The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 326 (Read free online)

The audio of crying and also grumbling lingered in the air.

A phoenix’s cry adhered to.

Silence went back to the hall.

” Sibling, can you remain with me for 2 even more days?”

Yao Yinyin leaned on Chen Yang as well as attracted circles on his chest with her white fingers.

” Simply 2 days, fine?”

Chen Yang chuckled bitterly. Considering Yao Yinyin’s pleading appearance, he could not birth to reject and also claimed, “The last 2 days!”

” Actually?”.

Yao Yinyin was thrilled!

” Come Sibling, let’s proceed. We do not have much time left …”.

Just as she finished talking, she turned into a female knight once again.

” You need to let me catch my breath …”.

Before he could complete his words, the young girl covered his mouth with her cherry lips, loading the space with the glow of spring.

At the same time, in the yard of Xichuan City Villa.

The Emei adherent was totally rattled.

Faang Yi quickly said, “Quick, Miss Mu’s amniotic liquid is damaged. Hurry as well as call an ambulance.”.

” No, it’s too late.”.

Presently, Mu Sisi was currently close to fainting. Faang Yi asked for a couple of devotees to help her to bed.

” What are you doing?”.

Faang Yi said, “Miss Mu’s body is also weak. I hesitate she will not have the ability to last long enough for a rescue.”.

” Qing Yuan, network your inner Qi right into her body. I’ll assist her give birth!”.

” No, I do not agree.”.

She was currently being merciful in taking Mu Sisi in, as well as now she still had to assist that bastard Chen Yang provide the bastard. Simply thinking about it made her feel negative.

” Shi …” “Martial Auntie, I plead you, please save me …” In a daze, Mu Sisi grabbed Faang Yi’s hand. “Save my youngster …”.

Faang Yi was moved by Mu Sisi’s motherly nature. She nodded and also claimed, “Miss Mu, don’t fret. I will do my ideal.”.

” Hurry, go get hot water. Discover something to feed Miss Mu. “.

While instructing her devotees, she continued to inject spiritual power into Mu Sisi’s body.

Mu Sisi felt a cozy power leaking into her body, and also she became far more awake.

” Do your ideal, Miss Mu!”.

” Ah …”.

Mu Sisi’s face bent hurting as the capillaries in her hands bulged.

” Go all out, the youngster’s head is currently out.”.

” Ah …”.

An additional unpleasant scream.

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan, that was seeing from the side, can not bear to view any kind of longer.

” I’m mosting likely to lose my inner pressure. You go get the baby.”.

With that said, she walked to Mu Sisi’s side and put her hand on her shoulder.

” Yes.”.

” Miss Mu, take a rest initially. We’ll bring to life the infant in one go.”.

A big bulk of the adherents in the Emei Hill had been born upon the mountain. Although Faang Yi had never ever given birth to a youngster, she had seen exactly how a midwife did it in the past.

Mu Sisi was gasping for breath, her whole body soaked in sweat as well as her lips transforming white.

” Ah …”.

Finally, with a cry, the child was birthed.

” She was born, a gorgeous lady.”.

Faang Yi put the kid next to Mu Sisi and checked out the little fellow. A feeling of being attached by blood welled up in her heart.

” Faang Yi, let’s go call Mr. Chen over. Since the child is born, it’s not ideal for her to remain here.” Martial Auntie Qing Yuan stated with a cold expression.

” No chance!”.

” No other way!”.

Faang Yi and also Mu Sisi claimed at the same time.

Mu Sisi begged while sobbing, “Martial Auntie Qing Yuan, I ask of you, please don’t. They will absolutely snag my child away.”.

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan frowned and claimed, “Mr. Chen probably won’t do it, right?”.

As he was talking, the noise of untidy footprints came from outside the door. From the sound of it, it appeared that quite a variety of individuals had gotten here.

A person was coming.

Faang Yi and also Qing Yuan both resorted to check out the door.

” Dong, dong, dong!”.

There was a knock on the door, as well as Chen Quan called out, “Martial Aunt Qing Yuan, Faang Yi, Martial Auntie, may I be available in?”.

” Mr. Chen, please can be found in.”.

The door opened up, as well as Chen Quan brought Liang Jie, Chen Yuan, as well as dozens of Chen Family members disciples right into the room.

Presently, the room was full of the smell of blood. Everyone could not assist yet cover their mouths and also noses with their hands.

” Is the baby coming?”.

Chen Quan smiled, his face revealing a look of joy. He stated to Martial Aunt Qing Yuan, “I actually require Martial Aunt to deal with my sister-in-law.”.

Martial Aunt Qing Yuan really did not say a word, yet bowed somewhat.

She looked at the kid resting in the cradle as well as grinned. “Sisi, it’s been hard on you.

” No, I’m not going back with you.”.

Mu Sisi held the youngster securely, drank her head and claimed, “You intend to harm my youngster.”.

Hearing her words, Liang Jie’s face iced up. She laughed dryly and claimed, “Sisi, what rubbish are you saying? We’re your family, so why would certainly we damage your kid?”.

” Don’t stress, Sisi. We promise we won’t hurt her.”.

” That’s right, Third Sister-in-Law. We are the children’s uncles. Exactly how could we possibly damage her?”.

The adherents of the Chen Household relieved Mu Sisi with their words.

After what happened, Mu Sisi didn’t think what they stated at all.

” No, I’m not leaving.” Mu Sisi claimed firmly, “I’ll remain below as well as wait on Lei to come pick me up.”.


” Sisi, although what I said was a bit terrible, yet I have to tell you, Bouquet is already dead. Will you provide us a possibility to make amends? “.

