The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 324 (Read free online)

Chen Yang sneered. He glared at the four of them as well as said, “I’ll give you 3 secs to restructure your words.”

Hahaha …

As soon as he completed, every person in the hall began to laugh.

Wang Hu chuckled exuberantly. “Brat, are you not worried of claiming something big like that? You are indeed rather remarkable, but we have a lot of people here, each people can drown you with a solitary mouthful of saliva.”

” You are Return Virtue Stage, therefore are we!” Zhang Qifeng stated gently, “Although your farming realm is more than ours, a lot more ants bite the elephant to fatality. What’s more, you are not an elephant. At most, you are simply a guard dog.”

Hahaha …

The group burst into giggling again.

” Sibling …”

Yao Yinyin, that was standing at the side, can no longer birth to pay attention and also yelled, “How risk you!”

” Yinyin, seeing that we have actually understood each other for a lot of years, I will not make things difficult for you.” Zhu Ming stated with a chuckle, “Hand over the remedy.

I believe that Blessed Sovereign must have given it to you before he passed away.” “Then, if you hand over Blessed Sovereign’s setting, we promise not to make points tough for you. If any individual does not allow you leave, we’ll remain in a hurry with him.”

Listening to them, Chen Yang shrugged as well as smiled, “I’m sorry every person, I have actually already given you a chance, however sadly, you have actually not understood it yet.”

” Whiz!”.

As quickly as he claimed that, a white darkness charged in the direction of them.

” Extreme Sun Hand!”.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Yang had actually gotten here before Wang Hu. Prior To Wang Hu could react, Chen Yang had actually already sent him flying.

” Pfft!”.

He opened his mouth to throw up blood, yet before the blood can come out, it was vaporized by the high-handed Genuine Qi.

One second, 2 secs, three secs.

In just 3 seconds, Wang Hu’s body had actually turned entirely red, like a cooked shellfish.

The result was great!

Chen Yang grinned, “That’s next?”.


Seeing this scene, everyone started to retreat!

Wang Hu, who remained in the center stage of the Return Virtue Phase, was really instantaneously killed. Although his Vital Gu was swallowed up and also his world fell to the onset of the Return Innocence Stage, it wasn’t as if he could not even obstruct one assault.

Currently, they suddenly remembered that Chen Yang had actually also killed Wu Gong with a solitary palm strike yesterday.

Nevertheless, they all thought that Chen Yang’s ambush was the source of his fatality. If Wu Gong was prepared, he might be the one to pass away.

” Despicable scumbag, you actually introduced a sneak attack!”.

” Every person, be careful of him.”.

At that instant, every person took a battling position and all of them looked at Chen Yang like they were looking at a tiger.

Is this helpful?


During this period of time, Chen Yang can no longer count the variety of supplements he had taken.

He had actually eaten a section of his Life Blood, 90% of the medicinal power was saved in his flesh.

Last night, when Chen Yang was operating the Heavenly Devil Body, he was happily surprised to figure out that his Heavenly Adversary Body had actually reached tiny success.

According to the documents of the Heavenly Devil Scheme, after the Heavenly Evil one Body had gotten to the small success phase, its figure, vital force and also blood would boost by ten times.

To put it simply, if Chen Yang’s punch from prior to weighed a hundred Jin, then his punch now considered a thousand Jin.

This punch sufficed to eliminate an ox!

Allow’s very first examination the toughness of the Heavenly Adversary Body.

” Sibling, I’ll assist you!”.

Seeing Chen Yang being surrounded by the group, Yao Yinyin obtained anxious. Just as she intended to go over, she was stunned by the scene before her.

He saw Chen Yang charge right into the group with his bare hands, as if there was nobody about.

A normal adherent would generally just receive one punch.

He would either damage a hand or a leg. The unfortunate ones would be struck in the breast by him.

It immediately caved in.

His ribs had actually punctured the heart of his lungs, and he was no longer going to live.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The wonderful hall had come to be an abattoir, and blood was putting down from the skies.

The Heavenly Devil Body incorporated with the Drifting Strategy appeared like a ghost so they could not also touch Chen Yang’s clothes.

