The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 319 (Read free online)

It was night. Yao Shengyuan ravaged Chen Yang once more.

He roughly packed 4 or five even more embolism into Chen Yang’s mouth.

Possibly it was since he was positive in his own stamina, he did not doubt that Chen Yang would appear his acupoints.

When Chen Yang ate on the blood ginseng and swallowed it, he frowned subconsciously and also sniffed the air: “What scent?”

Hearing this, Chen Yang really felt weak for a while.

Prior to Yao Shengyuan came right here, he had actually cleaned off the marks on the wood bed.

He took a look at Chen Yang’s body covered in blood and also grunted. Then, he got an additional lingzhi root and also compelled Chen Yang to swallow it prior to leaving the pharmacy.

Chen Yang was completely soothed when Yao Shengyuan left.

He needed to leave tonight. If this continued, one way or another, he would be sucked dry.

Here, it had to be said that Heavenly Adversary Body were powerful. If it were anybody else, despite having the help of the Blood Ginseng, the speed of blood flow would certainly not have the ability to stay on par with the speed of blood loss.

Appears like I need to put in some initiative to train my Heavenly Evil one Body in the future.

However, one of the most vital point was to open both meridians.

While condensing his spirit power, he tried to communicate with the Genuine Qi in his dantian.

At this moment, he had already opened two-thirds of the Ren Du meridian, he could totally break through the acupuncture factors in one go.

While he was concentrating on breaking through his acupuncture points, Yao Yinyin slipped in quietly.

” Bro, tell me a story …”

As he talked, a great smelling wind burnt out, and also a charming number wrapped itself around him.

” Damned woman, can you stop fooling around?”

” No concerns, I desire Brother to tell me a story.” Yao Yinyin harrumphed and said, “Are you mosting likely to chat or otherwise? If you do not, I’ll go locate my Abba today and also let him kill you.”

” You … I claimed, I believe I can. ”

Isn’t it simply an old man with Return Genuine Phase?

Chen Yangqiang subdued the temper in his heart, wanting to coax her away after finishing the tale.

Twenty mins later on, Sleeping Beauty’s story was finished.

” Alright, I’m done. You should leave quickly.” Chen Yang claimed impatiently.

” Bro, can you inform me an additional story? Inform me an additional one!” Yao Yinyin weighed down versus Chen Yang’s body, begging nonstop.

” I. Well, I’m speaking about one.” Chen Yangqiang sustained his rage and also informed another tale, “Is it alright currently?”

” Brother, can I remain here with you?”


Hearing this, Chen Yang instantly stayed up: “No, you can leave now.”

What sort of joke was this? Both meridians were about to be opened. If she remained below, just how could he run away?

” No, I’m going to stay here. If you kick me out, I’m going to locate my Abba now …”

Abba, Abba, Abba once again!

Chen Yang was quickly angered.

He elevated his hand and struck her heavily on the butt.

” Pah!”.

” If you don’t leave, I’ll punish you.”.

” Hmph …”.

” Go ahead. It’s not like you have actually never ever dealt with before. If you have the capability, after that simply defeat me to fatality.”.

As she talked, she set on the bed as well as also elevated her butt.

” Outrageous, appropriate?”.

Chen Yang grinned coldly. Because that was the case, after that don’t criticize him.

” Bro, what are you doing, don’t …” Don’t … “Hmph …”.

Sobbing sounds came from her mouth.

” If you’re not scared that your Abba finds out about it, just scream it out. We’ll complete it together then.”.

” Pah!”.

Do not you like it? I’ll satisfy you!

If the oil lamp was lit currently, Chen Yang’s eyes would certainly transform blood-red.

What sort of eyes were those?

Callous and cold, packed with physical violence, lust, as well as physical violence.

” Hmph …”.

Yao Yinyin covered her mouth firmly to avoid herself from making a noise.

Squads of patrolling devotees were constantly patrolling the garrison. That would certainly have assumed that in such a tiny drug store, their Holy Maiden would be pushed down by a person …

After an unknown amount of time, Chen Yang felt his body stiffen and then collapse powerlessly onto the wooden bed.

” Brother …” “Save me, I’m going, I’m going …”.

” You want to leave after setting me on fire?”.

Chen Yang sneered as well as started his assault once again.

” Hmph …”.

After an unidentified time period, a roar came from the drug store.

The rain and also wind stopped once more.

Chen Yang trembled his head.

What happened just now? He really felt as if he had come to be another individual, cold and callous.

This sensation of blowing up made him somewhat fretted.

” Sibling, you finally recouped …” I’ll leave now, I’ll leave currently! “.

After saying that, she put on her clothing as well as limped out of the drug store.

After she left, Chen Yang suppressed the doubts in his mind and remained on the bed cross-legged, trying to break through his acupuncture factors.


Via Chen Yang’s continuous efforts, Ren Du as well as Du meridian all open.

The dense Genuine Qi revolved its entire body once again, without the tiniest bit of obscurity.


Chen Yang pushed open the door gently. Presently, the whole mountain garrison was shrouded in haze. Other than the weak fire, there was absolutely nothing else.

He hypothesized that it needs to be around a couple of in the early morning now. Currently, everyone in the stronghold had actually fallen under a deep rest, and the patrolling disciples were tired. This was an excellent chance to escape.

With a light leap, he strolled versus the wall surface. Dressed in black, he resembled a drop of ink that had actually been gone down into ink.

Benefiting from the change in position of the patrolling disciples, Chen Yang dashed out in a flash.

He had actually firmly kept in mind the path in his heart the entire way back after being robbed by Yao Shengyuan.

He was considering a course while competing his life. After running for greater than ten kilometers, he finally located a large rock and also remained on it to relax.

Hahahaha …

He finally got away.

