The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 331 (Read free online)

“Mm, tolerable.”

Lu Xianhua comfortably placed his charge card right into his pocket as well as said, “Alright, I’ll go call my brother-in-law.”

” Thank you, Supervisor Lu. Thanks.”

” Quit lovely me, simply wait here.”

With that, he stood up as well as walked towards the door.

When he got to the door, he saw Chen Yang and also Su Miao. He frowned as well as asked, “What are you 2 doing?”

Wow, this female is so attractive.

Lu Xianhua’s eyes illuminated. The lady that man brought with him just now was matchless to her.

” Charm, you’re below to lease an office, right?” Lu Xianhua looked Su Miao backwards and forwards and asked.

When he saw Chen Yang, who was standing close to Su Miao, a look of antipathy appeared on his face.

” Yes.” Su Miao responded.

Lu Xianhua laughed and also claimed, “Sorry, we have actually rented all the workplaces below.”

Every one of them were rented out?

Su Miao stated to Chen Yang, “Husband, allowed’s ignore it. Allow’s go have a look at the other structures.”

She had a poor perception of the Fantasy Structure the minute she entered the door. Since she heard that the offices were all rented out, she really did not want to remain here any longer.

The smell of smoke was too solid.

” Hey hey, elegance, don’t be in such a hurry to leave.”

Seeing that Su Miao wanted to leave, Lu Xianhua got nervous. “If you wish to rent out, I can force you to quit the agreement. When the time comes, you can move in.”

Su Miao was surprised. Unilateral discontinuation of the agreement within the agreement’s duration?

That offered you the right to do so?

Chen Yang’s face turned chilly. He understood that the moment he came, he would be shocked.

The Division of Residential Or Commercial Property Monitoring was so proud that those who really did not understand it would certainly believe it was a social gang.

Chen Yang sneered as well as claimed, “If I keep in mind correctly, isn’t the 57th degree vacant?”

” Don’t you comprehend human speech?”

Lu Xianhua checked out Chen Yang, curled his lips and also stated, “Formerly, it was vacant, and now it’s rented out.”


Rent it?

Chen Yang was surprised. Impossible, those two floors were the self-supporting layers of Huanyu Group, so it was impossible to lease them.

Had somebody rented the workplace while he was away?

” When did you rent it?”

” Why do you ask so much?” Lu Xianhua claimed impatiently.

Just after that, a male and also women walked over and also stated: “Supervisor Lu, what’s wrong? Have you connected with your brother-in-law? ”

” What are you rushing me for? Can not you see that I’m talking with a person here?” Lu Xianhua blazed at the man and said, “If you do not think me, I will not rent it.”

The man was self-conscious, yet thinking of the one in charge’s order to him, he still grinned and stated: “Sorry, Supervisor Lu, we were in excessive of a rush.”


Lu Xianhua grunted. He took out his phone and also made a call in front of Chen Yang.

” Hello, brother-in-law, I’m Little Hua. There were two people below that were intending to lease the 56th flooring and also the 57th floor. What? Not lease? “No, I’ve currently accepted the down payment.” Lu Xianhua’s face transformed unsightly: “What? Decline the deposit?”

” Hi, Brother-in-law …” “Brother-in-law …”

After hanging up, Lu Xianhua’s expression transformed dark. His brother-in-law didn’t agree, yet he approved all the money. Which female, no, the house needed to be rented out …

Thinking about this, he reversed and also claimed to them, “You 2 come over here. My brother-in-law said that the rental fee for these two floorings will certainly raise by 10%. If you concur, I’ll prepare a contract for you. Otherwise, then forget it.”

Ten percent rise?

The man as well as lady looked at each other. 3 secs later, the man nodded, “Okay, then let’s sign the agreement.”


Lu Xianhua was amazed, but more notably, he enjoyed.

You do not consent to lease it out on your own?

Then just how about I raise the rate by 10%? You have absolutely nothing to say currently?

Thinking of it, he walked to the cupboard at the side as well as secured a lease arrangement, which was marked with the main seal of Huanyu Team.

” Right here, secure your business.”

Huanyu Team had a rule that the workplace of the structure was not rented to people, so the finalizing of the lease agreement might only be sealed with a main seal.

The man nodded and also stamped the contract.

When he wanted to construct the 2nd agreement, Chen Yang walked over from the side as well as took the agreement away.

” What are you doing?”

Lu Xianhua roared at Chen Yang, “Rush as well as return the arrangement to me.”

The man close to him also became distressed. He checked out Chen Yang and claimed, “What are you doing?”

What do I want?

Chen Yang sneered as well as opened up the agreement. On the 2nd side, there were a few small words composed inside the round seal: Globe Enjoyment Group Co., Ltd

. The man and woman were Zhen Jian’s men.

” Husband, quickly return the agreement to her.” Su Miao stated in shock.

” They are individuals from the Globe Amusement, do you know?”

” I uncommitted that he is, I’ll lease him if I want to. I have the final say here.”

Lu Xianhua knocked the table and also stated, “If you still do not take down the agreement, do not blame me for being impolite.”

As soon as he completed, the big person quit playing cards on the side and came, staring at Chen Yang like a tiger staring at its target.

Su Miao stated anxiously, “Spouse, return things to them.”

She really did not understand why Chen Yang would take another person’s contract.

” You’re being impolite? I would love to see who attempts to be impolite to me in the Fantasy Structure.” Saying that, Chen Yang called Mi Xue’s number, “Call Zou Shiwei over. Oh yep, call the firm’s principal examiner over.”