” Lei didn’t pass away. He didn’t die. He will definitely come back to pick me up.”.

” Why don’t you listen?” Chen Quan was a little angry, however under the gazes of Qing Yuan and Faang Yi, he did not risk to claim anything.

” Sisi, are you so identified to stick with us?” Liang Jie’s expression transformed ugly.

” I won’t leave this place unless Bouquet involves select me up.”.

” Third sibling in legislation, why are you so persistent and also ignorant?” Chen Yuan leapt out as well as said, “You’ve been bothering Martial Auntie for as long, why do you still have the nerve to remain right here?”.

” That’s right, why are you so persistent and also unrelenting?”.

” If you resemble this, others might assume that our Chen Family is abusing you.”.

In the eleventh hour, the disciples of Chen Family members were still amiably persuading, as well as in the next min, everyone began to criticize him.

Mu Sisi sneered in her heart. These were Chen Family members individuals.

” What did Lei most likely to do? Do you need me to state it aloud?”.

The minute he stated that, Chen Quan and the others were stunned. Everyone’s expression transformed hideous.

” Enough, do not state anymore. Considering that you do not want to return with us, after that we will not force you.” Chen Quan claimed to Mu Sisi, “I wish you do your finest.”.

As he talked, he turned and also left.

Chen Yuan and the others complied with behind him and left dejectedly.

” Sigh, why is there a requirement to rush if we’re all from the very same root?”.

With that, Liang Jie left on her Gauguin Shoes.

The group walked out of the backyard as well as reached the secret area where Old Master Chen went into privacy.

They never assumed that Mu Sisi would actually utilize this issue to endanger them.

I overlooked, I truly overestimated.

Mu Sisi found out about Chen Family signing up with the Mystic Dragon Cult, even if she told Martial Aunt Qing Yuan regarding it.

The Chen Family members was finished.

” Allow’s not act rashly as well as not prompt her. Otherwise, if she goes crazy and truly mentions this issue, what should we do?”.

Chen Tianzong was likewise really worried. If he knew earlier, he would not have let Chen Lei escape it. He ought to have defeated that child up previously.

” In my opinion, why do not we simply …”.

Chen Yuan made a throat slitting gesture.

” No, no.” Liang Jie promptly claimed: “Do you assume that Emei Hill and those other individuals are boneheads? If they learn that our Chen Family eliminated Mu Sisi, do you think they would certainly uphold justice in behalf of the paradises? “.

This …

Chen Yuan scraped his head with an uncomfortable expression.

” Then what should we do? The day that kid is alive, the rest people from the Chen Family will not have the ability to raise our heads. “.

” That’s right, that repellent spawn absolutely can’t remain in this world!”.

” Enough, all of you quit arguing.” Chen Quan roared impatiently, “If you people are so qualified, then go.”.

In brief, nobody spoke.


” So Grandfather really did not let us sign up with the Mystic Dragon Cult back then.”.

” That’s right, the old man is currently old, so he’s simply a fool!”.

” It’s a pity. If I had recognized earlier, I would certainly have opposed it.”.

Currently, somebody said something and also everyone followed suit.

Hearing their words, Chen Tianzong also concurred in his heart. Really, when Old Master Chen asked them to join Mystic Dragon Cult, he did not agree.

Nonetheless, the old man’s eminence was too great, so even if he objected, it would certainly be unusable.

” Alright, is there anybody that would claim such aspects of the old man?” Chen Tianzong put on a straight face as well as acted to be the head of the family, “If I hear you all speak ill of the old man again, I will certainly not let you off gently.”.

Seeing that the clan head was furious, every person shut their mouths.

” Hey, I have actually thought of a good suggestion!”.

Everybody took a look at Chen Yuan as well as asked, “What means?”.

” Little Yuan, swiftly state it!” Chen Quan fast stated.

In reality, he was a lot more distressed than anybody else. If he allowed this child to grow up, they would certainly find out sooner or later.

Back then, he would certainly be the target of a lot of criticism and also antipathy.

Whatever he had currently would certainly be removed.

What Chen Household Patriarch, forget about him.

” After Bouquet’s death, Mu Sisi’s psychological state was not extremely great. If we swipe the kid, do you believe she’ll damage down?

” Suppose she’s dead?” Somebody asked worriedly.

” Then allow her pass away. If she’s insane, that would certainly think the words of a psycho?”.

” Yes, as long as we firmly insist that she’s crazy, after that the devotees absolutely will not think her.”.

Chen Quan’s face illuminated when he heard that. He couldn’t aid yet pat Chen Yuan on the shoulder: “You actually did it.”.

” However, there are a lot of Emei devotees residing in the yard. It’s hard to also obtain near to them, exactly how can I steal from them?”.

” That’s right!”.

Lots of people were dissuaded.

Chen Yuan laughed and also claimed, “I have a concept!”.

At ten o’clock at night, a black shadow concerned the crossway in between the yard and also the front yard.

” Feng, Feng.”.

The black shadow called out gently.

” Sibling Yuan.”.

A gust of aromatic wind attacked him, quickly tossing him right into the welcome of the black darkness.

” Feng Er, I missed you a lot.”.

” Sibling Yuan, I missed you as well.”.

” Let’s not discuss that in the meantime. Let Sibling Yuan examine his body first.”.

A minute later, the black shadow shuddered as it lay on top of Feng, breathing heavily.

” Brother Yuan, are you here yet?” Feng examined.

” I. “Not. Wait a minute, I’ll go look for my condition first!”.

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