Now, he only desired to deal with the skies and let out a lengthy howl.

Equally as he will roar as well as air vent the irritation in his heart, a flame all of a sudden lit up in front of him.


Would they find that they had gotten away?

Chen Yang was stunned and also right away jumped below the rock.

No, it shouldn’t be Yao Shengyuan’s males. These people remained in teams, developing a long line as if they were rushing on their method.

Why were there a lot of individuals during the night?

Chen Yang hid behind a large rock. As long as he really did not make a noise, he probably wouldn’t be found.

Gradually, the team of individuals walked over. Through the fire, Chen Yang saw them clearly.

The clothes they wore was really strange, most likely one-of-a-kind to the Southern Frontier.

What was even weirder was that each of them was carrying a long, bent blade like tool on their backs.

” Every person stop initially!”.

Right now, the leader of the men screamed and also everybody stopped.

” Leader Zhang, did something happen?” The leader of the Wang Family Members Garrison, Wang Hu, asked.

” We’re about to reach the 5 Poisons Cult. We ought to snuff out the lanterns and prevent them from finding us.” Zhang Qifeng claimed.

” Leader Zhang’s words are reasonable.” The leader of the Lee Family Stronghold nodded his head: “Every person, rapidly produced the torch.”.

As quickly as he completed, the people behind him extinguished the lanterns in their hands individually. Only one lantern was left among the thousands of individuals, it was the lantern in Zhang Qifeng’s hand.

” Prior to we kill our way right into the 5 Toxins Cult, let’s make a strategy.”.

Zhang Qifeng leapt onto a big rock and claimed: “Sibling, today is a good day for us to repay, we will certainly eliminate Yao Shengyuan as well as overturn Five Poisons Cult. When that happens, no person will have the ability to suppress us anymore. “.

The moment those words were talked, the originally somewhat exhausted crowd right away cheered up.

” I heard that Yao Shengyuan’s child is the number one elegance in Southern Frontier. When we charge in later, we need to have some fun.” Right now, it was unidentified who in the group stated something, yet it triggered the entire target market to rupture into laughter.

” Alright, as long as we can eliminate Yao Shengyuan, his child will be at your grace!”.

” Oh, Lengthy real-time Leader Zhang!”.

Zhang Qifeng’s words quickly increased everybody’s spirits.

Fuck, isn’t that damn girl Yao Shengyuan’s little girl?

Had not been this like using a green hat with him?

Hearing that, Chen Yang could not aid however relocate his feet a bit. That understood that with one step, he would certainly damage a branch under his feet.

” !”.

A soft voice entered Zhang Qifeng’s ears, “Who is it?”.

Chen Yang’s heart missed a beat. He was discovered?

Presently, they were just four to five meters away from where Chen Yang was concealing. If those individuals were to border them, Chen Yang wasn’t confident in having the ability to retreat safely.

” Who the heck is it? Get the hell out!”.

At this moment, every person’s face ended up being solemn.

Chen Yang’s hands were covered in cold sweat. If he couldn’t do it, then he will just flee.

Just when he wanted to leave, an individual suddenly went out from the woodland next to him.

He hung on to his trousers and also said awkwardly, “Principal …” “Leader, I’m the one urinating here.”.

” Fuck you, can not you hold it in for some time?” Zhang Qifeng leapt down from the rock and also cursed at the man.

” It’s fine, it’s fine. It’s simply a false alarm.” Wang Hu swung his hand as well as said.

Chen Yang additionally really felt happy, he virtually leapt out recently.

” Allow’s go!”.

Zhang Qifeng walked to the front of the line, snuffed out the lanterns, as well as led a group of people towards Five Poisons Cult.

Chen Yang went to a loss as he watched the group of individuals walk away.

Comply with or run?

That insane woman, she’s obtained a whip and also a toxin, and she’s trembling. Why did she conserve her?

And that Yao Shengyuan, he’s a big devil, letting the Gu Worm draw his blood every day.

Let them die.

Nevertheless, when he thought about just how those guys would damage the hill fortress, and also exactly how that slut would be ravaged by those males, he felt extremely upset in his heart.

F * ck, I believe it’s far better to follow them as well as take a look.

Chen Yang sighed, however his heart was still soft.

Chen Yang didn’t attempt to obtain also close as he adhered to behind the pedestrian.

After walking for concerning an hour, the group of individuals arrived at the front of the mountain stronghold.

It was around 3 in the early morning and the entire town was silent. It was the moment when people slept the deepest.

” Sibling, cost!”.

” Kill!”.

The gatekeeping adherent that was leaning against the wall surface as well as sleeping, instantly awakened when he heard the audio of fighting.

Before he could also seem the alarm, he was shot dead with a bow and arrow.


Zhang Qifeng raised onto the wall. To him, such a reduced wall of planet was kid’s play.

Obtaining his rounded blade, he cut at the adherents with Five Toxins Cult.

” Open the door!”.

boom roll roar *.

Evictions of the earthen wall surfaces opened, and countless men rushed in.

” Dong, dong, dong!”.

As the gong was struck, the patrolling adherents discovered the burglar and loudly yelled, “Swiftly stand up, someone is invading!”.

The audio of battling broke the silence of the village, as well as the sleeping Five Poisons Cult participants were stired up.

Prior to he could get dressed, the fire established your house on fire.

” Hurry, put out the fire, your house is on fire.”.

The fortress was filled with stilts that were very easy to light. These people also brought oil as well as fire, quickly setting the houses ablaze.

” Kill! Sibling, go find Yao Shengyuan!”.

Looking at the hell-like scene in front of him, Chen Yang got goosebumps.

He saw these individuals hurrying up the mountain.

Bad, bitch!

Chen Yang felt bad as well as quickly hurried ahead.

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