The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 330 (Read free online)

Ye Zichen looked at Chen Yang’s worried expression.

Su Miao was happy, fired up, and also a little mistreated.

Rips welled up in her eyes, and all that she intended to state was, “I’m back. I’ll bring you food.”

Taking A Look At Su Miao, who was certainly thinner, Chen Yang felt an unspeakable discomfort in his heart.

At that moment, Flavor Jing heard a voice coming out of the bed room.

” Trash, you still recognize ahead back?”

Seeing Chen Yang, Tang Jing walked over angrily and reprimanded, “Why aren’t you outside? Do you recognize just how Miao has been doing these previous few days? ”

Tang Jing was furious. In the days that Chen Yang had actually vanished, Su Miao had actually been shedding tears on a daily basis.

He prepared a table of food on a daily basis and also waited for him to come back. There just wasn’t any great food to be had.

In just 10 days, Su Miao had shed a great deal of weight.

” Mommy, I’m sorry, I was wrong.”

This time around, Chen Yang was reprimanded with no grievances. It was certainly his mistake. It was typical for his mother-in-law to be upset.

” Mom, don’t say anymore. Come promptly and also consume.”

Su Miao cleaned her tears as well as stated with a smile, “Otherwise, the food will certainly be chilly.”

” Come, my other half, mom, you two sit while I serve you food.”

He rushed to the kitchen area as well as offered 2 bowls of rice.

” Wifey, I’ll feed you.”

” Yes.”.

Su Miao nodded obediently.

In the days that Chen Yang had not been right here, her whole backbone was gone.

She deeply recognized just how much she loved him, and also she couldn’t wait to be along with Chen Yang in any way times.

Tang Jing’s rage likewise went away a little, “Chen Yang, let me inform you, you got lucky to be able to marry Miao. If there is a following time, no matter what Miao claims, I will divorce her.”.

Chen Yang nodded as well as stated, “Mom, do not fret. There won’t be a next time.”.

His mother-in-law’s attitude in the direction of him had actually plainly transformed, and her words were not as sharp and also undesirable as in the past.

He can feel his mother-in-law attempting to take him in.

After dinner, Chen Yang brought Su Miao and also lay on the bed. The two of them didn’t say anything as they quietly really felt each other’s heartbeats.

After a lengthy while, Chen Yang broke the silence: “Spouse, I will definitely tell you ahead of time prior to I disappear.”.

” Yes.”.

Without stating a lot, Su Miao hugged Chen Yang tightly, utilizing her actions to prove her depend on.

Chen Yang was exceptionally touched. He carefully caressed her temples, temple, eyebrows, nose, as well as the shapes of her face.

Su Miao enjoyed this kind of caress quite. Probably it was as well comfy, but eventually, she went to sleep on Chen Yang’s body.

It had been a difficult time for her.

That evening, almost each time he closed his eyes, he would calmly stare at her peaceful appearance.

The following morning, Su Miao got up.

Last night should have been one of the most comfy evening for her. All the exhaustion in her body was gone.

She stretched lazily and unconsciously touched the bed. It was vacant.

” Husband …”.

She quickly sat up on the bed and left barefooted, not even using her shoes.

” Spouse, where are you?”.

When she saw Chen Yang in his apron, food preparation morning meal for her in the kitchen, she couldn’t help however stop in her tracks.

Hearing Su Miao’s phone call, Chen Yang turned around and also looked: “Why are you putting on so little clothing and also coming out? You’re not even using footwear.”.

He swiftly switched off the fire and also rushed over to select her up. “It’s cold, what happens if it gets cool? Return as well as place your garments back on.”.

With that said, he carried Su Miao back to the bed room and after that went back to consider the poached egg in the wok.

” Pu ci!”.

Su Miao couldn’t aid yet laugh when she saw Chen Yang’s flustered look.

With him right here, he truly really felt at ease.

Chen Yang didn’t most likely to Su Miao’s house for the rest of the day.

Both of them mosted likely to the supermarket, purchased some food, and after that made a rich lunch.

In the mid-day, both of them obtained tired of pushing the bed.

Don’t assume way too much regarding it, absolutely nothing unspeakable has actually occurred.

Su Miao just informed Chen Yang whatever that took place in the past 10 days.

Chen Yang paid attention obediently.

Su Miao’s life was initially clean as well as pure. When she was still at Su Family members, every one of her mind got on job.

After being chased out by Su Family members, she began her trip for the live program.

Not long after the live program began, the platform she was on was shut.

As for going to Six-sect College School, she wasn’t really worried regarding it today, and spent the majority of her time at home with Tang Jing.

During the time Chen Yang wasn’t below, she believed a whole lot as well as finally decided: one could not be also still.

” Spouse, I wish to open up a firm.”.

Su Miao thought about it, then made a decision to tell him. Ladies still needed to have their very own career. What Happens If Chen Yang went bankrupt eventually?

A billion might be a whole lot, however it was most definitely going to be a wasted day.

” Sure. I will certainly sustain you in whatever you wish to do. “.

Chen Yang knew that Su Miao was the sort of person who had a solid professional spirit. Considering that she had absolutely nothing to do throughout this time period, it was a kind of abuse for her.

He had actually initially wanted to hand over the entertainment to Su Miao, however he still had problems before the matter of Chen Household was resolved.

” Thank you, partner.” Su Miao offered a kiss.

Chen Yang asked, “What company are you preparing to open?”.

Su Miao thought of it and also claimed, “I think the brand-new media is pretty good. What do you consider setting up a media company?”.

Media business?


