The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 317 (Read free online)

After opening up Chen Yang’s mouth, Yao Yinyin forced the black liquid right into his mouth.

Instantly, a questionable stink filled his mouth.


This smell was too solid.

” Is it excellent to consume alcohol?”

She held a whip in her hand. As long as Chen Yang attempted to claim it tasted bad, the whip would mercilessly land on his body.

” Enjoy your f * cking meal.”

” Pah!”.

” Is it great or not!?”.

” Taste your grandfather!”.

” Pah!”.

” Ah …” Even if you defeat me to fatality, it won’t taste great!” Chen Yang didn’t think that she would certainly risk to defeat him to fatality. He already knew the use of his words with the Four-winged Gu King last evening.

Yao Shengyuan wouldn’t enable her to eliminate him.

” Your mouth is quite hard.”.

Yao Yinyin strolled to the side and held the scissors hanging on the beam in her hand.

Licking his tongue, he smiled and also said, “Although I can’t kill you currently, can I still remove the spare parts from your body?”.

After claiming that, she reached out her hand to caress her face. “Do you believe it’s an ear or an eye, or a tongue? Or possibly it’s just something extra! “.

Chen Yang broke out in a cold sweat.

” I listened to that a guy can’t do any harm without that point. How about we just cut off that scourge?”.

Her hand moved down his face.

” Tsk, you slut. Promptly quit!”.

” Hahaha …” “Just reprimand me, allow’s see if you’re being stubborn or if the scissors in my hand is tougher.” Yao Yinyin chuckled like a silver bell.

At the defining moment, a voice came from outside the door: “Holy Maiden, Blessed Sovereign welcomed you!”.

” Wait, it’s practically done!”.

” This … Holy Maiden, Blessed Sovereign said for you to discuss instantly. “.

” Alright, alright, I got it.” Yao Yinyin took down the scissors in her hand, displeased. “Why is Abba searching for me right now?” she asked.

Chen Yang blurt a lengthy sigh of relief when Yao Yinyin left.

The heck.

This lady is insane, perverted!

He was so near becoming the last eunuch.

No, it’s too harmful. I have to remove my acupoints as soon as possible.

Thinking of this, Chen Yang promptly started to innovation the second acupoint, the Qi Hai acupoint.

When the 2nd acupoint, Chen Yang, reached the eightieth time, he already appeared!


Since his 2nd acupoint had actually been gotten rid of, Chen Yang felt that his right hand can move and his neck might move too.

Because Ren Du and also Du Meridian were secured, he was incapable to make use of the Genuine Qi in his Dantian to breakthrough the acupuncture points, and might just depend on the water to grind them bit by little bit.

He didn’t understand what this evil woman had gone to do neither did she come after such a long period of time.

However, this was a good thing for Chen Yang!

At noon, a fan came in with a dish of medicinal food.

This moment, it was a correct medical food, and there were all type of medical ingredients required for nourishment.

After eating, Chen Yang began to advancement the 3rd acupoint, the Tiantu acupoint!

This acupoint was quite unique. Under the throat, Chen Yang did not dare to act carelessly.

He did not quit till nightfall, when the members brought him dinner.

After eating the medical food, Chen Yang did not try to development the acupoints. He determined the moment and also understood that Yao Shengyuan need to be right here soon.

Indeed, not long later on, Yao Shengyuan strolled in with a dark expression.

Without claiming a word, the Gu King entered his heart and also began to consume the blood.

Although the procedure was painful, Chen Yang was proactively connecting with the Gu King.

As well as this time, he obtained an even more vital item of info. On the full moon evening two days later, Yao Shengyuan made a big relocation.

As for exactly what it was, it had not been very clear either.

Gu King’s intelligence was low. He was currently extremely stunned to be able to alert Chen Yang.

This moment, the Gu King soaked up a huge quantity of fresh blood.

The supply of vital force and blood was much more abundant than the previous couple of times.

This made Yao Shengyuan really pleased. He allowed Gu Emperor suck in a lot of blood, that made Chen Yang really feel weak. Only then did he give up.

Prior to he left, he stuffed 4 or 5 more blood ginseng right into Chen Yang’s mouth.

It was this familiar sensation once again that totally exasperated Chen Yang.

After Yao Shengyuan had actually gone far, he cooled down once again and attempted to breakthrough the 3rd acupoint.

When, twice, 3 times!

The tenth attempt!

Chen Yang’s throat loosened. He recognized that the Tiantu acupoint had actually been appeared.

This time around, both of his hands could move.

Great, if he proceeded such as this, he would have the ability to appear all of his acupuncture factors in someday.

Somewhere else, in Yao Yinyin’s room.

She lay on the bed fuming, tossing and turning, not able to go to sleep.

Although she was a divine maiden of Five Toxins Cult, she did not have a solitary good friend, and might not find anybody to talk with.

Given that she was young, she had engaged with all kinds of poisonous insects. Her only friend was her Vital Gu, the Ice Cicada.

Although Abba dotes on her, he basically does not interact much with her.

This was due to the fact that he was Honored Sovereign, that was really high up overhead, as well as needed to carry him in all times.

Her mother had passed away when she was 7. She lacked fatherly love, motherly love, and friendship. Maturing in this scenario, she really did not truly have a sense of security.

His individuality was likewise very weird.

She was very lonely!

