The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 334 (Read free online)

“Sect Master’s injuries have yet to recover. This time’s Starlord Family members’s Great Setting up, the Six Major Sects’ Martial Competitors and the Mystic Dragon Cult’s auction are still not over.

During that time, fish and also dragons are mixed with each other in the west river, as well as soon as a conflict is begun, the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult will certainly bear the brunt. ”

Mu Quan stated any which way: “The Mystic Dragon Cult has actually beat the six fantastic sects, and has currently secured the setting of the number one wicked sect in the world.

Whether it is the Mystic Dragon Cult or the six excellent sects, none are people we can face. In order to maintain the Starlord conference going, it was prepared in the North Sea, not in the West River. ”

Chen Yang finally comprehended that Wong Shentong, that old thief, was obviously terrified.

” It’s great if you do not come, however when I’m eliminated, I’ll see what you do.”

Mu Quan’s words were undoubtedly implied to tease Chen Yang. Her growing had actually currently reached the middle stage of the Return Virtue Stage, so as long as it had not been Return Genuine Stage, there was absolutely nothing to be worried of.

Along with Thin Venerable One, Zhao Weiwu, and also Sheng Yong, there would most definitely not be any type of troubles with this Starlord General Assembly.

” Do not stress Sister Quan, I will not leave you alone.”

This time around’s competitors between the 6 significant sects would last for three days, the Mystic Dragon Cult auction would certainly last for 3 days, and the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult competition for Starlord the Ripper would also last for three days.

If that really had not been the situation, then he had no choice in the Martial Competition. Regardless, Lee Tianba had registered for the Innate Group, so wouldn’t he be harassing others by returning to the Great Perfection Phase?

Qin Xiaoloong would certainly organize the Mystic Dragon Cult Public Auction, so he really did not need to worry about it.

” A minimum of you have some conscience.”

Mu Quan wrapped her arms around Chen Yang’s neck and stated with a huff, “Great sibling, do you miss sis?”

Damn, demoness!

Having actually already meant this factor, he could no more endure it.

” I’ll have you beg for mercy as well as call me bro later.”

” Then come …”

2 hrs later on, the storm instantly stopped.

” Stinking brat, you don’t know just how to care for a lady. You will die.” She increased her head to check out Chen Yang’s undaunted face as well as claimed, “Why do I feel like you’re also more powerful than before? You’re nearly breaking me down.”

” Is that so?”

Chen Yang smiled, this ought to be because of the tiny success stage of Heavenly Devil Body.

He cooled down awhile, waiting on the flush to subside.

Mu Quan started to dress. From this point of view, she was really stunning beyond reproach.

” Sis Quan, you’re so gorgeous.” Chen Yang praised.

” So what? Haven’t I still been carried out in by a bad boy like you?”

Every single time she was with Mu Quan, she would certainly offer her all to stimulate the desires in her heart. That sort of sensation of conquest was incomparable.

With simply that sentence, Chen Yang was stirred up again.

” Smelly brother, you still want to damage big sis? Don’t neglect, they are still waiting outside! ”

Mu Quan’s words were like a container of cold water that poured over his head.

How might he have forgotten this!

He swiftly placed on his garments and soothed himself down with good luck. No issue just how fortunate he was, he was incapable to resolve the scent on his body.

After exiting the secret room, Chen Yang followed behind Mu Quan. The others really did not suspect anything, and also just treated it as Mu Quan discussing keys with Chen Yang.

Everyone had the illusion that Madam Ye had actually become also a lot more lovely, as well as her entire body shone with gleam from within.

” Madam, if there’s absolutely nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave.”

” Yes.” You can go!” Mu Quan said gently, “Keep in mind, obtain the Tai Chi Sutra immediately.”

” As you wish, Madam!”

After stating that, Chen Yang walked out of the hall. Just as he got on the car as well as began the engine, a black shadow jumped into the front traveler seat.

He was shocked

Ye Zichen looked very carefully, who else might it be aside from Thin Venerable One!

” Oh, so it’s you. What’s the matter?”

” Boy, exactly how are individuals I asked you to examine this? Do they have any leads?” Thin Venerable One asked straight.

” This … It will take some time. ”

Chen Yang’s heart missed a beat. If not for Thin Venerable One’s reminder, he would have ignored this matter.

” Additionally, the information you offered me was too little. There are numerous thousand pupils in Six-sect University, even if I browse one by one, it would certainly still take a fair bit of time.”

Thin Venerable One nodded and also stated, “Don’t fidget, I’m just asking. “Oh right, I still have a photo with me that might be able to aid you.”

As he talked, he took out a discolored image from his upper body pocket.

In the picture, a little girl with flowers was holding a doll.

This little woman was young, probably only 4 or five years old.

Chen Yang took the photo and also considered it thoroughly.

Because of the extended period of close-quarters storage, the image was taken in sweat, and also the little woman’s look was somewhat blurry.

It could be seen that she was a very adorable little girl.

” It’s also obscure.” Chen Yang frowned, “Modern technology should have the ability to obtain the images back.”


Thin Venerable One was overjoyed. “It can really be recovered?”


Chen Yang nodded as well as said, “I’ll take the image first, I’ll get a person to recover it when the moment comes.”

” Thanks, Boy, thanks …”

He had remained in the Ice-fire Island for a very long time, so he didn’t know anything regarding these pictures. Nevertheless, since Chen Yang stated that it was alright, he shouldn’t exist to him.

” No demand to thank me. This is what I promised you.” Chen Yang swung his hand and said.

” As long as you can help me discover her, I can do whatever you want.”

” Alright, I recognize.” Chen Yang laughed and also claimed, “You ought to return to Madam initially.”

Thin Venerable One responded as well as claimed, “After that I’ll wait for your good news.”

