally reached Southern Frontier.

These few days, Chen Yang had actually been enduring savage pain each day.

Each day, he would take the medication to produce blood, and then be fed on by the four-winged Gu King and six-winged Gu Emperor.

Chen Yang finally understood what Yao Shengyuan implied by “Blood Pig”.

Considering the chain of mountains around him, he wanted to cry.

Southern Frontier was called the Hundred Thousand Chain Of Mountains, who recognized which collar it was in.

With Chen Yang in his hand, Yao Shengyuan moved as fast as he could. Quickly, he got here before a mountain stronghold.

” Greetings, Blessed Sovereign!”

The guards safeguarding the entrance of the stronghold fast kneeled on the ground and also admired Yao Shengyuan.

Yao Shengyuan nodded as well as strolled directly in.

Once they went into the village, Chen Yang’s eyes unexpectedly opened up.

This mountain fortress was huge, and all the structures in the stronghold appeared to be filled with the attributes of the Southern Frontier.

It was extra like a village than a village. There were at the very least one or two thousand family members living here, yet that would have believed that there were many people staying in the midsts of the Hundred Thousand Chain Of Mountains?

Teams of males in black were patrolling the town with tools in their hands. When they saw Yao Shengyuan, they right away stooped to praise him.

” Go, call everyone here.” Yao Shengyuan stated to a small fry.

” Yes sir!”

After a while, Yao Shengyuan brought Chen Yang to a hall. He casually threw Chen Yang to the side and rested at the highest possible seat.

Eventually, the audio of steps could be learnt through outside as a line of people gone into.

A young lady using a Southern Frontier uniform strolled in barefooted with a silver accessory on her head.

” Abba, you’re back.”

” Greetings, Fortunate Sovereign!”

The others all stooped on the ground and praised Yao Shengyuan.

” Yinyin, come below swiftly as well as allow Abba have a great look.”

Seeing the girl, Yao Shengyuan disclosed an uncommon kind smile.

This girl was none besides his own daughter, Yao Yinyin, and likewise the Holy Daughter of Five Poisons Cult.

” Abba, did you offer me a present?” Yao Yinyin plagued Yao Shengyuan for an existing as soon as she jumped on the stage.

Yao Shengyuan directed at Chen Yang, who was resting on the ground, “Go and also play with it, just don’t have fun with it to death.”

F * ck, what do you imply do not play yourself to death?

Chen Yang was stunned when he heard this!

” Thanks, Abba!” Yao Yinyin jumped to Chen Yang’s side. Considering the filthy Chen Yang, she couldn’t assist but wrinkle her nose: “Oh, it’s so smelly.”

As he talked, he called for 2 fans. “Bring him down for a bath.”

” Yes, Holy Maiden!”

2 solid and durable believers lugged Chen Yang off the ground. Yao Yinyin followed behind them as well as left.

After Yao Yinyin left, the smile on Yao Shengyuan’s face instantaneously disappeared, “Seventy-two stronghold, one hundred and eight holes, are you still being straightforward while I was gone?”

” Reporting to Blessed Sovereign, 72 strongholds, 108 holes, half of them were not delivered to the Blood Pig!”

” What?”.

Hearing this, Yao Shengyuan’s gaze turned cooler as well as colder: “Pass my order, obtain all of their leaders to find to satisfy you within 3 days. Kill anybody who doesn’t come, leave none alive!”.

Listening to Yao Shengyuan’s words, everybody who was stooping on the ground couldn’t help but shudder.

They all shouted, “Yes, Fortunate Sovereign!”.

Within these hundred thousand mountains, nobody attempted to oppose Five Poisons Cult, as well as a lot more so, no one risked to defy Yao Shengyuan.

On the other side, Chen Yang was reached the stream by 2 big individuals.

Yao Yinyin stated to both fans, “Just throw him into the water.”.

As quickly as he ended up, Chen Yang’s body flew up into the air as well as was tossed directly into the stream approximately his knees.

F * ck.

All the acupoints in his body had actually been fired up and he was not able to relocate in all. This was plainly him washing, and he was plainly attempting to kill him.

” Gulp!”.

He intended to shriek for aid, yet opened his mouth as well as continuously put water into it.

It was great if he mosted likely to Sunlight Moon Holy Cult, it was great if he mosted likely to Mystic Dragon Cult, he wouldn’t die so unfortunate in a hundred thousand mountains, right?