There was nobody that could speak with him, or it would certainly be more precise to say that in the entire Five Poisons Cult, no person risked to approach him.

” Ice Cicada, oh Ice Cicada, inform me, why do you think that Blood Boar is so brave, why does he risk to scold me?”.

The ice cicada didn’t respond.

She sighed. Although the ice cicada was rare, it had one achilles’ heel, which was that it might not communicate like the Gu King.

This was to say that the Ice Cicada Gu didn’t have intelligence.

” Ice Cicada, ah, Ice Cicada, you want me to benefit from the dead of night to discover the Blood Boar?”.

” If you do not say anything, after that you’ve agreed!”.

” Hee hee, after that let’s go!”.

After stating that, she burnt out a gust of wind to snuff out the candle in the space prior to sneaking out of the area.

The pharmacy had to do with a hundred meters away from her, and she was the only one who generally went there, so no person lived nearby.

Leaving the room, he overlooked and saw groups of patrolling disciples patrolling the village with torches in hand.

She silently made her way to the drug store, afraid that her father, that lived next door, would certainly hear her.

She assumed that she did it lightly, yet she didn’t understand that Yao Shengyuan currently understood it the moment she opened up the cooking area door.


Yao Shengyuan sighed and also closed his eyes.

At this time, Chen Yang had just appeared the 4th acupoint and was preparing to advancement the fifth acupoint, yet his ears shivered.

Bad, that damned girl is here once again!

He would certainly always remember the bell on her foot.

He swiftly closed his eyes and also pretended to sleep.

” Creak!”.

The door opened up softly, and also the sound of the bell expanded better.

She stood silently close to the bed for a long period of time prior to she ultimately opened her mouth. “Bloodswine, are you asleep?”.

Chen Yang did not reply her. He was creeping about in the middle of the evening as well as wasn’t going to light the oil light yet.

What did she wish to do?

” Quit pretending, I know you’re awake.” She muffled the edge of the bed.

” You seem to be different from other Blood Pigs. Others are scared to death of me, so why are you so daring?” Aren’t you afraid of fatality? “.

Silence, a deathly silence.

No one has actually ever dared to reprimand me. No one has actually ever dared to glow at me.

” Hey, did you listen to that?”.

As if she was getting restless, she could not assist however take a deep breath and said, “If you don’t claim anything, I’ll reduce you off now.”.

The hell, he had actually only talked a few words prior to disclosing his real colors.

This damned lady was not a joke.

” You, a little lady, why are you being so terrible?” Chen Yang stated helplessly, “Are you a psychopath?”.

” That’s right, I’m a psychotic.” Yao Yinyin laughed.

F * ck, how can we also speak similar to this?

Chen Yang was without words!

” State it, what are you doing right here so late during the night?” Chen Yang had only fifty percent of his acupuncture factors opened up, so it was not the moment for him to combat head on.

” I’m so tired that I can not rest. Inform me a story.” Yao Yinyin said, “When my mommy was right here, she would certainly tell me tales everyday to coax me to rest.”.

” Talk, what tale do you want to listen to?”.

In the darkness, Yao Yinyin slanted her head as well as thought for a moment. “I don’t understand either. You can say whatever you desire.”.

Keeping that, she put down on the bed as well as rested close to Chen Yang.

Narrating is telling a story. Why did you fall asleep?

Could he be intending on resting below till dawn?

Better tell a story promptly and send her away.

Thinking about this, Chen Yang said, “After that let me tell you the story of Snow White.”.

” Once upon a time, there was a gorgeous little woman called Princess Snow White. Her stepmother was exceptionally jealous of her, so she sent out individuals to eliminate her. After that, Snow White and also the seven dwarfs lived gladly with each other! “Alright, the tale mores than. Quickly go back.”.

” You lied to me, Snow White’s tale isn’t such as that.” Yao Yinyin propped up her upper body and also leaned on Chen Yang. “Why is the story of Snow White various from the one my mom informed?”.

” I’m a guy, and your mom is a lady. It should be different.”.

” I’ll attack you to death!”.

As she talked, Yao Yinyin little bit right into his upper body.

” Sss, it injures, it hurts!” “Release!”.

Chen Yang wheezed from the discomfort. If not for the truth that all his acupuncture factors had actually not been broken through, he would certainly have made his step currently.

” Again, if you continue to exist to me, I’ll show you!”.

” I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.” Chen Yang clinched his hand and instantly stated, “After that let me tell you another tale regarding Cinderella.”.

” A long, long period of time earlier, there was a lady called Cinderella …”.

Twenty minutes later on, Cinderella’s story was completed. Yao Yinyin claimed, “One more time, again!”.

” Save me, I truly do not have a tale.”.

” You … “Forget it.” Yao Yinyin gritted her teeth and also embarked on the bed. She said to Chen Yang proudly, “I uncommitted, from tonight onwards, you have to tell me a story every night. I do not care if you will certainly make it up or not. Or else, don’t criticize me for being merciless. “.

After claiming that, she unlocked as well as silently went out.

Chen Yang smiled coldly. At most, he would be able to break all of his acupoints tomorrow night.

Thinking about this, Chen Yang calmed down and also concentrated on appearing his meridians.

When, two times, thrice, as well as for the seventieth time, the higher vertebra acupoint was appeared.

He restored awareness from his neck to his abdomen.

Next, was the closed door acupoint …

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