Chen Yang responded. The brand-new media will absolutely have a large advancement in the next few years.

” I believe it’s viable. Do you need me to construct a team for you? “.

To him, this was simply an issue of a phone call. Huanyu Group had a strong human resource, so constructing a new group was a matter of minutes.

” I’ll do it myself.”.

Su Miao grinned as well as stated, “There is a difference in between the way you help me and the method I use it.”.

” True.” Chen Yang nodded and also claimed, “But if we are mosting likely to open up a firm, we’ll begin a larger one. We’ll sign up for 100 million first.”.

Either do refrain from doing, to do need to do the very best company, this is Chen Yang’s general suggestion.

” Way too many.”.

One have to know that Su Family Team’s licensed funding was just at 80 million.

” I still believe it’s insufficient.” Chen Yang hugged Su Miao as well as stated, “Proceed and do it. I don’t care even if you lose all the 1 billion.”.

To be honest, currently with one billion and also eight hundred million in his eyes, he was no various from a couple of hundred dollars.

Su Miao did not know Chen Yang’s true stamina, so she thought that the one billion yuan was all that he had.

” That won’t do. If it really doesn’t work, after that I will certainly stop in time.”.

As she talked, she got up from the bed and remained on the dressing table to put on her makeup.

Chen Yang asked curiously, “Wifey, why are you placing on makeup?” We’re not going there. “.

” Rise, let’s go see if there are any kind of appropriate grounds.”.

Su Miao was a protestor and also did as she was told.

Anyway, staying in bed was uninteresting.

At 3 in the mid-day, both of them reached the Fantasy Structure.

” Spouse, why did you bring me to the Dream Structure?”.

Chen Yang was shocked!

Su Miao stated, “Sixty percent of the media companies are right here. Whether it’s the job atmosphere or the atmosphere, it’s better than anywhere else.”.

Really, the most vital reason was that Huanyu Team was likewise here. Previously, she had changed Su Family to work with Dream, and also had actually connected with Mi Xue, the aide to the president of Dream.

Leaning versus a large tree to benefit from the shade, as one of the leading 10 entertainment teams in the entire nation and ranked initially in Xichuan City, as long as he could get on this quick train, his rise would certainly be within reach.

” True.” Chen Yang nodded.

The Dream Building was established by Huanyu Team and also was a landmark building of Xichuan City. Several media business had entered the Dream Structure because of the existence of Dream.

Greater than 50 percent of media companies collaborate with home entertainment, basically, they live by it.

Carrying Chen Yang, both of them walked right into the building.

The good news is, it was company time, and also if he were to visit and from work time, he would definitely be recognized by the staff who were having a fun time.

The Dream Structure had an overall of sixty floors. The Huanyu Team s on the top five occupied 3 floorings, while the continuing to be 2 floors were all empty.

Apart from that, all the structures in the structure had actually currently been rented out.

After sending a short message to Mi Xue, Chen Yang followed Su Miao to the home administration office of the Fantasy Structure.

The lease of your home was entirely operated by them.

With numerous departments in Huanyu Group, the Fantasy Realty Monitoring Division was probably one of the most still department, as well as one with the most oil and water.

If he remembered correctly, it seemed to be a person called Zou Shiwei that supervised of this division.

The moment he went into the administration division, Chen Yang frowned.

The entire workplace was full of smoke and cigarette butts around the floor. The management team were sitting cross-legged on the couch, doing nothing.

Numerous individuals were gathered together to play cards and also smoke. Their shouts were obtaining louder and also louder.

A man in a suit leaned back in a chair and rested his feet on the workstation. Close to him stood a male and a lady.

” Manager Lu, this is a tiny token of my appreciation. I’ll have to trouble you with the location.”.

The man handed the handbag to Lu Xianhua, which consisted of several thick stacks of cash.

He weighed it as well as found that there should be around seventy to eighty thousand individuals right here.

Lu Xianhua nodded in fulfillment and also claimed to the man, “You’re lucky this time. As long as I say hello there to my brother-in-law, it will certainly be a small issue. “.

” Thanks so much, Manager Lu.” The man held his hand and thanked him a lot.

” Speak. You can choose among your very own on the 56th degree, 57th degree.”.

” Hehe, it resembles this. I wish to rent out these two floorings. “What do you think, Manager Lu?” The man said with a smile.

” Rent two floors? “No way, no other way.”.

Lu Xianhua drank his head like a rattle drum.

” Manager Lu, just help him.”.

The female at his side held his hand and also trembled it. Her breast was trembling as well as she practically leapt out of her low-cut gown.

Lu Xianhua felt his mouth go dry when he saw this.

” Supervisor Lu, please …”.

Claiming that, he went back to his initial placement. The deep ravine made Lu Xianhua shed his mind. Lu Xianhua responded like a ghost: “Alright, alright.”.

” I recognized that you would certainly agree to it, Supervisor Lu”.

” Haha …”.

Lu Xianhua looked at the female with greed. She can even compare herself to some of the musicians under the amusement firm.

” However, if you wish to lease two floorings, I’m afraid that’s not enough. “After all, my brother-in-law still has a leader on his side. If you desire her to relax, I hesitate …”.

Lu Xianhua brightened a cigarette.

” I understand, I comprehend.”.

The man took out a bank card from his pocket and also claimed: “Supervisor Lu, here are 100,000 yuan. As long as you rent 56 and 57 floors for me as well as sign a 3 year agreement, I’ll show you my filial piety later on.”.

After stating that, he took her body and softly claimed, “When the time comes, I’ll allow her be with you …”.

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