” Quick, every person move back, we can not let him get near us!”.

” Make use of poisonous substance, hurry and utilize poison!”.

Shua shua shua!

All type of strange toxins loaded the entire hall.

It was of no use, they were all obstructed outside by the purple astral wall.

” Allow’s attempt this step once again!”.

” Skies Demon Descent!”.

Chen Yang screamed as well as a purple figure developed behind him.

This figure had 3 heads and 6 arms, and also a savage face.

Most importantly, their eyes were shut.

” Open your eyes!”.

The 3 heads opened their eyes at the same time.

What sort of eyes were those?

The eyes that were loaded with violence, viciousness, and also eliminating intent.

Seeing this phantom, lots of people felt their legs go soft.

Too terrifying, this male was an evil one!

Nonetheless, what was even more horrible was what took place afterwards.

Chen Yang connected towards Zhu Ming.

The darkness behind him stretched out his hand, getting in the direction of Zhu Ming.

” Bang!”.

That shadow gently got, and also Zhu Ming instantaneously took off right into pieces.

Excellent heavens, adversary!

This male was a devil!

Mama, I intend to go home.

Seeing this scary scene, many individuals were terrified to the point of peeing their trousers. A few of the shy ones were frightened to the point of collapsing.

The crushed meat splashed on their bodies. Away, Ha Meiming was so anxious that she trembled for a moment. Then, her legs paved the way as well as she stooped on the ground.

Zhang Qifeng didn’t obtain far better either.

He was scared to the point that he peed his pants.

” Adversary, he is the adversary!”.

Yao Yinyin was the just one present that considered him with worshipful eyes.

Too awesome, Brother was also powerful.

Her heart was shivering continuously, and her legs had actually gone limp.

After withdrawing his power, Chen Yang nodded. Ever since the small success phase of the Heavenly Adversary Body, the power of the Sky Demons had raised a whole lot, yet the consumption rate was additionally not little.

Just that light grab had actually taken in a third of his Genuine Qi.

One have to understand, the Genuine Qi in his body right now was ten times extra stored than common growers.

It seemed that he needed to utilize this step as a key resource, or the usage would be undue.

” Who’s still not encouraged? Come out and tell me!” Chen Yang stood in the middle of the hall and took a look around. There was not a bachelor standing.

” We’re persuaded, we’re convinced!”.

” Terrific Willow Steel Godly Art, unparalleled worldwide, we prostrate ourselves prior to it!” Zhang Qifeng fast crawled over from the side and also stooped before Chen Yang, submitting with a loud bang.

” Me too, I’m convinced!”.

Ha Mei was terrified out of her wits, just how could she attempt to refuse to accept this? She rapidly crawled in front of Chen Yang and also kissed the pointer of his shoes.

As for the other disciples, there was no requirement to speak about them.

This safe looking young man was much more brutal and also ruthless than Yao Shengyuan.

Checking out the damaged arm or legs on the ground, they were all his masterpieces. That could endure his clenched fists?

Would not it have been done earlier?

Chen Yang chuckled coldly, making him covered in blood and sticky.

After that, Chen Yang had totally frightened them off. There was no more any type of possibility of them fleing.

Yao Yinyin could be thought about to have authentic control of her Five Poisons Cult.

Nonetheless, Yao Shengyuan had actually passed away. Out of the five Wu steelers, just Ha Meishen as well as the leader of Zhang Family members were left.

In the seventy-two camp, more than half the leaders of the one hundred as well as 8 caves had passed away.

The strength of his 5 Poisons Cult had gone down to the freezing point.

Nevertheless, with Chen Yang’s help, Yao Yinyin advertised three new leaders and Rite King.

At the same time, she likewise officially ordered the abolition of the blood pig feeding, and after that prohibited the marital relationship of close family members, if any, according to the regulations of the church.

Yao Yinyin won the hearts of individuals with the promulgation of a couple of orders.

Individuals that were advertised came to be deeply happy and became her advocates.

In this way, she was totally safe in Blessed Sovereign’s placement.

In the evening, in Yao Yinyin’s space!

Chen Yang really felt indescribably comfortable in the bathroom barrel.