Zou Shiwei?

This brat understands his brother-in-law?

” That are you bluffing? If you understand what benefits you, after that hurry and put down the agreement. Or else, don’t criticize my brothers for not doing something about it. ”

Just as he completed speaking, a couple of big men rushed over.

Dating death!

Chen Yang discharge a chilly snort. An effective aura was produced from his body.


The few big males immediately pushed themselves to the ground, unable to move.

” Ah …”

The female in low-cut clothes howled out in shock. Mediterranean, that was beside her, also considered Chen Yang in scare.

Lu Xianhua was a lot more stunned.

This … Where did this brat originated from?

Isn’t this too overstated?

He felt his legs go weak.

Chen Yang’s face was livid. These people were really criminal, they really risked to strike him.

Su Miao took a look at him with a puzzled expression, not understanding why her husband was so angry.

” Hubby, what occurred to you?”

Equally as he finished speaking, the audio of hurried footsteps originated from outside the door.

Boom! *

The door of the Real Estate Management Division was pushed open. Mi Xue, Zou Shiwei as well as a woman with gold-rimmed glasses walked over.

” I’m sorry CEO, I’ve kept you waiting!”

Mi Xue strolled before Chen Yang as well as bowed pleasantly.

Zou Shiwei as well as Wang Haihong, that were backing up him, burst out in a cold sweat.


Total … Chief Executive Officer?

This brat was really the CEO?

Lu Xianhua was dumbstruck, as if he was struck by lightning.

The person lying on the ground wanted to explore the hole.

What did they do?

To believe that he would risk to lay his hands on the CEO. He was really courting death.

The low-cut female as well as the Mediterranean male were likewise stunned.

This guy with average garments was in fact the Chief Executive Officer of the Huanyu Group?

” Zou Shiwei, provide me a description.” Zou Shiwei, offer me a description. Chen Yang coldly put the agreement in his hand in front of him.

Zou Shiwei shivered in concern as he turned open the agreement. When he saw the regards to the contract, he virtually threw up blood.

” Brother-in-law, brother-in-law …” “I …”

” F * ck me, don’t call me brother-in-law!”

Zou Shiwei’s face turned red with temper. He walked up to Lu Xianhua and slapped him, “What did I inform you? Didn’t I say that I can’t do it? What’s with this agreement?”

” I intend to make some cash for the business also, brother-in-law …”

Lu Xianhua covered his face as well as claimed in fear: “As well as I even enhanced the rent by 10%, they likewise concurred.”

” I consent to your death.”

Zou Shiwei kicked him, knocking him over, “Does the company care about your 10% rental fee? Even I do not deserve to lease it, yet you attempt to make such a f * cking decision without consent. Who provided you the right? ”

Claiming this, he still could not vent his anger, so he kicked him hard twice.

” Are you from the audit department?”

Wang Haihong quickly stepped forward and claimed, “Chief Executive Officer, I’m the principal of the audit division, Wang Haihong.”

” Haha …”

Chen Yang sneered as well as stated, “Take a look at this smoky office. Do you know what they were doing when I can be found in?”

I’m in the firm, not a charity. Did I raise you guys to play here? I do not recognize how much advantages this pet has actually given you, so just spew it out truthfully.

Upon listening to Chen Yang’s words, Wang Hai Hong was so scared that his legs went limp: “Chief Executive Officer, I’m begging you, it was simply a moment of complication. Please forgive me, please don’t call the police. I will inform you whatever, I will tell you whatever …”

As Wang Hai Hong admitted, Chen Yang’s face rotated in between red and also white, while Mi Xue’s face paled in scare, while Zou Shiwei’s face transformed even paler.

Lu Xianhua’s face was also pale. It mores than, it’s throughout …

Force lessees to move out of the Fantasy Structure and also if they do not agree, force them to put on hold the agreement unilaterally. Originally, the lease of 501 square meters had risen to 801 square meters, and the staying 30 were taken into their pockets.

” Hur hur, great, very good.” Chen Yang sneered and also claimed, “It appears like you guys aren’t the just one doing this. You individuals are just fooling me when I’m not here. Excellent!”

The chillier Chen Yang’s expression was, the angrier he obtained.

Mi Xue was so frightened that she did not attempt to state anything. She recognized the CEO’s personality effectively.

At the same time, she was additionally very upset. The CEO had actually repeatedly raised their treatment, what an ungrateful person.

” Chief Executive Officer, please extra me. I have actually already consumed lard and my heart is clouded. Please save me.” Lu Xianhua kneeled on the ground as well as continuously kowtowed.

What Wang Haihong claimed just now sufficed for him to consume a pot of rice. If he proceeded the investigation, he would be placed in jail for 10 years.

Zou Shiwei’s intestinal tracts virtually turned green from regret. If he had known it would certainly be like this, he would not have allow this bonehead in.

Nevertheless, he was in charge of this issue. He slightly learnt about it, however he had a feeling that Lu Xianhua wasn’t that strong.

The fact was, Lu Xianhua was extremely bold, in fact bold to have his men attack the Chief Executive Officer.

” Mi Xue, do whatever you need to do. Do not let any one of them go.”

” Yes, CEO!”

The man and also female close to him wanted to make use of this possibility to slip away, however just as they took two steps, Chen Yang identified them, “You people return as well as aid me provide a message to Zhen Jian. If you do not come as well as describe this matter clearly within two days, allow him handle it himself.”

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