Currently, a pair of hands as soft as environment-friendly onions reached into the water, ordered his collar, and drew him up.

” Pfft!”.

Chen Yang spat out the water in huge gulps as he wheezed for breath.

” It looks respectable in this bath. It’s better than the Blood Boar Abba restored. I just can’t aid yet play when I don’t know.”.

With that, she pushed Chen Yang’s body right into the water once more.

” Gulp.”.

After that, after Chen Yang took another breath, he pressed Chen Yang into the water once again.

After doing it five or six times, she located it extremely fascinating to see Chen Yang’s passing away appearance.

Both followers standing sideways watched on with cold sweat pouring out of their foreheads. This was also brutal.

Till the seventh time, she might have been tired, so she let go. “Take him to the drugstore, alter his clothes.”.

Keeping that, she jumped away.

The two of them rapidly fished Chen Yang out of the water.

It was also excruciating. He seemed like his lungs will explode.

This little girl looked so charming. Just how could she be so vicious?

After being eliminated by the followers, Chen Yang’s body tensed as he saw both fans removing his clothes off. He could not help but ask: “Bro, brother, why are you removing my clothing? “I have hemorrhoids. Seriously, I’m still ill …”.

After listening to Chen Yang’s words, they began to pluck their clothes even much faster.

He took out a set of apparel that was distinct to the individuals in Southern Frontier and also gave it to Chen Yang.

Chen Yang was alleviated. So it was to help him alter his clothes.

” Ai ai, where are you guys taking me?”.

Boom! *.

Both of them placed Chen Yang on a wooden bed and tied up his hands and also feet.

” Hey, why are you tying me up? Release me!”.

Maybe among them took a piece of dust and packed his mouth closed.

After this, both fans left the drug store.

Chen Yang checked out the room.

There were all type of torture devices hanging from the ceiling beam of lights. Knives, axes, pincers, whips … On the other wall surface, there was a row of wood shelves with all type of herbs on them.

The other wall surface was distressing. The glass container was filled with strange harmful pests. How was this a prescription? This was clearly a torture chamber.

” Squeak!”.

Currently, the door opened and also a melodious bell sounded.

It was the demonic woman, the bell that was put at her feet.

” Hee hee, I’m coming!” Keeping that, she closed the door and also walked close to Chen Yang, turning nose up at him.

From Chen Yang’s point of view, this little lady was fairly pretty. Her skin was white and also beautiful, her skin was like lotion, her oval face, large eyes, as well as her nose like a cherry lips.

Especially her that was putting on the clothing of a couple of clan participants in Southern Frontier;.

That short jacket could not cover her tiny waist in any way.

What was even more charming was that there was a ruby stayed with her navel. It was an indescribable playfulness.

Nevertheless, the following moment, Chen Yang was overcome valuing it.

Yao Yinyin walked sideways and took the whip off the light beam.

” Pah!”.

With no warning, a whip lashed out.

The areas that were hit instantly swelled up, and scorching discomfort spread throughout his whole body.

” Pah!”.

One more whip.

However, Chen Yang might not move neither withstand. He was extremely hurt.

After lashing for four or five times, Yao Yinyin saw that Chen Yang did not move, so she threw the whip sideways and said, “Screw it, do not also scream.”.

As he talked, he took off the cloth he had actually packed into his mouth.

” You lunatic, why did you strike me?”.

Yao Yinyin was shocked for a moment when she heard Chen Yang’s abuse, yet she instantly disclosed a fired up expression.

Chen Yang agreed to wager that it was an ecstatic expression.

Was this woman crazy? She was still satisfied after being reprimanded?

” Damned woman, promptly launch me!”.

Yao Yingying had lived for twenty years, yet no one had risked to reprimand her, not also those that noisally spoke. Who could see that he was not a subservient individual?

Particularly, the blood pigs from in the past hesitated that she would certainly die of anxiety and did not attempt to fight back.

This Abba’s new Blood Boar was actually different.

” Let’s play a game.” Yao Yinyin stated excitedly.

” Wh …” What video game? “.

For some reason, an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

” Don’t worry, you’ll absolutely like this game.”.

As he spoke, he ran to the opposite and lowered 4 or 5 glass containers from the top of the rack.

” Do you see the charming ones in there? We need them for this video game.”.

After stating that, she delicately smiled, revealing her cute little canines.

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