Behind him stood an elegant woman.

She was wearing a light, slim, and gauzy gown. She might clearly see the bright red undergarment below.

” Brother, is this power enough?”.

” En!”.

Chen Yang nodded.

Yao Yinyin smiled and moved her slender fingers along his neck to his throat. She seemed to have located a plaything to play with as she drank it continuous.

Chen Yang didn’t say anything and let her have fun with him.

Gradually, her hand remained to relocate down. His hands kept rotating.

” Sibling, is it itchy?”.

Her voice was sweet and also soft, as well as her breath that was breathed out tickled Chen Yang’s ear.

He snapped open his eyes and also place his arm around her slender waist.


She discharged a cry of alarm, and afterwards the bathtub splashed as well as she came under the water.

” Sibling, you’re so negative.”.

The thin as well as transparent cotton outfit stuck to her body, even moistening her undergarment.

Chen Yang’s breathing immediately became fast.

” Sibling, swiftly shut your eyes.”.

Yao Yinyin was so humiliated that her ears turned red. She right away covered his eyes with her hands. “Don’t look!”.

” Good, good, great. I won’t enjoy it.”.

Chen Yang claimed, yet a set of burglar hands calmly touched him.

” Hmph …”.

A grunt.

Yao Yinyin’s face was so red that it appeared like it will bleed.

He might barely suppress the happiness in his eyes.

” Brother …” For how long have you not touched me? “.


Chen Yang couldn’t take it anymore after hearing what Ye Zichen said.

” No, Brother …”.

Yao Yinyin leapt out of the bathtub as well as made a face at Chen Yang.

” I will not allow you do anything bad!”.

” You intend to leave after setting me ablaze?”.

Chen Yang grinned evilly and also hurried onward, pushing her down on the bed.

” Pah!”.

” Are you paying attention or otherwise?”.

Hmph, not defending a couple of days.

” Do you still attempt to talk back?”.

” Wuu … wuu …” “Sibling, I do not attempt to …”.

” Do you understand your wrongs?”.

” Got it …” “Sibling …”.

This education and learning lasted two hrs.

By now, Yao Yinyin was fully familiar with her error and also didn’t attempt to antiphon any longer.

Pushing the bed, Chen Yang was thinking about something when Yao Yinyin came up to him.

” Brother, you appear to have something on your mind!”.

Chen Yang claimed, “Yinyin, I intend to leave this place.”.

” What?”.

Yao Yinyin’s expression altered promptly when she heard that. She hugged Chen Yang securely and stated, “No, I will not allow you go!”.


Chen Yang sighed and said, “Yinyin, now that the 5 Poisons Cult is in your heart, and you have a team of supporters, I won’t have any type of worries after I leave.”.

He had actually left Xichuan for ten days. He asked yourself just how Su Miao and also the others were doing.

” No, I claimed I will not let you go.” Yao Yinyin stated nervously, “Bro, did Yinyin make you unhappy?”.

” Nope.”.

” After that do you despise Yinyin?”.

Exactly how was this possible?

At the beginning, Chen Yang really did despise Yao Yinyin. Nevertheless, after these couple of days of get in touch with, he ultimately understood that Yao Yinyin was not like what he saw before.

The reason that she was cold-blooded was due to the fact that she had lived in the Five Poisons Cult given that she was young.

Yao Shengyuan understood that his wife was already dead, however he still stubbornly believed that as long as he could grow the 8 Wing Gu Emperor, he can wake his other half up.

For his dead better half, he had neglected his little girl and also permitted her to deal with all kinds of harmful pests for an extended period of time. Without any friends, with no interaction, everybody hesitated of her.

If it was Chen Yang, he would certainly also mature in this sort of environment as well as his heart would certainly be twisted.

” After that why did you leave?” Yao Yinyin looked at Chen Yang in confusion.

Chen Yang really did not know whether he needs to claim it or otherwise, however his instincts informed him that he shouldn’t conceal it from her.

Believing for a moment, Chen Yang said, “Yinyin, actually, I’m currently married outside. I have a spouse, I enjoy her a whole lot too!”.

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