Stating that, he opened the automobile door and was about to leave. Prior to getting off, he said something that made Chen Yang sweat profusely: “However prior to you go back, it’s best to obtain rid of the fragrance on your body.”

With a mystical smile, he obtained out of the cars and truck.

F * ck!

Chen Yang right away smelled his garments and also discovered that there was undoubtedly a great smelling fragrance.

Did he uncover something?

No, he won’t. Even if he discovers what took place in between me and also Sis Quan, he will not state anything.

Nevertheless, he still had an ask for me.

He possibly already understood something.

Chen Yang understood, he was advising him.

The hell, it seems that I need to be a lot more cautious in the future. I can’t be so brazen now.

After providing himself a tip, he hurriedly drove to Fantasy, washed in the Chief Executive Officer’s workplace, cleaned off his fragrance, as well as changed his garments before returning house.

By the time he obtained residence, it was already twelve o’clock at night.

By this time, Flavor Jing and Su Miao were already asleep. Chen Yang silently opened up the bed room door, removed his clothes and also got onto the bed.

Hugging Su Miao’s soft body, he swiftly slept.

The following day, Chen Yang was resting peacefully when Su Miao woke him up.

” Husband, awaken. It’s virtually 9, as well as I need to be back at the firm by 10. ”

Su Miao secured a stack of clothing from the closet and also positioned them on the bed. “Rapidly, aid me pick out the garments.”

Chen Yang massaged his sleepy eyes. Checking Out Su Miao’s conflicted look, he located it funny. “Foolish other half, whatever you use will look great.”

Su Miao grabbed a gown as well as shook her head. “No, this outfit is too light.”

” This collection of clothes is too old. After they see it, do they believe that I’m an old-fashioned individual?”

” This garment is also revealing, also unserious.”

Chen Yang got off the bed and picked an off-white match as well as a shirt with shoelace needlework.

He then chose a set of red Gauguin shoes for Su Miao, walked sideways of the jewelry box and secured the ‘Hand of the Hand’ bracelet. He placed the True blessing of Venus on her ring finger.

After looking up and down, Chen Yang felt that something was missing out on. He right away secured a pair of diamond jewelry from the precious jewelry box.

” Partner, go become this collection of garments and place on your jewelry.”

When Su Miao was totally armed as well as had actually put on her light makeup, Chen Yang’s eyes instantly lit up.

Skillful, social elite, heroic, crisp, and lovely.

This attire was both fashionable and also not doing not have in grace.

Noble and also friendly.

Nonetheless, the sapphire diamond ring as well as bracelet on his hand were also captivating, as well attractive.

” Husband, aren’t these rings and also bracelets also exaggerated?”

” Exactly how could that be? If it wasn’t for the reality that you aren’t fit to use a pendant while wearing a t shirt, I would have currently put the Skies City on you.”

When Su Miao heard this, she practically passed out.

Her husband was truly enthusiastic, the bracelets and diamond rings added together were currently worth a couple of hundred million. Including the Skies City s, she can open up a jewelry exhibition.

At 9: 50 in the early morning, the two of them arrived at the Fantasy Structure.

He took the unique lift made use of by the head of state and headed right to the top floor.

As soon as she went into the CEO’s workplace, Mi Xue rushed into the office, thrown off balance. “CEO, something bad happened.”

Chen Yang frowned and stated, “What’s the issue, are you quickly?”

” Chief Executive Officer, swiftly have a look at today’s amusement headlines.”

” What occurred to today’s home entertainment headings?” Su Miao opened the news software program on her smart phone as well as opened up the enjoyment heading: Fantasy employer, has actually prolonged a wicked hand to the country’s little flowers.

Listed below the title was a video clip that lasted for three mins.

The start of the video clip was that Chen Yang bumped into Jee Qingqing. Not long after, Jee Qingqing’s aide asked Chen Yang to ask forgiveness.

What? I’m the head of state of Dream? Who do you believe you are?

If it weren’t for your charm, I wouldn’t even bother to touch you or something like that.

Soon, the video clip was completed. Mi Xue said anxiously, “There’s still the interview with Jee Qingqing next.”

Su Miao pulled the button, as well as certainly, there was still Globe Home entertainment reporter interviewing Jee Qingqing. After clicking open the video, Jee Qingqing teared up and stated to the press reporters: “Please offer me justice, every person.

At the same time, I additionally hope that the Huanyu Team boss, Chen Yang, can stand and apologize to me.”

The remarks section had currently been bombarded by Jee Qingqing’s fans, all of them asking for Huanyu Group ahead out and also say sorry.

The occurrence of the World Enjoyment’s manager, Little Hua Dan, getting molested by the Huanyu Group’s manager had likewise quickly stired up the whole amusement circle.

At the same time, there was additionally an invisible force that managed the media, creating all the aperture to be lined up towards the Huanyu Team.

Many people came to the Huanyu Team’s main internet site to leave messages, asking for Chen Yang to say sorry. Otherwise, they would certainly boycott all the programs and even the artists in the Huanyu Team.

They could have deleted it in the beginning, however there were too many of them as well as they needed to shut down the website and also proclaim that they were keeping it.

Mi Xue’s phone was about to explode from the calls from the outdoors media.

” Hubby, what’s taking place?”

What else could happen?

One can tell that this video had been edited prior to. There was likewise this Jee Qingqing. She had let her off when, today, she was attempting to turn around the situation.

Very good, excellent.

Chen Yang sneered. He strolled sideways as well as made a few telephone calls.

After the call, it was exactly 10 o’clock.

” Mi Xue, go educate every person, we’re going to have a meeting in the boardroom.”


Mi Xue was surprised. There was a conference right now?

Shouldn’t you be searching for the public relationships division and also the media to reduce this matter?

” What are you waiting on? Go promptly.”

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